Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-29
  • Current Version: 2.01
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 417.56 MB
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 25 611


Welcome to the Final Frontier! You have the conn! Summon your skills in strategy, combat, diplomacy, and leadership to master the dangerous universe of Star Trek Fleet Command. Enter a galaxy on the brink of war as Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces vie for control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Discover an ancient secret that could tip the scales of power forever. As the commander of a starbase on the edge of civilized space, you will recruit iconic officers like James T. Kirk, Spock, and Nero - and build powerful ships including the Enterprise, the Romulan Warbird, and Klingon Bird of Prey. Join millions of players - forge alliances, defeat your enemies, and build an epic fleet to secure, or dominate, the galaxy. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly go where no one has gone before! Be prepared to: - Experience epic conflict in a vast, dynamic galaxy - Collect, build, and upgrade iconic ships - Take the conn and control ships in star system and galaxy views - Encounter famous Star Trek™ characters in an epic, galaxy-spanning storyline - Help locals, fight pirates, or negotiate peace in hundreds of unique missions - Recruit famous officers with unique, tactical abilities - Ally yourself with Federation, Klingon, or Romulan forces - Work with and against thousands of other players in real-time - Build, upgrade, and defend your starbase - Discover new technologies, ship upgrades, and resources - Decimate the Romulans, brawl with the Klingons or destroy the Federation; The choice is yours - Create or join powerful player Alliances to dominate star systems and become the most powerful players in the galaxy Key Features: - An open world, strategy MMO - Free to play - Stunning graphics - AR Filters allow you to bring your ship to life! Unlock a new filter with every new ship you build. - Iconic Star Trek™ characters, ships and tech - Fierce battles among the stars with players all over the world - A New, immersive Star Trek™ story in the Kelvin Timeline - Become the leader or member of a mighty alliance - Multiple language options Download Star Trek Fleet Command today and join millions all over the world. © 2018 Scopely, Inc. All rights reserved. TM & © 2018 CBS Studios Inc. © 2018 Paramount Pictures Corp. STAR TREK™ and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.



  • Scopely execs say this isn’t a game, it’s a PAID experience.

    By HappiKitty
    Another player, an attorney compared this game to Fyre Fest. He’s absolutely right. Apparently Scopely’s own CTO says it’s not a “game”, it’s a marketed experience you are paying to be a part of. W. T. A. F?!? I paid for what I thought was a game inspired by Star Trek, not some bs lesson in unmitigated greed & modern day fraud. (It’s a very well written review, seek it out before Scopely or Apple deletes it as they have with 2 of my previous reviews just since this update) Like I said, I wrote 2 other reviews that interestingly disappeared. Glitch or otherwise idk. But listen to the other reviewers. I’ll speak more plainly than the aforementioned attorney. These aren’t clueless idiots whining about not understanding p2p, or bullies, only people paying thousands getting anywhere in this game (literally thousands & it’s less than 6mo old!), everything they have either being stolen, glitched out or sucked up into a very poorly thought out overall game objective. (Though all are legit reasons to be upset, I assure you) Scopely or Digit or whomever designed the eventual system for leveling up, how players interact (& are encouraged to not just pirate but outright completely destroy others, losing REAL money) was out to do nothing but swindle people until they catch on, then move on to the next unsuspecting sucker who thinks they’re smart enough to figure out how to play without paying large sums of money. It’s also a massive crap shoot what server you end up on, some I guess aren’t bad while others are the worst bullies harassing players & destroying their fun simply because they get off on the schadenfreude of it all. I REALLY loved this game when I started playing & shouldn’t have ignored the psychological red flags as the pressure grew to spend $50-100 in one go REGULARLY by the game itself. But when I first started I was having so much fun I ignored them. At first that is. The smaller bonus packs literally disappear until your only choices are all $99.99 EACH which isn’t even enough to level up if you compare what is received to what you need. Between that, glitches that are completely ridiculous for the amount of money they’re making & all the other problems with this game, support is simply the lemon juice in your paper cut to make the sour experience complete. Customer service is condescending & never actually does anything beyond make you want to pull your hair out whilst talking to you like you are a moron. Some people are so angry in the US & UK there’s A LOT of talk of class action suits for fraud & essentially bait & switch when it comes to some of their “events” followed by updates making your purchase practically worthless days later & other shady business practices. Don’t expect Apple to back you up either if you aren’t in the UK. That’s the only country siding with consumers so far. I’m a huge trek fan, I don’t mind paid content. I really wanted things to improve but they’re proving that attempts to remedy things are simply to shut people up whilst they lure in new suckers to steal from. I repeat the comparison to Fyre Fest. Please don’t waste your time or money on this horrible example of what unmitigated greed looks like. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out they utilized psych consultants to optimize spending instead of investing in better game play. If only they had wanted to genuinely create something fun that people wouldn’t walk away from feeling used after 2-3 months. They’d have gotten so much more money in the long run not to mention loyal customers as they created new games. But I guess with the short life of apps in general & people’s attention spans, they’re out to 🤬 people out of as much money as fast as they can before dumping it & moving on to the next money spinner. I will NEVER play a Scopely or Digit creation ever again.
  • Star Trek pay to play

    By Dristal
    Fair graphics and storyline make think your getting into something good. Developer have a lot of integration issues. Very slow game progress. Much time lost for ship repairs, travel to destinations, upgrades. Game gives minimal bonuses to keep you busy while you are waiting. Tasks have some interesting challenges to gain credits. There are side challenges that not part the regular task program. Most game play can be done by a ten year old, no real skill level, very repetitive. Other problems glitchy award screen that won't update credit. Problems with site connection kicking you out every half hour or so. Multiple ship attacks on a single task assignment will not decrease damage after first ship attacks so second ship is facing non-damaged ship. This is unlike attacking a player or hostile that sums up damage. Update: I'm at level 17. It has really turned into a pay-to-play game, because you can no longer efficiently process the type of minerals in meaningful quantities to update and advance your ships. They do happily refer you to their store to purchase them. I will work the game a little further and report.
  • I’m torn

    By LOL_that nickname is taken
    On one side, it’s kind of a fun RPG/sim game, but people complaining about the balance problems aren’t wrong. If the devs can figure it out then they could make a mint off this. I spent $30 bucks, but it became pretty obvious that with the balance so out of whack, it didn’t make sense to spend any more money. I don’t know if the devs are even aware of these issues since there doesn’t seem to be any intuitive way to provide feedback. What a shame. Edit: well, that’s it for me. Devs refuse to address balance issues. Don’t waste your time or money.
  • Tired of every game turning into a pvp fest

    By keep politics out
    Liked the game until about level 8. Was considering buying some sort of boost when I saw “shield” as an item. Looked further into it to learn that at level 10 you can “and will be” attacked by other human players. Already at my level you can’t set any ships to farm even the low quality durantium nodes, with free ones all around, without having your ships destroyed. I am a Star Trek fan and I would have gladly supported a pve version of this game with purchases, but I am not playing a game where my ships and station will be destroyed every time I log in. I won’t pay for “shields” to stop that from happening.
  • Pure P2W

    By 3N3VVS
    PvP is central to the game but has little strategy beyond buying the most-powerful ships and stations. Players who are unwilling to spend literally thousands of dollars cannot compete against those who do. So, unless you enjoy being a target or want to max your credit card with nothing tangible to show for it, don’t waste your time with this game.
  • Game is great but it lags and kicks you out of the app

    By Facebook needs to be fix
  • Hope u have money to burn

    By Draganranch
    It starts out fun and easy. The constant shuffle through various screens to accomplish items takes a toll Getting to level 15 is easy after that you get picked clean by those who paid to play. That’s another thing. The pay to play is expensive. No discounts that I can see. If you want to get anywhere be prepared to pay at least 20 bucks a pop. The developers have made it so u can’t get the materials easy to upgrade so that you have to pay. Mining is useless since u get constantly hit. Hitting other players is only way to creep along took me weeks to get to level 19 Sad to see the Star Trek name associated with this poor game that is only set up to put large amounts of money in the owners hands of the company developing it
  • Terrible support

    By Canine86
    In game purchases will leave you more than upset. They sell items to you then change things which causes the items to devalue. I made purchases that was supposed to help promote a ship which in the end fell short. Buyer beware! I will not spend another dollar on this game. If I could rate them with less than a star I would. It is a shame that this game is the way it is. It had the potential to be a really great game but only brings shame to iTunes,CBS, and the Star Trek franchise.
  • Pointless

    By J59723
    There’s no point to this game, other than to just level up your ships painfully slowly so that you can... level up your ships even more slowly. It’s not even a game as there’s no strategy, you just mine resources constantly and hope to get as much as you can before some coward raids you and runs away. Or you can be one of these jerks and raid people constantly, basically making the game unplayable for them. It’s absolutely pointless, and it never gets any better. It’s barely even Star Trek - related, other than the very few “quests” that you have to slog through in the beginning that have next to nothing to do with trek, you wouldn’t know you’re playing a Star Trek game at all. Oh, and it’s insanely buggy. Don’t waste your time.
  • Cash cow on steroids

    By Stebo7772011
    Could have been a great game but no equal footing. If you pay you win if not you get eaten alive. I’m lvl 23 and I am quitting the game after soooo much frustration and disappointment from the developers. [SF]CaptFragemall
  • Bold and addicting

    By Unidraconus
    The majority of things to do if you play a valences game will keep you busy for hours at a time. A fun kind of addictive that you can also walk away from knowing your base is up grading and your mining while you attend to your real life stuff.
  • Pay to win

    By Cynthia Kraft
    If you’re not able to pay $100/week to play, don’t bother. Sure it looks pretty, lower levels are all kinds if fun. Level 15 everyone destroys everything and everyone. By level 19 you’re out of luck without paying big money. This client update also crashes on me at least 6 times a day, added onto the game quits responding to the client another 10 reboots a day. It’s a bad system and getting worse.
  • Fun at first...

    By RabidMayo
    This game is a lot of fun at first. Doing missions, mining for resources to upgrade and build. Then you reach level 10 and other players may now attack your ships. Now you can no longer mine for resources because of higher level players preying on and farming low level players and defenseless mining ships. This makes it impossible to acquire the even more rare resources required for upgrades, forcing you to start spending the $$$ in the store for resources. At this point it isn’t even pay to win, it pay to continue and just not fun anymore. I am level 14 and at 15 players can start attacking my base so I am trying to not give up but I am close to just deleting this game. What I think would maybe help, is if they some how discouraged attacking lower level players and mining ships. Maybe some kind of timed penalty, or debuff that lowers their attack and defense.
  • Crashing where no crash has crashed before...

    By Simmyon
    Would be fun if it didn't crash every five minutes. Disappointing.
  • Good game plagued by poor support and bugs

    By MartinWebb
    As previously mentioned in other reviews you have to pay to play this game beyond level 18-19. And even when you do pay you risk bugs removing all your resources you just bought. I contacted support 11 days ago with follow ups 9,8,7,6,5,4,2,1 days ago and the only response I’ve received is - we will look into your reported issue. Stay away from this game!
  • Crashes!

    By N a matime
    Really could enjoy this game if it stops crashing every 5 minutes... fix please could b 5 stars!
  • Total Ripoff

    By Doublea5383
    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT start this game. All resources you purchase in app can and will be stolen. This game is a total ripoff and is only designed to separate you from your hard earned money.
  • Don’t Bother

    By zggtyciinivyrx
    Just like any other building and mining game just with a Star Trek skin. Mining is so important, but you can’t mine because your are killed within minutes. The drop rates of rare minerals is ridicules, refine 50,000 and get 30 but you need hundreds to build up. Combat makes no sense, I was at level 18 but could not attack a 14 but a level 24 could plunder my base. That when I quit. Don’t waste you time unless you want to spend money.
  • As fun as watching paint dry (literally)

    By TomPTF
    Remember that star trek season where they were mining the whole season? It is exactly the same. Except there was no season where kirk was always mining. Yet in this game after maybe some 2-3 weeks thats is what you’ll be doing 99% of the time So is it like minecraft for star trek? No. That could be fun. This isn't. It is literally as fun as watching paint dry. (For suggestions for improvement see other comments)
  • Fun but buggy

    By Azuraethe
    I get to write a review because I’m now at a point where I have to wait 30 min + every time I must repair my ship. First off, this should not have been launched. It crashes several times per play session. This is an alpha release with as many bugs that are in the game. Menus get stuck preventing you from accessing other ones. Your ship will get caught in a programming loop where it’s supposed to arrive somewhere and when you check on it, it’s animating through the last several seconds over and over again. Your ship will get destroyed but no evidence that you were attacked. (You have a battle log to tell you who did the dirty; it will be absent on who did it). When starting out, you’ll be tasked to do some very un-Federation like missions with a Federation starship and crew. All under the guise that you’re an independent. There are some missions that play on your conscious but to date, no consequences for the decisions you make. The game itself is beautifully rendered with 3D characters (albeit only when you recruit/promote them). Space feels like Star Trek and the galaxy is familiar especially when approaching the boundaries between the 3 factions in-game. You’ll start seeing very famous system names from the Star Trek series. I rate this 3 stars because I do find it fun. And I mean a relaxing kind of fun.. there’s a sandbox galaxy to explore and while you do, there are daily missions to complete, opponents to hunt down and a beautiful star base to upgrade with ships to build too. You can hit and run other players but at the same token, you CAN avoid getting jumped if you’re vigilant. There IS time to warp out to safety. Those complaining about not being able to mine are probably lazy players who park their mining vessel and log out. Fill your vessel to about 1,000 resources, then warp the hell back home. Repeat and you’ll be able to harvest what you need. The mining was getting out of hand but recent updates have curbed who can attack whom based on level differences.
  • Too many bugs

    By El monstruo comegalletas
    Bugs in this game are unbearable. The developer doesn’t seem to want to fix them either.
  • Wait and wait

    By SomeDude4w5234
    The majority of the game is waiting for days to level up, not having enough missions that proceed the story line. This game is purely pay to play. I would pay $20 for a real game that takes a month to play instead of this. More games need to stop thinking a 13 year old plays it. Give me a real game. Something that isn’t monetized, something that takes real work to complete. This game is what makes iOS a secondary platform. No one wants to develop a real game for it. No one wants to put any effort into the platform as real game studios do for consoles or pc except for a few. This is why iOS gaming is meant for children and not adults.
  • Play, but don’t give any $$

    By astaud913
    Started out great, but after putting money into it found that the developers do not care. App crashes regularly now, chat failed for a whole day with nothing given to the players as compensation...never even an admission that it should not happen. I will probably continue to play, but will not drop another penny into this black hole...
  • Little potential. Lots of bugs

    By Jj19jww
    Looked fun. But unless you are willing to drop some major $$ you will be nothing but frustrated by those who have dedicated to spend mom and dads money Do something else. This game won’t be around long
  • Starts good, but disappoints

    By Ute Met
    Starts really good and then you hit PvP at level 15 and totally kills it. After you get defeated you would expect a shield like other similar style games. While you get one it lasts 5 minutes, so someone can just hit you and hit you until all your stored resources are <5% of what you had. Total BS and stupid, people cannot be on the game the whole day. Then like all F2P games takes significant coin to advance. Was hopeful, but disappointing.
  • Money Pit

    By YorkTN16
    Game is fun until around level 15. Then, you have to spend a good deal of money or have a ton of patience to advance. You’ll get frustrated at that point and start buying grossly overpriced packs or quit. There is a very limited amount of mission content that becomes too difficult to complete unless you spend a couple of hundred dollars at each plateau. Save yourself the time and frustration, and do not download the app. I could go into details regarding the bugs (dead mines, ships that aren’t actually there, ships that are there that don’t show up, battle mechanics that customer support cannot explain like stations appearing to have 1/4 actual power in battle reports, etc.), but these issues are covered in other reviews. It’s a shame because the game definitely has a lot of potential. May be worth checking back in about six months to see if the problems are resolved and the game becomes affordable to play. Until then, don’t download, and if you do, delete quickly after.
  • Glitchy

    By mu'adib
    The game is good to play but too many glitches. At times is freezes and suddenly quits.
  • Total pay to win game

    By Oriinfrost
    This game is 150% pay to win. People spend all there time just running around clearing systems of mining ships so your lucky to get to mine anymore at all. It takes forever for your refinery to reset so you can refine any ore that you do get and when you do finally get to refine you are lucky to get more the 20 useable units meaning that you soon fall behind people dumping butt loads of money into the game. That would be okay but the game is set up so that there are choke points where the pay to win players who are often times 5 lvls higher then you just sit and wait for your ships to destroy them. They need to make some penalty for higher lvl players to discourage them from attacking lower lvl characters so that it’s not worth the time to spend attacking lower lvl players. Don’t waste your money or time if you’re not prepared to spend 300$ a month or more cause that’s what it takes to be competitive.
  • Too Expensive

    By Uteman1981
    The game is fun but you have to either mine resources which are very hard to get or you spend money to get them. It takes forever to get enough resources to do anything. They are too greedy with this game. I understand you make a game to make money, but com on, this one is bad.
  • Still playing, for now

    By to play or decide
    I echo the comments that this game has a lot of potential, and I think that the glitches could be forgiven if there was not such a focus on P2W. While you have some folks who are willing to drop some serious cash in order to be bullies of the galaxy, I am not willing to spend anymore until the thing gets a better balance. And if I stop playing (as I think many others will as well) it is your loss of opportunity because you are catering to a small fraction of players.
  • Broke Game

    By DekardJaxx47thIEF
    In my years of playing games never have I tested a beta game as buggy as this production game is. They keep adding to it to grab more money but don’t fix what’s broke. Save your money play a different game that works. Star Trek went with the wrong company for this game.
  • Bugs negate in-app purchases!

    By lui phui
    Bugs cause you to lose progress and cause unintended behaviors. When you pay for resources and the bugs effectively waste those resources, developer is taking your money without providing a service in exchange. I contacted developer about this and they refused to help.
  • PVP Makes this Unplayable

    By Jurace
    It’s a shame that PVP ruins this game. The PVE aspects are actually pretty entertaining. As others have said: Resources are gathered primarily through mining, and your mining ships can (and will) be destroyed by griefers constantly. In open space, the p2w ships are 3x or 4x more powerful than your regular ships, so those griefers will also jump from low level system to system attacking everyone. My personal favorites are the ones who camp quest objectives, wait for your ship to be weakened after a battle, and then pounce on your ship for an easy kill. That’s what caused me to delete the game today.
  • Mixed feelings but I stretched to get three stars

    By undecided111
    Mixed feeling: I have played many games such as game of war, war and order and many others going back to a old game call EVONY. What I like is the daily rewards it gives you decent items like a 8 hour peace shield and other nice stuff. The graphics are nice and the concept has left allot of room for expansion. Having the option of join a faction and getting a ship that only you faction can get is a cool idea. Especially since other faction non player ships will attack you if you get to a certain negative relationship with them. The game has great potential but I unfortunately believe that the greedy investors have hijacked a good thing and are going to make it one of those short lived games. Mainly because 95 percent of gamers won’t be able to afford to keep up. The quest are fun minus the mining quests because its a kill fest. Exploring is fun to a certain point but then the systems start become copies of previous systems but different names. I do love waiting for one of the stupid players that clean off several miners to get full cargoes then attacking and killing them for being stupid. There is literally stupid players that go around killing any ship that is weaker for no reason other than having a useless high kill ratio, or on the off chance they will accidentally find one with resources. when I first started I actually could not put the game down. plenty of missions and easy to level and explore. After level 15 is where the problems start. This is definitely a pay to play game right now, I bought the jellyfish ship, and the North Star and for a few weeks I was able to defend my miners and hold my own but the credit card warriors that do not mind spending hundreds have kept spending and now my 35 k North Star and 30 k jelly are mediocre. A good example one player in a weaker alliance, same level as me starts to attack my alliance. He uses a 95 k power north star to level almost every un-bubbled player. His other alliance player also attacks but soon gives up because I was able to kill his 28 k ship with my 30 k ship. Eventually a few strong players from another alliance kill hm and he quits attacking for a while but comes back in a few hours and same problem everyone has to stay shielded. Sounds great but your ships can’t attack when you are shielded so if you do attack you base is wide open. A couple of players in my alliance that have credit cards spend a ton and are able to fend the enemy off for the most part but we lost several active players that were not spending allot of money. You have to buy some packs to progress in this game do not let anyone tell you different. Even if you manage to have enough time to watch your miners constantly and make sure your station is bubbled. You will still have to spend weeks to get enough uncommon resources to level up a few parts of your ship. During that time you will watch players go from level 20 to 35 because they spent a ton of money or initially leveled up a ship strong enough to take out any stations weaker then them for resources. If you do buy packs you need to spend the stuff immediately or stay bubbled because the stronger players are scanning for weaker players who bought a pack. They then wait for a shield to drop and clean the player out. 99 dollars gone to some player who already spent hundreds to get to the level he is at. Quests are interesting and if you search every systems will give you enough resources to at least get to level 15, after that you will need to buy packs to get your ships strong enough to complete quests. The developers need to stop selling over powerful ships to make money if they want people to keep playing. If you look at every systems you will see hundreds of level 15 players that have no resources and probably quit the game because of the above mentioned problems. Bottom line is I have spent probably 160 dollars on this game and I am still not able to keep up. This is probably by design these games are meant to make money. It is very fun if you want to spend a minimum of 50 dollars a month for piece shield packs but seems like the other packs go up in price once you buy them. That is probably the stupidest business model for these types of games. Many people are willing to drop 20 to 50 dollars a month if a game is fun but when you look at all packs you can buy and realize that other than piece shield packs, the minimum price is 50 plus tax or 100 dollars plus tax and then realize it’s not enough to tier up your ship because the packs do not have enough of the key uncommon resources. You will prob just want to quit.
  • Shadey game practices

    By bndguy
    I would avoid making any purchases in this game. The game is very buggy and there is absolutely no support from the developers if something happens. This company is about one thing and it’s about making money off of everyone. There are paywalls everywhere and the devalue your purchases with server updates and not app updates. No compensation for game going offline or having to reboot all the time. I I were you avoid spending money. Once you hit a paywall it’s time to quit playing !!!!! Scopely is a bad company to do anything with !!! This was your warning !!!!
  • Disguised and hopeless pay to play

    By Carlshead
    I have spent about three weeks, a couple hours or so a day. Total cash investment probably close to $80. Once you hit level 15, the organized alliances take everything you have. You cannot stop them. Biggest waste of time and money in the App Store unless you include Coldplay albums.
  • Lack of transparency- deceptive business practices by Scopely

    By odogStick
    Wow - forced to rewrite this review because Apple or Scopely deleted my previous sad. My review must have been a “legal” issue that put them in jeopardy...seriously a class action lawsuit should be filed against this company to force the return of all money paid by players in this game. The devs fail to disclose to the players who pay that what they are paying for is extremely very little for what you actually need to progress. Sadly you don’t find this out until you are several $100s of dollars (some people are literally 8-12 thousand dollars into the game) into the game....the poor people who are 10k into the game have discovered that the game isn’t even finished yet...there is nothing to do when you reach the top levels in the game...can you imagine? You drop 10k to get to level 30 and then discover there is nothing more to do then beat up on lesser players by taking all their resources. LACK of TRANSPARENCY!! This is a deceptive business practice and I have called them out on this twice now only to have what I write deleted....if you are an attorney who reads this please consider legal action against Scopely for the scam- lots of players with proof and testimonial indicating the same experience. So just to be clear - the game devs are not transparent in what it’s really going to take for a player to stay and be able to play against other pay find out after a considerable amount of money spent on this game. They do this because if you actually knew what it was going to take most players would never spend the money in the first place. If you’re reading this, you have been warned.
  • Needs improvement

    By Litlife35 ttv
    This game is great at first and seems like it would be a fun play but after reading the reviews you realize the cold truth that it is fun merely for a short while due to people who have played since it came out. There are lots of glitches and sometimes when upgrading something it will not actually upgrade after the time finishes. However this game does have great potential so I have no deleted it just in case it fixes its problems later
  • Be careful

    By dljrfn2003
    The game is fun but many pay walls to hit I was just given refund by apple cause the packs didn’t come as advertised and scopely has some great customer service but then when it comes to asking for credit or refund they tell you to piss off
  • Pay to play or don’t waste your time

    By Adamlambert187
    If you don’t plan on spending a lot of real world cash, then plan on getting abused by the ones who do spend the money. I spent some, but I wish I had it back and never downloaded the game in the first place.
  • Self destruct!

    By Celticmonk
    I liked this game when I started, but at level 19 and 20, I just felt like it wasn’t fun anymore. The amount of resources and the time to get resources spikes at this level. Also, there is a random chance while refining to get required resources. Then if spend actual Money, most packs that actually help a little are 49.99 to 99.99. That’s a lot of money to get resource that may last moving up a level. I know the developers want you to be engaged, but it felt more like they were working to take money from you. And then there are a couple of alliances that dominate the game. Probably the worst is PAX, it seems like their goal is to destroy any ships that try to mine or attack your base to steel resources. And this isn’t their fault, but the developers have set it up where they can attack much weaker opponents. Also, you can pay cash for resources and then a level 25 player can attack your level 20 base and deplete your resources that you have paid for or spent time accumulating. So you either have to spend more time or money to get. So I am sure the developers like those options. It would be nice if you could only attack your same level or one level above or below. Regardless, at this point it is either invest more time and/or more money when it isn’t that much fun anymore. So I think it is time to stop playing. Maybe if enough people get frustrated, they might fix some things. But then that might impact income and/or make alliances like PAX mad if they had to pick fights where they had a risk of being defeated.
  • Developers are crooks period!

    By Pizzy187
    The time invested in creating an awesome Commerical for the game puzzles me. Why couldn’t you invest that time in actually developing a better game! The way this game is designed is nothing short of a sham! I’m at level 15 and stopped trying to develop my station! I’ve spent over $300 just trying to get my space station and other ships to keep up with constant battle that I’ve endured. Not to mention, at one point I had over 2 million supplies in each critical materials and I got attacked over 15 times in a span of 15 minutes and lost al my assists. I cannot mine for materials because I get attacked. Do your guys a favor, stop focusing on the money and actually make it fair in this game. No one should get attacked while mining. No one should get attacked if the person had a far less level rating than the opposing enemy! That not fair and not moral at all. I refuse to spend another dime just to have a good fleet or space station. I’m really disappointed with this game and the fact I spent this amount of money on it.
  • Fun if you’re willing to pay thousands of dollars.

    By foo1meonce
    The game is fun up until you reach level 19. At level 19 you will have to open up your wallet, and it better be a thick wallet, I’m talking thousands. Otherwise, you’re time “playing” will be mining resources to be refined, but refining can only happen every 10 hours and the chances of refining semi useless material is around 85%. That’s only part of the problem. I don’t recommend this game or any of its kind. If you want to sink thousands of dollars into something fun, buy an old Jeep, landscape your backyard, have your teeth removed from your mouth but don’t waste your time with this game.
  • Shameful Cash Grab

    By that_bermudian
    There’s no point to this game. Zero skill involved, you have to pay to win, and the grind is unbelievably high for a game like this. So pelt does not deserve to have a license to the Star Trek universe.
  • Game is a micro transaction cash cow

    By Kalvint
    This game is a joke for player and a cash cow for developers. Buy a game and play on PlayStation or Xbox. Don’t waste you time or money. Great game idea for them to make money $5 dollars at a time. Don’t feed the greasy greedy developers. Fight back and say no no no. I I wanted a more glitchy game anyways, I would have the kids at head start make a game for me to play. Stay away, far far away.
  • Retreating at maximum warp

    By rcarroll947
    This game is crashing for hours at a time on a daily basis. While it is crashed, your ships, bases, and a good portion of the $$$ you invested in the game (which you will HAVE to do to advance) can be destroyed. This game, unlike many others, has an unavoidable, involuntary aspect where other players can also randomly destroy your assets...which is bad enough, but there are literally thousands of players who revel in the delight of doing nothing but this and not really playing the game as intended. Like many I’m sure, I was lured in by the Star Trek name, but really save your time and money. This game is a total money an example, you could easily spend over $100 just to get to an average standing. Don’t do it...too many vindictive people (who will proudly discuss their ‘discord’ in the chat feature of the game) are waiting to take players down.
  • Missions are boring and uneven between lvl 12-15

    By cptnmflash
    2 Star game 3 star potential with some quick fixes and could be 4.5star... eventually. So you go flying around the galaxy to find some enhancement or other and you complete the mission but the enhancements is not a reward! Instead you receive the big standard resources/ recruitment card/ ship part or blue print. Eg give me a mission to find an alien hyperdrive let me complete tasks to get build the hyper drive then make it an option to upgrade the ships with the new tech. (No satisfaction with current system). The best they could manage and the most excited I got was with the AI missions but they just demand that you upgrade your Ops at the end... boring. Too many bugs my phone first was running out of power because of the computing, now something has happened and it is not a problem however the whole game has slowed down and lack of enemies to battle as well as “phantom”, enemies that are there but you cannot interrogate them, they do not exist, making it confusing and frustrating. There is no clear understanding, do you battle other players or AI units? There are no missions stating battle player bases and ships. What do you do to progress? There is an update hopefully you guys sort out your problems before I get board and delete the game.
  • Wasted potential

    By Kmkimball
    This game has great potential. Star Trek is one of the best IPs that one would want to develop. Game about. When I first saw the game I was really excited. To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. Unfortunately I’ve played pre-beta games that were more polished than this. Every update seems to produce more and more bugs. The PvP is simply broken and seriously hurts the enjoyment for PvE this layers. Instead of fixing serious game impacting issues they are trying to introduce new content that adds even more issues. If any of my development teams produced a product at this level, not only would I fire them, I’d do my best to blackball them from the industry. If there was way to get the money I’d spent on this garbage back, I would!!!!
  • Beautiful but lacking the strategy!

    By rebelworks
    As a player of MMO games I understand that PvP is a core function, but when the balance of play is so severely off that all you can do is shield up then there’s a MAJOR PROBLEM!!!! This indicates the forced design by Scopely to require purchasing upgrades or bubble packs. I’ve tried purchasing packs to upgrade ships to equal the field. I’m finding it too costly. Mine! Mine! Mine! The lack of resources in the game are forcing players to raid or buy, if they want to play. Few mission options to gain strength forces you to purchase. Bubbles will shield you for so long. The ability of to mine and farm is TOO SLOW for the required resources at higher levels. There are TOO FEW MISSIONS!!! The few missions that are out there don’t yield enough rewards. I have several missions that I can’t complete because the requirements are set too high beyond ship capabilities. When I first found the game it was listed as MMO, SCI-FI, STRATEGY, WARFARE which sounds like a good balance for a Star Trek game. However the only strategy I find in the game is to have the bigger ship. This is a Star Trek brand game right or did I slip and get Star Wars? It just doesn’t seem to have enough strategy to build or develop good content beyond a shoot-’em up game. The person with the biggest ship wins. Sort of disappointing when there are opportunities for MMO styled missions that aren’t being eluded to. The alliances in the game have very little benefit for a MMO.