Ball Smasher ™

Ball Smasher ™

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-05-24
  • Current Version: 1.9.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 48.41 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 64 247


Can you unlock every color? - Free to play - No internet connection required - Endless gameplay and upgrades - Play in a boring meeting or class - Infinite colors Don't forget to hit the button.



  • Glitch

    By flamespear YT
    There is a glitch where is shows the number in expanded form in the collect cash button and when I clicked on it it turned my amount of cash to show the expanded form of money I have, and nothing fixes it, except for uninstalling and reinstalling
  • So good

    By dame el cafe
    I love this game so much 😃
  • Good game

    By fenclone
    Since I only play this game once every 3 days and gathering cash is now useless, (I have to unlock the pink ball) I don’t mind the ads. It is a fun game to watch as well. Also, why is the yellow-orange ball called “Poop”?
  • Stupid ads

    By undermisam
  • Ads ads ads

    By sarina1386
    Game of the ads
  • Nice

    By tyenhndty
    I enjoy this game. I do wish it had more levels to unlock.
  • So many ads

    By Bad MrMoose
    I go for 10 minutes without collecting money and the when it says do you just want the regular amount or watch an ad for double I chose the regular and five seconds later not only does it make me watch an ad but I don’t even get the regular amount of money I get less. So I guess that I’m just going to play on airplane mode for a while but I imagine that the game will find a way to still give me ads but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Okay what do you know played for 30 seconds and an ad for helix jump.
  • love it

    By bulletSlider17
    I love it so much and it is satisfying
  • Just disconnect

    By boxenzz
    I really like this game but ads are annoying but when I found out that all you have to do to get rid of them is to just turn off the WiFi and cellular data to get rid of the ads the game was really fun
  • Pretty good game

    By Sofi-cat22
    I really like this game but it does get boring. Maybe you could add some mini games to change it up. But I would definitely recommend this game.
  • Gather?

    By KitKatPita
    First, I would like to say that this is an alright game. It is a good time waster and is generally good. BUT! A gather function? Seriously? Just do what every other game does and just add it to the total like a normal game. I don’t want to WASTE MY TIME “COLLECTING” MY MONEY! And, if that weren’t enough, you also get a bonus AD! WELL, ISN’T THAT JUST THE DEAL OF THE DAY?! Look, I know you developers need money, but really? Just get rid of the gather function and the constant adds and you’ll get 5 stars.
  • Way too many ads NOT WORTH IT

    By Harry_Potter<3
    When ever you try to collect without watching an ad, an ad comes on and if you close out of the app to avoid it, it only gives you half of what you would of collected otherwise! It’s not even the double collect by watch ad!!! This is too annoying and I’ve only had the app for a day and already about to delete it!!! Not worth your time!
  • This game changed my life

    By TmV3bw==
    This game is so epic and I open the app every single hour of every single day. My entire life has improved because of this game. My mom will finally talk to me.
  • Not great

    By quo all all app Sparks
    Too much adds
  • Low key GOAT

    By Chidori :p
    Oddly addictive lol
  • Add sound

    By Raegan is Bae
    Please add sound. This game is so fun. It really needs sound though.
  • Glitch

    By go_man
    I was playing one day and it said collect the money and I did but it set me back and says I have -4000000000000000000000
  • Best game ever

    By raymin1
    I know i called it best game ever and rated it four stars it just takes so long other then that I would give five stars great 👍

    By The Flower Lover!
    Wow!!!!!!! CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH!!!!!!!!! And what BIG teeth it has!!!! When you increase the teeth 🦷 and make em BIGGER AND BETTER they’ll be huge!!!! Awesome!!!!!!! Smack that all on the floor smack that GIVE ME SOME MORE smack that til you get sore!!!!!!! GIVE ME MORE!!!!!!!! This L👀ks Awesome Man Who’s The Creater Of This Game Where You Can Go CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH AND CRUSH THEM BALLS????? Dude this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
  • Why ad

    By LowerH250
    If I hit gather on my money I should not get a ad if I want a ad i would tap the 2x button
  • Overall a great game!

    By SolrockLegend03
    I really enjoy spending my free time with this app. First of all this is free to play, that is an immediate plus sign for me! Additionally, there are no issues with ads, yeah there definitely there, but they don’t just constantly pop up. Finally, this is mainly a personal thing, but I’ve had no issues with any bugs or any sort of thing like that. Overall a great game and I highly suggest you get this game too. TL;DR: great game and you should get it, five stars!
  • Please

    By jack 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
    Can you update this game please It’s a good game but could be better
  • Nice game worked

    In like the others it workes I donlofrd it and it worked
  • Scammed

    By boops moops
    I think you scammed me SO GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY! $23.00 Give it back
  • Ads

    By Myaccis_stole ( roblox )
    There is so many ads but this game is great download it
  • Can’t travel

    By Awest6581
    I went to a different time zone so I changed the time but when I got home and tuned the time back I had-money
  • Hacked

    By Siracha09
    This game when I deleted it it kept coming back and it made my phone go crazy with buzzing. I keep on deleting it but it just keeps on coming back! The game is good but it got so annoying.
  • Great game but too many ads

    By -Venom64-
    This is a great game with a great idea, but the game is almost unplayable without the no ads upgrade. Every. Single. Time. I try to collect my earnings - there’s an ad! This is a good game, but the ads are what is keeping my review from a 5* rating. I know you need the ads to get money (because this is a free game) but can it please not be every time I collect my money? Thank you!
  • This game needs sound

    By angry person who is also sad
    I downloaded this because it looked satisfying but there was no sound. This sometimes happens on other games but another thing is most games have settings where you can adjust that.
  • To much adds

    By Jumprunjane
    This game is super fun but adds.adds are making the game not fun😫
  • I spent 200 gold and didn’t get what I wanted

    By LJmoney1999
    I spent 200 gold on 7day fast cash and my game crashed and I didn’t get the money and my gold was spent
  • Good game but needs some stuff

    By Leonardo Est
    Really good game but if you had sound it would be AMAZING! That’s about it
  • Good but bad

    By Hi it's meh
    This game is ball smasher or something but you can crush cubes emojis and such and their is so much more bad and good so a basic 3 star will sum it up
  • Good game but...

    By Cam482
    I love this game, but the problem is, too many ads! When I click to gather money, there’s a 2x button, but you’ll need to watch an ad to earn it. I click the gather the normal amount, but I get an ad no matter what, and I HATE IT. Please fix this problem, and if you do thanks, and no I won’t get no ads
  • Not bad,but there’s 1 problem.

    By SnakeAphelion
    This game is fun, but every time I collect my money, an add starts. I don’t like that.Can you make an update for this problem?
  • Why do many ads

    By 15hdhxkgwole dh26:
    Srsly tho, why so many ads. You can’t do anything without ads being shown.
  • A great game

    By Mikaelblue
    So I have only been playing this game for about three days and it’s so much fun. All the cool colors ( and others things) but people complain about ads. Each time you gather your money you have to watch a ads, and I have to say that is a big oof, but I know how to make it worth it press the 2x button and you get 2x the money how great it that. So that the best information I can give you so play this game.
  • Absolute trash

    By ~Ghost Pepper~
    50% of the time when u try to gather ur money that u earned u need to watch and ad. 💩
  • Plz less ads

    By Shaun is godder
    To many ads but a good game
  • Too many adds

    By this game has one problum
  • Not a good game

    By Game tester 69
    There are to many ads in the game and it takes so long to even gain money in it
  • First time I’ve ever uninstalled a game because of ads alone

    By WrongTimeYT
    They’re relentless, even when you choose to skip ad-based boosts you’ll still be forced to watch one 90% of the time
  • Melon crusher

    By jdbdvdggbc
  • Love it!

    I was lookin for a game and BOOM I come across this so I luv it
  • Adssss

    By EIW 678
    There are overwhelming amount of ads
  • To much ad!

    By Pcheese7
    Every time you gather your money there are ads!
  • Not awful, but not satisfying.

    By Kelael
    I thought this would be relaxing, but mostly you just wish there were effective upgrades and there aren’t. On top of that, every time you want to collect your earnings they force you to watch an ad. I wouldn’t suggest this app.
  • Glit...

    By lion noil
    I found a glitch that i open the game and i find -19477294737
  • Awesome

    By parkerfoot
    I love this game I just started and I’m already addicted to it I can’t even start to explain how good it is