LA Wallet

LA Wallet


The app will allow you to keep a digital representation of your already-issued Louisiana-issued state ID or driver's license. The app will generate a unique image that is 100% Legal for driving purposes per Louisiana law of Act 625 of the 2016 session with growing acceptance to include restaurants, bars, and retail outlets. An in-app purchase of $5.99 activates it for legal usage for the same term as your physical Louisiana Drivers License. Louisiana State Police has agreed to accept the image and information about your Louisiana driver's license as it appears and is rendered dynamically on your mobile device with tamper-proof seals.



  • Worked great until I updated app

    By cpmd92
    I downloaded the app and was able to use it during the free waiver of fees month. Once I updated the app my account no longer exists and now forced to pay the fee.
  • Worked first

    By Kindness2Others
    I have had this app for about 3 months. It worked great even though my local WalMart wouldn’t accept it. Then last night at a restaurant when I really needed it all my information was gone. I tried to log back in and even reset my password but will not let me reload my license says it’s being used in another account. Very aggravating!
  • Will not let me make an account

    By No more 30
    When it comes time to input the Activation code I keep getting an Invalid code error. Please fix
  • Updated review - Check “junk mail” for responses

    By 70187
    I renewed my license in May then downloaded the free app. At the end of June I attempted to open it . Forgot the password. They said a link would be sent via email to reset but I never did receive the email to reset. After my 11 attempt, a friend told me to check the “junk mail”. There it was 11 responses
  • Did not prrform it’s purpose

    By Lectrickboogaloo
    I enabled the app to save my login info but it for some reason did not. I was recently pulled over and couldn’t log in and was cited for not having ID on my person. Very disappointed in this app as it failed at the one thing it promised.
  • Got a dwi

    By Grizzly_williams12
    Got a dwi and they took my license and with this app I can just so them this and it’s still valid 🤪
  • Issues

    By NekHarris
    i love this app, BUT im having issues with certain businesses who do not accept this. what are we supposed to do in these types of situations?
  • What an App!!!

    By SLC71465
    This app is totally awesome!!!! What a wonderful idea. I usually carry my phone in my pockets/ with me at all times..., but frequently leave my purse at home. Several times I have had to turn around and drive ten miles or more just to get my purse because my drivers license were in it. Now if I forget my purse at least I will have my license on my phone. Thank you for this wonderful app!!!!
  • LA Wallet

    By TH71129
    I like this app. It is convenient to have so you don’t have to carry a wallet or purse all the time. I wish you could add your insurance card to it as well or any other important IDs.
  • Great

    By Ankie's 1
    I love it
  • Won’t work and no response to message

    By dsauce24
    I keep getting an “Oops we cannot validate your license information” - I sent a message through their website a few weeks ago, no reply. Called the 800 number, no answer. Awesome customer service! 👎🏼
  • La Wallet

    By Buffaleaux
    I love this app. I have a problem with low back pain and often take my wallet out of my back pocket. I have left it at home on several occasions. Needless to say I panic when I discover I am driving without my license on me. This app is great, I always have my phone clipped to my waistband. Now I have my license with my anytime I have my phone. The app was easy to install and simple to set up. I am 65 years old and not very tech savvy so I’m sure most people won’t have a problem installing it. Now all I need is my phone with La Wallet and Apple-pay and I am good to go, in most cases. Thank you for creating such useful and convenient app.
  • Useless

    By JimBTR
    Very confusing to get it to read the barcode. Never succeeded. Not obvious how to pay. After reading other reviews I have to wonder why I would pay $5.99 for something almost no one accepts. Sorry, this app is about to go bye bye.
  • Great in theory

    By NenAnderson
    I purchased while sitting at the DMV to renew my license. No, I didn’t read everything correctly and now the $5.99 is only good until they call my number and I get a new license :(
  • Pointless

    By Reliability Matters
    No retailer is even informed of this apps existence, let alone accepts it. I’m glad I got it during the free promotional month, because it’s a waste of money otherwise.
  • Cool

    By ktripp32
    Cool app I am a class a cdl driver would be nice to include my physical card that I have to turn in to the dmv thanks
  • Looks like the DMV had something to do with this

    By What did u say
    Just when I was bragging to someone about now being able to have a digital license, I tried to demo it to them. Well the app did not keep my Touch ID active and I had to go through the whole set up each time I login. Have tried it numerous times now and each time you have to use an email and password and set up pin to login in. UPDATE AS REQUESTED IN EMAIL TELLING ME TO CALL FOR HELP - I called support as requested at 225-263-4488. No one answered. I left my contact info. Tks.
  • Great app

    By Glomaj
    I had a little trouble receiving the code through email but once I did receive it, it was so easy to add my license. I love the app.
  • Cost

    By Dillieboo
    How much does this cost? How do u pay?
  • Great app

    By Cantcallit
    The only down fall I wish I could add my concealed license as well as my drivers licenses
  • La wallet

    By Coosier
    After leaving review contacted by developer! Tried installing and activating with no trouble this time followed the step by step to activate and insert License on app seems to work great real sharp picture and options!
  • Handy

    By *+><|
    Pretty easy to install. Will be handy to have.
  • Great App!

    By Jan1$&4
    This was so easy to set up. Glad to have this for back up if I accidentally leave my license at home. Great idea.
  • Great app

    By sra105
    Love this idea. Jake with Chat was very helpful with answering a question for me.
  • Get This App NOW!!!

    By iLuvMy iPod
    It’s a great app, super convenient, & you can use it anywhere you use your license! Plus it’s free from now until the end of May 2019!
  • App works but needs to be added to wallet!

    By KennedyPierre
    Downloaded the app and it works great however my only concern would be having to hand my phone over to a stranger with access to my personal information. If the security feature would be upgraded and we were able to integrate our personal ID into the wallet so that my phone can be locked and it will still be available for viewing would be perfect!
  • Awesome!

    By Neworleansartist
    Quick and easy! Always have a phone in me but don’t always want to carry a wallet, great way to go to festivals without having to carry one!
  • Not Happy

    By Bb🤬🤬
  • Not all emails accepted

    By 504 Key
    When will yahoo email address be ready to register for this app that’s the only thing that prevents me from being able to sign up
  • Won’t verify my license

    By notchicco
    I have tried repeatedly to enter info - even when it scans it. Keeps saying it can’t validate... no further instructions, explanation, or help
  • Not allowing Yahoo email accounts!

    By Fishn2
    Not allowing Yahoo email accounts! REALLY!
  • Not accepted

    By serpman
    Got the app. Works fine no issues. Went out for dinner and the establishment refused to serve alcohol using this digital ID. Just beware before you spend money on it. According to the law (which I looked up after I was declined service)... Under the ATC’s rule... retailers retain the right to request a physical form of identification at the time of purchase. So... that sort of defeats the whole purpose of having this app in the first place if you need to have your physical ID with you as well. I’d be worried about getting pulled over by the police and have the same thing happen.
  • Really?

    By Armyman71351
    Can’t use a yahoo email? What a load of crap. Discrimination. Class action lawsuit anyone?
  • Reinstall delay in one time code email

    By free-refil
    I reinstalled this app, and had to login again. Requires a one time email code prompt after successful sign in. However, the delay in the email coming in is several hours, by which time the app has quit running in the background, and require a fresh login and new one time code email required to be sent hours later.
  • Simply Amazing

    By kelseybenoit
    As an IT analyst, I usually look for flaws in the design of every app I download and I’m usually critical of every aspect of the app. But, LA Wallet is more than likely the first app I’ve downloaded in ages that I really have no complaints about. It functions exactly as described, and is definitely a step in the right direction. As far as the fee, not everyone understands why they must pay for a digital version of their license, but I have that understanding. I must say, the work of the developers is superb across the board. While I have no complaints, I do have suggestions, which I have seen echoed in numerous reviews left by others. Access to the digital license through Apple Wallet would be a great step for this already wonderful app. Keep up the good work. The fee was small, but well worth it to be able to support such a promising app.
  • Creating account

    By moremomma
    I have been trying to set up my account and I am not receiving the activation code in my email
  • Can’t even register for an account

    By New app owner
    I was very excited to get this app especially since it is being offered for free right now. I signed up for a new account and can’t get past that part. It takes 1 1/2 hours to get the security code emailed to me. When I go to put it in to register my account, it is already invalid. Completely useless app.
  • Why can’t...

    By Where's my beer
    Why isn’t there like a Qr or something for police to scan and hat all the drivers info they need without having to take the phone?
  • Nice but.....

    By Popo4life
    Needs to let you link ALL Louisiana licenses .i.e Hunting, fishing, concealed carry, etc.
  • No one accepts this

    By SamIAm71
    I have tried to use this many times and it is “not accepted” at many businesses. Walmart, Home Depot, etc... save your money.
  • Payment verification

    By nbandrus
    Great app but I can’t seem to purchase the ID because it’s asking to verify payment info. When I go to do that faceID automatically logs me in but it still asks me for a password, which I can’t enter.
  • Small issue

    By iseeall99
    Would not work. Called in and they were able to fix the issue. Works great now. Not many uses now but this will be the future.
  • RIP OFF!

    By bengal2000
    It doesn’t make any sense to charge $6 for I license I already paid for.
  • Awesome idea

    By JoJuCo
    Just did mine. Now if we can add our state car insurance and registration to this app so everything is one place, it would be absolutely amazing. Great job!!
  • Does nothing

    By /$2737:
    I put all my info in and it won’t recognize it. I try the scan back of license option and that doesn’t do anything either
  • Waste of money

    By DBertinot
    It took me two days to set it up. Merchants will not accept it and now the police will not either. If stopped, you need your real license.
  • License?

    By BUD🎧
    How Many License Can U Add?!?
  • Any future plans.....

    By Biff Smallwood
    For concealed carry license?
  • Bugs

    By Bar in FL
    I was really excited for this app but it is too buggy. Will update it next year and hopefully they will update it soon.