Pimsleur - Language Learning

Pimsleur - Language Learning

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2018-08-06
  • Current Version: 2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 57.71 MB
  • Developer: Simon & Schuster
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 257


New! Now master any language you want even faster, easier and more confidently than ever before with the new Pimsleur App. For more than 50 years, Pimsleur has helped millions of people speak their choice of over 50 foreign languages like a native. Our scientifically proven method enables you to speak and understand a new language in as little as 30 minutes a day — simply, reliably and with a near-native accent. Pimsleur courses are available for 50 languages including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and English (for 14 languages). With Pimsleur, you can learn anytime, anywhere. The new Pimsleur app combines the proven-effective audio of the Pimsleur Method with powerful interactive visual tools to help you learn whenever and wherever you want from any mobile device. With hands-free portability, whether you’re at home, in the car, or out for a run, Pimsleur makes it easy to turn your downtime into a powerful new skill. Use the Pimsleur app on your phone for streaming, or download lessons for offline use. For a true untethered experience, use the hands-free driving (or running, hiking, coffee-drinking) mode. It integrates beautifully with the Amazon Alexa for working through audio lessons at home. Whether you’re online, offline, on your way to work or out for a stroll, Pimsleur can go with you – and pick up exactly where you left off. Pimsleur audio lessons are just 30-minutes long, and they put you on an easy track to master any of fifty most-popular languages. Whether you’re traveling, studying, or adding a brilliant new skill to your list of accomplishments, Pimsleur gets you to near fluency faster, easier and more confidently than any other method. The all-new Pimsleur Premium app gives you access to … Core Lessons Enjoy the enhanced continuity of 30-minute Pimsleur lessons you can take anywhere, or do at home with Alexa. Reading Lessons Learn to read your new language – effortlessly. Speak Easy Challenge Role-play while reviewing written transcripts of the conversations. Digital Flash Cards Practice vocabulary and dive deeper into the written language. Skills Categories Review and practice new sentences and phrases by topic. Skill-Building Games Relax, have fun, and test your new skills with the Quick Match and Speed Round. Sync Progress Learning stays on track as your progress is automatically synched across all your mobile devices including Amazon Echo. Lightbulb Moments Images and captions connect culture & history to your language learning. Uninterrupted Learning Stream live or download and listen offline. There are no ads. You listen and learn without interruptions. *Not all features are available for all languages. For more information or a complete list of languages, please visit our website. You can subscribe or buy in-app • Courses are available instantly. • Subscribe to receive every available lesson for your language, or purchase lessons to own. • If you subscribe or purchase via the app, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. • For subscriptions made through the app, your subscription automatically renews monthly and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. To avoid renewal charges, be sure to cancel a subscription at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Terms of use: https://www.pimsleur.com/terms-of-use



  • Good content but terrible app / user interface

    By aaronchow0727
    I’ve always liked Pimsleur’s approach to learning a new language, but by pairing Pimsleur’s content with such a brainless UI / app design is such an insult to Dr. Pimsleur. The app feels like it is designed by a student who didn’t give any thoughts on user experience. There are “icons” that doesn’t give visual clues on what it does not it responds to you. There are UI elements that offers no interactions. And you can’t even jump from unit 1 to unit 30 without sweeping 29 times. Such a horrible design with terrible app flow.
  • Good

    By dante3143
    Good course but things go by alittle to fast
  • Learning made EASY

    By micheke l
    Love the sequence and the amount of répétition in Pimsleur's Italian. I hope to be fluent by mid June!!!
  • Japanese 1-5

    By nursenorah
    I LOVE Pimsleur! Learning a new language can be overwhelming and challenging but with the Pimsleur software I know I will be fluent in my new language in no time! The way the lessons are setup it makes understanding everything so easy! The repetitiveness of the phrases is so helping. I am even learning the correct way to address different types of people in the Japanese culture. I’m not just learning a language with Pimsleur, I’m learning the culture too. I highly recommend this product to ANYONE wanting to learn a new language. The lessons are fun and engaging. I am really excited to learn more and more!
  • Great learning for speaking

    By Suzyhny
    I have just completed the beginner and intermediate courses of Pimsleur Hebrew. These Hebrew lessons are excellent for learning to converse in Hebrew; converse in actual conversation. The native speakers do not slow down or “dumb down” the language. I am thoroughly enjoying this app. However.......I think these lesson (beginner and intermediate) are way too difficult for absolute beginners. I took about 7 months of Rosetta Stone before starting this program. Rosetta Stone teaches way more vocabulary but lacks in learning to converse like a native speaker. Pimsleur teaches way more survival skills, sentence structure and conversation but lacks in a lot of vocabulary. However i have just completed the beginner and intermediate courses, and have not started on the advance course yet. So that vocabulary may still come in the advanced section. All in all a great program if you already have some Hebrew background.
  • Misleading subscription

    By ChanelLeshay
    7 free days and ten get charged the $14.99 They lied . It’s 6 free days and on the 7th day they charge you the $15.96
  • Update please

    By dfjakehva
    Love the language software, dislike the apps compatibility with iPhone XR. Touch is unresponsive in the upper corners

    By PurelyObjective
    I am not the kind of guy who just loves a good, juicy, book on grammar. (I’d rather go to the dentist.) I’m extremely active, travel a lot, and I communicate for a living. I go to Central America a lot and NO ONE you’re going to encounter in daily life is an expert in Spanish grammar in Central America, as is the case with English in the USA. I have had the luxury of having access to R. Stone and the Bbl app. Nope. Pimsleur? YEP. It’s different. It’s way better. It’s not a pain. I don’t get annoyed. I learn EXTREMELY QUICKLY. And it’s almost weird; I live in an area of Los Angeles where there are tons of Spanish speakers and I find myself walking around listening in on other’s conversations without even meaning to. It’s pretty fascinating. (Apparently… I am considered attractive to some in the Latin American culture… who knew... :-) I no longer need the basic stuff but you know, who wants to only know how to order a beer and where the bathrooms are in conversation? It’s nice to talk about the things that people really care about, so I’m refreshing now and will go as advanced as the course goes. I’ve had the Pimsleur audio course for years, and I have now abandoned everything else except for the Pimsleur app. It. Is. Different. Better. Do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!
  • Pimsleur

    By Tom Mor
    I really like Pimsleur because it works. I look forward to each lesson because I can see the progress I am making.
  • Super easy to learn

    By SueNami11
    Learning format and repetition make it simple!
  • Great course!

    By Moongazer0013
    Easy to follow and learn!
  • 💯

    By Taha Rexta
    I’m learning I can’t deny that. Perfect app. Recommend by me.
  • Pimsleur language Italian

    By nmkeyog
    Amazing how easy this app is to use.
  • Excellent app

    By PaulETaylor
    I have been studying Spanish for years on and off. I went through level one in 9 days and learned more about how to participate in spoken conversational Spanish than anything I have studied before. This app will stand alone in teaching spoken conversational Spanish even if you are new to Spanish if you put in the time. The app even introduced new Spanish tenses that makes it easier to understand what is being said. The problem I have had in the past was what tenses to study. This app solved that problem.
  • Very helpful

    By DJ Brasier
    Well organized and valuable
  • Pimsleur Spanish

    By ITunesTomMillhouse
    I downloaded the lessons to my phone and it made it easy for me to study while I was driving. The lessons are well organized and I’m learning Spanish and practicing it in conversations.
  • Pimsleur is best

    By ndo@8
    For conversation, this is it!
  • Best beginner language course.

    By CokeBoyMatt
    This makes learning a language fun and interactive.
  • Can’t Get Past First Lesson

    By DanceLover1214
    I tried the first free lesson in the Japanese coarse and I loved it. The problem was I tried to go to the next lesson and I couldn’t. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to buy it but I didn’t have the option to. All it will show is the description and a white space at the bottom(where I think there r supposed to be options to pay for things). Since I can’t get past the first lesson I can’t really review this.
  • Great app!

    By Jakechka
    Can use this app anywhere! While driving to work, during work breaks, etc. love it!
  • Step by step

    By Nycguitar
    I’m on the 97th lesson of the Spanish course...(there are five sets of 30 lessons for 150 total). I feel a lot of confidence as I’ve gradually built skill step by step and word by word. I still can’t follow exactly what native speakers are saying in a movie or interview but more and more I can get the gist, and I can definitely hold conversations with others as long as I can ask them to slow down. If you stick with regular lessons I think this is a very good value.
  • Good follow up to book learning

    By teapots66
    The only drawback to me is that Polish lessons are only available through unit 30 with not much chance of further lessons per a Pimsleur rep. Helped so much to make polish roll off the tongue easier and have meaningful words for conversation besides “I’d like a beer and then the check please” although beer is in these lessons, too, LOL. Can’t have Poles without piwo.
  • Thank you for being Sew Fabulous

    By Knit SewFabulous
    This is a Fabulous learning system!
  • Pimsleur works!

    By julesborchard21
    The best language learning program. Easy to use , especially for shy people!
  • Finally, a system that works!

    By Paris, here I come!
    I love learning the lessons by audio first, so I get the pronunciation right, and then reading the words after (the different types of visual reinforcements are necessary for me). I do the lessons while driving, and the instructors really get me thinking in the language, responding to questions throughout the entire lesson, not just repeating rote phrases. I took French in college, and just could not get it, so it is a miracle that I am learning it easily with Pimsleur. And it only takes 5 minutes a day outside of the audio lessons, which take no extra time at all, as I do them on the road.
  • Helpful

    By Bowldr
    Really helps in learning to listen and speak
  • Pimsleur is the language app for moi

    By frog185
    I have tried duolingo, rosetta stone, flashcards, online courses, but I have learned the most from Pimsleur’s method. Why? It builds incrementally, makes you SAY the words so you exercise your mouth, and it forces you to listen to conversation at normal speaking speeds so you have to learn the rhythm. I just want to be conversational so this is the method for me.
  • Help, Pimsleur!

    By wdwbrid
    I think Pimsleur is great!! I love it!!! I really do!! But when I get on it lets me stay on for about 30 seconds then my screen turns black and it takes me to my home screen every time. The only way it doesn’t is if I delete it and download it and log in, but if I get off the app after that it does it all over again. So I don’t know what the problem is but the lessons are amazing! I’m picking up Spanish quite well if I do say so! So whatever this is I hope it gets fixed so I get keep doing my lessons because I love it!!! The 5 stars is to the lessons. Just fix the crashing issue please!
  • Getting back to my Armenian!

    By medz V
    I just begin working with the Pimsleur language method in Armenian. I spoke army into my grandparents as a child but have not been around the language for many years. This course was perfect for me as I’m interested in conversational Armenian and would like to visit Armenia. I really like the way the lessons are broken down. I like the way each sentence is explain fully each word is broken down two different syllables and finally fluently pronounced. The conversation method is fun and I can see how it would be very useful in many situations! I’m only a listen to now but I look forward to completing the units and improving my Armenian. This is a great program and I would recommend it to all. I hope to also try Italian soon.
  • Easy

    By Giggleslove923
    It is very easy to use and follow. I love the driving mode because they make the interference very simple to use. I would highly recommend using this to learn another language!
  • Cancellation Impossible

    By metheliving
    I’m sure Pimsleur is fine as a program, but it’s nearly impossible to cancel if you want to. You MUST call them. It’s easy enough to cancel it when you call, but I spent ridiculous amounts of time trying to figure out my email and password information because it doesn’t show up as a subscription under your App Store. It felt shady and unnecessarily complicated just so I wouldn’t have the time to call them before they charged me again.
  • Excellent course!

    By iPhone Not a Luxury
    I’m just starting to learn Spanish in Latin America and this course really helps my understanding, and pronunciation. Muchas gracias Pimsleur!
  • Best way to learn a Language!

    By Make them all the way in there
    Pimsleur is definitely an app where you can become fluent in a language and you can do it at your own pace! You listen to the audio and if you actually devote time when they ask questions you’ll find yourself just speaking the language naturally! It’s for sure worth the price as well! I unsubscribed to every other language app service because I was only learning a few words here and there but after a week of doing the courses and listening to the same lessons at least 3 times a days I know full conversational sentences! I definitely would suggest giving it a try! Instead of watching that boring tv show, learn a new language 😃
  • Pimsleur Mandarin

    By edavshrob
    Excellent course. Worth every penny. I’ve tried several apps and this one is by far the best! I’m actually speaking in complete sentences after only one full week.
  • Very Disappointed

    By hank ace
    I tried the 7 day trial for Arabic and liked it so I allowed The app to withdraw from my PayPal account. Then out of nowhere it had me in the Spanish library, which I had no desire to learn. I called their costumer service and the said I could not have access to the Arabic library unless I canceled my account a signed up again, and I would have to pay the $16 bucks again even though I never took one Spanish lesson. Total rip off. Hope others had a better experience

    By Dan Bar 40
    The best app soooooo far to learn a language!!! I love it and I am recommending it to all my friends and family!!!!
  • The best for learning a language

    By SSO811
    Great app! I was able to understand and speak Spanish very quickly. It may not be as fun as other apps, but if you just want fun, go play a game. If you want to actually learn a language, and learn it easily and enjoyably, use this one.
  • Exceptionally effective

    By StrugglesWSelf
    I took 3 1/2 levels of the Spanish course and was able to get around in Spain speaking Spanish about 85% of the time. Pimsleur is an excellent program!
  • Pimsleur works!

    By PA in Tulsa
    I’m learning a second foreign language at age 77. Pimsleur simply works!
  • Good App But Needs Some Work

    By Phantasgamoria
    i really like this app and the concept of it. it’s working very well for my progress in japanese. however there are some bugs that are rather annoying. such as the app not starting when i open it, the audio not playing when i open a lesson, and when the lesson is paused and then played again it doesn’t resume. it just gets stuck, causing me to rewind 10 seconds for it to continue playing. these are pretty minor inconveniences but still annoying and i’d love if these bugs were fixed in the next update! dōmo arigatōgosaimashita!
  • Terrific system though the app is clunky.

    By DGGrimm
    Terrific system though the app is a bit clunky. I’ve used Pimsleur for multiple languages (German, Mandarin, Spanish) and have found it to be essential in my studies every time. Glad to have the app but it remains a bit clunky.
  • Works well for me

    By wish I could speak many
    Pimsleur - Language Learning Spanish has helped me with my conversation skills. I usually prefer seeing the written form of everything that I am learning while studying a language, but find that while I still “need” to see the written form at some point (I subscribe to the Premium version and complete the exercises after each lesson or find translations if necessary), the Pimsleur lessons require that I focus on speaking and mimicking and consequently, I think that my conversational skills are improving rapidly. I have taken very beginning level Spanish classes and used Duolingo off and on so I do have some knowledge of Spanish grammar which I know assists me while studying the Pimsleur lessons. I can’t speak to whether or not I would enjoy the Pimsleur lessons as much if I had had no exposure to Spanish, but I am very happy with the progress that I think I am making with these lessons.
  • Very good

    By oheir
    Very good
  • Pimsleur Language Courses

    By Hungrytolearn
    I like it because it make you able to converse in the language without you putting much time and effort. So you can learn a new language without affecting your daily routines. I wish they have Bengali Language course.
  • Better than Rosetta Stone

    By john2871328712
    Easier to just sit down and listen, I actually feel like I’m learning the language faster than other methods. They have got flash cards and other short activities after the audio so you can see the written words and practice what you learned.
  • App is terrible!

    By Tntxcarl
    This might be the greatest language-learning method in the world. BUT WHO WOULD KNOW? App crashes constantly!! I don’t understand how a company whose livelihood depends on people using their app can be so apathetic about whether it works. I have current version of app and IOS and have uninstalled/reinstalled twice. Pure frustration!
  • Pimsleur

    By krug_star
    I love this app!! The results are spectacular and the lessons are very easy to follow! Would give 10 stars if I could.
  • Terrible Format

    By Anyong89
    The program might work, but the app and website are garbage and not worth your time.
  • Reading booklet hangs

    By KeepyDad
    When I was in level 1 the reading booklet worked fine. Now that I’m in level 2 (or the latest release of the app) as soon as I tap the reading booklet it turns the whole screen pure white and the app is completely frozen. The only way out is to double-tap the home button and kill the application. Please fix this bug!