• Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2019-08-19
  • Current Version: 1.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 43.37 MB
  • Developer: VocaTales Pte Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.


Forget the flashcards! Wacky wordplay, storytelling sorcery, and endless imaginative challenges are waiting for you in the world of VocaTales. It’s a creative community, vocabulary toolbox, and interactive adventure all rolled up into one epic experience – with VocaTales, there’s no limit to the linguistic wonder to be achieved and discovered! **Split and Spin** At the heart of VocaTales’ new approach to building vocabulary is a revolutionary wordplay process called Split and Spin – take a vocabulary word, split it into its different sounds and syllables, and use some quirky associations to spin those distinct segments into a unique and memorable tale. Split & Spin provides the opportunity to take advantage of every type of linguistic trickery out there, from punnery to poetry and everything in between. Associating new words with the quirky stories produced by Split and Spin will help them stick in your memory as surely as a tale follows a comet! **Features** - Spin tales from vocabulary words harvested from every corner of the English language - Interact with other vocabulary enthusiasts and storytellers from all over the world – like, comment, share, follow, and save a collection of your favorite tales - Extend the tales of other users to create epic sagas full of twists, turns, surprises, and alternate endings… if the story ever ends at all, that is! - Challenge others to extend your tales and collaborate on a continuously evolving imaginative adventure - Learn, create, and challenge your wits until you achieve an unrivaled command of the lexicon! **Future Features – Things to Look Forward to!** And as if that weren’t enough, even more exciting features are currently baking in the forges – here are just a few additions to VocaTales you can expect to see in the near future: - A points system! Earn points to advance through a unique hierarchy of user levels – rise up from the rank of a lowly Observer until you ascend to the realm of the VocaTitans! - At each level increase, unlock new powers to influence the ever-expanding VocaTales universe. - Complete creative challenges to earn points and badges – show off your linguistic skill and win emblems of lexical prestige. Stale flashcard-style systems can work, but why bother with rote memorization when creation, exploration, and imagination are far more fun and effective? Explore the world of VocaTales to discover where language, wordplay, and creativity can take you.



  • Best way to expand your vocab

    By hjkhhgfgfkghkguh;huu
    Super fun way to pick up new words and actually remember them! Splitting words and writing tales is an awesome brain-game if you’re into wordplay and creative writing, and the social aspect of the app is really cool too. You can follow, like, comment, etc. and also set challenges for other users to complete. Sort of like a social media app/creative space for writers and vocab nerds. If you’re looking to learn new words in a way that engages your imagination, definitely give this one a shot!
  • Amazing app to learn ‘tough’ words in a fun way

    By Ashutosh836
    Break the tough words, make stories around them, use it as a canvas to showcase your creativity. Invite friends to add to the fun, like and comment on stories. Fork existing stories to give a new dimension. Wonderful app for one n all.