Graphing Calculator Pro²

Graphing Calculator Pro²


A full-featured graphing calculator: Graph and investigate functions, solve equations, work with statistics, distributions, matrices and much more. FIVE REASONS WHY YOU NEED THIS APP 1. Keyboard and command syntax similar to physical graphing calculators -> No need to learn a new calculator. 2. Powerful emulator like Wabbitemu Calculator -> No more waiting to graph functions compared to slow physical handhelds. 3. Enter fractions, equations or functions in the same way as you would write them on paper. 4. Never forget your calculator at home! It's always ready on your iPhone & iPad, and it weighs nothing. 5. High-resolution graphs FULL GRAPHING CALCULATOR • Graph more than ten functions at once, each with a different color • Add Lines, Horizontals, Verticals, and Tangents to the graph • Use your finger or the arrow keys to trace the coordinates of your functions • Calculate the Zero, Minimum, Maximum, Intersection, and Derivative • Find integrals and color the area under the function • Set the X and Y coordinates of the graphing window; zoom in and out with your fingers ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR • Enter calculations in natural textbook format • Includes all basic arithmetic (+, -, x, ÷, ^, ², √, π, …) • Use advanced functions like sin, cos, tan, e, ln, Σ, ... • Scroll your calculation history and modify existing calculations with one tab • Store and recall variables • Quadratic Equation Solver MATRIX CALCULATOR • Work with matrices the easy way -> store them or enter them directly on the calculator interface • Do basic matrix arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication or power of a Matrix • Put the matrix into Reduced Row-Echelon Form and solve linear equation systems • Calculate the determinant, inversion or transpose the matrix STATISTICS AND LISTS • Use lists for all basic and trigonometric ​operations • Enter lists using the Statistics List Editor or use curly brackets on the main screen • Perform 1- and 2- Variable Stats • Investigate your lists: min, max, mean, median, sum, product, standard deviation, and variance.​ • Do regressions with best-fit lines: LinReg, QuadReg, CubicReg, QuartReg, ExpReg • Work with distributions: Normal, Poisson and Binomial TUTORIAL AND CATALOG • Easy to understand tutorial to get started • Full Catalog of all commands with syntax, example, and possible error messages • Tab on highlighted math terms to read on point definitions PERFECT FOR HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE STUDENTS • Recommended by teachers to use in math classes • Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2 • Pre-Calculus, Calculus • Statistics • Permitted on SAT/ ACT/ AP (your phone might not be permitted, but you can use the app for homework and borrow an actual calculator from your school for the test)



  • Wrong answers

    By Sampler9
    I bough this app and plugged in the following equation (X+7)(x-5)(x+2) And it answered -70
  • Graphics Bad

    By BGD1961
    Doesn’t look like the calculator I have.
  • Awesome!!!

    By areyouagrilloramale
    super cool super fun super fresh! the best calculator app ever!!!!!
  • Bye

    By ExplodingTNT474
    Ur ugly
  • Not even usable for a precalculus class

    By Hhsiaospfjdjdb
    I genuinely couldn’t even get it to fulfill the most basic functions I needed for my precalc class. When I used the fraction function, it wouldn’t allow me to continue adding if I used an exponent or another fraction it would just push me to the denominator and make it impossible for me to even close my parentheses in an attempt to make the problem coherent. I used it for about five minutes before I realized it was taking me way more time to suffer through than just using my basic phone calculator. If you’re like me and simply don’t have your graphing calculator on you, suffer on, or try to find a less horrible app.
  • Kinda bad but that not totally

    By F.F. Fatman
    It’s not letting me use the y=. And it just makes everything more inconvenient so yea still a great app in oppose to buying a 100$ calculator
  • Review

    By 1107704
    I don’t know how to use it tbh it’s steps are different than a real graphing calculator
  • This almost feels like stealing

    By Twins player #7
    I purchased this app for one of the courses I’m taking. It’s not in my field of study, so I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on a fancy calculator I wouldn’t use after the semester is over. However, having this app is essentially the same as having nothing because the keys I need are “under development and will be in the next update”, but I’ve had this app for almost the whole spring semester, it has since updated, and still I have NEVER been able to actually get use out of it. So after this app almost screwed me over, I found “G.Calculator” and it works amazingly for the exact same price. Please don’t waste your money on this company’s empty promises. If it’s only halfway done developing, why did they put it in the App Store at all?
  • It’s decent

    By _Cloudiah_
    It’s good enough for my college algebra Class so...
  • Scam

    By En645
    Don’t buy it is all a scam and they make you buy other apps before you can actually get it to work and it is still bot good
  • Poor

    By Jayehsksksn
    Too difficult to figure how to use properly
  • With the new updates this now does everything the real one does

    By This is bull ****
    With the new updates this now does everything the real one does

    By Rewiere Writer 3,000
    This calculator gives factually incorrect answers to what should be simple problems (sin/cosine). You should definitely purchase this if you want to get every problem wrong on your homework!
  • I’d be nice if it didn’t freeze

    By scksjd
    App froze a couple of times then ask me to write a review🙄
  • The screen won’t tilt

    By The Mwop Man
    My problem with this app is that it will not tilt on my IPad it is faulty. 😡😡😡
  • Not Complete

    By Kolten Manz
    This app is advertised as a fully developed app... it’s not. Especially frustrating when you need to use binomials, normalpdfs and poissonpdf for dristrubution and it’s not even available to use. All they do is give you a definition and example of what it is.
  • Review

    By linds8201
    Horrible, just horrible! This is nothing like s TI-84 calculator. What a rip off!
  • Almost great

    By Josh142006
    When I first downloaded this app it was just like my TI-84 which I liked because I was already used to the button layout, but now things have changed with the recent updates. For example, when I want to enter a fraction, I used to be able to click math, right,up, then enter (D:n/d) but in the app it’s different which is annoying because I already have that muscle memorized. Also, one of the huge downsides is the lack of iPad integration. Especially since the page on the App Store only shows the app being used on an iPad, which makes one believe that this is tailored for the iPad. Sadly, that isn’t the case. I would really like to see landscape viewing as well as multitasking features (side by side viewing). Last thing, can I change the x values when pressing 2nd graph. I know on the TI-84 you can change this by pressing the + sign.
  • Waste of money

    By aml9189
    Don’t waste your money. This doesn’t seem to do what I need it to do for statistics. The instructions in the manual seem straightforward, but it’s not working like expected.
  • Mr.

    By Graphing Calc Pro Reviewer
    I never reviewed any appl, but I have to say something about this one. It is useless, and so many features in a TI-84 are missing. I would give it a zero star, if possible, a total piece of junk. Do not waste your money.
  • Horrible

    By Tdeleon 70
    I was trying to use this for a stat class but now I realize the things I need it for hasn't been developed .
  • Not the same as a normal graphing calculator

    By meg 4321
    I would not recommend this calculator in the least. It is very different than a normal graphing calculator. I wish I hadn’t spent $5 on this nearly useless app.
  • Missing many functionality!

    By CBC Rating
    Many functions shown in the preview are not available. I bought this app specifically for statistics, but all distribution functions are not available. The app is a lie. The preview screen you see doesn’t equal to what you get!
  • Awful

    By Funland1010
    Wasted money! Missing functions! Do not buy!
  • Has bugs

    By yoiped
    Graph is squashed

    By essenssially
    I spent 3$ on a app that isnt even complete. Its been 3 months and I have yet to receive any updates on when it will be completed. Its calculations are very wrong at times. Please don't waste your money like me.
  • HELP- Missing Features

    By King Be
    When I hit STAT, it should let me move to the right and enter a new tab, CALC, but it doesn’t. Any suggestions?
  • Ti 84 app for Apple

    By Numberpi
    It is a very poor app. You cannot work statistic problems associates with linear regression. The app does not come with that feature. Also, you cannot do box plot graphs, scatter diagram and histograms. It is a waste of money.
  • Do not purchase

    By M44review
    This app DOES not replicate the TI-84 as it claims to.
  • Terrible... Waste of Money

    By #DaBears🐻
    This is a terrible calculator. DO NOT use this for statistics. This is not the same as the hand held calculator and the buttons are not the same. I thought this would actually help me out but it’s just a waste of 5 bucks.
  • Yee

    By yeeeeeeereeee
  • A must have TI 84

    By johny.byb
    Works great! I was looking for a TI 84 calculator and boom here it is!! Same functions as the actual calculator. I’m very happy and it’s also way cheaper
  • Great TI-84 calculator

    By joshv.91.11.1
    I’ve downloaded this app because I needed a ti 84 calculator. The app is even better than the original calculator. The graphs are looking better and are way more precise. Also it had all the other functions I was looking for. I highly recommend this app if you need a ti 84 calculator. Update: Now the developers added the support of lists. I didn’t need lists so far but it is good to know that they still work on the app and add features. 👍
  • Terrible app

    By I HATE TI-84 app
    Horrible app. Glitchy and just horrrible
  • BAD

    By refiill
    Do not install just waste of money and doesn’t give all features an original TI-84 calculator gives
  • Not a TI-84

    By djg0011
    I am giving this app a 3 because it does have potential with the promised updates. I purchased this app because I wanted to write some TI Basic programs. No programming capability. The second thing that I tried was to enter a complex number and multiply that number by its complex conjugate. I could not find the "i". The mode button only sets the number of decimal places and degrees or radians. The graphing functions that I have tried worked. The font used to label the key needs to be larger and bold. A nice feature is that the alpha key clears the keys and only shows the alpha label for the keys.
  • The stat button doesn’t work

    By Gsgshgroifhsrcdkandidkcvjvhf
    Please fix this
  • Functions were unavailable

    By steel1steel1
    The functions that I’d like to use it for are not developed yet. This and the manual are useless for my statistics course.
  • Stat

    By Hi friends 41702
    The stat function still doesn’t work. Horrible app, go somewhere else for a graphing calculator app.
  • Sadly

    By burbuja50##
    Definitely needs improve thus app. Not enough for somebody who start to use it. Incomplete app
  • Total Garbage

    By whatadisappointgapp
    This calculator is no where close to the TI84, can’t even calculate std deviation for a simple data list. False advertising... I want a refund!
  • Don’t buy this

    By Nathan Eastwood
    I just got this app thinking to myself “Oh perfect! A TI-84 calculator app that is relatively cheap! Awesome!” No. It’s not. When I went to go on to stat, it said it was still in development. I just payed $5 for something incomplete. Don’t buy the pile of garbage. It’s not worth it.
  • No reset button

    By smokeybeck
    The calculator is very good, but unlike the actual machine. There is no reset button. Adding one of those would really make it much easier when the calculator breaks.
  • The list bottom don’t work

    By ethan755775
    I literally just bought the app so I could plot my points for homework and it doesn’t work
  • Unfinished trash heap

    By Diamondfroggaming
    Currently in Algebra II, needed this on short notice. Open it, right away, “STAT” is under development. IF YOU'RE GOING TO CHARGE $5 FOR THIS, MAKE IT FUNCTIONAL FIRST.
  • Crap

    By frickle frackle tickle tackle
    Paid for an app that doesn’t even work fully. When you hit stat it says wait until the next update and it’ll work, so I waited. I updated the app and it said the exact same thing, wait until the next update. The class I’m using this for uses stat quite often, vv inconvenient.
  • Garbage

    By Worst Calculator Ever
    No tables until future updates and I paid for this!!!! Bad bad bad
  • It’s ok

    By $$$SHYGUY1234$$$$
    Kinda missing the equal font

    By Sweetestcin
    When is the STAT button will start working I purchased this calculator for that reason