Army Clash

Army Clash

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-09-09
  • Current Version: 2.6
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 233.68 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 35 909


Create the perfect formation, increase your army, and tap at the good time to win all against your opponents. You will be the winner.



  • Game has flaws but great potential

    By c8bat
    So I bought the no add and ever since then when I click to watch a video for a free troop I spend my 30 seconds to get absolutely nothing. Space is need because one you buy the whole little patch that’s it the game needs more space
  • Cool concept, hate the ads

    By Dude2577
    Constant ads made it unplayable for me. Game is driven by play volume and keeps interrupting
  • The ad looked great but not the game.

    By Lol_m3n
    I was playing idle makeover when I got the ad and I downloaded it then it wasn’t what I expected I was in a battle between the yellow and then my team died I wouldn’t say it was good but please work on it better cause I ain't giving a 5 star review until the game good. Anyway the battle was terrible my team kept die so yeah I wouldn’t say 5 star Ima give it a 2 work on it BETTER BECAUSE I AIN’T PAYING A DIME UNTIL IT BETTER U HERE ME!!!!!!!!
  • Ads

    By lammsauce
    The game is ruined by ads after every level there’s another ad which just ruins the joy of going right back into the next level.
  • Please update!

    By Super will 5000
    I have maxed all troops and filled every square so I have nothing left to achieve please at least increase the number of squares available to house troops or something. I’m also able to purposefully time my attack horrible but win every battle
  • There should be more

    By MikeG1934
    There should be more to this game. It's fun and simple, but it's way TOO simple. You max out on space really quick and that's it. It would be cool if you actually lost soldiers permanently during battle and had to reinforce your troops. That would make it slightly more challenging and make the small space you have work.
  • How to make it more fun

    By luvme_fahme
    You can add more sounds to the game because there is one sound when new people come out make adds about them that this is Sparta add has nothing to do with the game
  • !!!!

    By lanceese
    Too many adds
  • Too many ads and free troop failures

    By Jonsarg
    The game itself is ok, but there are way too many ads. The free troop Button lights up all the time but more than 20 times after the ad no troops. Disappointing
  • Great game! Could use some minor fixes

    By DisLoyal_Soul
    I like this game. Never spent a penny on it and am in the 300 range of levels. Most of my troops are level 5 but I can’t upgrade my lower troops further due to having my grids maxed and full. The game only needs minor fixes to keep troops going, I would like to see a way to upgrade grid spaces, or to recycle troops to make room. I like the balance of troop varieties and don’t think more need added. I love the simplicity of the game and don’t want the developers to over complicate the game by adding too much. Just needs a few fixes to keep it going without compromising its originality Bugs noticed: I have screenshots but after level 200 every once in a while every 3-7 levels you will get a blank level that if you let the game run on you auto win and move to the next level Suggestions: 1: Make a bench slot for troops to make space for upgrading. 2: integrate other ways to upgrade current troops. 3: maybe add boss bench marks every 100 levels to add some challenge.
  • Ads

    By ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Terrible. I highly recommend that you don't play unless you want to watch a movie of ads. After every two battles their is an ad and battles last under a minute and you have to do like 5 victory before upgrading. So please don't download.
  • Fun game overall

    By thiccdaddy429
    The game is very fun and enjoyable especially because you get to upgrade troops and set their formations and watch your troops crush your enemies. But the ads just ruin the game. You get an ad after ever battle and it’s just frustrating when each battle lasts about 15 seconds and ads last about 30 seconds. Oh and did I forget to mention that half of the time instead of spending the coins you earn to get troops and space you have to watch a fricking ad. Ads just ruined the game for me.
  • Not good

    By urjfkfkdk
    I’ve been playing this game for a long time, it’s got worse! First of all, the level that I’m on, I should get better soldiers. Also, all I get is archers. I really don’t get basic. If you read comments, get this DONT TAKE A CHANCE!!!
  • Drains battery

    By i am a kiwi69
    It’s a good game but it drains my battery like crazy
  • To much ads

    By nick4ll5
    Each level u pass = 1 ad
  • Excessive ads. More time in adds than playing

    By Kachingy123
    Not very fun.
  • Ad to Win

    By rdbrsprt
    Gotta Watch ads to win. Not worth playing.
  • This game WAS a blast

    By Crackeryack
    This game was awesome and fun. But I beat in in a few days. I can’t get rid of troops I have the majority of my army maxed out and a few that can’t get anywhere due to the lack of space. If they ever fix this and update it to make either more space or some kind of solution I’ll gladly change this to a 5 star review from a 3.
  • Thanks for making the game

    By potatoman612612
    Army clash is the best game ever and it has to be 5stars I really like this game it’s fun but it has also not been that great for a reason it needs a major update and it's really boring. -Lucas sun
  • Boring

    By reecesteph
    The game is just super repetitive and easy. no challenges or skill based missions
  • Needs a way to discard troops

    By honestaboutBS
    Once the slots are full the game is over no matter what that’s what you are stuck with. They need a way to discard troops or it is a waste of your time
  • Too many Adds

    By Don12312
    This is a fun game that is completely ruined by the amount of adds you are forced to watch. Sadly Deleting
  • Don’t buy to remove ads

    By jonnytenspeed
    I paid to remove the ads but the ads remained. Also the game starts to get boring in the later stages
  • Why do mobile phone game company do this?

    By Whitemamba24881
    I started playing this a wee bit ago and everytime you play one match/ level you get a advertisement after if you die or complete it. The game quality is decent but ad after ad makes me never wanna play this game again because you can’t complete a decent amount in a short period of time. I will be deleting this game because not every my nieces and nephew like this because of advertisements
  • Beat the game in two days

    By Miss117
    Well I beat the game in two days. Got to level 245, was able to upgrade most of my troops to gold and ran out of spaces. So to me I beat it because there is now nothing to win, after each clash I get coins that I can’t spend, I can’t upgrade, I can’t buy spaces, I can’t really do anything but watch sorta cool battles and ads. The game is really glitchy. Coins don’t add correctly. If your in an ad and you screen change from vertical to horizontal and back again then when you get back to the game a chunk of the game is cut off and you can’t fix it unless you leave the game which also mean you loss the reward you were watching the ad for. The app will shut down unexpectedly and there will be a glitch in the battle we’re one of the enemies is unkillable so you’ll have to start the match over or watch a never ending battle. The game is pretty fun in the beginning but after awhile it’s just a cash grab for the ads.
  • Some bugs to fix

    By Shado213503
    This game is a good time waster. However videos don’t pay out all the time. Example: when you finish a level and can watch a video to unlock troops. Video continuously asks if I’m sure I want to close, no matter how long I wait to let it complete. Also the level “multiplier” doesn’t work right either. I won over 3k on the level and got a “3x” and equaled 5100????
  • U

    By lopkhgdddd
    No ads
  • It’s so fun

    By unitedweecare
    It’s is so much fun
  • Fix this bug

    By Army clash fan
    There is a bug in the game that when the last opponent is alive it some how lets him climb onto my team and run around in circles on my team if that makes any sence. The game is good just needs more space and more level ups and a little more control.
  • Too many ADDS!

    By 1rino7
    If you get this game you’ll spend more time watching adds than playing and every time you beat a level it plays an add
  • Not bad

    By Benjir17
    ok to start wayyyy to many adds. no matter what i do i get to watch a crappy 30 second add. the game itself is good but honestly i can’t tell if this is worth it to keep playing. smh i’m kinda disappointed.
  • Worth downloading

    By Raeyzeus
    This game runs smooth and is quite good for a free game. Very basic but enjoyable. I especially like that incorporated into the game, you can watch ads for different small bonuses. I don’t mind giving some ad revenue to you for a more enjoyable experience. That being said, I will say it’s unfortunate that there’s also ad placement between every battle, because this is too much. I have to play in airplane mode to avoid getting annoyed and quitting, but then I can’t watch the ads for the different bonuses. It’s a shame because I’d watch every one that offers me a bonus, but 30sec waiting between battles is far too much for me. I also wish there was more options for troop placement and direction in the game. I wish I could give each unit an arrow direction so that I could strategize, instead of them all running straight in. This alone would make the game 1000x better. Some I want to say “hold”, and some I want to say “focus on cannons first”, but alas they all charge straight in and die.
  • Entertaining

    By Unicorn Lena
    The only thing that is a little boring is that sometimes it can be a little boring watching the ads and sometimes the people fighting can be boring but I still love this game. It is so much fun.
  • Scam

    By bront2012
    They blow your phone up with ads and ad deals for troops and half the time you watch an ad for troops and get nothing not worth the frustration
  • Fun

    By LilMock04
    It is a good game to pass the time
  • Good idea but DEVS PLEASE READ

    By ThanasiManoli
    I played about 150 lvls, no real money, but accidentally filled up the last army slot and can’t do anything else cus the game is so, so limited. I’m writing this review cus I actually can’t progress because of how it was developed. Questions/tips for the developers moving forward: - why doesn’t moving an army type over a different army type not switch their positions? 🤦🏻‍♂️ - can battles show army sizes and total losses at the top? - why do the Mintegral ads never give you a reward? Every ad that you have to “confirm close?” We are watching ads and getting nothing - can each army type and level show an attack and life value? How do we compare what armies are better for what reasons beyond the obvious traits? And how can we compare that (1) lvl 5 archer is better than (2) lvl 4 archers? - absolutely hate the random rolling of new armies. Please just make it a menu where you pick what you want. So much time and so many more ads just for 13-16% chance to get the thing you want - how does anybody know how poison and fire weapon are different? How much better is lvl 4 fire than 3? 2? Do they stack through a campaign or does a lvl 2 poison replace a previous lvl 4 fire? Do like things stack and different ones replace? Speed seems to stack and health doesn’t seem to conflict with wep buffs, but that is all I can tell. - Why does the cost of buying one new army go up and then sometimes back down? What are the parameters that affect price? - why can’t you buy cannons? How do they compare with lvl 5 bomb? Why don’t enemy armies’ size/compositions get any more difficult after like lvl 70? - can there be the option to sell, reroll, or trash armies you don’t want? If you forget to leave a slot open you are stuck and can never change your army again if two can’t merge. The whole fun of this game is creating a powerful, unique army composition and arrangement and you barely give players the tools to do just that. Great idea, just sooooooo much room for improvement
  • No ‘contact devs’ button

    By Potter dog
    1. Maxed out on spaces; cant consolidate, drop or add troops. Cant buy more space,even though I have $. 2. Bought ad free but still seeing ads. 3. Left reviews w request help....NO ANSWER. Help! Please refund $2.99.

    By Balinor 072
    Constant ad bombardment. Even when I click on an ad for a reroll I got the same troops 3 times in a row!!! This game developer owes me 26 troop packages. This company is run by morons and I apologize to morons for having to group the developers with them.
  • Say What?

    By GiMEmy$back!
    I wanted to like this game but I could never figure out how to control my army. Moving your finger back and forth like the intro illustrates has a pointless effect. On several occasions my arm ran past the enemy and turning them around to fight was hopeless. I’m deleting the game and chalking it up to worthless programming by millennials.
  • Major Glitch

    By Chris1426
    There is a glitch. When you achieve your daily goals, it will say it is worth 25000 coins but it doesn’t give you any when you achieve the goal. The game owes me about 500,000 coins by now.
  • ADS

    By Shai954
  • Army “CRASH”

    By Taejung Chang
    After the upgrade, it is not booting up. It keeps crashing after the logo.
  • 𝓐𝓵𝓶𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓯𝓮𝓬𝓽

    I love this game because it’s a little easy but challenging, it makes it fun to play because you can level up you’re characters and improve hoe good they are. But one itty bitty little problem you either need to 𝒅𝒊𝒆 or 𝔀𝓲𝓷 to level up you're characters, other wise it’s 𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒇𝒆𝒄𝒕.
  • Fun game, unplayable due to high amounts of ads

    By Tubadoofus1125
    It’s an enjoyable enough game, nice little merge mechanics and cute fights, but there are so many ads you’ll spend more time watching those than actually playing the game. Money grubbing ruined an otherwise serviceable app.
  • It could be better but it is fun

    By 2% mayhem
    This game is fun but they need to add more to it
  • Need campaign

    By Berrycreative
    This game needs a campaign all you do in this game right now is level Up army people
  • “ can’t reach the ocean” in army?

    By srvitup
    You guys are idiots. You are using the ocean bait on a army game? Really? Are we that stupid to fall for that? GIVE US REAL GAME FOUTAGE, NOT THIS CRAP! Now, don’t do this again, or I give all your games 1 star to no stars
  • Bad app, don’t download

    By kdsiofbfishbdhfivnsbd
    Way too many ads, the app developers that created this game did not create it for the sole purpose of entertainment, they did it for money. What else can I say? Ok boomer. 🚮
  • To many ADS!!!!!!!

    By major cowboy
    great game but to many ads it is so annoying