The Warrior - Top Stickman

The Warrior - Top Stickman

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-09-24
  • Current Version: 10.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 91.63 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 680


Are you ready to take the place as the last warrior? It is you against the world. Can you progress through all the bosses and unlock the master weapons? They will stop at nothing to destroy you! Enjoy combining unique weapons and armor to become unstoppable! Fight your way through each world to get face to face with the final boss. Game Features: 1. Unlock Epic Content Traverse through uncharted areas, uncovering the rarest powers and weapons. Can you unlock the lost powers and reach your true potential? 2. Battle Unique Enemies Fight enemies with different abilities that you will discover. Only a MASTER Warrior can quickly learn how to defeat each one. Do you have what it takes to defeat them all? 3. Engaging Idle Simulator Swipe carefully when you're playing and unlock treasure chests to find power boosts and weapons. 4. Offline Single-Player Mode Even without internet and wifi, make you way through our immersive single player story. 5. New Features Always new worlds to experience. Check in each day for new rewards. Use new legendary items to help you reach to become the top stickman Warrior. Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster and Mr Bullet! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;



  • Daily reward is stuck, please fix or make it go away

    By Cheeseburger of death
    Even after the latest update the daily reward calendar is locked up and giving nothing, this would not even be a issue with me but the stupid thing is as annoying as a pop up ad. I enjoy playing the game, the new improvements are great!
  • I kind a like this game but I just keep earning the same weapon

    By Gav1912
    I don’t know why but he’s making me earn the same weapon I don’t know if it’s because I bought that pack or something but it is killing me so much then I get frustrated

    By turnover27
    I have played this game on my friends phone and it was awesome 😎 there is only two things I would like if there was a cool detail background and if the aim was improved a bit other than that it is an excellent game
  • New weapons, etc.

    By Hippie 77
    I’ve been playing this game a while but I just now connected with Facebook. Is that why certain weapons, etc. won’t unlock? I haven’t seen anything that tells me how, so if my not having been connected isn’t the issue please let me know just how I can open better toys😀 Thanks, Hippie 77
  • Fun game, but the ads are overwhelming.

    By Dn88
    Ads are just too much.
  • Terrible

    By Knico004
    Game freezes and aim disappears when it does let you try to shoot. 👎🏻
  • More updates please

    By crack of the butt
    Free daily gift has ben frozen for months now. I maxed out all the weapons except for the few it won’t unlock. Feels like the creators abandoned this game😟 sad because it’s a dope game
  • It is bad

    By OBJ Vanna fan of like
    I hate it
  • Good game

    By fhyski
    I really like this game and it’s so much fun and you can even see the other kids
  • This is good but...

    By hfkai257
    The shield heater is 2000 dollars for that small little shield. It doesn’t even block anything. And some of the helmets you have to buy something to get. The shields are barely the size of the enemy’s. And can you change it so you have to hit the eye of the dragon.
  • The game is great

    By Hefty225
    It’s just that it needs more updates like I’m on lvl 110 So yah good game
  • Great game but 3 problems

    By vagotious place
    One after5 minutes the ricochet stops two legendary weapons are to hard to get and three the zombies and dragon are to op but good game
  • جيد جداً

    By jarah alsharifi
    افضل لعبه
  • 3.5 stars needs more variety

    By John Doe 23
    Game gets monotonous after a week or two. Everything is maxed out weapons and enemies. It would be great if different game modes weapons, new characters or levels were added once in a while.
  • Pretty good

    By Scooter:)71
    Yes I like this game it is fun and passes the time....... i give a thumbs up for sure 👍🏼
  • Too many advertisements

    By Brain sergeant
    Fun, but way too many advertisements. Cant even finish a level without watching an add.
  • This game is bad

    By Lilliax
    This game is glitchey and whenever I aim it doesn’t always work AND the ad I saw I was cool endless weapons but when I played the game it was completely different Also you guys are Ad-Baiting
  • Please nerf all of the people

    By yeet the seat
    So I’m super angry because the zombies are too op and the vampire please read this
  • Funny

    By Austin Texas 4life
    Original but wicked graphics
  • Control

    By Dlaflatdownhill
    There is something wrong with the control.
  • Needs Update

    By Jared Wizner
    Fun game - needs more... not worth paying for any upgrades, not enough game play. Once all the weapons are upgraded, there’s literally nothing else to do, but play over and over.
  • Its good

    By kkuobggb
    Itts really gooooood
  • Awesome

    By Kenlyn Shiell
    This is by far the best game that ever game out !! Love Love Love it!!!
  • Love

    By Jhanel Pechard
    It’s so amazing ! And it’s so addictive
  • Great!

    By Tarajai Brownsea
    I really like this game it’s great and it’s super easy.
  • Best game ever

    By Jacquilyn Ruddin
    I play this game everyday! I love when I win a tournament . This game always brightens my day!!
  • This is a bad game

    By hsgsghshsh
    Whenever I buy something it scams me and gives me a virus
  • Awesome game

    By g bbbgvb
    Potato buttons people guy but pepperoni pizza and rev big hubbub g nah/v* j/cancvh;inkdfhvhjfjvhngnnfvn. Jnfghgjfjgjjfjgjjf jfjfjgjgjjfvj. Nfjfijfmv
  • Awesome

    By Zulimar Buckam
    So this game is to easy for me. Can you make online battles because I only played this game for 2 days and I’m already on level 80 something. So I would be glad if you would make online battles thanks
  • Unlimited Fun

    By Maliky Dizlie
    One of those apps that you don’t immediately delete after downloading. So much fun and a challenge as well!
  • Five stars so far!!!

    By Giulio Sydney
    I got past the 30 level! This game is super fun to play
  • Pretty good!

    By Sheneshia Klos
    The game is pretty fun! Sure It can get boring but it is very nice! 😃
  • Bad Controls

    By Figgy_ Ice
    So I kept trying to aim but the controls kept reversing I wasn’t leaning to protect me it was just bad. So I give this game 1, yes 1 star. Please just, make the controls better. Please. 😔
  • Fake ads

    By HolyGrimReaper
    Don’t have ads that fake the gameplay next time. Thanks.
  • Good but

    By sako013
    Good game but when it comes to make some add clicked they try too much to ruin the game
  • Games

    By TheñastKing5873
    It is a nice game I almost play it every day
  • Need a full refund for this waste of a game.

    By Galina"s apple id
    Paid for upgrades and never received any of what I expected.
  • Ugly horse

    By nick doge
    When I rigmht the horse the horse I get every shot of me from the ugly stick men pls fix
  • Poor class

    By Seastaff1024
    Was having a good time till you decided to add our president as an enemy. Low class. Removing and will never play your games.
  • I don’t see that...

    By smoooooore
    The ad was cool but the actual game is just a stickman throwing a spear but the ad showed stick nodes killing other stickman with like guns and swords etc but the real thing is the game stole someone’s YouTube video. If you search up stick nodes weapon master you’ll see what was in the ad
  • Jees...

    By its_nooby
    I didn’t even get to see or play this game because it took so long for it to load and I think I will just delete this game and tell other people to ignore it to.
  • Awesome but no dragon boss

    By Ahines1356
    I was looking forward to the dragon boss
  • Review

    By X communicate
    Bring back the wall bounce and fix the hit box on the dragon its hit box is broken
  • Alright game

    By kmsem4king
    The game is pretty good, but there needs to be a better radius to do critical damage on the dragon. Like I’ll hit it in the face, in between the horns and the nose, and it won’t do anything until the 4th time I’ve hit it. It’s like a by chance type of thing, and it destroys you so quickly, like u need to have almost all critical hits.
  • Done

    By LtDan1974
    After seeing a target depicting the sitting President of the United States of America I have deleted your game.
  • Good game.

    By BenJ29+
    I do think it is a very good game. But I do ask, did you ask to use the animations in your adds?
  • Advice

    By Sam Moulton
    I was one of the first people to play this and i’ve done everything and it would be nice, and if you could you know conbine the weapons and their boosts for a new kind of currency. Otherwise awesome game 😀.
  • Please make deferent controls they keep getting me killed

    By tylerthelion
    The gameplay was great but the controls don’t always work
  • The Dragon

    By MrAngerREE
    I love this game. It’s amazing and fun a special offline on the go. There is one thing thought. The Dragons hit box is weird, I keep hitting him were it tells me too but it just bounces off, please fix this in a future update. Thank you for this great game