Vineyard Valley: Design Game

Vineyard Valley: Design Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-08-05
  • Current Version: 1.11.18
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 260.39 MB
  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 13 282


Are you looking for ROMANCE, MYSTERY, and PUZZLES? Design and renovate the resort and solve challenging puzzle levels in a new FREE color blast matching game! Nestled in the hills of Vineyard Valley is The Tangled Vines, a once thriving resort and vineyard where you spent your childhood with your Aunt Margaret and best friend, Simone. The Tangled Vines is in need of renovation and it’s up to you and Simone to help restore and decorate the resort to its former glory by playing matching games! Blast cubes through hundreds of challenging collapse puzzles, create powerful combos and let the renovation fun begin! Fall in love with a colorful cast of characters and see how the story unfolds with drama, romance, mystery and more. Uncover secrets and mysteries from the Tangled Vines’ past as you blast cubes and solve addictive and challenging match 3 puzzles. Game features: RENOVATE and restore your very own vineyard resort DISCOVER the quirky cast of characters and enjoy their stories and secrets MATCH and blast cubes to solve hundreds of addictive matching puzzles DECORATE the resort to increase your Prestige level and unlock awesome rewards JOIN social clubs to connect to earn free lives, extra coins, and special perks Ever ask yourself “What would I want in my home?” Bring your home designs to life as you transform the rundown vineyard to a vibrant resort. Customize the kitchen, dining room, entrance, guest rooms, garden and more. Renovate the kitchen and help Margaret and Simone get the restaurant up and running again! Embark on a brand new adventure puzzle game and uncover the mystery of the The Tangled Vines. Are you ready for mystery, drama, and romance? Get immersed in addictive gameplay and the personal stories of your new friends while you design and renovate a once beautiful vineyard resort in an all new home decorating game. Download Vineyard Valley and play hundreds of free blast puzzles!



  • Fix the bugs please

    By mulattomomma
    I love playing this games, but I just did the update and I cannot play my game.
  • Do a better job updating the game

    By ljdflpy6
    Team events up coming...did not happen. People asking for hearts, some requests are over 30 days old. Not enough boosters for completed tasks. I am VERY close to deleting.
  • Levels

    By tlipschitz
    Your games are impossible to finish! I get too frustrated and go play other games! You Aoso need a way to earn the help items. I will not spend any real cash on these games. If it stays this hard, I will tell others not to play your game and I will delete it and stop playing!!
  • Same game, interesting storyline!

    By D-Szcz-le
    It’s pretty much the same as a lot of other games as far as how it’s played but I like the story and the mystery!
  • Doesn't want to download

    By 21ehales
    It doesn't want to download for me! 😓
  • Level 258 impossible

    By wwertyuolhr
    This game takes too long so you lose interest in story line. You receive few rewards for winning and boosters are placed so as to be ineffective. Level 258 has candles blocking ice sculpture. You can light but not remove candles making the task impossible unless you spend real dollars on boosters, assuming they will work. Yawn. Trying June's journey and it seems much faster paced with lots of rewards.
  • Turned off

    By T. Marion
    I’m turned off by some of your games, there is no solution to them.
  • Daily rewards are inconsistent

    By Mitzi@52
    Like the gr, but daily rewards , tokens, gifts are rare to nonexistent.
  • Upgrade problems

    By Tangello1905
    This is a fun game but this upgrade erased the stars I had saved
  • Update just came thru

    By Mesababe
    Can we have an update please, change the opening screen from Halloween to Thanksgiving please ?? P.s. my screen just updated ... thank you !
  • Run out of levels fast

    By catmh2
    They run out of levels all the time and you have to wait forever for them to make new ones.
  • No New updated levels

    By digibif
    Why is this game not advanced with new levels?
  • Vineyard

    By NiftyNight
    I used to like this game. Then the rewards stunk. Now unless you get any coins to buy help you find you cannot do anything and remain stuck for months. Now I realize that’s how you make money. When people spend real money to get fake money but it shouldn’t be that way on a free phone game
  • Unstable

    By Ray Tune
    I love this game, but the developers really need to update. The app is unstable, slow to load, and crashes too much. I really love the story lines, but can’t get past the constant crashing.. Please update or fix.
  • Tooo many bugs and glitches!!!!

    By kitty1433chloe
    This game is honestly great and I keep trying to like it. But there are so many glitches and bugs. When I request hearts, I see that 3 were given to me but none appear in my envelope. When I finish a scene I see the character talking to me but no speech bubbles are coming out. There’s TONS of little things like this that, unfortunately, really do take away from the game experience.
  • Best thing ever

    By VslimeYESYESYES
    I want to say awesome that’s it bye 😂
  • I like vineyard valley

    By gabby loves cats
    Vineyard valley is fun but I stared to notice that I makes you spend your stars for some reasons although I like the game all of you people reading this should download vineyard valley
  • Nothing like the ad

    By Withy221
    Another match ‘em game
  • CrazyDazy

    By green queen of outer space
    ❤️ Lily’s Garden with very nice animation. Let’s see how difficult this will get. Hang on to your butts..🙈 here we go...
  • I loved this game BUT

    By readerholic
    The stupid portion where you are playing for barrels is beyond dumb. They are simply a rehash of puzzles you’ve conquered. I just got through one 3 day barrel puzzle deal, and boom, I have another one. Fix the game or quit selling it to unsuspecting people.
  • 😊

    By kstuddard66
    Nice game but I don’t care for all the talking and not being able to skip through it all It’s an addictive
  • Need more levels

    By amberlb.
    Ran out of levels before completing
  • Expensive

    By ETHTB
    Requires purchase of tokens to progress. Tokens go extremely fast and very little freebies. Even extra support that can be purchase is over the top! I like the game but serious price gouging! Geeze!
  • Misleading

    By Bnhjuik
    The add for this game is not how it is played.
  • no lives

    By D.Omidi
    InI lll
  • Love it

    By Cosotas
    I love this app. A lot of fun
  • Earn so many stars for nothing

    By damnaryman
    It’s stupid to wake up you have to pay 3
  • Fun but Hard

    By bavaria71
    I would have given it 5 Stars if the levels wouldn’t be so hard. I am playing this with my 10 year old and we both are about to give up due to the level requirements and difficulty
  • Great fun game

    By CindyDWW
    Love it!
  • Fun but impossible

    By tayyduncc
    This game is super fun but when you get to a certain point, it’s like impossible to beat the levels because they are so difficult and the bombs and stuff are so expensive to get.
  • Restart game

    By hjfkjehe
    I loved this game. I was somewhere in the 300’s when the game started all over from the beginning. I lost everything. What happened?????
  • Vineyard valley

    By moyanos
    To hard to continue, not fun
  • I like the design but to many stars for cooking

    By Star fox 732
    I thought that designing the house was fun but I didn’t like having to cook. I strongly and utterly believe that it was a waste of time using so many stars to cook. It was truly just so annoying,pathetic, useless, squandering, impractical, and an enormous waste of my time!!! So please update the game and make it no stars wasted on cooking. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Ava
  • Kicks me off

    By Teeandc196450!!!
    I enjoy this game very much...... thanks for fixing... haven’t been kicked off and am almost to where I deleted.... enjoy the new update.....and enjoy the game a lot!
  • Slow

    By foxxy70
    Its very slow I do like this app I would have given it 5 stars if it was faster

    By sn-sgu
    Currently: Now level 65 I can’t pass despite playing FOUR times in a row getting EVERY possible combo bonus to get each time (and I mean 3+ of each one each replay) and it never made a dent. We’re talking two whole columns of crates that never poped despite being hit with everything! I’ve had it with this crap! Moving on to better, more reliable matchers. Previously: Haven’t been able to play for almost a week now- “update game” msg, I’ve updated but the game won’t recognize that and refuses to open.
  • Fun!

    By App. Lova
    It does get harder. That’s when I was thinking of deleting game cause it gets frustrating that’s why I didn’t give it 5 stars
  • Game

    By devthedawg
    Like I t
  • Could be fun but,

    By Judyfe
    Starting out liking the game but now I’m a bit further in (which takes forever) I’m about to be done with it. I don’t spend much money on games and this one could be relentless. Everyone likes to win but with this game some of the levels are beyond ridiculous. They are impossible. Too bad. Fun story and premise but not designed for the players.
  • Vineyard Valley

    By Fun bowling
    I’m enjoying this game very much. Please keep up with the updates. Thank you very much for reading this email. Lori.
  • Innocent art style and gameplay hide a compelling and deeply disturbing storyline

    By DHimrich
    I have no idea what insane plot twist this game is going to throw at me next. Don’t let the cartoony graphics and simplistic gameplay fool you: eventually you’ll end up like me, desperate to know what unspeakable atrocities happened in this place. At this point I’m expecting poor Simone to find a corpse under the floorboards and learn from the talking cat that Aunt Margaret was having an affair with her dead dad. Assuming that he really is dead and isn’t just living in the basement like in Parasite. What I’m trying to say is, 10/10.
  • Money money money

    By Jenelle121
    I guess the game had another update and now if you want to continue a game it’s now 900 coins. It had lowered from over 1000 coins to 750 but now it’s gone back up again. 750 was high as well, but to raise it back up is ridiculous. Also it takes forever to complete a level, there’s no order, like how many games do you have to win before you finish a chapter?
  • Tangled Vines

    By Missy58!
    It is a great and wonderful game to play for relaxation or just to unwind from a hectic day or week
  • My review on it

    By txs chic
    This game is more money hungry than any game I’ve ever played including Homescapes! Uninstalling and definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anyone been in the same level for 3 months ! It just really isn’t worth my time
  • Game doesn’t load

    By Samantha410
    I loved playing this game so much but recently every time I tried to load the game it stays on the loading screen for a minute and then the game freezes, the screen goes black for a second than takes me back to my home screen. I have tried repeatedly loading the game and it keeps doing the same thing.
  • Fix the game😡😡😡

    By FIX IT🔧
    The game tells me to update and that’s what I did. But then once I finish updating it, it still tells me to update. I don’t what’s wrong. But plz do something about it
  • Facebook Connection!

    By jazzyd1876
    Hello, Developers I can’t connect to Facebook. Like I use to. Your app is saying that I can’t connect to Facebook. I have Internet connection. But your game is lieing saying that I don’t have Internet. So please fix the bugs that is preventing me from connecting to Facebook. Back to my level in your game app.
  • No update

    By janay shatia
    The game itself is entertaining but ever since the update I haven’t been able to play. It won’t let me play without updating but when I go to update it won’t update it just spins. Guess it was fun while it lasted
  • I think she has waited long enough for her cup cakes!

    By Irishga0