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  • Release Date: 2018-08-24
  • Current Version: 2.25
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 145.86 MB
  • Developer: Parler LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 542


Parler is a non-biased, free speech social media focused on protecting user’s rights. Create your own community and enjoy content and news in in real time. Apply moderation tools to filter content. Empower yourself to control your social experience and be a verified member of the community! Highlights: - Discover sports, news, politics, and entertainment - Engage with official statements and thoughts from community leaders - Experience dynamic media — photos, and GIFs - Echo, Share, Vote and Comment on Parleys - Debate and Moderate - Get caught up on news headlines and videos - Be apart of the viral experience - Find out who started following you - Discover which of your Parleys were vote'd or echo'd - Respond to comments or echos - Private message your squad - Share Parleys and other media - Customize your profile with a photo, description, location, and background photo - Tell the world what you need them to know!



  • Just a bunch of triggered Trumpanzees

    By Luckofthedrew
    This app claims to be free speech zone but it’s just a bunch of boomers with no high school diploma
  • Unseasoned chicken 😂😂😂

    By Nicolezz123456789010100101
    I let me tell you I got banned 😂 from trolling trump. And there come back are always “trump 2020” of “make America great again” like sis calm down.
  • this app SUCKSS

    By donaldtrumpisbestpresident
    i hate it
  • Orange Cheeto out

    By disappointed person723??
    This app glitches my phone and is absolutely disgusting all these ugly ass trumpets and racist Karen’s/bill on there get the hell out
  • Great alternative to mainstream social media apps.

    By truenorthofcl
    Don’t listen to the reviews claiming that this community is somehow disproportionately hateful or toxic. It is nothing compared to the vitriol that is commonplace on Twitter and Facebook. And, at least, on this app you won’t be banned for having a right-leaning perspective. I highly recommend this app!
  • H

    By johnstevo
    Hope we can finally leave twitter and Facebook
  • Very Hard to Use

    By evanolov
    Very Hard to use, unfriendly support team, lots of bigotry and racism
  • racists like sucking dick

    By cliquemember
    alt tik tok here we come 🥰🥰
  • Trump supporters only

    By Sistereboga
    If you follow facts or post facts... you will get kicked off site.
  • Best conservative app

    By LOFT2020
    The news news s very updated without bias! My whole family are gradually quitting Twitter to use this app as replacement!
  • No💕

    By Izzy K1
    this app is advertised as an “unbiased news source”, but it absolutely isn’t. there is no real news or reporting, it’s just a bunch of bots spewing hate speech. worst app I’ve ever seen. this completely enables hate and creates a place where hateful people feel comfortable and like they have a community. worst app I’ve ever been on. if i could give it negative stars, i would.
  • Worst social media.

    By babycheeks-add me in clash
    Aside from the fact that it’s an alt right echo chamber with no credible news sources or users on it, there are several functionality issues that make it frustrating to use. Most notably, for some reason you are not allowed to direct message someone unless you are a “verified user”, which means you need to be a celebrity or at least popular on the app. I cannot think of one practical reason why a social media app would not let you communicate directly with your followers? Seems counter to there movement as a “free speech platform. Secondly the comment threads are set up poorly, they run inverse to chronological order and get messy fast because of the reply mechanism. Multiple threads start on the same comment making it nearly impossible sometimes to figure out what is happening in the conversation. Also they can sue you if you say something too far soooo be careful.
  • Won’t send code to create the account

    By Moe the injun
    Has anyone else have this problem. Been trying to get an account set up for the last month. Make it to the code part and never receive code. Fix that issue and I’ll issue more stars. Guess I’ll try again in another month
  • Lame.

    By mgkisasheep96
    They kicked me off for no reason... Mainly trolling Trump supporters. Lol And they call us the snowflakes! 🤣🤣🤣
  • Racists talking trash

    By nick jeffers
    This app wasn’t about freedom of speech, it’s for people who are racist, homophobic and so simple minded that they thought their actions would have no consequences if done on this app. This app breads racism.
  • Cannot get any help.

    By Warhoop
    The account recovery system is awful. I lost the email account I signed up with. And I cannot get any recovery information sent to another one. They use my phone number but apparently don’t have a text recovery system. Multiple attempts to contact developers has gotten ZERO response... Don’t forget your log in information or loose it. Because you won’t get any help!
  • Extremely one-sided echo chamber

    By ok.boomr
    If you are even remotely leftist, don’t even bother trying to talk on this app, as you will get banned or shut down immediately for any opinionated disagreement.
  • Respectable Free speech

    By StarGlint
    It’s important to be able to talk freely in a crowd that respects your opinion and to get crowdsourced news that’s unfiltered without spin. If you want to be censored or you want to fit in to an approved biased narrative then Facebook is for you.
  • To many bigots

    By killer foodie
    Read the title^
  • Thank you

    By kc9iid
    It’s very refreshing to not see the usual BS like on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you.
  • Can’t log back in

    By bams blessed bling
    Well I bought a new phone and tried to log back into my parter app and it won’t let me. I even tried to change my password and it won’t let me do that either. I hate that because I really like the app.
  • Awful app

    By acab__1312
    While the navigation of the app felt okay it is full of bigots and white supremacists. Would not recommend.
  • :)

    By ktp114
    Great for app white supremacists and nazis to come together and share their foul ideologies. Very nice.
  • Actual social debate!

    By Over the top all the time
    Unlike Twitter, where dissenting thoughts are banned, Parler welcomes both sides of the debate. Actual free speech!

    By vhhzsd
    Too many liberals here don’t recommend 👀
  • Dumped Twitter in 2019, Haven’t Looked Back

    By Chersine
    Great platform! Great community! App is stable and performance is good!
  • Nothing to see here. Move on.

    By GorhamMaine
    Typed the the captcha several times even loaded a new one. If they can’t even get this right is time to find something else. Move on. Nothing to see here.
  • Death threats and slurs

    By BearRiots
    Death threats and slurs cover this app. This app is just a bubble for conservatives and racists. The app is also awful to navigate and you see the same posts come up multiple times
  • Can’t log on

    By mtttmom
    I created an acct and it states that my email is invalid.
  • Lindarizzuto

    By lindarizz
    Just signed up as I wAs looking for an unbiased platform.
  • breeding ground of hate

    By Kk369
    this app is rampant with white supremacists who have lost their ability to be vile on other platforms who are actually against discrimination
  • bad

    By hajdjcjenwkc
    really bad app:(
  • Actual trash

    By Lilyj142
    This app is so bias and is literally for a breed of people who should be killed off by natural selection.
  • Don’t download

    By averagesock
    Very bad app it crashes all of the time from all of the fake news being spewed
  • it’s gonna be a no from me

    By iLuvTanner&icecream
    this app is a cesspool for conspiracy theories and radical right users. the people getting banned from twitter for hate speech use this app to say what they want and i was bullied :( for not sharing right and conservative views. just a lot of racism and misinformation going on in this app. would give it 0 stars if i could. disgusting :)
  • Someone called me a radical leftist snowflake because of my hair ?

    By Redneckid
    I just had a profile picture and got attacked by all these people before i could even post something. they also called my grandma a fat cow ??? no fun. very confused
  • Dont get this!!

    By gorilla12578
    Hate this. So hard to use, such a waste of time. Do NOT get this app!!!
  • Free Speech Platform

    By Karter$
    I’m done with Facebook and all the mobs!! So far so good!! Thank you thank you to whoever came up with this!!
  • SCAM

    By doanadoan21
    This app is constructed horribly. There are so many scammers on this app pretending to be conservatives that are full of hate speech.
  • very bad 🐸

    By Shay0248
    do not like
  • This app is dangerous

    By media reveiws
    There are so many things wrong with this app I don’t even know where to start. The user interface is ugly and glitchy and the flow of the content makes no sense. Furthermore the app is FULL of misinformation and hate speech and while I understand that the whole “point” of the app is that it’s uncensored, it is disgusting to see just how much hateful and untrue content there is on it. Having so much misinformation on a social media app that is labeled as “news” is extremely polarizing and dangerous. If you are looking for an app to become radicalized on then look no further, the platform is full of decisive propaganda and false information that masquerades as factual information.
  • Bad

    By Djdosikqjajwisis
    Parler destroyed my family
  • nasty people on this app

    By Bdhnsndnnkwnenffjekwnnfnf
    gross 🐀👹 dont like it at all
  • Overall, Awesome!

    By Makaroni:)
    I think this app perfectly executed their purpose. Goodbye cancel culture! There are a few bugs that need to be worked out such as, sometimes my notifications stay even though I’ve checked them, but that is minor. Every app is going to have bugs when they launch. Some people reported that logging in or signing up is very difficult and tedious, but I have not experienced any difficulties in the process. Some are saying it’s biased, but that’s because people with other opinions are not joining!! Encourage people of all kinds of opinions to join Parler and expand the spectrum! Have civil discussions and experience a world of media without cancel culture!
  • Back on after having an inactive account

    By 33333three
    Free expression is for everyone Anyone against it probably has a narrative they wish to force upon others
  • bad

    By Holly gymnast
  • unnecessary and annoying

    By 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    this app is full of inappropriate media and false information, I would not recommend.
  • Free speech app!

    By tcann2
  • Great!

    By RJNC00
    THE social media app.