Wind Rider!

Wind Rider!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-08-15
  • Current Version: 1.12.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 190.54 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 105 544


Cross the city in wingsuit. Close the buildings to gain to score all the points Only 1% can do it !



  • Wind rider is okay

    By anime lover 99
    Is would be fun if you are good at . (Cracked my phone )
  • The worst

    By KZ DXB
    First of all it took me 2 months to beat a level and u can’t change ur character and name at least put a sign that says watch to skip. This app is so frustrating but it fun.
  • Wind rider

    By RJ the ladies man
    Worst game ever do you not play
  • This game is vary bad

    By #Death Baron!!
    This it honestly the worst game u have ever play
  • Take all ads off

    By Sh_aub
    In my opinion it’s a good game but please take all the ads if it’s very annoying and I’m going to delete it
  • Good but some problems

    By Dare Fevil
    I was playing then my control got really hard at level 3.So can you please change the controling.
  • Its amazing

    By Jan1234m
    I love it

    By Faze_Death178
    This game was horrible. When I downloaded this app I it kept closing me out of it. And even when I was able to play there were so many ads. They make the game look fun, but they are just lying to get people to download it. I do not recommend downloading.
  • Hi I’m paisley

    By pais the smatest in my class
    Ok it’s good and fun but it tells you you in like seventh place when your in first you can’t change you character and You can’t change your name so it’s kind of bad actually let’s be real here it terrible I’m not trying to be mean but it is no rewards no prizes it annoying I would not play is if I where you but I can’t control the world so it’s your choice I’m deleting this game and will never download it again ok I’m not stopping any of y’all but developer if you see this and say rude bruh it’s TERRIBLE JUST TERRIBLE I hate to delete it but I have to because it’s annoying and stupid I’m. It being picky but that’s all I have to say it’s dumb
  • It’s ok

    This game is ok, your not really working toward things and it gets boring after a while. The world also keep repeating so theirs nothing new. I would suggest this game at first but after a while it gets pretty boring
  • God awful game!!! Do not recommend!!!!!

    By wind rider is trash
    God awful, the worst game I’ve ever played! Incredibly frustrating because the graphics are horrible, the gameplay is boring, unoriginal, and incorrect. Also, there are like 5 levels you can play it’s very poorly made and a toddler could probably have done better. I urge you not to waste any of your time on this terrible “game”. Not sure you can really call this a game tho since there is not objective other than get fake money to get more fake money. Completely pointless, boring,frustrating and irritable!!!
  • Annoying

    By tootsie 22
    So I used to like This game but when I played it more it got super annoying when the other players die they pop up again and you can’t change to it character or when you by speed boosters it doesn’t make you any faster
  • Good add bad game

    By amazedbygrace
    This games add made this game seem great but the real game was terrible. There was so many adds.
  • M

    By GoldenCat1911
    Please add music
  • Don’t like it

    By cutie pie in the house
    This game is very boring, you can’t even change your skin, and when ur in first place it sometimes puts u in a totally different place. Whoever created the game did a bad job
  • I hate it

    By Poporopo
    It’s terrible and it’s a waste of time. On the ad it looks cool but when I played it i was disappointed. I’m just going to play BitLife. I suggest you don’t play this Wind Rider. 🤮
  • Mostly stupid

    By King of Rasin Land
    It’s a great time passer... but that’s all you do. You fly to try to beat the computer. Also, it’s insanely hard to get in first place and you can’t change your character or your name. Like I said. It’s ok for abiut 10 seconds then it’s just dumb
  • It’s ok

    By oof99999999
    I don’t
  • no

    By AntRisp
    Game is trash. just straight trash
  • Good game

    By Jdhduejxisjziskxjdisjduf
    Good job
  • Wind rider

    By Joseph Riollano
  • Why do so many people hate this I don’t think it’s that bad

    By r0ßłox
    Why does a lot of people hate it does not seem that bad. A lot of people writes hate comments on this I don’t think it’s that bad though so if you hate it so much why did you install it?
  • The worts game I have ever played

    👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 the wort game I have ever played!!!!
  • It’s ok

    By ejackson8056
    Not the best
  • Way toooooo hardddddd

    By dJ dAb
    Way toooooo hardddddd
  • I haven’t even played it and I give it a zero

    By fyttyrytytgugh
  • To many ads

    To many ads
  • Too many ads

    By toо many ads
    🤷‍♂️ too many ads
  • he

    By Usdudufhfnnc
  • Rage

    By bxh$htguriviruvgufggjh
    I keep losing its making me rage
  • Noo

    By lover26258902
    If you hate you self you will play this. Just don’t try
  • Freezing

    By Hannah Martir
    This game is fun and all, but whenever it’s game over or I finish it always sometimes freezes and I can’t collect my earnings. This cause makes me have to restart the game, only to experience again! This is a really bad game.
  • This game is rigged...

    By theearthdiva
    When I got on it it was fun then on level three it was so hard it took me two days to beat it. And you can’t even change your skin.I regret buying this app read this before you buy it and it felt like I was being watched I don’t reccomend
  • wow

    By Brexit2020
    Whoever started this trend of ad bombardment in every mobile game should be brought into the streets and slaughtered.
  • Way to many ads!

    By gamerboy42627
    You’re game has to many ads and this is why I don’t like your games. I will never play any of your games again!
  • Do not get this game

    By anniesherm
    This game is rigged. It is so stupid, and very sensitive so it kills your character even if don’t touch something. I 0/10 recommended getting this game.
  • Cfdff

    By krbgodbfjd
    I like this app but it should have portals that go to other dimensions and stuff like that.
  • I feel very entertained!

    This game may have ads but they don’t have ads 24.7. The game is really satisfying and it entertains me a lot! Even if there are ads the ads do show amazing games!!
  • Iiiiiiiiiii

    By Merfpink
    Yuijdjdjjdksjsiskskdkdkmdmdjdjdjdmjdus iam
  • This is horrible

    By papote8
    This is so bad like all you do is just race it sooooooo trash I am never going to play again and when your in 1 place it says your in 1,000th place guys I reccommend you don’t play this game because of how trash it is
  • I love flying

    By cici😽
    Love this game because I could Fly over town call town because I have wings
  • I hate it !!!

    By I love disney moana
    The outside levels are ok but not the inside and it won’t let me change the levels please change it
  • Do you even read the reviews 😡😡

    By playin cool
    I read all of the reviews and they are pretty terrible like do you even read the reviews people keep on saying that they want to change their skin and they want a different map 🗺 in the next update can you please let us change our character because red is not my favorite color I want a pink suit and can there be a map where we can go underwater and we have to get past the fish in the fish has to be big and if we bump into a fish we are out of the game like I said please let us change our clothing 👗 and the AI they always get past me when I am in first place 🥇 like I was about to finish the race but those dumb robot went past me and there are way I mean way too many ads like maybe you could have less ads please on the next update change the game like I’m tired of losing like do you even read the reviews 😡😡😡 Seriously who ever made this game you need to fix it it’s like the worst game I have ever played in my whole entire girl life I am only an eight-year-old but this game is the worst so you need to fix it😡😡😡
  • So awesome

    By Little LA seven
  • Angela

    By Fish2florida
    I hated that I lost but it is still a little bit more fun... hope you make one like it still
  • Potential...

    By iEvil
    This is a decent game with a solid platform. I have to give it 1 star for now because the house level kills you in the middle of a good run because the “camera” hit the ceiling. Fix the house level, come back with a few more, I’ll give a better review. P.S. play on airplane mode or be tortured with ads.
  • Is this a JOKE!?

    By snjsjjd
    First of all why are their sooo many ads and second of all why is like half the screen is fool of ads
  • Trashy game

    By scuiejjfxz-jj
    Super trash 🗑🗑🗑
  • I don’t like this game

    By Tomotsu52
    First of all... you can’t change your character and like I puts you out even when you don’t touch anything and I think the game creator should add more levels to. But I recommend you should not get this game it so so frustrating and I always do like a good challenge but this game makes me go crazy it is so FRUSTRATING! So I recommend you should not get the game.