Pimsleur - Language Learning

Pimsleur - Language Learning

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2018-08-06
  • Current Version: 2.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 47.12 MB
  • Developer: Simon & Schuster
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 538


New! Now master any language you want even faster, easier and more confidently than ever before with the new Pimsleur App. For more than 50 years, Pimsleur has helped millions of people speak their choice of over 50 foreign languages like a native. Our scientifically proven method enables you to speak and understand a new language in as little as 30 minutes a day — simply, reliably and with a near-native accent. Pimsleur courses are available for 50 languages including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and English (for 14 languages). With Pimsleur, you can learn anytime, anywhere. The new Pimsleur app combines the proven-effective audio of the Pimsleur Method with powerful interactive visual tools to help you learn whenever and wherever you want from any mobile device. With hands-free portability, whether you’re at home, in the car, or out for a run, Pimsleur makes it easy to turn your downtime into a powerful new skill. Use the Pimsleur app on your phone for streaming, or download lessons for offline use. For a true untethered experience, use the hands-free driving (or running, hiking, coffee-drinking) mode. It integrates beautifully with the Amazon Alexa for working through audio lessons at home. Whether you’re online, offline, on your way to work or out for a stroll, Pimsleur can go with you – and pick up exactly where you left off. Pimsleur audio lessons are just 30-minutes long, and they put you on an easy track to master any of fifty most-popular languages. Whether you’re traveling, studying, or adding a brilliant new skill to your list of accomplishments, Pimsleur gets you to near fluency faster, easier and more confidently than any other method. The all-new Pimsleur Premium app gives you access to … Core Lessons Enjoy the enhanced continuity of 30-minute Pimsleur lessons you can take anywhere, or do at home with Alexa. Reading Lessons Learn to read your new language – effortlessly. Speak Easy Challenge Role-play while reviewing written transcripts of the conversations. Digital Flash Cards Practice vocabulary and dive deeper into the written language. Skills Categories Review and practice new sentences and phrases by topic. Skill-Building Games Relax, have fun, and test your new skills with the Quick Match and Speed Round. Sync Progress Learning stays on track as your progress is automatically synched across all your mobile devices including Amazon Echo. Lightbulb Moments Images and captions connect culture & history to your language learning. Uninterrupted Learning Stream live or download and listen offline. There are no ads. You listen and learn without interruptions. *Not all features are available for all languages. For more information or a complete list of languages, please visit our website. You can subscribe or buy in-app • Courses are available instantly. • Subscribe to receive every available lesson for your language, or purchase lessons to own. • If you subscribe or purchase via the app, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. • For subscriptions made through the app, your subscription automatically renews monthly and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. To avoid renewal charges, be sure to cancel a subscription at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Terms of use: https://www.pimsleur.com/terms-of-use



  • Great app, but god can it be slow

    By InTheGameCampaign
    Honestly, best way to learn a language. But by god to load some of the lessons, especially the reading, takes way way too long for such little audio files. I swear a three second clip of a word can take up to 30 seconds to load.
  • This is not an iPad app

    By Dc Yukon
    The app available for iPad downloads does not work in landscape mode (how I use my iPad ALL the time). It only works in portrait mode, which is incredibly annoying.
  • Good at teaching language structure

    By MCHreview
    Wish it had spelled vocabulary, but excellent otherwise.
  • Pimsleur Spanish

    By pianogal251
    I love this program. My only criticism is that it expects me to say “Castellano” instead of “Español.” I am Mexican, and my family lives in Mexico.
  • Great program

    By AliPB
    It is a great way to learn. I only wish it had a written vocabulary list, as I learn best when I know the spellings.
  • Awesome!

    By Marly29
    Great program. Easy to use, understand and follow.
  • Great system

    By GeorgeIsWayCool
    Excellent program for really learning a language
  • Confidence

    By Xavier Curl
    The Pimsleur team and method is a great method to learn any language available that you’d be interested in learning! Honestly, it’s sometimes hard to take the leap because we’re all skeptical human beings. But trust me, this is worth it. Your desire to learn and consistency alongside the Pimsleur technique and council will bring you success in what language you’re after.
  • It works!

    By Blandrew94
    If you only do the minimum 1 lesson a day, it’s going to take a while, but if you can’t stop obsessing over language one lesson ends up not being enough. You'll find shortly that you’re putting together sentences on your own. It’s amazing
  • Audio not working with last update

    By Jin Gyi
    In general, this is a good program, but right now the audio is not working at all.
  • Apple Watch Version Needed

    By 1N
    The benefit of this program is that it doesn’t require me to look at a screen. The benefit is lost if I still need to carry around my clunky phone. This would be so much better if I could use with my Apple Watch!!!
  • Spanish

    By El Effie
    I work with an entire Spanish speaking crew and I’ve asked if this is the way they talk and it is. I’m looking forward to being able to improve communication with them.
  • Excellent for conversational skills

    By eve-o-lution
    Within a few months you will be proficient in basic conversational forging language. The method is progressive, for comprehension, communication, and pronunciation.
  • Good overall

    By Jabber001
    This app is good overall. The issue with the random talking while lesson is paused needs to be addressed. Also, talking while other apps are active and talking like Google Maps needs to be corrected. Also, app could use a Glossary for the language purchased.
  • Five stars for language, Three stars for app

    By Aarmck
    I love Pimsleur and how it teaches conversational (Japanese). I’ll admit, it is a little formal, but it is better than anything I’ve ever done: Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, University classes. The problem is that the app simply won’t load any of my courses anymore. It’s been stuck on the loading circle for literally forever (haven’t tested it for more than 15 minutes of waiting... but that was long enough). Anyone else having this problem?
  • Free version worked better

    By finkleberry
    I had been using the free version and decided to buy Spanish 1 and 2. Used the app and some of the free features were now locked and I was prompted to upgrade to Premium to access what were working features in the free version. Then the app has repeatedly crashed. I restarted my phone and the app keeps crashing after a few seconds. I’m having buyer’s remorse.
  • This is a great app

    By timboslice_420
    I have used this app to learn countless languages to a low working level. It’s perfect to learn what you need to get around before you go on a trip abroad. I couldn’t recommend it more highly
  • Learning another language has become easy.

    By Bobby N Corona
    Love the lesson plans. Learning Spanish from my iPhone makes it convenient, fun, and efficient. Pimsleur is the state of the art in learning a language.
  • New to a language? This is what you need.

    By berniepresident200000
    Rosetta Stone is fundamentally flawed in the way it teaches languages. It wants to teach you like a baby learns, by thrusting you head first into seemingly pointless situations and asking you to learn by immersion. This is actually pretty impossible unless you spend about 4 hours a day doing it for a long period of time. Think about it, a baby is immersed 24 hours a day in a new language, not 30 minutes to an hour! This just makes for a very frustrating learning experience where you actually don’t learn anything. I learned more in 1 week of Pimsleur than I did in 3 months of “immersion”. If you are already good at the language I guess Rosetta Stone can help, but why even go there at that point. I pretty much consider it a scam now :(
  • Czech

    By duben2
    I listen daily en route to work. Thirty minutes is perfect. I really like the multiple repetitions, the secret to language mastery. Good supplement to reading and book language study.
  • Unit 2 and already speaking italian!

    By vianewson
    Hey I’ve been learning Italian for a while now and once I was recommended this, I loved it. I listen comprehend better, I don’t think as much when speaking. Me and my mother(her native language) can have a clear conversation in Italian and I’m only in the middle of Unit 2..there are 5 units..
  • Never learned a language so quickly

    By Bearcat Doc
    I was a bit skeptical about an app to learn Russian but Pimsleur exceeded all expectations. Nice format and sequence of lessons really build language skills efficiently. Looking forward to my visit to Ukraine to really try it out.
  • Lovvvvvvve it

    By Je Nae
    I just got the app, I love it already , customer service is excellent, I emailed them and got the quickest response in history .
  • They are the best

    By Bruce f. D.
    This is the best way to learn a language. I love it
  • Señor Martinez

    By de Tierra Amarilla, NM
    Excelente lecciónes orales. Señor Dan: Estoy de acuerdo!
  • Excellent app to get you speaking

    By Nickandtrina
    I’ve been studying Spanish for several months using flash cards and tutors, but found that I wasn’t very spontaneous and quick to understand and respond in conversation with my Spanish-speaking friends and neighbors. Now, after just 16 lessons on Pimsleur, I’m speaking a lot more spontaneously (meaning, I’m not having to pause and think about what I want to say - I’m simply speaking) The app is great! Highly recommend it. Hint: it’s worth redoing some lessons a 2nd or 3rd time if you aren’t able to keep up and guess correctly for a lot of phrases. I found it to be helpful to only proceed after I really had a handle on the new material.
  • Learning so much

    By fit4life2016
    Love this app so far! I’m on lesson 4 and already feeling more confident in my beginner lessons! I can’t wait until I get to the next level <3 I truly have to force myself to only do 1 lesson a day! It’s so fun to learn I want to keep going
  • Pretty good... but annoying

    By DDNH9
    I’m taking the French course and am slowly learning the language. I appreciate that the course is not “rah rah, you are doing awesome!” However, the dialogue feels very much like the goal is to pick up women. Also, the call-and-response dialogue involves the man contradicting the woman for each response. I get that there’s not a lot of words to work with in early language learning, but if you’re going to employ the “contradict the speaker” maybe at least alternate who’s doing the contradicting?
  • Great program. Used for work and now I can speak with clients

    By CapAmerca
    Pimsleur for Spanish helps me stay up on my conversation skills with customers. 10/10 would rate 8/8
  • I like this approach: guided practice

    By sco-wa-
    These audio lessons seem effective. At first, there was a hiccup regarding advancing to lesson #2. The app initiated a subscription on iTunes, iTunes charged me, but lesson 2 remained locked in the app. I called Pimsleur customer support. They fixed it and now it’s fine.
  • Wonderful App

    By Cyn City1
    I just started Pimsleur this week to learn French and I have tried a number of apps and videos and Pimsleur by far is superior in teaching you how to speak a new language. If you want to learn vocabulary, Duolingo is amazing about explaining individual words and how language works, but if you want to SPEAK the language of your chose choice, Pimsleur ranks #1 for me. Week two... Still #1 to me for teaching you to get comfortable in speaking a foreign language. Excellent.
  • Buggy

    By JoeyJoeJoe999999
    Downloaded lessons sometimes need to be downloaded.
  • Maybe MP3 is Better?

    By GGorska
    Pimsleur has been one of my language learning go-tos for many years (Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Italian) But when I reported that the app freezes up when you stop and start, the helpdesk informed me that I was Doing It All Wrong and would Fail to Learn because I was stopping after the prompt in order to have more time to respond. Language learning is my hobby, so I know that everyone needs to use tools in the most effective ways for them. I slow down Pimsleur to 75% or 80% while I’m in the shower, and when I’m working directly with the program I stop the app to have time make my responses, exactly the way I patiently wait for my English students to put together new sentences. (If I didn’t do this, I would feel like a failure and lose my motivation, plus I’m not willing to listen to those lessons more than twice!) So consider downloading the MP3 and using a more flexible MP3 player that will correspond to your own language learning preferences. In the meantime, I do indeed recommend Pimsleur for starting a new language (but be sure to use other resources as well.)
  • Hands down the best

    By still learning to speak
    Forget the others. They may seem amusing. But immerse yourself in Pimsleur and you will be amazed at your ability to converse in a foreign language when traveling. They have optimized the science of learning a language. The app works great.
  • Alternate speeds

    By AriGoldFilms.com
    I’ve used Pimsleur for years with several languages, since they were on CD. I just tried the App (subscription) to review old courses, though I already have them as mp3s too. I was surprised and super-disappointed to find out that unlike all other audiobook and podcast apps, Pimsleur doesn’t let you change the speed of playback. When learning a new language, I’ve found that slow playback of the Pimsleur lessons (75%) is really helpful, and when reviewing and repeating old lessons, fast playback (150% speed or even more) helps keep it challenging. I’ll go back to my old mp3s after this month, and Re-subscribe to Pimsleur if they fix this.
  • Audio

    By JBRAW
    Audio skips like an old record player. Useless app
  • Love it!!!(SERIOUSLY)

    By Gretp
    Best online audio course I have tried. Some pimsleur language courses go more in depth with more resources than others but the less in depth courses cost less and overall they are all great! Def recommend 110% <3
  • Good app 👌

    By 💕Ruth💕
    The app is great! If you end up buying it, it can be kind of frustrating at first because it still shows you have to buy the full course. All I did to get rid of that was restart my phone and then go to level two of the language and the go back to level one and it worked just fine!
  • Español for Me

    By Clay!doh!
    Pimsleur recommended by a co-worker. We are retired and want to spend time in the Southwest. We are traveling by RV and have purchased all 5 units. I am on unit 3 now, and listen to each lesson twice, once each day. This is what works for me. I can’t speak fluently yet, but know that eventually I will be able to. Pimsleur will be a big part of my eventual success.
  • Bugs

    By audreyalice09
    I like the style okay but I paid for a subscription and I can’t access anything. Not really worth it.
  • Sub Par Experience

    By k_rob18
    Just a fair warning to anyone looking at purchasing this app to learn French. The lessons were easy to follow and seemed to be working. I felt confident in my skills until I actually got to Paris and couldn’t understand much of anything that was being said. Not enough instruction on basics like ordering food and general conversation. I think the language on the app was probably too formal. I also have been charged 3 times since cancelling my subscription and they will not refund the 3 months of subscription. I sent a message on the app to cancel my subscription, they sent a message with a link with instructions to cancel through the settings on my phone, I followed their directions and was still charged again. When I saw my account was charged again today, I called them and they refused to refund even the charge that was made just hours ago. This is not good customer service. Very disappointed.
  • Best introductory app on the market!

    By Pat Kroll
    Nothing beats this app for learning how to speak a new language. Only thing that would help this is by having a read-along to assist. But I can understand why that isn’t included. Perfect!
  • Incredible

    By Joey the conure
    Easy to use and amazing results!
  • Better than the rest for a personal reason

    By amberyuhn
    So from my experience, most language apps want to teach you grammar and spelling first before speech. Which is fine if you learn that way, but I learn my talking, and repetition. What they do is teach you full sentences, piece by piece, so that you pick up a conversation fast. Out of all the apps and books I’ve been studying, I’m picking up korean way fast than I was, not just learning words, but how to communicate. I’m all for it and plan to continue the dozens and dozens of chapters they have.
  • Double charge you and never fix it

    By ryananthony928
    They double charged me for a month subscription. When I emailed to get it fixed they told me to just deal with it. Don’t download this app unless you love being overcharged for something!!!
  • MoshiFox

    By moshifox
    Great app!!
  • Love this app

    By 88nGreat
    This is my first foray into learning a languages on my own. I started with Duolingo but must say that Duolingo alone wasn’t good for me because I need the auditory repetition offered by Pimsleur. I have greatly improved with Pimsleur but am also glad I do Duolingo because I need to understand why I am saying something. Sometimes the Pimsleur voices pronounce things so fast I have to look up the translation on my own to understand if they used a certain word or a word ending. That said, this is an wonderful app and I highly recommend it!
  • So far so good

    By Texan1234567
    Just finished lesson 4 and starting to feel comfortable with some very basics. Lots of repetition, which is very good for helping it sink in. I also really enjoy the lessons.
  • Good lessons, but the app is Trash!

    By Cccccheggggg
    I’m more than 100 lessons in (French) and the app freezes at least a half dozen times per daily lesson. I have to force close and start over every few minutes. The games don’t work consistently. Sometimes they don’t load and the screen is blank. To find a sentence I learned from the lesson, the only option is to search through several tabs and hundreds of sentences. It needs to be better organized! I use it on both an android and apple system and I have the same problems on both. The tech seems over a decade old and desperately needs to be brought to the 21st century. When I pay over $500 for something, especially something that’s essentially an audio book with dozens of competing companies who have the same product for a fraction of the price or FREE, I expect top notch quality. This app is NOT worth the money! The cd version may be better.