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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-08-09
  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 224.70 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 673 626


You liked ? You'll love! Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition. A smooth drawing experience! Game made by Voodoo, who developed Helix Jump,, Snack VS Block and other cool games!



  • Great game🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    By Sprinkle Do Produtions
    This game is awesome I have a fun time on it there aren’t many ads at all😁😁😁😁😁I definitely recommend this game 😁😁😄😄😃😃
  • !,!,!,,!

    By vgygvyu ffgfu yfvuyufcfctuvuf
    E ddhfhdhd good game!
  • Addictive but annoying

    By pacymany
    It’s annoying that I keep getting up to 70 percent and then suddenly my entire area is gone and I’m back at 1 percent!

    By CuteBuggyBug
    I wish there weren’t any ads like that because I now cannot get it
  • Yee yee

    By Mb51504
    I love this app so much it is amazing
  • Best game ever

    By Me123djakwjdn
    I love this game you should play it back right now download it and give it five stars so good
  • Constant ads

    By ggbadpenny
    Too many ads wreck this game.
  • The ads.

    By Queen Jilly
    The ads are fake. Every ad I see for this game, is fake. But when I tap the ad, it brings me to the right app but the ads are terrible that I’ve seen so far. Some of them had skins that weren’t in the game. It even showed teams and there are no teams in the game. I think they should fix it. But overall, the game is pretty nice.
  • Boring

    By .Melissa.ok.🌻
    Boringgggggggggggggggggggggggggg not much to doo sooo ya
  • Need some improvement

    By Lily Baez
    This game is quite addicting however there are some MAJOR bugs that have got to be fixed. For some reason unlocking some characters has been impossible. Like one requires you to play for consecutive days which I have (as I said this is addicting) and it doesn’t show that I’ve played a single day in a row. Another asks that you kill 25 other players and increases in kills for other characters and I’m stuck at 21 kills even after restarting my phone and closing out the app. Please fix this! I just want to enjoy the game and not be annoyed that I’ve been stuck with the same lot of character options simply because the app isn’t working.
  • A review

    By iluvjimin11
    There are too many glitches and not a map of the map
  • Love

    By Carter Reyes Edgardo
    This game is so simple witch makes it so much fun and every time I wanna play it gets me happy with all the competition in it and it’s a fun game to play and I can’t wait for 3 -Carter Reyes Edgardo
  • Good

    By Pel-0z
  • This game is awesome

    By Miss Livia Sims Rose
    This game is so fun, you’ll love this game if you like getting killed in a game and you like getting frustrated, I’m one of those people who like getting killed hundreds of times and like getting frustrated. So you might like this game if you like all of that which you probably won’t 😄 jk you probably will, sooo get it plz
  • Very good

    By В Русс
    I love this game
  • Don’t get it

    By aaronrtwo
    It’s socks
  • Read the review.

    By REKLESS_official
    This game is the most buggy and atrociously frustrating game I’ve ever played. You can lose the game from touching nothing, terrain seems to randomly disappear and there are ads everywhere.
  • The best game you will ever need

    By mbodine74
    I love it
  • Too many ads

    By treetreeteehee
    So YEAH it’s addictive don’t get me wrong, but there’s just so many ads!! Their just putting in there to make money... so I think they should take some ads off so people can enjoy the game! Like it’s not just about money! It’s about the people enjoying the game! If you want us to like the game take ads off and others glitches and I don’t think it’s fair that you die if you’ll cross over your own line and stuff! It’s just making me RAGE and I’m tired of ADS like for real there doesn’t need to be ads after every two times you play!!
  • They say pay 2.99 and no ads

    By ZombieJoe
    So I pay 2.99 and still ads, every time you die and want to revive ads are so long that you are dead before you get back in, yet other players seem to pop real get back in. We probably just delete and set the 3 bucks. Too bad could be a gun game Update: still waiting for ads to be gone Update: still waiting for no ads and the bug where you territory just disappears and you have to guess where the edges are
  • The game

    By noob leader
    This game gives you a ton of challenges and lets you try to complete goals.This gives kids intelligence and learn not to give up. They complete goals and when they do that they will want to complete more.
  • Great game, but...

    By Xere Adept
    I keep getting killed on the edge of my own area. I was at 48% with 50+ kills (my highest), and was KILLED IN MY OWN ZONE. This will more than likely be my last game until a bug fix for this is released. Also, after watching an ad for a second chance, sometimes my zone doesn’t come back at all, or I just immediately die after spawning. This happens quite frequently and it makes me upset. I’d love if these things could be fixed, but I’m tired of playing, specifically because of these issues. Will be more than happy to increase my rating once these issues are fixed. Thanks!
  • Please fix the bugs

    By 16 menace
    Three times to over 60%, only to glitch and end with less than the 0.66% that you start with. Otherwise, great pasttime!
  • Stupid

    By antwooooone
    Stop putting ads on my games or I’ll leave a bad yelp review
  • Best game ever

    By Calilisa1014
    I could play this game all day, except there is so many adds but I don’t care anymore because the game is awsome! I totally recommend this game for people who are always bored.
  • Too many ads

    By John Nemo
    There’s an ad every two games
  • Way too buggy

    By Joelevma
    Every time I try to play, I either die immediately from a glitch, or I get some land then lose it all. The adds are also very invasive and happen every ten seconds.
  • It is good but,

    By -gracie-17
    It is really good but you should not be able to kill yourself that is really annoying. The other thing is whenever I use the extra life button when I go back in the game half my land disappeared and I die because it is not all connected.other then that it is fine P.s. you need to add more skins and make the unicorn skin easier to get also why is it 12+ it should be like 6+
  • Awwwwsome game

    By 👱🏼‍♀️Violet
    This is a great game with lots of cool skins which are amazing and I think this is a great game it's fun there is not too many ads but it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo addictive I can't stop playing this game because it is so awesome and I highly recommend this game to everyone who loves games from VOODOO but anyways get this game but when you get addicted don't say I didn't warn you!!!!!
  • Fun

    By Mad Is Sin
    This game is fun and addictive I can’t stop playing it but I hate when you can kill your self. I was at 15.47 and then I barley touched my self and then I died. But everything els is fine
  • Please bring the hack

    By Cams not down
    Remember when you change your name to V00d00Debug2018? Please bring that back because I really want those skins and to get 100% for the first time. But instead it’s V00d00Debug2019? I really want the hack thing or downgrade to Version 1.3.
  • This is the worst game

    By gabagabgabagabagaba
    If I could give it a 0 I would because it’s boring and it has bad quality
  • fun yet many glitches

    By Ragin'cajunguy2017
    Its fun to play but all these glitches are starting to make me not want to play it anymore. For One my area will just go blank then reappear then when I get extra life ill come back for a second then die. then ill die when im in my area and another player goes over my track.
  • Stupid

    By Dpaully
    It seems like every time you get above 60 % the game glitches and you lose.
  • Addicting game with glitches.

    By JLala2
    Love love this game! I’m so addicted but really disappointed with the glitches.
  • Glitchy

    By Aarspace09
    I like the concept but it is glitchy to the point of frustrating. Occasionally your claimed territory just disappears. About a quarter of the time you agree to watch a video to extend your game it boots you. At times a kill isn't recognized. All of these issues held true on both an iPad and an Android phone. Would also like to see some options like no newly spawned competition once a game starts, xtra lives, and variable speed.
  • Way more than bad internet

    By justanormalkid46
    Don’t get this game it is so glitchy I swear you will have it for a day and delete it I am a kid so f this game

    OMG! I think all of u guys should totally download this game!! Its literally WAYYY better than the first! It’s bc I dont HAVE to have straight lines in 2!! It’s totally a great game! I rlly recommend this game for anyone who likes (just the regular oneXD) I. hope everyone who is reading this PRESSED THAT DOWNLOAD BUTTON!!! YAY I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME FOR ALL YALL!! ( I went wayyy to far xD)•
  • Fun

    By Adpi195
    This is an addictive game that I really enjoy playing but it seems to have a glitch. I am trying to win all the challenges to get all the different character pieces but the game does not recognize that I play ever day so I can get the play 3 consecutive days or this place seven consecutive days pieces. So frustrating.
  • Aalia

    By nickmanert
    I don’t like it
  • Amazing

    By this is me 5555544
    I love this game it’s so worth it
  • Baileytastic

    By pmonkey likes
    Best game ever
  • 😳

    By DKyleart
    This is the game I’ve Ben dieting for!if you get boom you will want this forever
  • This game is so fun

    By IANCOOL360
    This game I loved but it got very glitchy
  • Adds

    By i❤️camp
    This is a really entertaining game but there are just a little to many adds
  • Love

    By coconutsrock
    I love this game (this is not a bot) I finally gave after all the ads it is worth
  • Glitchy

    By Adamsmomma-
    Need to get a lot of things fixed before it would be worth $$
  • Awesome

    By esfrer
    Love it but kind of boring I wish itcpuld be more fun :(
  • 😰 I tried to love it...😡

    By Mybootownhelp
    It’s a good game really but why would you make so many ads!? Oh right your cheap and want money.😡 I’m so sick of games like this why can’t you just make a fun game? Without ADS ADS AND MORE ADS it just ruins the game! So maybe next time spend More time on enjoyment then your own greed! 🤬😡