Pimsleur - Language Learning

Pimsleur - Language Learning

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2018-08-06
  • Current Version: 1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 57.71 MB
  • Developer: Simon & Schuster
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 122


New! Now master any language you want even faster, easier and more confidently than ever before with the new Pimsleur App. For more than 50 years, Pimsleur has helped millions of people speak their choice of over 50 foreign languages like a native. Our scientifically proven method enables you to speak and understand a new language in as little as 30 minutes a day — simply, reliably and with a near-native accent. Pimsleur courses are available for 50 languages including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and English (for 14 languages). With Pimsleur, you can learn anytime, anywhere. The new Pimsleur app combines the proven-effective audio of the Pimsleur Method with powerful interactive visual tools to help you learn whenever and wherever you want from any mobile device. With hands-free portability, whether you’re at home, in the car, or out for a run, Pimsleur makes it easy to turn your downtime into a powerful new skill. Use the Pimsleur app on your phone for streaming, or download lessons for offline use. For a true untethered experience, use the hands-free driving (or running, hiking, coffee-drinking) mode. It integrates beautifully with the Amazon Alexa for working through audio lessons at home. Whether you’re online, offline, on your way to work or out for a stroll, Pimsleur can go with you – and pick up exactly where you left off. Pimsleur audio lessons are just 30-minutes long, and they put you on an easy track to master any of fifty most-popular languages. Whether you’re traveling, studying, or adding a brilliant new skill to your list of accomplishments, Pimsleur gets you to near fluency faster, easier and more confidently than any other method. The all-new Pimsleur Premium app gives you access to … Core Lessons Enjoy the enhanced continuity of 30-minute Pimsleur lessons you can take anywhere, or do at home with Alexa. Reading Lessons Learn to read your new language – effortlessly. Speak Easy Challenge Role-play while reviewing written transcripts of the conversations. Digital Flash Cards Practice vocabulary and dive deeper into the written language. Skills Categories Review and practice new sentences and phrases by topic. Skill-Building Games Relax, have fun, and test your new skills with the Quick Match and Speed Round. Sync Progress Learning stays on track as your progress is automatically synched across all your mobile devices including Amazon Echo. Lightbulb Moments Images and captions connect culture & history to your language learning. Uninterrupted Learning Stream live or download and listen offline. There are no ads. You listen and learn without interruptions. *Not all features are available for all languages. For more information or a complete list of languages, please visit our website. You can subscribe or buy in-app • Courses are available instantly. • Subscribe to receive every available lesson for your language, or purchase lessons to own. • If you subscribe or purchase via the app, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. • For subscriptions made through the app, your subscription automatically renews monthly and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. To avoid renewal charges, be sure to cancel a subscription at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Terms of use: https://www.pimsleur.com/terms-of-use



  • Nothing works right

    By Coffe Joker
    Almost everything don’t work. After every update I’m praying they fixed all the problems... but nope, still everything is not working properly? It’s like they don’t even test their app before updating! I’ve complained over 5 times to them for 2 months and not one thing got fixed?? Yet the one thing that works 100% perfectly is how they get their money each month! Please stop charging until you fix your app!!!!!!
  • Too expensive

    By 3819384
    I loved the method of learning. First use in Mandarin Chinese I learned more than several weeks in Duolingo. The issue is how expensive it is to buy the course. The first one is free but to access the rest you have to pay 20 dollars a month per course. As a student I just don’t have that kind of money.
  • Great update

    By h_wolf
    The update is so much better. Already catching on to words very excited!!
  • Does not work with Bluetooth in auto

    By Tamsie12
    I love the program, hence why I bought a second volume. The first volume I had was the CDs. I wanted CDs again but that wasn’t an option. I only listen to this while I’m in the car. I just downloaded the lessons and cannot play them in my car. They may start playing for 3 seconds and then stop. I’ve tried to turn the car off and on. I’ve tried to connect and reconnect the Bluetooth. I believe that the app knows I’m in the car because it does show “driving” in the corner. Very frustrating. I know my Bluetooth works because I am able to listen to other things with no problems. Mr.Developer, can you please investigate? Thank you.
  • Great if you can stay awake

    By MsGlitter Girl
    I speak Spanish but it’s not great so I downloaded this program to improve my pronunciation. The first levels are very fundamental and can get boring if you are further along or already speak the language. I find it hard to stay awake through a single lesson and would never use it while driving. Overall a fun app to use for practice. Very redundant at moments but I guess that is part of the learning progress. I would recommend for a beginner, not intermediate or advanced unless you are up for a good nap.
  • Maybe add a few things

    By tisgoodd
    Overall it’s the best app ever used but I would add “A list of all the words that I learned” or a search box. It is already categorized which is nice but I need a quicker way to find words that I learned
  • Well..

    By DontJudge120
    I mean.. yeaa it's ok. It have a good idea but I feel like we should get more than 1 audio for free and you have to pay to listen to others. It's also pretty glitchy.. ;-; not really satisfied..
  • 4hrs?

    I’ve had the app for approximately 4hrs and it’s already crashing?? If you want the business, fix the app.
  • Disgusting

    By Сергей Овсеенко
    Good method, bad app
  • Bad App

    By gabitu77
    I don’t understand why they can’t make a proper app. The app is too slow to load, and on top of that every time I go from one level to another or one language to another it froze and gives me a white page and I can’t do anything. I had to delete the app and download it again many times. I’m learning French and Spanish and since yesterday I can’t enter the app, it starts loading and suddenly it stops. I will download it again for the 5th time now.
  • Pricey

    By Unicorn evil monkey magic
    Honestly I love the app! It’s such a great learning experience. The only thing I have a slight problem with is the price is. I’m not willing to pay that much...although others might disagree. This is just my personal opinion and thought.
  • Love the program, not the app

    By jarin626
    Needs some updates soon or I will have to find another learning source for use on the go. I try to listen through Bluetooth on the way to work in the mornings, but as soon as my phone goes off, or if I switch over to another screen—the app shuts down. When the app goes out, it takes whatever else I had open with it. Terribly inconvenient to keep refreshing the screen so the phone doesn’t go into power save mode & it drains the battery.
  • Subscription has expired notice

    By Nikiforas
    I paid for monthly subscription to the Spanish courses. In the middle of lesson 25 for Spanish level 2 I was given notice that my subscription has expired and I would have to choose another lesson. I am in the middle of a lesson. I have just been billed for my subscription. I want access to my lessons or my MONEY BACK!
  • Bluetooth issues

    By Allen@865
    This app still will not connect via Bluetooth. 20 years ago when people bought your CDs they didn’t sit at home and listen, they listened in their cars! You can’t do this with this app and THIS issue makes it completely worthless.
  • Big improvement over previous version

    By ron4sc
    Easier to use and navigate while jogging or driving. Supplemental exercises support the main lesson. Nice job!
  • Ummmm....

    By 한국말101
    안녕하세요.At first I thought the app was good. I was learning Korean and I learned a lot I can start a sentence ...... until I went onto the second level the next day and it said to move on I have to pay 119.99 who in the world is willing to pay all of that just go on YouTube. I am only 12 years old and I want to move to South Korea when I grow up and I wanted my pronunciation to be good but they just had to ruin it for me
  • Good Method, but this App is Terrible

    By bigplumber
    All my precious bookmarks from the other app (legacy version of this app) are now gone. My Bookmarks are essential for me. Also there is no Carplay support. I have reverted back to the legacy app.
  • Great method, poor app

    By zakumi0118
    The method is effective and clearly a lot of effort has gone into the material. The quality of the app is atrocious. Right now I can’t access the reading material. It is blank. Having this in pdf so that I can just use a pdf viewer would be great, but it is locked up in a poor reader inside the app. I doubt you would lose anything by providing a pdf. Building good quality apps is so easy these days!
  • Zero stars if I could

    By megaroo117
    App doesn't work at all. Keeps crashing whenever I try to play my first lesson. Pimsleur language courses aren't cheap, so it's ridiculous that their app - basically the only way to DO the courses - doesn't even work.
  • Bad app, good content

    By leggomymeggos
    It’s a shame there are so many glitches with this app. The way a user has to click at least 3 times to get it where you off is a pretty bad experience. Also it work work in either of my cars which is just odd. Would love to see more time out into the customers experience, especially for the cost of what the subscription is.
  • It’s the App

    By thisnicknameshitispointless
    The method is fine. The app has some problems. When you change levels it erases the level you were on so you can’t go back to review easily. I use it when out and about in another country. I’m can’t just download what the lessons decides to erase with limited foreign phone data (or limited data back in the states). The app still doesn’t play in the locked screen so I can’t pause or reverse to listen to a phrase again. I have to open my locked phone, because I’m out and about, open the app and then figure what to do. I can’t control it from my headphones either. I’m still using the older version without all the Flashcards and “skills” so I can actually use an app that functions the way I need it. I spoke with customer service in September and they had a problem with the developer not including these kinds of things. Get a different developer - they don’t know what they are doing. And if it takes 3 months and they still haven’t fixed it then they don’t know what they are doing. Meanwhile your reputation in this market is suffering.
  • Poor service

    By NicoleRules
    I cancelled my subscription on the date of the start of the billing cycle and they wouldn’t provide a refund. I emailed them within minutes of the charge coming through and they wouldn’t provide an exception. Other apps allow this, but obviously Pimsleur relies on funds from people who forget about their subscriptions rather than active and engaged customers. I would have renewed at another time when I have an upcoming trip, but I’ll stick with Duolingo.
  • Good

    By Hypnoticmeowkitty11
    I accidentally clicked on esl french instead of regular French
  • Crashes as soon as you open

    By Sammybeats
    Pimsleur is great for learning a language. I used it before a trip to Paris and was able to ask for basic things. However, the app is unusable and crashes as soon as I open it. Now, I have to use my laptop, which is not at all convenient. I’d be happy to update my review if the developer fixes this problem.
  • Sample lesson 1 for European Portuguese is just plain wrong

    By Grumpynow2
    I suspect someone was lazy and used the Brazilian lesson 1 instead. I lost a solid day of study practicing phrases that are likely to alienate native speakers.
  • Poorly maintained

    By Hitch7
    These courses are amazing for learning a language. It's just very unfortunate that the app will simply not play the lessons sometimes. Displaying: "Something went wrong, please try again in a few minutes". I also can't stand the constant up-selling and "share with your friends!" after every lesson. I hope they fix these problems soon.
  • Some tech issues

    By lkwnsf
    I’ve been using the app about 2 weeks. The concept is great, but several tech issues. Once I download the lesson if I move from the screen to do anything else on my phone & go back to the lesson it gives me an error message. I then have to delete the lesson & download again. Many times in the exercises after the lessons the audio doesn’t work. Also, in the speed round it will end even tho there is still time on the clock & there is still another round. It would be great to have a speed button to control how fast the speech is on the lessons, too.
  • Second Review

    By Tromminator
    It seems the app has made considerable improvements. I’m glad, because I tell everyone how much I like Pimsleur’s consistent system of learning. Good work, Pimsleur. 👍🏻
  • Good so far

    By Jthibault44
    Just started using the app within the week. Overall concept great, as almost all of the other apps, and I’m using 3 others, are concentrated on reading only. One thing I notice that makes this app difficult is that there is no positive reinforcement. I don’t know if I’m actually speaking correctly or not. The voice I am supposed to be repeating just repeats the selected word/sentence 2-3 times every time I speak. So, is the voice supposed to lessen the repetition if I’m actually pronouncing the words correctly? While learning anything new, positive reinforcement is needed, not just as a motivator, but as reassurance the user is doing the doing the right thing and progressing. Will continue using and see if it gets better as I progress.
  • Great language lessons; buggy app.

    By arcane93
    Let me start by saying that I’ve found the Pimsleur language lessons to be the best way that I’ve found to learn a new language. I was first introduced when I signed some out of the library years ago. When I recently decided that I wanted to learn Japanese, I was thrilled to find that this app and the subscription option exists. BUT... and this is a huge issue — this app is painfully buggy. So far, in the week that I’ve spent with it... I’ve had it lose my progress, so that lessons that I’ve completed have suddenly shown up as uncompleted. Also, the app gives you the option to download lessons to use on the go, but *twice* now I’ve opened it to find that my downloaded lessons were just gone, and that if I wanted them I had to download them again. Just now, it happened again. I’m on the road and have no way to re-download at this time. Guess I’ll have to wait until later to do today’s lesson. And like I said, it’s only been a week. And every time I’ve used the app, it’s had at least a cellular data connection available. I’ll keep using it for now, but if it gets too annoying I may have to find another option.
  • Great content, lame app

    By Reachfh99
    I really like the Pimsleur style audio. When my Japanese language exchange partner went back to Japan for six weeks, I listened every day. When she got back, she remarked that my spoken Japanese had gotten noticeably better. This app, on the other hand, is pretty lame. It is slow and flaky. Yesterday it didn’t work for a day due to some server problem, so I couldn’t listen to my lesson. It doesn’t tie into the normal audio system, so I can’t turn audio on and off with my headphones. It is hard to download content: I should be able to bulk download, but instead it is click and wait. I have to select my lesson group every time and navigate to my lesson. It doesn’t remember and make it easy. The extra content is of questionable value. The audio for the reading comprehension didn’t play or was strangely cut. Frustrating. This is worse than loading the content into iTunes.
  • It doesn’t work

    By Love it, best ever!!!
    After I downloaded app and went through the first steps it wouldn’t let me play the first lesson. Kept saying my internet connection was not on. Even though I was watching YouTube and other things online.
  • Bad app and worse customer service

    By oneslowdoc
    I have the Spanish Premium account and for over 10 days I have been getting a failed to activate error. I contacted their customer support via their online contact page and never heard back. I just got off the phone and apparently every time I long in it counts as a new device, so it appeared to them I had 13 devices active. The customer service rep cleared them out, but they have no problem keeping my money for the whole month. The language program seems to be something that will help me learn Spanish, but I don’t know if I want to stay with this company.
  • I should have trusted reviews

    By Apodo5689
    Click your preferred language, type your email and spend the rest of your day clicking “continue”. It never advances. Developers: for a very short moment it flashes 500 internal server error. Might wanna fix the web portal!
  • Internal Server Errors

    By r.kho
    Since the app is tied to being connected with Pimsleur's servers, it's disappointing that their services aren't more fault tolerant. Not a good impression when these courses work best when taken daily and I'm unable to access because of problems.
  • Great content but broken every week

    By Jordan...........
    I love the learning concept. How it teaches to formulate sentences and not just vocabulary. But I swear this app is broken every week. It’s incredible that an app expensive as this one is broken as often as pimsleur is.
  • Awful App!

    By carojimlir
    Either the audio does not play sometimes, or it kicks me out of my program. Then, when I try to re-open it, it says that the training cannot get uploaded. I called customer service a while ago and their answer was that the app does that after 8 times of closing the app. That is unacceptable and needs to get fixed.
  • Seemed good till I tried to buy it

    By ChipnScout
    I finished the first lesson in the first level for free, and then I chose to purchase Level 1. Paid the whole amount. My credit card has been charged but I have no access to the info. Pimsleur customer service says to ask for money back from Apple, which is not easy since their software keeps referring me back to Pimsleur. Now I just want my money back. This is ridiculous.
  • Customer Service Light

    By pearlperson
    Why can you send me copious emails to upgrade, but no communication regarding the upgrade issues? Very, very bad service. However, I really like the program, so I’m willing to wait and hope.
  • Constantly crashes

    The app is constantly crashing. Also, my completed lessons aren’t always accurate. For example, today it said I completed lesson 3, but not 2. Yesterday it said I had completed lesson 2, but not 3. I’ve done both. I’m glad it’s available as an Alexa skill; otherwise, I think I’d cancel the subscription because the app is so glitchy Edit: Hasn’t crashed in awhile, but I keep having to re-download all the material. I’ve downloaded a whole level at least 4x in the last week
  • Download issues.

    By anonymousreviewer22
    I recently upgraded from Pimsleur to Pimsleur Premium, so I downloaded the new app. I like the sleeker design of the new app, but whenever I close out the app and open it back up, all my downloaded lessons no longer show as downloaded. I have to either redownload the episode each time I open the app or stream them. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • Fail to activate course

    By noneel12
    I have a subscription through the app, however when I try to click on my course under purchases in the library page I get the error “Fail to activate selected course!”. I have re-installed the app multiple times connected to different networks (which all work) and tried using data. However I can’t get it to work. It worked less than a week ago, but for some reason now it’s broken.
  • Doesn’t work

    By źed
    My internet is always working and it keeps saying there is a issue with the internet it would be nice if you could fix this I haven’t even had a free lesson yet to see if I want to pay for this and I had to re download this app several times
  • App not working

    By EJZ111
    App has been working fine, today I am getting an error saying “Fail to activate selected course” Please fix
  • No months past February in Italian?

    By Mama to 6
    I love Pimsleur and recommend it as the only way to learn a language. I have used it to learn Russian to the point that I could converse and understand while traveling in Russia, as well as read Cyrillic. I am now learning Italian and am in level 3 lesson 26. When do I learn the rest of the months? I only have learned January and February and that was back in level 2 I think. Please consider moving the months up earlier. I am getting frustrated. Thanks.
  • love it but..

    By tekgxui
    i used it once. i tried to get back to it it but never was able. i uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but every time i redownload the lesson it won’t play. it just keeps saying that there’s a connection error. even when i am on wifi...please help i enjoy this app very much. i’m learning korean and i want to be able to speak it very fluent asap. no other app really works
  • Like a lot

    By Shannoncorrin
    I just wish I could pause it from my lock screen. Sometimes I know I can say what is being asked, but I need about 2 more seconds to gather my thoughts. By the time I open my phone to pause it, the Spanish speaker has already said it. I understand that you want to get to the point where you don’t have to pause to think, but pausing to figure out recently introduced things is how I learn.
  • New Review

    By CWC51
    The Pimsleur support center has been so helpful in working out glitches with this app! I changed my review to a 5 as a result. This app is the perfect blend of auditory and visual learning. The language dialog is realistic and up-to-date, allowing practice requiring increasing speed of responses as one grows in the language. There is an opportunity with the “Speak Easy” activity to read parts of the dialogue that might have been difficult to discern during the auditory portion. The Flashcards offer both French - English and English - French, giving deeper practice. The speed round activity pushes you to think quickly. Finally, the review offered by the “Skills” section is very handy since it is divided by content area. Love this app!
  • Some serious issues

    By gihrrjijkkolllo
    Downloads don't stay downloaded Logs you out randomly Then you can't reactivate your subscription even though you're paying monthly Not clear how to get it back to working Tried to double pay the subscription to access past level one. That doesn't work.