• Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2018-08-02
  • Current Version: 94.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 160.39 MB
  • Developer: Instagram, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 968


Watch long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators. IGTV is different from your typical video experience. It’s built for how you actually use your phone, so videos are full screen and vertical. And IGTV videos aren’t limited to one minute, which means you can see more of your favorite content. FEATURES * Download and sign in with your Instagram account. You can start watching videos right away. * Watch videos from creators you already follow and others you might like. * Browse other videos or search for a specific creator’s channel as you watch. * Like or comment on videos and send them to your friends in Direct. * Discover creators and follow them right from IGTV to see more of who they are on Instagram.



  • searching suggestion

    By joonssi
    i just downloaded this to suggest an improvement which is allowing users to search up a topic instead of "channels" because it is hard trying to find any videos that you want to watch unless you are following the channel or it is suggested for you to watch.
  • Slow

    By Muhammed Xoshnaw
    It is so slow , make it faster and more improvements.
  • Simple and easy to use

    By &rew Blu3yacht
    Here are a few things I wish that will change in the future. There should be a whole page where your subscriptions, following, popular, history and saved are displayed and sorted on a page filling the whole screen. Categories such as sports, tv shows etc to choose from would also be nice. And PLEASE, make it possible to change the cover of the video after posting it. That would be really helpful. Thanks!
  • Incredibly frustrating.

    By ucjdnsjx lsbskd dlsbskkwj
    This app is a great idea, the problem is it only lets me post vertical but I usually film in horizontal and the fact that I can’t use my videos now is frustrating. So can you make it so you have the option to post vertically or horizontally. Also trying to find videos is incredibly confusing and annoying. There’s always some video playing in the background whether you want it or not. Even going to your channel doesn’t make it go away. And you can’t make it go away either. And then browsing is difficult because it just has one strip at the bottom of the screen instead of having them fill the whole screen with videos or having the layout be the same as the regular instagram so it makes more sense. The whole thing just looks messy and I can’t stand looking at it.
  • Does not work

    By 2344554321
    I would give it -5 stars if I could. Made to watch everybody else video but can't upload your own. Gets as far as 82% then fails? What gives? Uninstalling!
  • 😠

    By connorg13579
    i am unable to access my instagram account from IGTV. please add this feature back.
  • Need to improve

    By yarliy
    Good app but need to redesign it again because it’s difficult to choice videos.
  • Made my account get an error

    By MadatIG
    I downloaded the app because I couldn’t find the upload button any more for my Igtv section on my profile. I use the app it uploaded fine then hours later I was locked out of my own profile. Error messege saying where sorry something has gone wrong and on my desktop oops an error has occurred. I completely have no access to my feed or profile. It messed up my access. I have 511k followers and I cannot navigate my own profile !!!!!!!!!!?????
  • Not sure.

    By Jungle25
    I like IGTV but I liked it better when it was on the Instagram app. Put it back on there!
  • It grows on you!

    By JasonJotted
    At first it feels weird... but then it starts to feel more natural. I love watching video without having to turn my phone sideways. It’s the little things in life! 😂
  • Trash

    By Aordex96
    Lacks a lot of features
  • Latest update is a downgrade!

    By Hushero
    Forward seeking and backward controls got ruined with this recent update! One tap was perfect! Now we have to make it two taps to forward or backward seeking! This’s a step back in user usability! Please return back the one tap videos seeking! Thank you!
  • Missing Instagram share post

    By Hassan12797
    Where is Instagram share there is only Facebook share
  • Cool but

    By SincereElisia
    I really HATE how soon as I open this app there’s a video playing. Why am I being forced to watch/ hear these things. I just want to work on my channel.
  • Functionality Lacking

    By lomree
    Great concept, unfortunately, I am very disappointed in the apps lack of functionality. I cannot find a way of editing, or deleting a video. To err is human and I am a novice, and one who is still navigating my way through the ways of video social media, user friendly is going to be very important to me. In other words, a simple means of being able to make corrections to my posts is essential. I find it difficult to believe that the IG developers did not think to add such a basic function; therefore, I can accept that, maybe, I am not seeing it. That said, it should be more obvious.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By Natebrain
    Only benefits if you have a large follower base, the smaller accounts don’t even get a pinch on igtv you have to have 100k followers or more for igtv to benefit you . It’s kinda discriminatory in my opinion and only benefits accounts with a larger follower base.
  • Needs improvement

    By illxD
    To simply put it this app lacks in layout design and functions. I want this app to be great but every time I get on it I get irritated for the reasons above and just end up closing it. The only reason I still have the app is in hopes they change and improve
  • why is this even an app?!?!?

    By apple everyday
    not sure why IG needed another app just for the same content you get on IG already...i see some vids are longer, but they could’ve done this w/ the app they already have.
  • Instagram disabled accounts with no reason

    By Aliqwet
    Hi, ‏I've disabled my account on what I think because I posted a video about my friend in my personal account. You think I harassed him or insulted him, but before I posted his video, he agreed, He was allowed to post this video to my account. If you want me to prove I'm ready for it. I did not violate your terms and community guidelines. I publish videos, and my personal photos, you can check everything with my account. I just want to recover my account again.I will not forget that before, you have removed many of my publications because of the reports from people who hate me and make fictitious accounts to to closed my account down. it has become a misunderstanding. Thanks. ‏My disabled account is @lllt_ My friend account is @aboud_hq
  • Needs serious improvements

    By V_ROD
    Why no option still to post videos based on their original aspect ratio. Not all videos captured vertically! Also, no option to disable autoplay. Videos For Me start playing automatically although they are completely not per my liking!
  • Make the Home Bar hide on iPhone X,XR,XS,XS Max

    By EddyGraphic
    Please make the bar to home hide on the iPhone X,XR,XS,XS Max is kind of annoying having it there at all times while watching a video.
  • Irrelevant

    By cadenmyers_
    In Instagrams latest attempt to spread its horizons, they released this app allowing long videos to be shared. Unfortunately, it’s trash. Only about half of your videos show up to be able to post, videos automatically start playing and the content is rarely relevant to what you like. The worst thing about IGTV is it’s irrelevance. It is a completely useless app, and anything you need to see can be found within the instagram app itself. Don’t waste your time trying to download it, it’s not worth it.
  • Should support horizontal videos

    By jokyojojo
    I was really excited that our company could post videos longer than 1:00 but really disappointed that it could only be in vertical orientation. I’ve spent thousands on hiring editors to cut down my 2:00 - 3:00 videos to fit the 60 sec cap on instagram. There’s no way in hell Im going to have my guys cut my videos to fit this ridiculous orientation. It’s unfair to professional videographers and production companies to be able to display their work.
  • Good stuff

    By monolo moneybags
    Great app
  • Will be great after a few fixes

    By brown subs
    Love the concept. However - though it's meant to be uploaded from your phone, since the videos are able to be longer I think most people (including myself) are using this as a YouTube alternative, so I'm recording and editing videos in wide lense... Would be nice to be able to rotate your phone and have it go full screen
  • dont have igtv on instagram

    By 哟妈妈
    hey, i was wondering, i have two instagram accounts and on one i have igtv but on my main account i dont? how do i fix this problem
  • Okay

    By Jame Bond loyalist
    Love high quality video but will only link to certain Facebook page.
  • It always crashes!!

    By everdayjohn
    I would LOVE to use IGTV, but whenever I click next on a video and it goes to the uploading page, IT ALWAYS CRASHES!! I got this app since I don't have a YouTube channel but I DO have an Instagram account. I have no idea WHY it crashes, but it does FOR SOME REASON! AND IT'S SO ANNOYING!!
  • Pure liberal crap

    By David G J
    Nothing but a bunch of liberals it’s pure crap in my opinion
  • IGTV

    By Bigjim12345
    Best app ever for videos No Landscape video mode feature Needs landscape mode in it for easy videos uploading Needs 4K HD needs a collage mode for videos Longer video length up to 99 hours Make comparable for iPad
  • Good but lacking some things

    IGTV is good but lacking some features like a filtered search engine, something that you can pick between looking for a specific view or a channel, also lacking a way to see what videos you’ve already watched in one list. And there’s no way to save videos to a watch later list.
  • Crashes

    By Mikaoca
    Why is it so hard to upload a 2-3 minute video? It constantly crashes... probably because while uploading they make you have a video playing in the background. Why make uploading so painfully slow?? Why would I want a video playing in the background of my upload???
  • Love it and hate it

    By ZTrandum
    While I’m sincerely enjoying creating content for IGTV, it feels clunky. Uploading videos results in at least one failed attempt every time I upload. Search function doesn’t feel right either. I think IGTV is on track to be something truly amazing, but to see that happen it really needs some evolution. As we speak, I’m attempting to upload a video for the THIRD time. Solid internet connection and no issues with files. Just tells me there was an error. 🤷‍♂️
  • App Issues

    By Rockstar517
    I just changed phones from a Android to IPhone X and now my IG app keeps closing out as soon as I open it. This is not cool as I have a business account and personal account on here. Can I get some help please!!!
  • Can’t open in fear of mature or disturbing content popping up w/o warning. PARENTS BEWARE

    By millyrng
    I’m an artist that uses Instagram. Was excited to post longer painting videos. But I have been afraid to even open the app bc of the amount of uncensored inappropriate videos I’ve been forced to watch through the apps generated content. When you open you HAVE to see random videos, there’s no way around it. I’ve opened it immediately to mature content and worst thing yet was a video of HORSES MATING in the Middle East!!! SERIOUSLY! Right before going to sleep. It was super disturbing. If I had children there’s no way I’d allow this app. What I find so ridiculous is that a paint video I posted with a song playing in the background was removed immediately bc of “copyright infringement” but somehow videos like the ones I’ve described aren’t removed that fast???? These tech companies are so quick to get the newest feature out that I feel their skipping steps to protect from this stuff. It’s gross and greedy. And believe it or not, some of us don’t want to see porn or animals ****ing 😡 IGTV I want to like this app! For me this is much easier to post to than YouTube. Many artists don’t have time for that. But the fact that I am forced to watch videos (especially that I don’t want to see) makes it unusable. If you hate the explore page on Instagram as much as I do, you will HATE this app. It’s basically the explore page is your home page and they aren’t in little squares, the videos fill your screen the moment you open. I may be a minority, but I actually care about the things I let into my mind. A few things I hope change before I can’t use this again: 1. Make a separate “explore page” you don’t open to. Or let us chose categories of interest if you must force feed us. I do not care about the latest thot, give me art, nature and beauty and I might actually watch🙄. So far I’ve left the app open for like 5 seconds tops bc I can’t handle all the crap thrown at me. 2. Be WAY better about censoring. Honestly no child or person who cares what they see should use this app in its current stage. 3. Make it so you can edit videos similar to Instagram’s video editor (Right now you can’t edit from the app, not even trim). 4. Make it so you can edit titles and descriptions from the mobile app. (Right now you can’t change your videos info from your phone)
  • Amazing App

    By fuckwhitebitchsyla
    Great app for Free time
  • Hate

    By The-0nly-0ne|-/
    Facebook is using the Instagram name since Facebook video flopped harder than the war in Vietnam
  • Needs to have Categories

    By gaudencez
    OK idea for a start but would need a way to organize the content. A channels should be able to create multiple categories by the same creator.
  • Can only post videos in portrait

    By chekara_
    I wish you were able to post videos in landscape. Everything only appears in portrait mode. Also you can’t search by topics. I only see videos from people that I follow, but I’d like to be able to do a search for “travel” and see travel videos by other people etc. Needs major improvement.
  • Not very well thought out.

    By 71092664916110-
    No mute button. Defaults to suggested videos (and not who you’re following). UI is an eyesore. Download another app but access it via your Instagram home page??! Once you try it out you cannot delete from your Instagram?! Content it pushes and suggest is sub-par and stale. If this is the future of social media video then we are in for some dark days.
  • Great app

    By nshdhdhdd
    Great app
  • It’s fine, thanks for do it.

    IGTV is a nice refreshing take on the social video sharing genre. I think it’s weird tho, in the Instagram app, if want watch IGTV videos you don’t need to download this app. It seems like IGTV are just Instagram stories blown up into its own app. I feel like that they need to take a different approach.
  • What Is the Point?

    By Eugene Ko
    I don’t understand how this app is supposed to improve media content for the next generation. If making spoiled, entitled teens Instagram famous is the goal, then I guess the goal has been achieved.
  • Def. needs more functionality

    By Pastykid
    I like the concept. But there are some needed improvements here. Need to be able to do landscape vids. Most people are already accustomed to this (especially for longer vids). Also need to have the “Live” option for doing streams on the go. If you really want to get that true “YouTube” type base on this platform, these along with some other functions is the only way that will happen. You guys have a great opportunity here to grab a lot of creators who are just burnt out on the YouTube scene. Don’t blow it by ignoring what your audience is asking for. We want you to succeed!!!!
  • No Access to IGTV Thru Instagram

    By Madrox616
    I still do not have access to IGTV from the Instagram app. The new IGTV “button” that is on everyone’s profile is not on mine. Updated app to most recent version, deleted app, reinstalled, nothing works. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Needs editing options!

    By WoodlandCravings
    One feature that would really help a lot of users would be to rotate videos! The ability to rotate a landscape video to fit into the vertical format of IGTV would help a lot of users! Please please please develop this option! Love the concept and potential for growth with IGTV!
  • Categories

    By OzRomero
    Will there be a way to find new channels through categories like food channels, couples channels, or gaming channels etc. At the moment it’s a difficult to discover new creators that are using the igtv platform fully with its vertical feature.
  • Can’t upload even when specs are correct

    By vivalacake
    My uploads fail every time. They are the right size, and I’ve tried every different avenue to upload but nothing works. This is for two business accounts I use and it is affecting my job.
  • Upload keeps crashing

    By Mr Pedrino
    Also, no way to search for videos 🤔