Big Big Baller

Big Big Baller

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-09-06
  • Current Version: 1.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 295.84 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 108 310


"Where Am I? In a city?! Oh hi~ you little cute car! Oops, I'm sorry!" The ball crushed a car accidentally, however, the ball seems to get bigger! That's interesting, let's see how big it can get and crash everything in your sight! You can also crash other player's ball which is smaller than yours! Now, time to roll over the amazing city! Features: * Free to play, play it anywhere anytime * Simple rules but very attractive * Lots of interesting challenges * Beat other players and stay alive Subscription By subscribing to Big Big Baller, you get: - Non rewarded ads removed - 1000 daliy free coins - 6 new balls Subscription options -1 week ( free 3 days trial ), $7.99 These purchases are auto-renewable subscriptions. The subscription price will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase and in the 24 hours prior to the end of each subscription period as set out above (e.g - week, month or year). Cancel your subscription at any time in your iTunes Account Settings. If you do not cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the expiry of any trial period, the subscription will automatically convert into a paid auto-renewing subscription. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.



  • Idk

    By shhshdhehhfbrbr
    I don’t know why I wanna was the last night you got to go to bed now I cannot I wanna is a time to get home from the rest the day and then go back together and get a little more sleep so you can go home and then come home I will be there in the afternoon I can go get to the bus home and I’ll be there I wanna is a good morning and yes you have a good day I wanna was the time of the year you got to me a little something that I was gonna I wanna is a good morning
  • Ernez besto world

    By Ernezbesto
  • I hate everything

    By no telling my name
    I tried playing this app but it didn’t wanna let me play when I played my other games they worked just fine

    By mjarnoldd
    I love this game and it’s very fun but I get so bored with the same 3 maps over and over again. Please create more so there’s more variety!!
  • Very good game just lags a lot

    By Bouncydoor875
    I am already in love with this game! I really like the Katamari Damancy replication as a free mobile game. The only immediate problem is the major lag I’ve Been having while playing it. It was like, 3 frames per second. I really doubt this is a problem with my device. I hope you can fix this very soon. Still a good game
  • Awesome game!

    By orange_fire
    It’s very fun and easy to win! It probably took tons of effort and I liked that! The games, the skins, are amazing! Keep up the good work!

    By gabmoji
    I know you’re tricking me! I played this game, and it took awhile to realize something: IM NOT PLAYING AGAINST REAL PEOPLE!!!! It was just today. I opened the app, but I had no WiFi. I COULD PLAY WITHOUT WIFI! I also noticed everyone had actual names. In games online, most ppl don’t use there real names!!! Oh, one more thing, I exited the app, when it was at 2 seconds. WHEN I CAME BACK, THE TIME WAS THE SAME!!!!!!
  • Nope

    By urughjfjfhdhdhghdhfh
    O no nope Poop
  • This is amazing

    By AVA4EVE!!!!!
    This is the most amazing app I have ever had!!! It
  • Boring

    By the kiddo of roblox
    It is boring but the adds made it look so fun

    By Aphmaucatlover
    PLEASE!!! Let there be an online game for actual players. PLEASE!!!
  • This is an awesome game

    By suger is the best
    If you are mad play this game
  • It’s great

    By Tracles111112345654321
    I live this game bro it’s awesome and I think you should make more maps to make it more interesting
  • I wish u could make it harder somehow

    By 🐶🦋💩
    Plz do that
  • Random words 😂 goo game btw

    By The Morelle Family
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  • Overheater Battery-Eater

    By type1A
    Super fun game-I would give it 5 stars but for the above. After playing TWO rounds(=4minutes), my phone was feeling very warm. Two rounds later,I have gone from full charge on my iPhone 8, to just under 2/3 full! This is the same every time I play this game-many other and much larger games I have played do not have this problem. I do really love it otherwise but holy cow why? Just why?? :*( My tiny violins have tiny violins of their own.
  • Big baller

    By tytttyttttttttttttt
    I love this game so much but its a hard game
  • Ball game

    By dggahdjg
    This is the best app in my U. S. A
  • I love this game but it doesn’t have to have a timer

    By mfbrheind
  • seriously

    By jjbby28
    BBB, have you guys given up. i am maxed at level 30 cant gain any more points and no more coins. can guys please please please expand the levels let say to 200 some thing. i am on the brink of deleting because i have nothing to strive for any more.
  • Love it

    By the best gamer12936
    I’ve only been playing this game for about 2 days and it is the best game I have ever had. Thank you for making this app it’s so good
  • The best game ever

    By you sparkle
    When I started playing this game I was rolling around and I came in first place I can’t believe it everybody should play this game I will never delete it off my iPad because I love it so much honestly I think that they should make big big Baller2 this game is so cool I think everybody should have it so even you should I hope that everybody who gets big big Baller should get a reward
  • This is the most addictive game ever

    By ultrasharpgamer
    I am most certainty not a gamer. I don’t get people who like to sit around all day and play video games. But this game is so addicting I have had it for about three months and I haven’t have anything wrong with it. You get to unlock new skins and maps which always encourages you to work for goals. There is not too many adds at all I understand it is a free game so they have to make money somehow. When I first got the game I thought there would be so many adds but there isn’t. If you get sick of playing the classic game then there is more game modes. If you want my opinion this is honestly the best game I’ve ever played. I hope you read this because I spent a lot of time on this.Clearly I’m in Love😍 with this game.
  • Fix the bugs

    By Mickey8798
    I’m honesty super annoyed with this app, it’s fun when it actually works, but most of the time the game shuts down in the middle of a game

    By 00JEM
    It would be super-awesome to get some coinage after leveling up!! All in all, I’m sooooo addicted to this game. Hoping for more worlds!!! I don’t like the Animal Jungle though. And the Snow World is small.
  • Dannlin

    By Dannlin
  • Scam

    By Remicakes
    Just spend 4.99 (promo for 9.99 package) that promised me 1,000 coins, a new ball, and no ads and I have yet to see any of it
  • Ads ads ads

    By johnny with the .50
    So many freakin ads You can’t see the freakin game Get rid of the freakin ads!
  • نان

    By تانززرر
  • The game

    By Jadenbug9210
    This games alright it isn’t fun to were u can’t stop playing can be entertaining for about an hour
  • I love it you can just eat ppl up💕💕

    By jaedenyy
  • Hi

    By yamile_yarianna
    I don’t like it
  • If you don’t like the game don’t comment about it please.

    By gamer girl1012
    The title explains its self if u don’t like it just get rid of it.
  • Big big baller

    By hhhtvfnttjgfasean
    I don’t know why the time so short??? And I don’t win a lot ¥~€|£|!{£{>£|€£{€££}€>~£!! I say this when I do three stars ⭐️ *|>¥<{£?£{?¥€£{?€,€>^{<£<>£|>£>!?|£?€€{€?€€£{<€>£}>€}£}£>|+€|=•|•>|+~€£|•|!~£+*>}¥€+€{!+€*£{£|¥~*|>€}>|£?}€|•|€~¥~€~¥~¥~•’ฟยพ่ะวนสภาทนายความชัย ได้ไหมค่ะพี่ตุ๋มนดสำร ไป แล้ว
  • Fun game, but....

    By SSSkinz
    Game is fun for people who enjoy repetitive play. Something is so satisfying about collecting things and getting bigger as you do it. That being said the bots are ridiculous! You are definitely not playing against other people. For one, the bot balls can go faster than you and kill you right away. Two, the bots target you specifically. Three, it seems like they get bigger way faster than you. Four, sometimes when I’m in the number 1 position I’ll slam into another ball to kill it and nothing will happen to that ball. Then, all of a sudden that ball becomes number 1 and slams into me and kills me!!! It’s an okay game if you can handle the many ways the bots screw you over. I’ve noticed in battle mode you can win about every four rounds. So, patience is required for this game. Also, the ads are insane.
  • Fun

    By SmokeyElCrack32
  • It’s Crashes

    By it crashes .......
    I tend to like the io games because of there excitement that they provid this game even if I have WiFi its crashes and I really want you to fix that
  • Pretty good game!

    By PickyBeans
    Hi this is a really good game. I just got it and already can’t stop playing it. It lags pretty much half the time but it’s still easy to use and play. But I wish you guys could add more game modes it’ll make the game 100% more fun. I think you should do more customizing on your balls. Still pretty cool! If you don’t like this game. I think you should love it. It might get boring at sometimes. But really hard to put your phone down. I recommend this game. 🥳
  • Cool, but one issue.

    By Demon/Human Combo Pack
    I think the game is kind of fun. The only issue is that it lags. Badly. It makes it almost impossible to play. Please fix.
  • Getting old

    By bogeyboy4
    I was really enjoying this app until the people came in (as they always do) and had the special little things that allow them to kill other players without being damaged. Totally ruined the game experience for me. If you’re going to give special power to players got just signing in, give them a special room to play. About ready to quit playing.........

    By dbhsghf
    One word to describe this game: terrible. Don’t download this game. The day I downloaded this, it was all glitchy and I new that I was not going to like it.And then ,after finishing my first round it had spinning wheel where you could get coins and stuff like that but you had to watch a video to get it and I thought it was going to be a nice entertaining ad but it was actually very inappropriate. So I would not let young children get this game. One last reason you shouldn’t download this game is because other players have inappropriate names. I am not concerning the makers of the game, I am concerned with other players.That is all my complaints that you have to fix if you want more players. Thank you for giving your time to read this and FIX THIS GAME.
  • Fun game but....

    By Jnillz77
    The game is fun and all but after about 2 to 3 games I have to stop playing because it makes my phone extremely hot and I don’t know why . So I’ve had to uninstall this game
  • Awesome

    By Matthew Vasilkou
  • Good but bad

    By Chemical Spider
    Bjbhuh knomofkcmgnijmrnj rvvinoenivniurvniureinu& is the season to be at my birthday tomorrow I am going haha 😆 is the next time I get a tornado in the snow I can not find a good good night for you haha uis was your morning I just got homework and you have tto I right unow was a rreally I twas was a really urgent trip I
  • This game makes my phone very hot

    By NessaLorraine33
    Hi, let me just say, I really like this game and would recommend it to anyone.... BUT it makes iPhone 8 really hot to the point that I’m afraid it’s going to ruin my phone. I have tested it out with other games, & THIS GAME IS THE ONLY GAME THAT MAKES MY PHONE REALLY HOT TO THE POINT IT COULD RUIN MY PHONE. So, can we fix this?
  • Why did you rip off voodoo games!

    By SharpStroderTheTomboy😝😎
    This game is a rip-off and a waste of money 💰.if you get a chest there’s no point in having to watch an ad for it beacause you earned it and deserve it. I guess you thought Voodoo had better games and you wanted to make your games better but you made it worse then before.2nd of all this game is EXTREMELY laggy and it takes forever to load I once waited 10 MINUTES STRAIGHT for this app to load.this game has crappy graphics controls and quality.if you look at the video it looks clean with nice graphics controls and quality,but you play the game and it’s the total opposite.And 3rd of all,the usernames.give limit to usernames like “I’m gonna kill you” or “I’m at your house with a knife” please please please this game is rated like 12+ or 4+ something like that,LITTLE KIDDOS CAN SEE THOSE QUESTIONABLE USERNAMES!i will uninstall until further notice.

    By Sofse
    It’s awesome
  • The game

    By rip nipsey husstle
    It’s like the hole game but it sticks into everything
  • Lagging

    By ❀KazzieBear❀
    This would be a great game! I love the idea but the lagging can be a real pain on your eyes and slow down your sphere.