Horoscope Secret

Horoscope Secret

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2018-09-14
  • Current Version: 2.7.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 126.90 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 839


Update horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs daily and detailed descriptions of each zodiac sign's indications. Horoscope secret is the only APP that has it all. Discover what the future holds for you. Gain insights into your daily, monthly and annual horoscopes: what should you expect regarding your relationships, work & health conditions and fortunes? Observe the horoscopes of people you love! You can use the following functions: - Horoscope Prediction: Forecast your daily, monthly and annual horoscope regarding relationships, work & health conditions and fortunes. - Zodiac Love Compatibility: Find the perfect partner for you or your beloved ones. - Future Camera: Take you on a journey through time and space. See what you’ll be up to years later. - Palm Reading: Things that matter, the value of life and many more can be read from your palm lines. - Crystal Ball: Answer any questions in your mind --- it will be mysterious and interesting! The APP has the following subscription options: - Monthly ($29.99) with a 3-day free trial period - Weekly ($9.99) with a 3-day free trial period - Weekly ($9.99) with a 7-day free trial period - Weekly special offer ($0.99) - Yearly special offer ($74.99) - Accounts will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period with notifications - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user orders a subscription package - Subscription preferences may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by visiting “Account Settings “after purchase Privacy Policy: https://bit.ly/2Q3FSw5 Terms of Service: https://bit.ly/2NetDOV The APP cannot guarantee that data is 100% accurate. The APP should be used for entertainment purposes.




    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OFF THIS APP I paid 10.00$ for to see how I look like in the future and I was scammed and it seemed nothing as it was advertised
  • Disappointed

    By KiBella92
    I downloaded this app because I am interested in horoscope readings. I do not like the app because after downloading it I could’nt read anything that I wanted to. I want to unsubscribe before the free trial ends & I cannot. Please fix this problem. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    By abbycookie1234
    did i literally pay for the is app???
  • You have to pay to use it after it’s downloaded for “free”

    By aleicaa
    I wasn’t pleased at all with the fact I couldn’t do really anything without purchasing everything before I got to do it. There’s nothing you can actually do without the extra work of watching a video or paying for a months subscription. 🙄
  • Bad and expensive!

    By Nikagirl14
    My child Accidentally downloaded this app and I can’t figure out how to stop paying $10 a week for it. Waist of hard earned money!
  • This app is useless and misleading

    By Marissa Lilah
    This app is going to make the app itself free, but then not make anything else in the app free?! You can’t do anything without money, deleting this garbage immediately! 😡
  • Trash

    By 0k8uddy
    You have to pay 10$ a week or it won’t let you do the face scan
  • Do not get the app

    By Kloee_13
    It all cost money for the results if you don’t want to pay I hate the app I lived with it for not even 30 mins
  • It needs work

    By lailyah
    You have to pay money for the other stuff
  • Horrible!

    By Sikne Maatouk
    I hate this app! It is so frustrating and you have to pay 10 dollars for an app! Right when I downloaded it I wanted to do my Horoscope, it said “Pay 9.99 to do your daily horoscope!” Like really. How frustrating.
  • Charges cancellation

    By astrobane
    Does deleting the app within 3 days opt you out of being charged after the trial period or do you have to do something else to cancel?
  • Booty game

    By uncle joe lol
    Why do I have to pay to do almost anything all that’s available is about your zodiac sign why does every zodiac related app costs money why not make the app cost money!Oh you probably just want to get people to get the app for some reason (maybe they get money when you get it)this game is booty they just want some dumb person to buy it for just money!its probably fake!im sick of this app it’s booty
  • Misleading!

    By ddauphine
    This app makes you believe that you’re going to have free access, yet you have to sign up and pay!
  • It’s good

    By darwinee
    You guys are judging to much it alright to use
  • Hello

    By johnweeler
    You have buy almost every thing there like I just started
  • Spelling

    It says Octorber instead of October
  • Review

    By person🙃
    I saw the app on snap and I thought it looked really interesting. But most of the thing that you want to do on the app you have to pay for.
  • Disappointed

    By gracelqueen
    This app promised me a 3 day free trial, yet the day I got it, it charged me $6.46. So not trustworthy, and very disappointed in the app, the developers, and the marketers.
  • Not was it seem likes

    By lannabanana13
    Thought this is going to be a very interesting app to use but the moment I tap on anything I have to pay $5.99 a month for my horoscope to possibly be wrong. Which makes this app no fun to use in no point of downloading
  • Uggh

    By Minime0826
    This app keeps trying to charge me for something I never bought 🙄
  • Why do you have to pay?

    By 💗🍒
    They give you a one chance to do each thing on the app free, then they make you pay, if you wanna use the app at all... not ideal😂
  • In app purchases

    By Nya14💋
    It is okay, just not fair that we can only read a few sentences. Unless we pay, which I think it’s not worth it.
  • expensive and bad

    By tjokeefe
    you have to pay to see anything if you dont want to spend money on it its basically useless.
  • pay

    By Nannystophitmusicstation
    it’s not really a good app since you’re always having to pay for most likely inaccurate readings. i highly don’t suggest
  • This app is bad

    By Puppy's 😉😊😉
    It tells you what you are felling today and it is not accurate. For the romance category it lets you read one sentence and then it makes you pay.
  • They Want Money

    By Jeg19
    Not only am I sick of this app wanting us to pay them money to experience the whole thing but they say it’s free which is a lie. So stop bugging us to pay to experience this whole app, it could be a waste of money and not all of us have money to pay for things like this.
  • This costs money!?!

    By Hot |:| Pocket
    I’m sorry to say, but you literally can’t do anything on this app without having to pay. You can probably find the same info online for free.
  • No

    By 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌝🌝🌝🌝
    TERRIBLE. The fact that I have to pay to read more of tomorrow is straight up BS
  • You have to pay

    By jsnsjsbsjsbsh
    You have to pay for everything on the app, and you don’t really find that much out of it. But it also gives a bad first impression because when you first go on it just shows you an ad that you can’t get out of or tells you to pay to go on the dang thing. I’m deleting it and I would advise everyone to not buy it. It’s a waste of time.
  • Purchases

    By Tato_crew
    I downloaded this app because I wanted to know more stuff about me as a Pisces. But I did the palm readings and the appearance level test and it won’t even show me what I got! Why won’t it at least show us like once or twice before we have to buy premium!
  • Disappointing.

    By Trinton405
    Crashed every five seconds, I couldn't do anything.
  • Nope!

    By Why tho...
    I should NOT have to pay to get results back. Completely RIDICULOUS. Downloading this app was a complete waste. Ads everywhere, poor formatting/layout, very little results, ridiculous pricing. I do NOT recommend this app. Fix this.
  • It’s ok

    By madisyn serna
    Maybe if you let more things be available instead of having to pay for it because some people, like me, can’t afford it but overall it’s great

    By rjdhfbdhdn
    You basically gotta pay for everything and Lots Of Ads Don’t Download waste of time
  • 10/10 DO NOT recommend! NOT FREE

    By sanderfoot m
    (YOU HAVE TO PAY TOO MUCH FOR THIS JUST TO KNOW SOMETHING)ok ok so the title is a little harsh and i know no ones wants to read super long review but if you want a good horoscope app don’t get this one. you can only learn maybe 4 new facts that you can learn about and more just by using google. the prices are insane! it’s $5.99 for a “free” 3 DAY trial. it’s $16.99 for a “free” 7 DAY trial and... $71.99 for a whole year!!! i’m sorry i’m 14 and i’m not paying that much just to learn about horoscopes! you can buy a whole book for $15 at a store and learn more AND spend less money!
  • Money

    By Kkaatttiie
    You can’t do anything unless you pay for premium. Making this app entirely useless to have.
  • Pretty good!

    By Dat kewl doe
    Yeah, I had to pay for the subscription for like, everything. But after that, its pretty good. However, there are a few spelling mistakes.

    By chad who hates this app
    It wants you to pay 5.99 a WEEK! So if you wanted an app where it tells you nothing threw out your day until you PAY!! Then plz download. Like I can’t even. How will I know if me and this boy are compatible???? PLZ DO TELL! OH WAIT! I BET I GOTTA PAY FOR THAT TOOOOOOOO😤😑
  • Tami view

    By Tamster96
    It is a easy read .. VERY knowledgeable site
  • Payments

    By lee merritt
    It doesn’t let you do anything unless you pay. When is something free these days?
  • Terrible

    By nsidiaesc
    I don't want to close app because I like zodiac signs and I like to check the daily stuff for it, but you basically have to pay for everything, and on top of that, random adds pop up. No thank you.
  • Have a Better App

    By Dogs_Luvr
    I downloaded this app to see what it was about and because I’m interested in palm reading, but quickly found out that I have to pay money to do practically anything in the app besides getting a brief explanation of my sun sign and today’s horoscope. That brings up another problem, it only talks about the sun sign. With Zodiacs you can’t simply find who you’re compatible with and how you act based on your sun sign alone, you have to look at all your signs such as your rising sign and your moon sign. I recommend the Co-Star app it does everything this app does but more accurately and with all your signs included. Sorry but I’m deleting this immediately.
  • Don’t really recommend

    By 21blu
    They don’t let us do anything
  • eww

    By Lee Thul
    literally have to pay to continue reading just about everything
  • Do recommend but it has issues

    By hailey6789322
    I saw the app on snap and thought it would be interesting but to use it you have to pay to do most things so it’s pretty pointless
  • Don’t get it

    By lizzygrube
    I think it’s stupid you have to pay for it like you can go and not care I mean I don’t really care but I thought it would be cool but it not
  • Don’t recommend it

    By solangie garcia💕
    I saw this app on Snapchat and it looked pretty cool so I downloaded it but come to find out and it’s not as cool as it seems.I open the app I knew right away to delete it. that’s why I do not recommend it
  • You have to pay

    By harmony_love10110💜💜
    You have to pay $4.99 for everything. You can’t do anything. BORING
  • No

    By Tabitha1091
    Found a ad for it on instagram but literally can’t use the app without spending money every week