Rocky Climb!

Rocky Climb!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-07-26
  • Current Version: 1.0.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 83.18 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 11 095


Accept the challenge and conquer the truest of nature's wonders! Simple and addictive game! Just hop in and climb the highest mountains and the steepest peaks! -GAME FEATURES- -Endless fun with procedurally generated levels -Plenty of customisation options to make the character your own -Clean art style for a simple and enjoyable experience -Intuitive controls focus to be fun and engage you -Leaderboards to compete with strangers across the globe -Smart Sharing will capture your triumphant highscore moment Feedback is not only welcome but appreciated!



  • High score: 18

    By 2CAKids
    I started playing this game again and right away I see the screen mount whatever it’s called 40 meters up and I think why s it giving me short mountains I noticed my persons clothes are back to starter so I cheat the clothes, the mountains I’d completed and my high score It was back to start! This happened to me multiple times and it was not because I have not played in a while because yesterday it was fine! Plz fix😢
  • Good game

    By jacktler
    It’s a real cool game and really fun to play, but it never saves my stuff. I’ll open the game again either the next day or an hour later and all of my gems and my outfits are gone.
  • Bears a striking resemblance

    By 11212099
    This game has some fun mechanics. I am used to all the ads and what not but what what it reminded me of was the same kind of game where one would swing from SIDE to SODE and either grap or leap to reach a rock. This game refers to the one for Android/Samsung. I thought that’s what it would be like thinking to myself “finally a version of this game for free” but to my dismay it is not what it bears a striking resemblance to in shape or game
  • The game was good but it started out to be sucky

    By djggdj
    I say I see the game are you Siri
  • Eh

    By Red5oxFenw4y
    Good game but I can’t figure out how to buy new outfits with gems.
  • Frustrating😤😤😤😤😤😤😭

    By PuppyLover6608
    This game is outrageous with ads, it is CRAZY how many ads there are. 😤Even if you purchase no ads it still will have way too many ads. 😭Level one is too hardddddddddddd. I tried for 1 week and still couldn’t get past it, which is crazy.😳 The creators took no time or effort to make this game.😠😡 They just carelessly made this just to make money. I deleted this game abt 2 weeks after I got it🥺
  • Erased all my progress!!

    By NatGabMel
    I was playing and the WiFi fell, I shut the cell data off, logged back in and it was ALL LOST!! Seems if your offline your not playing and you’ll lose all progress and gems! Deleting it!
  • Rock climbing

    By Richierich476
  • I have autism and this is wha helps me not yell

    By Foxdudemandude
  • This is amazing

    By ehhwe
    Good job
  • Frustrated

    By Erghh its okay
    This game was fun and exciting for the first day. After completing a couple mountains I logged in the next day and all of my gems were gone and I was started back on the first mountain. I ignored this and kept playing for a couple more days and advanced a good bit. Woke up this morning to play and realized I had lost all of my gems and was put back on the first mountain. This is a good game if you like playing the same levels you have already beaten and being started back from ground notta. Please fix this bug. Maybe if I see a version 2 I will try again. Until then don’t waste your time.
  • Problems

    By bihhvyg
    I love this game but there are flaws the accuracy isn’t as good as I though it would be.adds,adds,adds to many of the adds.the game glitches out and I can’t do anything
  • Frustrating

    By jaenbrant
    OK so this game it's fun and all but it can be frustrating like you can just like I don't know but it can be really really frustrating because it like Misses the rock when you're and is right on the rock and it just stops you from grabbing the rock
  • Never when I need it

    By +1 life
    Every time I make it to the top and I fall it never gives me a revive and as soon as I fall at the start and it gave me a revive for an ad
  • Too many ads

    By FreezesUp
    You have ’Travelling’ but the correct spelling is ’Traveling’.
  • Gone forever

    By Cayden & Katniss
    Two times it has started me over!!!.... I like the game but I hate that it erased everything!!! Please fix this or I will delete this game.
  • Omg Such a good game

    By I absolutely love this game😀
    This game is really good and I recommend for all of you it’s really fun to play there is frustrating parts but you can always get over itLove the game everybody loves it
  • It’s stupid!

    By its to easy
    In every CLIMB THERE is a add! And I have to buy a $20 app that can delete add and I HATE IT
  • Glich

    By angryperson😡🤯
    Ok I was really enjoying this game but it started gliding the next day. It changed my skin to some kind of Robin Hood thing and it took away everything I owned in the game. Please fix this glitch.
  • Hate the ads? I know how to stop them!

    By Sans 1974
    If you hate ads turn off wifi. Case closed. No money involved, whenever you feel like playing this game, just go to settings and turn off wifi. Then you turn it back on when you’re finished.
  • Glitch

    By SpikeLee23
    Good game but it keeps resetting and deleting everything
  • Absolutely disgusting

    By Pgfijcv
    My son was playing this game on my phone and he was enjoying it at first and the he literally got a 18+ add it was atrocious and disgusting this game isn’t child friendly. I definitely do not recommend this game to anyone
  • Bad

    By Not7obuzz
    Won’t let me buy anything with my gems
  • Ughhh

    By game reviwer 16
    In the game after like every 5 seconds of climbing there was an add it said minor fixes but come on game it was that bad I had to pay for the no add thing but it didn’t work so I’m not even going to complain and they might need to fix their game again.
  • Fun amazing 10 sit of 10

    By nfl youngboiii
    10 out of 10
  • progress reset/deleted and the ad problem

    By ashketchum8382
    twice now, i have played the game for a day or two before one time i open the app and have to start all over. my outfits are completely gone as well as gems also, i never pay to get rid of ads because it doesnt bother me all that much but its a rip off anyway according to other reviews

    By Markybtv
    Played for hours and hours. Unlocked/ bought costumes. And it deleted everything. Can’t get it back. Unbelievable don’t waste your time.
  • Ads

    By kkkkkkkkkkkkooooooooooppppp
    This game is fun but I get ads after purchasing the no ads thing also you can’t buy gear until it pops up after a climb
  • What I think

    By shawnelletson
    I love it
  • Good game

    I really like the game but can you add racing?
  • GOOD

    By Edarm2007
    This was a good game but when I went on it today I had a random account
  • Terrible

    By fnaf fan 2014 💀
    Sooo I really liked the game at first but then I climbed seven mountains and lost all my progress plus the amount of adds OMG is like every time you like get on a checkpoint add after add after add fix this plz.
  • Trash bruh

    By TrashyMashy
    Deleted my whole progress, trash
  • ابداع

    By الملكه تامي❤️☹️
  • It is so fun

    By ritamcd31
  • Thanks

    By jl4004
    Love it guys thanks for a fun game
  • Time killer

    By David Korbut
    It’s a good game to pass the time
  • Awsome Game!

    Its the best game I’ve ever played it’s so fun. I’m not crazy about it though,but it’s still a great mobile game to!Perfect number of adds,
  • Fun

    By oof the men
    Super fun.
  • Cool game

    By Miketheking258
    Love the game dude
  • Progress is gone

    By Ceeteeisme
    I used to play this game more then once a day. I just opened the app and for the third time all of my history is gone. I’m sent back to the beginning. Something needs to be fixed or I will delete the app.

    By GodlyGamingGamer
    This game was fun but the ads were way to much for me, so naturally I bought the no ads but you guessed it. N-O-T-H-I-N-G I repeat NOTHING HAPPENED. If you do get this game don’t waste your money if they are willing to steal from me they are probably willing to steal from you
  • Such a nice game

    By 👍👍👍😝
  • Sad

    By tatormay
    I love this game, but this is the 2nd time where it just deletes my progress out of no where. I finally got my entire outfit from the caves and boom, reset. That’s happened twice. Would love to keep this game, but it’s too angering to restart.
  • Where is my stuff??

    By chrisna2
    Been playing for several months and have had my data erased twice. This time, I had 700 diamonds and most of the clothes/hair/tattoos... opened it up today and everything is gone -my progress and all of my things. Should have learned a lesson the first time and deleted the app then. Won’t make that mistake again. Uninstalled.
  • Fun but pretty major cons

    By D. :) :) (: :)
    First con: my game keeps resetting and starting over and losing all the clothes and tattoos I’ve acquired. Second con: it will ask if I want to watch an ad for a revive and it will play an ad either way I answer. Third con: some outfits are oddly colored like the torso flesh and the arms are mismatched and do not look good. It’s a simple cute game, hopefully bugs get patched. Will update review if they are.
  • What are gems?

    By 1636264
    I genuinely don’t understand what gems are for?
  • Awesome game

    By Rebel69697
    Awesome game
  • Rocky climb

    By Tullila
    This is stupid it was really fun but way to many ads I hate that you can’t be a girl. You are just not letting people be them selves.