• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-10-13
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 208.78 MB
  • Developer: Broken Rules
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 775


A chilled out puzzle game to help you relax and find your groove. From the creators of the Apple Design Award winning Old Man's Journey, a new musical puzzle game about feeling the rhythm to find the solution. ======= “I can not recommend it enough to anyone” - TouchArcade “A thoroughly charming,delightfully percussive puzzler” - PocketGamer “One of those rare games that shines in every aspect” - AppUnwrapper “A smart, beautifully designed puzzler” - Stuff “The whole puzzle springs to life” - Eurogamer ======= Slow down, start listening and let the groove guide you through 98 levels. No ticking clock, no ads, no paywalls. Just satisfying gesture controls designed for touch, with a smooth learning-curve and pressure-free attitude. - Find your groove in 98 musical puzzles - Experiment with the positions of good spirits to solve the levels - Each spirit comes with its individual jam and lets you build your personal groove - Satisfying, intuitive gesture controls designed for touch - Beautiful hand painted visuals and joyful animations - Original and catchy soundtrack by SCNTFC and you



  • Wonderful!

    By 33$Strider
    Wonderful sound design, great puzzle style, fun graphics and easy to learn play design (UI). Just a great game!
  • Best puzzle app

    By Son of the music gods
    Best puzzle app I’ve ever played. with everything you could hope for. It’s simple, aesthetically pleasing, musical, and gets very challenging and interesting over time. Just so great I can’t say enough.
  • Skips Levels

    By kaykarinski
    When I close down say at Level 50, when I reopen, it skips ahead two or three Levels. I deleted then reinstalled but still same issue. What to do?
  • 👍🏽

    By Chrissy Pussey
    Super addictive game.
  • A musical puzzle

    By hulklol
    Eloh is a fun and challenging (specially the last 14 levels) puzzle game, with some awesome sound effects that create interesting rythms as you play. My only concern is that it is a little too short... ¿will there be an update with new levels?
  • Excellent music!

    By TFrogBanjo
    I am a classical musician and am usually bored or annoyed with most games background “music” but this rhythmic and pleasant percussive game is soothing and charming and pleases my music sensibilities.
  • Best ever

    By DRAPy mACK
    Hi broken rules! I love ELOH I think it’s the best game I have ever played. I just finished the game and I’m really sad😢 Please make more games. All my other games have so much glitching but this has no glitching! Awesome game. 😃😃😃😃
  • Awesome

    By Bobbyblarfo
    Best app ever! It was so worth buying I love it and it is super zen
  • Most relaxing game I’ve ever seen

    By thepotatosandwich
    I’ve only just downloaded it and it’s just challenging enough to keep you from giving up. But still challenging enough to keep you interested. Overall great game
  • Highly addictive

    By hey.mickey
    Literally zoned out for an hour the first time I played this game. Salon Alpin did an outstanding job in creating the visuals and bringing everything to life. Go get it! Now!
  • Worth the couple of bucks

    By kaylaokearney
    Meditation meets puzzle meets music.
  • Mesmerizing!

    By Starman6
    A visual and auditory treat that engages the brain as well. Kudos to the developers for doing an amazing job. Well worth more than the asking price.
  • Amazing

    By Vortex:22
    This is the best puzzle game I’ve played in a long time. It’s s worth the money.
  • Great new game! Bravo!

    By audiolep
    Challenging but fun! Love the calming music and new adventures and no ads! Well done!
  • When I get one right, it’s awesome!

    By Omegawegaxx
    This is a wonder game. It’s not digging into your pockets for spare change to continue playing. It just exists perfectly.
  • Type of App Store Game I Love

    By mwyner
    I’m blown away by this game. First, there’s no in-app purchases, you buy the game outright which is a win in my book. Second, the gameplay itself is extremely fun. My 10 year old and I started playing it together, and we’re up to level 31 right now. We’re both having a lot of fun trying different things to solve the levels. For a game I almost didn’t download because it seemed too simplistic, I take that back because there’s so much more to this than meets the eye (and starts getting pretty hard). We love listening to the music the sprites make when we solve a level too. WELL DONE!! I’d easily buy more from this developer in a heartbeat.
  • Hopefully we get more levels

    By Cpfskater92
    Great game but it never really gets challenging😕
  • A Challenge but addictive

    By Awake softly
    Hard to stop even when you are stuck you jeep coming back to make it work!
  • Meditative fun

    By jr32mn5
    This game is great. What a gentle, soothing experience it is to relax to these puzzles that gently ramp up the difficulty.
  • I got bored playing it

    By Self Bias Resistor
    It’s fun in the beginning nevertheless.
  • Great game!

    By KyleGDesign
    The visuals and the music are designed very well. This game is nice and relaxing, and decently challenging. I love how music is integrated into the mechanics of the game. The only thing I don’t like is how each levels music doesn’t ever really feel finished. That’s my only gripe, I didn’t take off a star for that though cause that might just be a personal taste thing. Again, beautiful game! Will recommend it! Great job, developers!
  • Sweet

    By ScullyFox
    Would like some more variation in background/environments but it’s a joy to play and tricky enough to make you think but not soo tricky it’s frustrating.
  • Fun (but too easy)

    By Songlee
    I enjoy the gameplay, but I beat this game in just a couple of days. I would have liked something more challenging. Glad I didn’t pay full price.
  • Great puzzle game

    By Markmdrtgm
    Found it through a gaming advisor at AppUnwrapper. Gets you thinking
  • ELOH

    By fizzywater42
    Soothing. Puzzly. Cute. Groovy.
  • Work of art

    By Jackismad
    Graphics, sound, atmosphere, everything is great. The puzzle design is amazing, makes you think outside the box. You need to experience it for yourself, definitely worth the money!! There need to be more games like this.
  • Could have been great. But alas, no.

    By ElenaKiss
    The "music" is the same on each level. Only 84 levels that I finished in 3 days for $3 🙄. If you like puzzle games, try Botanicula. You'll enjoy the graphics and sound effects. It would be a relaxing game if you could use the level interludes as a meditation background. But there's no way to return to them after you've advanced to the next level. Would have also been nice to design your own level to create your own melody once you finished all the levels. Another missing feature. On to the next one 👣👣
  • Dope!

    By ThisIsWhyIPirate
    I want to give it 4.5 but I’ll up it to 5 because 4 leaves room for assumptions that this game isn’t perfect. So pleasing. Simple design. Catchy beats. Enjoyable to play. Well done.
  • Short game for $3

    By Moosic03
    I like that you can alter the variables in real time and see the effects. The sound is cool too. UPDATE: Beat this game in 4 days. Only 100 levels. Good game but SHORT! Especially for $3. Think twice. Update 2: Still nothing new. There is more playability in Candy Crush.
  • Boring

    By Dax552
    Incredibly rudimentary “puzzles”. Repetitive levels. Good for young children. Nothing more.
  • Fun, not super hard

    By dgtdgt
    Fun game, good way to pass time. Levels are sometimes hard but often predictable, still it’s a nice puzzle game that is not so hard that is gets frustrating.
  • I love this!

    By amandorose
    I liked this game quite a bit. However, 85 levels is not enough! I hope the developers come up with more in the near future :)
  • Genius

    By jeffrelt
    Just challenging enough for this 67 yr old. Some puzzles you’ll get rapidly while others took me a few hours of repeated efforts. A really complicated one may be followed by one less so, but you’re slowly building your skills and you won’t get overly discouraged. Just when it gets easy they throw in another twist to complicate things and further challenge you. Easily one of the most enjoyable ways to escape the monkey mind or pass time while waiting. Addictive! A real bargain for a very fair price. I’m told there are 80 levels. I’m at level 43 after several days. I’ll be sad when it’s over.
  • Wonderful

    By Konokopia
    The puzzle type is not original, but how animation, sound and design was incorporated is fantastic. A joy to play, listen to and look at. Thank you for a great addition to the puzzle genre.
  • Lovely artwork, pleasant concept

    By martin doudoroff
    I’m enjoying knocking these out a few levels at a time. It’s odd that not all the ostensibly noise-emitting elements (bounces) actually emit sound. So, there’s a rhythm that reflects the puzzle configuration, but it’s “edited”.
  • Love it but stuck!

    By MAP625
    I can’t figure out how to slide the sliders, they only go to either end, and so can’t beat level 30... what am I doing wrong? iPhone player.
  • Nice game, though not challenging enough

    By Zllyllsky
    It’s a beautiful game, with lovely music and graphics. The pricing is reasonable. The only drawback is that it is not challenging enough, so I finished the whole game pretty quickly. It would be a good game for kids though.
  • Fantastic concept

    By SpaceWhale24
    I loved this game. I didn’t love how easy it was to beat, and the price tag associated with that ease. Other than that, great game.
  • Not a musical puzzle

    By Jujustan
    The description says it is a musical puzzle but this is not the case. You can actually play this game without listening to the audio. A musical puzzle would be something a lot more interesting and unique that a visual game with a dynamic audio sound track.
  • Tranquil. Aesthetically pleasing. Amazing.

    By Careeinnn
    To the creators: I applaud you for the wonderful effort you put into this app. Not only is it fluid, but captivating and most of all entertaining. I enjoy this game a lot and not only does it help with my anxiety but it’s calming, fun, puzzling, and most of all beautiful. Great job. To the customers: Though the price may look /intimidating/, I believe this game is worth it. It’s fun. It’s rythmic. From my experience, it’s not buggy. I’m already at level 50 after 3 days. It’s calming, entertaining, and absolutely beautiful. If you can’t sleep, if you’re bored. If you need a distraction from a bustling, stressful life, I recommend giving this game a shot.
  • Charming puzzle game

    By solaret
    I like it! Still not through all the levels yet, and so far nothing’s taken me too long to solve, but I’m fine with that. The rhythm/music part doesn’t sound bad at all, and overall, Eloh is just a relaxing puzzle game to pick up and put down. WYSIWYG.
  • Beautiful!

    By Redstar1979
    The music, graphics, and gameplay is beautifully done!
  • So fun

    By bcdady
    Enough mental gymnastics to keep you engaged and exceptional sound design to be relaxing throughout. My kids love it, and when their turn is up, it’s hard for me to put it down.
  • ye S...u will smi Le 4 shur

    By bunzer67
    There are fun puzzle games and there are frustrating puzzle games....this one is doable from the get go....u need to think but u smile while ur doing it....it makes u happy and u want to keep playing and playing....those kind of games don’t come along very often....impressed from the start.....Great game.....
  • A Puzzling Wonder Of Rhythm

    By Icarus13
    At heart, ELOH is a puzzling iOS beauty that adds a rhythmic twist. ELOH caught my eye when I noticed that this iOS app held a rhythmic aspect as well. I immediately purchased ELOH after reading that the developers created this iOS app as a puzzling/rhythmic game. As I began to play ELOH, I immediately fell in love with this amazing iOS app!!
  • Outstanding

    By MarinasideSteve
    I am around 35 levels in and loving this attractive and chill puzzle game. It seems like a perfect fit for my type of gaming on my iPad. When a level is challenging, the easy trial and error gameplay removes any chance of frustration. The game continues to gradually introduce new types of movement and complexity. The sound and graphics are really lovely. I would write more, but I need to get back to ELOH!
  • They had me at “no timers or IAPs”

    By Ubisububi
    It’s relaxing, it’s challenging, and it’s beautiful, both visually and aurally. As i noted in the title of my review, the wise developers didn’t choose to ruin a relaxing game by forcing you to rush through each level. Take your time. Listen to the rhythms, don’t worry about the balls flying offscreen as you ponder your strategy, and watch the super crisp and charming animation. Best $3 I’ve spent in weeks.