Army Clash

Army Clash

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-09-09
  • Current Version: 1.8
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 170.48 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 21 788


Create the perfect formation, increase your army, and tap at the good time to win all against your opponents. You will be the winner.



  • Fun game, addicting

    By Iceman850
    I just passed lvl 501 I’ve bought everything that can be bought. It would be nice if the Army you fought got a little harder. It’s been pretty much the same armies since lvl 400. It’s pretty near impossible to upgrade all units to lvl 5 so maybe give us a way to delete units we don’t want? That would be super cool
  • Wow these adds

    By Angxl213
    The amount of adds on this game is so terrible, the game is trash and on top of that you get an add every 2 buttons that you press. This is a horrible game and a complete waste of time. I would rate this 0 stars if I could, I repeat DO NOT DOWNLOAD
  • Ok

    By chickenaaaaaa
    The game itself is ok but there are ads after every game you play. I would not recommend this at all.
  • Fun but horrible

    By jesse74628
    Fun game but there are ads every 15 seconds non stop I can’t even enjoy it
  • Flagrant false advertising

    By kingofharpswell
    Saw an ad for this game and it had a close up view of like 200 npc’s crashing into each other and not even lagging. Downloaded it immediately and this was not the case. There’s barely even any sound, and I’ve probably watched 6 hours of ads for like 3 hours of play. It’s addicting, but it’s barely a game, more like an ad watching simulator.
  • Wow

    By kiki6479
    Start off the game losing 5 times in a row... very inviting
  • Clocked the game, level 326

    By callum.sao
    Awesome game and concept like every game you release! However, to maintain people within the game you guys should introduce multiplayer, or even higher levels, because it’s really fun until the time where you finish everything. It kind of gets boring. I’ve clocked(finished) every game you guys have put out. I love it. But please do multiplayer or even add higher levels. Part from that amazing!
  • No sound

    By Hansolosnake
    No sound for my soldiers why?
  • Rip off

    By wafflebutt777
    I paid for no ads and it still gave me ads. This is ridiculous, please fix this!
  • Its really fun

    By loser at this game 35892
    It is really simple after 20 tries I won a match it was really fun because I was battling my friends and I lost tons of times
  • Ads Ads Ads and more Ads

    By DolphinBeaTz
    Look. Fun game, yes I know it's free...but really? An ad after every level? Not worth my time, thanks.

    By JCMB1632
    You’ll realize there’s no point to the game and the experience plateaus then dips as you regret paying 2.99 to get rid of ads.
  • Needs better reward mechanic

    By jbfreels
    I really like this game (level 646 at time of writing). But the reward mechanic needs rework. The biggest frustration is getting to higher levels and getting lower rewards, that should never be a thing. I’m not meaning that on level 100 I get a x3 reward multiplier and then level 101 I get a X1 and I’m frustrated, what I mean is that, for example, level 100 rewards you with 1420 coins with no multiplier and then the next level rewards you with 1300 with no multiplier. I’d also suggest a reward for each unit still loving after battle. That way your incentivized to be the strongest and hit perfect every time. I’d also drop the “X1” if you win the battle, that would make winning more rewarding. Just some suggestions, will love to see what the developer adds in the future.
  • Love it

    By TayTay1014!
    I love the game but i think their needs to be a inventory option to store troops you don’t want in the field
  • More ads than gameplay

    By Rasarias
    The game is fun a super simple but it’s beginning to seem that it’s more an ad vehicle than about game play.
  • No ads? More like less ads.

    By Matt81084
    I purchased the no ads feature because I was tired of seeing the same advertisement over and over again. I thought by spending $2.99 it would remove all the ads allowing me to just play the game. I was wrong after you pass a level you have this forced ad that gives you more troops, which you can’t skip unless you never plan on buying troops again. The only ads it removed was the one at the bottom of the screen that didn’t bother me at all and the one after passing the level which is much shorter because it has a skip feature after 5 seconds. When you pay to remove ads I expect all of them to be removed, this is classified as false advertisement and I will be seeing what I can do to get my money back. Please don’t waste your money ether live with the ads or uninstall because the “No ADS” purchase is a joke!
  • Ok

    By ligma victim
    Fun but by each second passes 10 ads pop up and it’s like 2.99 to remove it
  • Modes?

    By night818
    This game is amazing I really can’t stop playing it. I have been reading the reviews about how when you try to upgrade your troops it doesn’t let you I have found that you need to position your finger right above the square tile. But I was wondering if you could create a sandbox mode. Through playing the game I have found that once you hit level 100 you wish to see if you can just mess around and create two armies that can fight each other without having to buy them via coins or etc. if you do want to add stuff like that maybe have it so that once you have say 100000 coins you can have another army so that it is 1v1v1. This would allow people to not have to worry about having to change their armies formation to defeat the enemy team. Also if you have a basic ideas off battle tactics and how to win against this formation and etc it makes the game easier at some points. But over all this game is amazing and would most likely never stop wanting to play this game.
  • Fun for a day

    By Team d and I
    Didn’t know I was downloading an ad watching simulator
  • Too easy

    By Kgray24
    Fun at first, but it’s not challenging enough. Got to level 286 in 2 days without ever coming close to losing a battle. Gets boring when you’re pretty much guaranteed to win every time.
  • Good but some updates plz

    By iStoleYourGrass
    Ok ok so this game is great but it has no sound to it the only sound is the when you get a victory and sometimes when I watch a ad to get a free troop it doesn’t even give it to me.
  • Waste of time

    By schmuckarelli
    I ran out of space. Now I can’t make it any bigger and I can’t get any more soldiers to level up the ones that are taking up space. I spent money and time on this game for nothing.
  • Winning a lot

    By Dalan_tke135
    I love this game but I win a lot it’s the best game ever but it will not make it move when I move it or fite
  • Lag

    By Breal 32123
    Lags way too much because of so many ads
  • Peepeepoopoo

    By 62)/)/!.$2&/ sklqla
    Peeeee peee pooooooooooo poooooooooooooo
  • Way to many ads

    By Downgraded the best game
    It’s is fun but after every game you have to watch an ad for at least 5 sec sometime 30.
  • What’s the point?

    By 8*2)=28(**62*682=*7*=3
    The game is pointless. All you do is press start and get another soldier over and over. The game is filled with adds. It’s just a money grab.
  • Too many ads.

    By Stokes205
    Could be a fun game if it wasn’t 15 seconds of playing fallowed by 60 seconds of ads
  • Needs a bug fix to be great!

    By BC2009!!
    Most of the time after I click “fight,” as soon as the fighters come into contact with each other the game freezes and shuts off. I think there is a bug or a fix required to stop this from happening. Once this issue is resolved, I am confident I can re-review and give 4-5 stars!
  • Milán

    By elizabeth dragon
    Pierdo mucho me ayudan
  • Adds

    By Yrettu
    This game is great and funny nut the pop up adds at the bottom of the screen blocks the option to buy more soldiers
  • Too many ads

    By Wandergame
    I absolutely love this game but there are way too many ads. At the bottom of the screen there is always an ad blocking the upgrades so you accidentally click the ad instead of the upgrade, this is very annoying. After almost every battle there is a 15 to 30 second ad. Sometimes the upgrade button will be replaced with a “free upgrade” button, which plays an ad. When I watched an ad I did not actually receive the reward. Very annoying because I cannot play the game, which is very fun.
  • Money glitch

    By Rinner14_YT
    I used to play this game a lot until when I got into the higher levels, whenever I buy troops it says I need to pay this amount Ex: 20,000, then whenever I buy it, I pay that, lose all my money and go negative 5-20K each time
  • Game’s great but needs a few improvements

    By mr.nutterbutter
    For one i feel the game would be better if it had a zoom in feature to move and combine troops easily
  • So many ads

    By Sebastianwhite123
    Every time I download any game of yours I always delete it within a day because of the amount of ads you guys put. So even if we win a round, you’re most likely gonna be punished with an ad.. Man, I need an ad blocker.
  • Short but Fun.

    By PaattBaatt
    I downloaded this game a week ago and now I am at a point where I cannot improve. I can’t buy anymore space or anymore troops. If they were to add a prestige system or something then it could possibly be a 4 star. But a game this short only deserves a 3 star.
  • Ad was AWESOME

    By yeetermaan
    From what I saw on a ad box dudes were flying everywhere and it was so funny!!😂
  • Spend more time watching ads than playing the game

    By Arrange Remilia
    Each ad is time length is longer than the time required to complete a level.
  • Ads

    By 1Asice
    Way too many it’s almost after every level I complete
  • Way too many ads

    By whatintheyellow
    A really fast paced game that will show you an ad every time you finish a on measles level that usually only takes 5 seconds to be done. The game literally shows me an ad every 5 seconds and you don’t get to play the game at all.
  • Thanks for making such a fun game

    By kennycool123
    Love the game but I need to be able to delete the troops I don’t need so I can get the ones I do and get my troops max btw level 190 games supper fun hope dv read this and answer my prayer.
  • Ads

    By Bronohomo
    Would be a decent little time passer if I wasn’t looking at ads more than I actually play.
  • No sound. Lots of ads

    By Stargreen808
    Give me sound
  • Awesome, but other things I would like

    By GEN. English
    This game is great, the ads are ok and you can quickly X out of them, it would make the game a little bit interesting if they added a causality count, it’s not a must need but it would be interesting, I like the fact that you buy cards and can combine them to make better units, maybe there should also be a prestige system where you get better benefits but restart the game. Overall this is a great game GET IT NOW
  • Cool

    By tyler amaya
    Awesome game way to many adds
  • Really good game, just one thing

    By lil.poco
    Add more spaces or a trash bin to throw away troops you don’t need, because I’ve used all my spaces but the troops that I have in some of those spaces aren’t able to merge
  • Too many ads

    By Awallan3
    Listen, I know you guys want more money even though your company has dozens of ad raped games, but come on. Every two games, ad. Want more troops? Ad. You even balance the game so that it gets so difficult to get more troops that you have to watch ads anyways. This is ridiculous
  • Ads

    By overweightuncle
    It’s just ads
  • To hard

    By utfhddug
    Hi this game is to hard you keep giving me a times one on players and m opponents keep killing me