LA Wallet

LA Wallet


The app will allow you to keep a digital representation of your already-issued Louisiana-issued state ID or driver's license. The app will generate a unique image that is 100% Legal for driving purposes per Louisiana law of Act 625 of the 2016 session with growing acceptance to include restaurants, bars, and retail outlets. An in-app purchase of $5.99 activates it for legal usage for the same term as your physical Louisiana Drivers License. Louisiana State Police has agreed to accept the image and information about your Louisiana driver's license as it appears and is rendered dynamically on your mobile device with tamper-proof seals.



  • Payment verification

    By nbandrus
    Great app but I can’t seem to purchase the ID because it’s asking to verify payment info. When I go to do that faceID automatically logs me in but it still asks me for a password, which I can’t enter.
  • Small issue

    By iseeall99
    Would not work. Called in and they were able to fix the issue. Works great now. Not many uses now but this will be the future.
  • RIP OFF!

    By bengal2000
    It doesn’t make any sense to charge $6 for I license I already paid for.
  • malik_allen34’s Review

    By handimanallen
    I Don’t Know If I Need To Do An App Purchase But The App Is Not Allowing Me To Add My I.D To The App And I’ve Tried Twice.It Says That You Can Add An I.D Through This App But Thats A No Go
  • Awesome idea

    By JoJuCo
    Just did mine. Now if we can add our state car insurance and registration to this app so everything is one place, it would be absolutely amazing. Great job!!
  • Does nothing

    By /$2737:
    I put all my info in and it won’t recognize it. I try the scan back of license option and that doesn’t do anything either
  • Waste of money

    By DBertinot
    It took me two days to set it up. Merchants will not accept it and now the police will not either. If stopped, you need your real license.
  • License?

    By BUD🎧
    How Many License Can U Add?!?
  • Any future plans.....

    By Biff Smallwood
    For concealed carry license?
  • Bugs

    By Bar in FL
    I was really excited for this app but it is too buggy. Will update it next year and hopefully they will update it soon.
  • Better than sliced bread

    By Betharene
    Best $6 I’ve ever spent! I no longer have to worry about being without my drivers license! The app is super easy to use, and I love the verification features.
  • Nope not happing

    By PNeoQueen
    When I first saw this I was like wow this would come in handy if I forget my wallet book at home, but when you get into the you have to PAY to have your license in what they call a digital license. Nope not happing I already paid for my license I should have to pay more just to have it on here in a digital file for the cops to recognize it as a drivers license. Should have know the state would just want to nickel and dime us. This should be a feature we shouldn’t have to pay for. It should come as an opinion for those of who pay to get and renew our drivers license. Deleting this useless app.
  • Incredible

    By lilCrab#01
    I heard positive things about the app while listening to Out To Lunch, hosted by Peter Ricchiuti. I decided to try it out for myself. This app should be given more credit. This is groundbreaking and I would be willing to invest my money into this. It has a potential to grow exponentially beyond its current value.
  • Disappointed

    By Babydus
    I was so excited for this app. I created an account but when I tried to scan my license bar code...nothing. I entered my current info manually and got a message that my license information could not be verified. What? My license is current so that’s not the issue. I tried multiple times and finally gave up.
  • Fantastic app!

    By acarter264
    Easy to setup and use; reliable and works all over. Can’t wait for more states to adopt.
  • Great app, poor acceptance outside of driving

    By doughrv
    It’s a great tool but it’s not accepted many places which defeats the purpose of having the app. I have tried it in many places in Louisiana and it just isn’t being accepted. Not much practical use at this stage.
  • Great app just want iwatch

    By Hey473
    This is a great app on the iPhone. Almost never need to carry my id around. In thinking of an active lifestyle if this could be ported over to the iwatch then truly it would be hands free and on the go. Not sure since the screen size is awfully small on the iwatch. But would be neat to use the watch for that.
  • Great app

    By acrylicbullet
    Great features but could a update add the information into the Apple wallet app? Seems like a no brainer if possible
  • Useless

    By BushMan@LA
    Until the digital license is accepted as legal ID for TSA, local law enforcement, government agencies and commercial establishments, etc. it isn’t worth much.
  • Just wow!

    By Freedomguy2050
    This is just wow! This is most amazing how Louisiana can using digital license, more effectively when you lost your wallet. You still can prove them. Also, I am encourage this app to support Apple Wallet, which they can access in locked, for a reason, (I don’t want required put wallet) but give them a option, I would do put into my Apple Wallet. If I’m knockout, or accident, they can access my iPhone as wallet, with MedicKit and License without me. Which would be effective. So this method is so amazing. I am strong recommended y’all get this!
  • Error message when I needed my DL!

    By Allison the cat
    I needed to view my LA DL this past Saturday to purchase alcohol at a retail location, but was unable to view to due to an error message. This app needs work. I have a screenshot of the error message. I checked the app again hours later, and STILL not able to view.
  • Apple Wallet

    By Rogue | 225
    Please add support to add ID to Apple Wallet section for easier access. Thanks.

    By smoore2
    This is great but not so great for travelers at airport. TSA declines to accept it and still makes you use physical license. When will the security measures allow it to be used? Seems pointless as i don’t intend on getting pulled over. My license is most useful for travel.
  • App

    By Jcrules1234
    Great app. I paid to have my license on my phone. I thought the fee was $5.99 but my bank was charged $17.33. I’m hoping to get that resolved. That is the reason for the 2 stars.
  • Great app

    By Kasco53661
    Don’t need my wallet no more i got my id on my phone, and about the people who don’t feel safe to handle their phones to our great police officers you can easily open the app and press the home button 3 times to activate the guided access mode which allows you to put your password to leave the app or use your fingerprint.
  • No way!

    By barrust
    Another way for our corrupt state to get more money out of its over taxed and over fee citizens. It should be free all the way with our high taxed people.
  • A Great Start - Please add Fingerprint Support

    By Nola Boy For Life
    Like other reviewers have stated, “LA Wallet” is a great start for a great idea. Nice to see Louisiana be the first to a progressive idea. For $5, I have a convenient way to carry my ID and can feel better about making trips without my wallet. Only way this relatively simple app could be better is if it supported fingerprint unlock, and possibly a way to let police have access to the ID without access to the rest of the phone.
  • Just take a pic. I did that years ago. It’s free.

    By Jfddb
    Take a free pic instead.
  • Be careful!!!

    By Shad LaCour
    I paid for the app and my license never came up. A message came up to buy or refresh and I refreshed and was charged twice.
  • Nice but.....

    By Popo4life
    Needs to let you link ALL Louisiana licenses .i.e Hunting, fishing, concealed carry, etc.
  • Needs a warning label

    By PartyLady09
    I think this is a great idea! However, if you read the fine print on the website, you will see that there is extremely limited acceptance. State Police have agreed to accept it for traffic stops. The legislation does not require local police to accept it. It is not required to be accepted by any businesses as an ID. TSA is not required to accept it. While I think this is a great idea and a huge step forward, legislation is not in place to make it worthwhile. People need to understand that this app absolutely DOES NOT REPLACE a physical driver’s license.
  • Great thing to have

    By Alexst3w
    Love it and makes me proud to be from Louisiana
  • Good app however,

    By ScreamNdemon
    it would be great if there were a way to also add my Louisiana concealed carry permit.
  • Pretty Cool!

    By DaniC81
    I agree with the previous review of making it accessible via Wallet, so I won’t have to unlock my phone, and it would be accessible through the lock screen. It’s neat that it’s my actual license!
  • So cool

    By charlie ste
    Love it honestly
  • needs Wallet app support

    By mdelvecchio
    Of all apps, this is one that NEEDS to integrate with iOS’ built-in Wallet app, storing the license there, so I don’t have to UNLOCK MY PHONE and hand it to the police — UNLOCKED. No way dudes.
  • Not worth it

    By Comus57
    I refuse to hand over my unlocked phone to anyone I don’t know much less law enforcement just so they can have the opportunity to violate my privacy. Thanks but NO THANKS.
  • Good first offering

    By Kgleblanc 99
    Seriously, read the terms and privacy policies thoroughly. Pay special attention to the section titled “Liability”. Make sure you’re comfortable with their terms before handing over your personal information.
  • Not good

    By adnahsal
    App keeps telling me can’t find info
  • Password issue

    By HL3401
    In setup, the confirm password is always rejected as not being identical to the first entered. Yes, I checked my entry numerous times.
  • Great Idea!

    By lapodna
    I’m getting it. Hey developers! Please find a way to add our hunting/fishing license on the same app.
  • I was excited. Not anymore

    By scottraceteam
    The app doesn’t work. No password is acceptable and says it does not match the first password. Everyone I asked for help can’t register as well or get my password to work
  • Great start, needs a major update for Wallet App

    By gwh34t
    I was able to get an account created and have my state issued license on my phone within about 3 minutes. There is a cost of $5.99, but well worth the hassle if caught without my ID. I can leave home with nothing more than my phone and feel safe and be legal. However, this app needs a major update to add the ID to the Wallet App of the phone. Most police officers take driver’s IDs back to their vehicle. Not everyone feels comfortable handing a police officer their phone - especially unlocked and out of sight. Adding the ID to the Wallet app with remedy this as the phone will be locked during this time of accessed from the lock screen.
  • LA company brings the state in to the 21st Century!

    By Brandon2569
    It’s nice to see Louisiana “keeping up with the Joneses”. In this day and age, I’m surprised that this technology wasn’t allowed sooner.
  • Fantastic App

    By Barry I. 65
    It couldn’t be easier to add your “Digital” Louisiana drivers license to your phone. In order to add your license, you must have information from your current physical drivers license. It does cost $5.99 to get the “official” digital license (paid as in-app purchase). This digital license is a legal license in the state of Louisiana. Considering the continued proliferation of digital pay in stores (like Apple Pay), it only makes sense to have official digital id’s. Great forward thinking by the State of Louisiana and the folks at the OMV.
  • Great

    Something good happened under JBE’s reign......