Vineyard Valley: Design Game

Vineyard Valley: Design Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-08-05
  • Current Version: 1.8.25
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 288.31 MB
  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 6 750


Are you looking for ROMANCE, MYSTERY, and PUZZLES? Design and renovate the resort and solve challenging puzzle levels in a new FREE color blast matching game! Nestled in the hills of Vineyard Valley is The Tangled Vines, a once thriving resort and vineyard where you spent your childhood with your Aunt Margaret and best friend, Simone. The Tangled Vines is in need of renovation and it’s up to you and Simone to help restore and decorate the resort to its former glory by playing matching games! Blast cubes through hundreds of challenging collapse puzzles, create powerful combos and let the renovation fun begin! Fall in love with a colorful cast of characters and see how the story unfolds with drama, romance, mystery and more. Uncover secrets and mysteries from the Tangled Vines’ past as you blast cubes and solve addictive and challenging match 3 puzzles. Game features: RENOVATE and restore your very own vineyard resort DISCOVER the quirky cast of characters and enjoy their stories and secrets MATCH and blast cubes to solve hundreds of addictive matching puzzles DECORATE the resort to increase your Prestige level and unlock awesome rewards JOIN social clubs to connect to earn free lives, extra coins, and special perks Ever ask yourself “What would I want in my home?” Bring your home designs to life as you transform the rundown vineyard to a vibrant resort. Customize the kitchen, dining room, entrance, guest rooms, garden and more. Renovate the kitchen and help Margaret and Simone get the restaurant up and running again! Embark on a brand new adventure puzzle game and uncover the mystery of the The Tangled Vines. Are you ready for mystery, drama, and romance? Get immersed in addictive gameplay and the personal stories of your new friends while you design and renovate a once beautiful vineyard resort in an all new home decorating game. Download Vineyard Valley and play hundreds of free blast puzzles!



  • Internet

    By nancy0131
    Love the game, but the internet connection is unstable. I have to tap the ask button several times to get it to register. And then I do not receive my hearts even though it shows that I have been helped.
  • What a waste

    By Princess jp
    I thought I was looking for hidden objects obviously not! All I've done is play touching squares which I am not interested in. Thanks for wasting my time!
  • Well...

    By Kamusta
    Too hard and not giving enough coins😏
  • Awesome!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By Chabeli61
  • Game crashes!

    By csmmac45
    This game crashes constantly no matter what they tell you to do. Don’t waste your time or money.
  • Ok game

    By Oceanmist333
    The game is ok. Ads are misleading showing deciding tools to put out fires, etc. All I get is a match 3 games and decorating. Useless tasks like greeting visitors, starting the day using up hard won stars. Too long having to wait for lives to refill
  • Meh

    By Rendlog
    Was going to give this 3 stars but after looking at the reviews and seeing the devs copy and paste essentially the same non-response reply to a lot of the reviews giving it 2. The game is alright but it does get quite difficult as time goes on. The amount of lives it gives you is so small and is used up in 10 mins. Other free to play games give you more lives so it equals more play time. This is just kinda disappointing. I get free games and trying to make money but theres a balance and this doesn’t have it.
  • Game

    By tempolio
    Fun trying to solve puzzles. Story line is interesting.Seems to have a bug though as game crashes at different times, usually in the middle of solving puzzle causing me to loose progress up to that point as well as the heart needed for puzzle.
  • Difficult

    By Cheshire!!!! $789
    This is basically a good fun game! I enjoy playing, however I think you could be much more generous on the amount of coins you give at the end of solving a puzzle! Also how
  • Relaxing fun with a fun story

    By JDwaldIV
    Vineyard Valley is the kind of game that might challenge you with its puzzles, but it sure doesn’t give up on you like other match games. Its easy mechanics and great power ups allow for you to relax and enjoy the story progression instead of hoping for the right color blocks in utter angst and turmoil
  • Fun!

    By Wen5656
    Love this game!
  • Fun game !

    By Sharp eyed girl
    Enjoy playing this game ! I will not purchase in app, but this game lets you keep Having “do overs” which is great.
  • Great new game from PCH!,,,

    By jacabozzi
    I was looking for a new fun game and this is stress free and I love wine so there you go🥰
  • Fun Game But...

    By Cathy3056
    This is would be a wonderful game if: 1. The screen would stop freezing every time I receive 15 or 30 minutes of free gameplay. Then when the screen unfreezes the time is taken away. 2. The free hearts I receive from my group doesn’t disappear if I don’t use them immediately. 3. When I finish a level, the screen would not freeze. 4. The points I gained does not disappear. If you really care about your game or customers, I invite you to address these issues and this review.
  • It’s really good...but

    By MikaylaR200
    I like this game, and the story aspect, however I’m at level 83 and I’ve been spending the past two weeks trying to past this level, I hate this level and it’s honestly making me rage quit, if you are able to pass level 83 please message me back, if anything I’m just gonna delete the game, lowering my rating because the levels are way to hard, I end up spending 7 lives on one level only to not even get passed, I feel like I’m not progressing and I’m getting bored
  • Upgrades don’t stay

    By Sylmlacy
    Love the game except when I click to upgrade a piece of furniture, when I come back into the game later, the furniture is back to the original. The upgrade that I choose is not staying. It reverts back to the original everytime. How do I fix this.
  • So fun

    By Nikki3482
    Love playing this vineyard and seeing how the kitchen evolves!
  • Kristina

    By krystls mom
    Great game
  • Too long to get through level

    By Linda 02
    Takes too long after playing level 63 about forty times I am ready to delete game its frustrating
  • It has potential to be a good game

    By mivhaelareyesholmes42
    It gets stupid hard.
  • Same old same old

    By Knoxjpac
    This is just a clone of all the other fixer upper games. Too much dialogue. Balance of star usage is disproportionate for talking to people vs actually renovating. Got to level 60. Gave up. Between all the unnecessary dialogue & time consuming *celebrations* after every freaking level, I found this to be a very frustrating “game”. A skip button is sorely in order. Graphics are good, but not good enough to keep me around.
  • Ok

    By GamerGiGi
    Made it to level 85 before it became too difficult to be enjoyable. I like the story line.
  • Frustrating

    By Sassytxgirl
    Just like most any other game of this type but this one really is frustrating as it forces you to use the objects it provides u to make it through a level faster. I get (not that I agree) them having u use it when first awarded but if u don’t beat the level don’t force me to use it again as it wastes them especially since I never would use it at the start of a level. Also the number of coins it takes to get five moves is ridiculous
  • Okay

    By Rrrrooooossseeee77777777
    Was loving this game until I hit level 191 and no more to play. Sent to the reserve room which is okay, gives me something to play. Except, now, the reserve room has disappeared. If it doesn’t update soon, I’ll be deleting the app.
  • Crash City

    By Husker*56
    I’ve been playing Kitty City for ages made by you with no problems. This game crashed five times in ten minutes! I like the game, but I will be quitting it very soon if it keeps crashing! Pitiful! I tried it again and it crashed again! At least you’re consistent. It crashed three more times! Obviously no one at your headquarters has a clue how to write a program, so i deleted the piece of garbage. Too bad because I would have enjoyed it otherwise.
  • A nice game

    By thirdshiftergamer87
    So far a very fun game. Just waiting on the next update, have finished all of upstairs and it currently will not let me play anymore levels until a new room opens up.
  • Great

    By gentryeered
    Great game! I don’t normally write reviews but this is worth it
  • Waiting

    By jrdb77
    I really enjoy this game & am waiting to continue the story. Waiting on new levels 😞
  • Ok but annoying

    By Djjjer
    You should be able to earn more stars in a game instead of just one. Like when you have a higher score or something. Especially when it takes 2 star most of the time to do something.
  • Crash bowl

    By arelism40
    I’ve played twice and it crashes once I get ahead. Love the game but I can’t keep playing and having to turn my phone off every time this happens. Hope you have a fix for this.
  • It was good for a while till I finished all levels

    By Cuddles2825
    After you get to a certain level there is no more very sad I did like the game but now I can’t play it anymore
  • Game stops being fun

    By crustacious
    Really? Fun up until now. Level 3 and stage 83. And you can get only progress with barrels or wine bottles. Which by the way after 2 days never show up.
  • Was great until......

    By Andie445
    Until I hit the wall and it said “more coming soon” - that was almost 2 weeks ago. Still waiting - but not for very much longer. I’ve already put money into it, but not going to wait around for months on end waiting for more to come. If I had known I would get to level 191 and then have to wait for however long, I wouldn’t have downloaded and started playing at all.
  • Needs some perks!

    By RedKia20
    Love the game, but it is a little pricey to play. Would love to see some perks, like 24 hours free, or coin sales like you have on Panda Pop. Or something like the money tree where you could get coins every day.
  • Hard to get through levels

    By Teeny Dawn
    It’s hard to get through levels. Fun game if they would give you more tools to get through higher levels.
  • Love it

    By 321kb123
    The game is awesome really! But... I want more levels!! How long will I have to wait?? Also what is the reserve room, please respond Jam city.
  • Sarkie61

    By PKlip
    I really liked playing your other jam city games, however this one bakes the cake! (Pun intended!) The feature I love the best so far is the characters in the story are animated (that is the move around and perform the tasks instead of just “popping” them completed!!! Many kudos for this addition, which I’ve rarely seen.
  • Keep up!

    By rwallacetx19
    I’ve enjoyed the game, but I can’t move forward because there are no more levels.
  • Bugs

    By Gail's bakery
    U need to fix your game will Shut down in the middle of a game ,very slow to load. Valu for points to play on vs a game won Is unreal...30 points for a win. 1500 points to play on. really!
  • 😡😡

    By Rugbe77
    The game doesn’t have an update so it says play a reserve.. but there is nothing to play.😡
  • I’ve played better

    By KinaDCW
    In all honesty, it’s possible that I’m a bit biased. I’m also playing another game similar to this with a young woman fixing up her aunt’s garden. Can’t get enough of it. And in comparison, this one is nowhere near as good. The power ups aren’t as powerful unless you combine them and even then they just aren’t very effective, making the levels much harder early on. The coins you need to buy furniture to upgrade your prestige, or whatever it is, is hard to come by. You either need to play a bunch of levels and just settle for the less nice free furniture until you can afford one single better upgrade or pay real money since there are no daily gifts or sign ins. I’m also not as into being some faceless all powerful being in the sky, but that may just be a personal preference. Characters are nice, furniture is well designed (when you can afford it), and story seems like it could be interesting, if a little cliched so far. Overall I’ve gotten to the point where I only play this if I’m bored out of my skull. Which is not often. I can’t imagine this will stay much longer on my phone.
  • Addictive and fun

    By Stewart-Spencer
    This game is very addictive .. love playing this game !!
  • A bit glitchy but fun

    By skc731
    A puzzle design game like many of the others out there. Puzzles can be challenging and the storyline is interesting. A couple different glitches like not returning to the same room you left after finishing a puzzle, not showing a count of special items you have, or either losing or having a time limit on hearts given to you by other members of your community. I would definitely want to fix these for future play and also consider a daily bonus for logging in each day.
  • Out of stuff to do

    By chubbz7713
    Nothing else to do I need more rooms
  • Game is lots of fun

    By 1111infinity
    I really enjoy playing the game however I can never play for long as the shuts down on it’s own a LOT
  • Could be great

    By jessb178
    This game could be five stars but it tends to crash abruptly. There have been 3 times this has happened just as I finish a level and I have to replay it which is annoying. Otherwise it’s fun.
  • Great

    By vmeyers
    Love the game just wish I had more options when not around WiFi
  • Fairly fun game

    By swtbear1
    The game was portrayed as one game but it turned out to be something quite different. I probably wouldn’t have downloaded the game had I known that it wasn’t what I thought it to be
  • Vineyard

    By Ashtead59
    Keeps freezing, since the day I downloaded it.