Wind Rider!

Wind Rider!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-08-15
  • Current Version: 1.12.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 190.54 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 106 925


Cross the city in wingsuit. Close the buildings to gain to score all the points Only 1% can do it !



  • Extremely Difficult and too many adds

    By Weeble_Wooble
    This game is unreasonably difficult . You can barely ever get first place and when you do you don’t even get that much for it unless you watch an add. There are so many adds to where you cant play the game without watching 3 minutes of adds before you get to play 3 minutes of the game
  • Don’t bother leveling up your stats

    By EDP415
    You are punished for leveling up your stats. If your stats are a high level you will most likely crash in every level considering there are super small
  • Good but annoying

    By coo0423
    The game is pretty good but it’s just annoying

    By Sub to suctr on YT
    Its has dome many ads not to include IT PASTEDS WHAT EVER YOU JUST COPYED AND STEALS IT
  • Please

    By 👍👍👍😭😭😭samantha
    I like this game, but the house level pisses me off. I bought speed but it’s impossible to go fast in the house so I have to try and avoid the speed hoops also. You should update the game so you can skip a certain level with an ad or something else, and add skins.
  • Finish line spawns are best

    By jd123466
    Always finish last place from now on, it’s awesome if you are as dumb as me! No worries if you are in 7th place just before finish line, the game always respawns real life players throughout the playing field, including finish line spawns!!!! For some reason only other players get to spawn EVERYWHERE that I go, waaay up in the air beyond all obstacles even, amazing power over these other very real players that interaction makes me not even need friends anymore, I just play this game one handed with my other busy thumb being way way way up in me deep bung wholeyooooeyoo
  • Very good

    By Agent Dash1
    I love the game but it is just a little to hard to do it.
  • Awesome game!!!!!!

    By Haileygym
    I like this game because it is just really interesting and fun I love it and I got the game because I played it at my friends house and I am just like wow I just have to get the game and now I have it I am just playing it like crazy I love this game soooooo much and if you are reading this I think you would like the game out to go and start playing have fun😊

    By skiddlyboppyt
    Please don’t waste your time on these ads but here’s a soul union tho turn on airplane mode there will be no ads
  • Gar.......bage

    By Gabriel ligon
    This game is made with literally no effort. You could go through the floor in some maps and the speed circles are in dumb places. Can’t do anything; there isn’t any sort of accomplishment in getting through the game. Complete and utter garbage 🚯

    By Jezzaismyhomeboy
    Update was absolute garbage!!! Unplayable trash. That indoor level is unplayable. You ruined a game. Feel ripped off that I spent money on this crap.
  • Crap game

    By carpch
  • I love this game

    By jo$elynn
    Even though there may be a few ads.. the game is very distracting and so fun and i want to play for hours 😃
  • Star three star

    By splooder is my username
    It would be better if it had a little bit more fun
  • Horrible

    By jshdjisbdjxb
    Oh my god this game is soooo annoying. It was fun for a little bit but no matter how much you upgrade you still always lose. Also can you add a mode where it is online multiplayer
  • Fine, but could use a little more excitement

    By thechickscannotholdthesmoke
    First of all, this is a fun game if you like to just explore the world you’re in, but I have a few issues with it. I think there should be more worlds that you can fly through. (By the way, the graphics are good) Second, there should be an actual point to it. It’s fun to fly around, but I think this game needs some extra pazaz
  • It’s great

    By thecoolcrocodile
    It’s a very fun game I would recommend it
  • You know I love this game

    By Amir Michael reed
    Yes asGet more money yay
  • Good but needs to be fixed

    By cajazz82
    This game is pretty good but needs more to it. First off there are way too many adds. Second you should be able to change your characters suit color and bf able to choose which map you wanna fly in and there should be more maps. And my biggest problem is that when I got to level 1106 it wouldn’t let me pass it. It was the map of the house and for some reason I kept flying into a wall that wasn’t there so I think that’s a bug that needs to be fixed.
  • It’s a good game but... WHERE ARE THE OTHER GAME MODES

    By Cole124!
  • Steals clipboard data

    By Coolks
    This app repeatedly pastes from the clipboard for no reason. The game mechanics don’t necessitate any clipboard data so there’s no reason this game should be accessing it. Very suspicious. I won’t be playing this game anymore
  • Good

    By itszaratheunicornlover
    Good one love it keep it up

    By nsusishsiwjsysh
    You CANT BUY ANYTHING it SO HaRD AND IT MAD ME Crash into nothing
  • Meh

    By preston plz
    Don't get me wrong I like the game but for me it has glitches in it so maybe they can make the game a tad bit less glitchy ya good game over all😃
  • Really bad

    By fud days
    This game is really bad but it is hard to win 1st place and there is no effort on the app and way to many adds and I want a new map 🗺 and it is really hard to get into the red spots and it doesn’t do much when u go in to them please do not get this app
  • I love cats and dogs so much

    By girldogcat
    I hate this game please do not get this game to many adds and you can not change yourself.
  • OMG

    By Ayo-b
    This game is so awesome and fun but I absolutely hate the house, it’s soooooo hard, so I’m giving this game 4 stars
  • Amazing app

    By ccgdfwdwsdggnjjtrdbb
    How do you do it
  • Very fun but one bad thing

    By nerfwarrior0211
    So u know how you cant change the color of the wingsuit also one recommendation make it to where you can’t draw the colors of it and have it customizable how you want it
  • Wind rider is okay

    By anime lover 99
    Is would be fun if you are good at . (Cracked my phone )
  • The worst

    By KZ DXB
    First of all it took me 2 months to beat a level and u can’t change ur character and name at least put a sign that says watch to skip. This app is so frustrating but it fun.
  • Wind rider

    By RJ the ladies man
    Worst game ever do you not play
  • This game is vary bad

    By #Death Baron!!
    This it honestly the worst game u have ever play
  • Take all ads off

    By Sh_aub
    In my opinion it’s a good game but please take all the ads if it’s very annoying and I’m going to delete it
  • Good but some problems

    By Dare Fevil
    I was playing then my control got really hard at level 3.So can you please change the controling.
  • Its amazing

    By Jan1234m
    I love it

    By Faze_Death178
    This game was horrible. When I downloaded this app I it kept closing me out of it. And even when I was able to play there were so many ads. They make the game look fun, but they are just lying to get people to download it. I do not recommend downloading.
  • Hi I’m paisley

    By pais the smatest in my class
    Ok it’s good and fun but it tells you you in like seventh place when your in first you can’t change you character and You can’t change your name so it’s kind of bad actually let’s be real here it terrible I’m not trying to be mean but it is no rewards no prizes it annoying I would not play is if I where you but I can’t control the world so it’s your choice I’m deleting this game and will never download it again ok I’m not stopping any of y’all but developer if you see this and say rude bruh it’s TERRIBLE JUST TERRIBLE I hate to delete it but I have to because it’s annoying and stupid I’m. It being picky but that’s all I have to say it’s dumb
  • It’s ok

    This game is ok, your not really working toward things and it gets boring after a while. The world also keep repeating so theirs nothing new. I would suggest this game at first but after a while it gets pretty boring
  • God awful game!!! Do not recommend!!!!!

    By wind rider is trash
    God awful, the worst game I’ve ever played! Incredibly frustrating because the graphics are horrible, the gameplay is boring, unoriginal, and incorrect. Also, there are like 5 levels you can play it’s very poorly made and a toddler could probably have done better. I urge you not to waste any of your time on this terrible “game”. Not sure you can really call this a game tho since there is not objective other than get fake money to get more fake money. Completely pointless, boring,frustrating and irritable!!!
  • Annoying

    By tootsie 22
    So I used to like This game but when I played it more it got super annoying when the other players die they pop up again and you can’t change to it character or when you by speed boosters it doesn’t make you any faster
  • Good add bad game

    By amazedbygrace
    This games add made this game seem great but the real game was terrible. There was so many adds.
  • M

    By GoldenCat1911
    Please add music
  • Don’t like it

    By cutie pie in the house
    This game is very boring, you can’t even change your skin, and when ur in first place it sometimes puts u in a totally different place. Whoever created the game did a bad job
  • I hate it

    By Poporopo
    It’s terrible and it’s a waste of time. On the ad it looks cool but when I played it i was disappointed. I’m just going to play BitLife. I suggest you don’t play this Wind Rider. 🤮
  • Mostly stupid

    By King of Rasin Land
    It’s a great time passer... but that’s all you do. You fly to try to beat the computer. Also, it’s insanely hard to get in first place and you can’t change your character or your name. Like I said. It’s ok for abiut 10 seconds then it’s just dumb
  • It’s ok

    By oof99999999
    I don’t
  • Good game

    By Jdhduejxisjziskxjdisjduf
    Good job
  • Wind rider

    By Joseph Riollano