Traffic Run!

Traffic Run!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-09-01
  • Current Version: 1.6.7
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 223.57 MB
  • Developer: Geisha Tokyo Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 179 315


Let's go for a drive! Cross the streets without hitting cars and get to the goal. Simple control with a tap. It is super addictive. How many levels can you clear?



  • Super mega fun but just a bit annoying🤩👍💕

    By dvbhgo
    I love the game but there is just a little problem, it’s that there’s always an ad each time I would like to change 🚘 or continue but or else it is a fantastic game 💕💕💕👍 Super fantastic !!!!

    By scarlette aylene ruelas
    I just got this an hour ago and I am an level 22! This game was an ad on traffic dash and I though it wouldn’t hurt to try it so I asked my dad if I could install it and he said sure.So I tried it. Soon,I COULD NOT GET OFF IT ! My mom said time to go and I kept playing. To get me off she said I will give u a bucket of candy and I got of and ..... SHE TRICKED ME! so I took it in the car. THE END PS true story
  • BOiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    By huge lit fam foot ssundee fan
  • I love

    By Yousif9#31
  • Good game just needs another update

    By privicy please
    It is such a fun game but I’d love a new update with new cars or map. I’m on level 1364 that’s how much I play. I’ve got every car, every paint for the car.
  • Best game ever

    By leanorddd
    Best game in the hole world
  • Crater

    By jaden1029392
  • Pretty good

    By Hewo ggcgcvh
    I looked at the ads, seems pretty cool. Who’s in?!
  • Good game 😁

    By macezie
    It’s such a good game we’re you can learn the the things that might happen if you don’t pay attention to the car 🚘. I just love playing it’s so much fun and is so like makes you hype when it’s hard and you think you can’t but you can. I love it great game and create more fun games and have a nice day whoever reads the reviews.
  • Paid for ad free but it didn’t work!!!

    By Bruce Wayne 317
    I paid for ad free install but my kid keeps getting ads anyway!!! This is very frustrating and is terrible!!!
  • Traffic run!

    By Cressonolivia*
    This is a awsome game!
  • Trash

    By cijckcxztjtjhE
    Literally a black loading screen fir 45 minutes axx
  • Adds

    By idkkg
    I don’t like the game not because the actual game it’s just we need to actually play it it’s like 80 percent add and 20 percent game and when I try to get on and off the losing screen is there for thirty minutes it makes me mad because its not worth taking time out my day for a game that lethally only has adds
  • Traffic Run!

    By agl!!!!!!!!
    It’s so fun and challenging I love it
  • Easy

    By ghutte
    Way to many ads during play time
  • Traffic run

    By AnaDar
    The game traffic run was one of the best games I have ever played.This is totally my new favorite game to play. A child of any age can play this awesome game. I recommend that anyone with a electronic should play this game.Trust me,this game is the best.
  • Yay

    By on tack
    Great game but hard sometimes but I still really enjoy this game!!
  • Timmy of the world

    By Timmy of the world
    Fun game and very challenging!
  • Car

    By Cris smith
    It is a car game that I love
  • Easy money

    By Jesse garza cloud
    Dude this game is too easy hard levels i am up
  • Traffic run

    By mαkenzie
    I think this is very fun and addicting but the levels should be harder I’m only on level 235 and it is still wicked easy
  • Crashing Cars

    By please get lots to rate
  • Great

    It’s awesome but it keeps glitches
  • Could be the #1 game app!

    By Bluridgal
    I love this game but the only thing I don’t like is each segment is so short! I would love for the car to go through more obstacles and different paths making the trip be longer instead of such a short trip. There’s not much of a challenge when you are done so quickly. If you don’t like the ads, turn off your internet and you can play to your heart’s content without ads. Had to give it 5 stars even though not satisfied with the length of the segments because it’s one of the better games.
  • More Ads than a newspaper

    By BananaKey
    This game is fun but there are entirely way TOO MANY ADS! I don’t think it’s worth it. 20 second playing time with 1 minute ads between every level! Ridiculous.
  • Great game

    By mariawendycarolinaanguiano
    The best and most addictive game I have ever played!
  • More cars

    By Dhixneudnrjd
    i got all the cars and i think they need more. i love the game though. 👍🏻
  • Tea

    By gore_17
  • If you are patient

    By Steve745t
    Nice enough game but way to many adds
  • Good until..

    By uhdihrbjqfsbufbsyqv du
    This app is interesting but I’ve only had it a few months and I’m already on level 1000. The levels are too easy and I have nothing to spend my coins on because I already unlocked all of the cars. After level 100 the levels start to repeat themselves, and there is no difference in difficulty, not a good long term game. It takes me 20 minutes to pass 50 levels. The adds are misleading on the mount of challenge.
  • Pick Me Up 2

    By gyrvehyhanhcjgebcdjrhzguvd
    Honestly, this game is the best! I love how the levels aren’t an “endlessly speed and never stop” levels. No, There are actually obstacles and they are reasonable for the game. No, like, random planks. There are cars and trains to make the game harder! Along with steep slopes, ramps and a bunch of other stuff. Now, there are a bunch of ads. Although, EVERY GAME IN THE APP STORE HAS ADS! So I won’t complain a ton about them. This is VERY addicting considering I got to level in the 40s or 50s. Here is my main question: Q: Is this inspired off of tastypill’s Pick Me Up? A (for me): I would say this game is in fact inspired off of Pick Me Up. In Pick Me Up, you are a car from an overhead view, dodging cars, trains and a bunch of other stuff like Traffic Run!. Pick Me Up is a 2D game though. Where as Traffic Run! is actually 3D and uses the same game mechanics and aspects from Pick Me Up. (Continuation from first paragraph) I would be honest, if I were the developer of this game I would call it “Pick Me Up 2” since it is basically a 3D version of Pick Me Up. Finally, Unless you are a member of tastypill, This is awesome and deserves to be number one of racing/action.
  • Fun game inappropriate add pop ups.

    By Soapboxdiva
    I like the game, and so does my 9 year old grand son. The problem is all the adds between levels are inappropriate for his age and quite frankly it pisses me off too. I don’t want to be offered gay and lesbian or any explicit game adds. There are plenty of others out there that I’m sure you could get to sponsor this game. Our world is f’d up enough already without crap like that wrapping our kids at every turn. Yes I know I can pay to block the adds as bd that’ll work until the next update so no thanks. Please consider that kids are gonna be playing and change your add sponsors.
  • Ugh ADS

    By Djhkfnxhchdbshchxhdb
    I love this game and it’s super addicting but after every level their is an ad and it gets really annoying! It makes me not want to play even though I enjoy the game theirs also not option to turn off ads so love the game but could you not ruin it with ads
  • It’s not the best but...

    By ac356JMsoccer12
    This game is fine but it’s very simple and a little bit boring. Also a lot of ads... I don’t recommend it.
  • I hate traffic run

    By mimi dllas
    I hate the game . The cars go to slow .periodtt and to many ads
  • Addicting but so many ads

    By gabaroon❤️macaroon
    This game is soooooooo addicting but I always have to play off WiFi because there are so many ads!!!! And I don’t like playing off WiFi because I don’t want to use up my cellular data. Although I did find this game off of an ad😂 but I don’t need any more games so please get rid of the ads!!!! Other than that this game is super addicting😂😝👍🏼 I’m on level 365 and have 2,363 I’m not addicted you are😳🙄
  • It’s a great game

    By ghaghsvjxbd
    But there are soooooooooooo many ads then you have to watch the entire ad every time
  • Easy

    By 🐢🐢🐢💩💩💩
    It was so easy
  • Awesome but...

    By GREAT but needs some changes
    I LOVE this game but there are WAY too many adds!
  • Good

    By Stormflygirl
    I’m on level 1,0000 I also am 9 and I love this game thanks!
  • Addicting and a good way to pass the time!

    By smileyjonas3 -- josh ;)
    This game is addictive as hell and I love it so much but please can you add a cloud backup so I don’t lose my place? I was at almost 3000 when I had to reset my phone from scratch and lost my levels. I was so sad, I wanted to cry.
  • Loved this game but....

    By lycheelover2008
    I loved this game had my iPhone. Hated the ads but I paid the $2.99to remove the ads was great! Loved playing even got all the cars and colors. Had to deleted, phone was low on memory. So I re downloaded on y iPad, didn’t care I had to restart everything again. Get all the cars watch the ads to get the other colors. That was fine what making me give it 2 stars is that now that I try to purchase the $2.99 to remove the annoying Ads. It says that it already been purchased it be restored for free. The stay on and still pop up. Please fix this? Getting annoying. Yes I can turn the Wi-fi off. I like to watch video to resurrect my vehicle. Please fix this and I will change my review and give it 5 stars
  • Really good

    By KillerMoth123
    I just love it because it’s a really fun game and it’s pretty fun I can just play it whenever and it’s really fun I’m not and you should get it because like it’s the best game not the best best game but it’s a really really good and I will grab it if you would be one of the games that I if I could only get like two games that will be one of the two and you should get it because like I really like it and I think about you and it’s really nice because it’s pretty Susie and it’s pretty nice because you can just play it whenever you want and just take it and just like Wyatt and it like kind of calms you down the trains are really hard especially the trains but you should get it
  • yayyy

    By kdmdmdd
    this game is amazing
  • Awesome

    By 3than$;?$'mg
  • This game needs a few improvements.

    By MaddieS!12
    I think this game is great! But there are some improvements that should be made. First, there are too many ads. Every time I beat a level or lose there is an ad. Second, the levels are way too easy. I’m on level 928 and I can still pass the levels way too easily. Third, I already bought all the cars! We should be able to buy the colors with the coins, not watch ads to get them. Now I have like 6500 coins and I have no idea what to do with them. If these improvements are made then this would be a five star game
  • Not very good

    By foppish idiot
    I got the game as a commercial for another game. It could hold your concentration for about five minutes then you just start to realize it is really stupid. I do not recommend it but thank god it is free. If you have a kid that is like 5 years old they might think it is ok but as far as I am concerned it is a waste of time and effort.
  • ***Parents beware***

    By Shipping is a joke
    Not appropriate for 9 year old or any age - there’s inappropriate ads. Shame on this age range being added, ads are completely sexual.
  • So much FUN!!

    By Blue Faith
    At first it was a little glitchy and had a lot of adds then once I got to level 14 it all stopped then it became my favorite game I have and I have a lot.