Conects Q&A: Fastest Math Help

Conects Q&A: Fastest Math Help

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2018-09-30
  • Current Version: 3.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 157.87 MB
  • Developer: ST&Company inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 9 082


Stuck on a problem? Get instant Step-by-Step solutions! Answers in a snap! ▶ Just 2 steps! ◀ 1) Take a photo of any Math & Science problem 2) Receive instant step-by-step solutions ALL SOLUTIONS WITHIN SECONDS!!! Technology is making studying easier! Homework easier! What if I want help from actual people? WORRY NOT! We got that too! • Conects Q&A is with a community of a lot of expert tutors, and they are online 24/7 ready to help. • A lot of students use Conects Q&A to access instant step-by-step answers. • Conects Q&A guarantees you math & science help when you need it 24/7, anytime, anywhere. • We make it easy for you to get help so you can have more free time, less stress, and get better grades! ▶ Main Features ◀ 1) Instant Search Engine Answers in seconds! Answers to ALL Math & Science problems. Even Geometry and Word problems! It's 100% FREE! 2) 1:1 Q&A with expert tutors Expert Live Tutors available for chat 24/7. Ask them any Math & Science problem. They will help you step-by-step until you understand. ▶ We cover MANY topics! ◀ Conects Q&A covers a wide variety of topics: Algebra, Calculus, Precalculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Operations Management, Advanced Math, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Finite Mathematics, Differential Equations, Business Math. ▶ Expert Tutors ◀ 1) Our tutors can help you solve even the hardest types of problems, including diagrams or complex questions. 2) Access your complete tutoring session history whenever you need another quick view. ▶ Conects Q&A is the easiest way to get the solution to your problem ◀ • Are you still reading tedious and boring textbooks? • Are you lost in school? Can't catch up to other peers?" With Conects Q&A you will not only understand the problem, you will understand the concept. ▶ Meet Top 1% mentors and learn from them ◀ • Connect 1:1 with people who have already achieved you’re the current goals you are seeking. • From personal questions to professional consulting - find everything you need. • Get answers to all your questions through chat, voice call, and offline sessions. ▶ Special Benefits for Membership Users! ◀ Subscribe to Conects Q&A Plan and upgrade your experience! • Post an unlimited number of questions Get answers 24/7, no daily limit • Get all answers in 10 minutes(avg.) Use High Speed coupons for all questions • Ask premium tutors The top 1% Conects tutors will help More than 11 million people are already on Conects Q&A. Study better with Conects Q&A app! ▶ Subscription Plan ◀ You may purchase an auto-renewing subscription via In-App Purchase. • Auto-renewable subscription • Annual Plan ($6.99/mo), 6-month plan ($9.99/mo), Monthly Plan ($14.99/mo) • Buyer can choose "Pay as you go" option, for $5.99/purchase • Subscription will be charged to user's iTunes account at confirmation of purchase, and will automatically renew after the end of purchased subscription plan period. This may be cancelled by turning off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. • Current subscription cannot be cancelled while active. However, user can manage subscription auto-renewal via iTunes Account Settings •SUPPORT & FEEDBACK Terms of Use: Privacy Policy : If you have any issues or want to help improve Conects Q&A with feedback, please contact us directly: [email protected] We are more than happy to answer all your questions and solve any issue, so make sure you contact us before leaving your review! PLEASE NOTE - Requires a wireless connection or mobile data plan.



  • The best

    By tchiedje
    The best
  • One of the BEST apps for help with homework

    By breetheebratt
    I love this app! Download it you won’t regret it
  • I wish this app was easy and free to use again

    By answeuamarzj
    I’ve been using this app since last year when it was underrated and it was all free. No plans, coupons, freebies. Just a straightforward app. Since it has blown up they’ve changed it. This makes me sad because I always relied on this app for extra help because I can not afford a tutor but now I have to do extra work for freebie coupon. I hope they go back to the way they were :( the app is great for help
  • Rupali Shah       

    By Albeo otTaridr
    A great app for solving your doubts no matter of which grade you are. The response for doubt is very fast and also quality of solution is best. Awesome app😊😊😊👍 ​  ‍ ‍
  • Pankaj Chaturbhuj​      

    By 50989311523019
    Good App for student in such time (covid) Very good app. I got all the answer within the 5 minutes Really helpful‌‍ ‍  
  • Good app but

    By #Unicornweirdo101
    It’s a good app it helps a lot but I deleted it a few days ago and I wanted to redownload it but I forgot how I signed in so now I can’t use it which is a bummer.
  • Shobha Ramakrishna      

    It is very helpfull app, i liked it so much. I can finish my homework in a very less time     ‍
  • Sakshi Yadab  ‌  ‌

    By g斌李
    This app is excellent and good for studens. Good experience and giving the answer of all questions. It's called tutor app for students. Easy to learn.     ​ 
  • Varun    ​‍

    By PsSmos aukrawat
    This is really awesome app. Student are getting their answer from best by online. Student's can ask all their questions answer. By this app can solve many problems of students      ​ 
  • ritika dhupe​‌    

    By nogd negei
    Best app helped me a lot ...Nothing better than this👍👍👍👍​   ‌​
  • Doesn’t answer question

    By Future 215
    I needed help with a exam review I submitted three questions for help only one of them I received a response for which the answer was wrong and the other two I never received a response. I also emailed support no help. When you need homework help you want instant response at least 2-4 hours but not days I resubmitted the questions twice is still the receiver smart you’re better off using chegg way better .
  • Ashwani Raj     ‍ 

    By Nkoros uili
    this app is best for students.teachers are so good ,and the way they explain are so nice.also response very quickly.      
  • bad app

    By Zad5116
    didn’t help me said my email was wrong when it wasn’t .
  • Saikat Bag     ‌

    By Anl Shekariai
    Wonderful app!!! This is my go to app whenever i have any problem in math or physics. Highly reccommend for students all over the world.  ‌    
  • Gatka King    ‌ ‌

    Such a good app for homework and confusion.      
  • Jashmin Joshi     ‌

    By C ruoasEdlardo
    Thank u so much .....its quick n helpful   ​​  
  • math

    By dogj313
    i’m just getting the hang of it.
  • It’s great

    By Tau~
    I love it so much! Surprisingly it’s better than Socratic from google themselves and I can 100% get the answers without have to go in depth like I have to in Socratic and go in different websites
  • Manjula Thakur‍     

    This app is very useful to my life‌     
  • Twinkle Sachdeva  ‍​  

    By 1想你不035
    A great platform to learn & it is most amazing homework help for each and every doubt in the Subject (Maths & Science).Best part about the app is that it is very fast - like if we have posted the query we got the answer in a minute or even less. Experts are so energetic!! they try to clear each and every doubts of ours.I really recommend others to use the app!! Awesome App it is!!🤘😊‍ ​   
  • Definitely recommend!!!

    By :::;;;;;;;)))))))
    I am a 8th grader in geometry right and and I was struggling. My teacher barley explains how to the work and we have no notes. I saw this add after searching helplessly for an app that would work for me. When I came across this app it was a life saver. You scan yourself problem and get similar or even the same question as someone else posted, and it helps you through the question. If they don’t have your question, you can ask a tutor and they answer very quickly! I have gotten such better grades with this and saved my parents so much money from getting me a tutor. This app I highly recommend and will definitely be sharing it with friends!
  • Hemanth .H.R.L‌    ‍ 

    By lagf eerRBr
    I think it is the best helping app in the world ​‍  ​ 
  • Lalitha shree       

    Really a good app must try       
  • NIschal Rao     ‍

    Very nice so I can understand everything       
  • Mr. Khairul Bashar    ‍ 

    Very good app for student in uper class   ​  
  • Bhanu Sai    ‌  

    By ZalK daiach
    You people are helping a lot in my studies this is really very good app you are providing all types of answers which are not available in other apps and you people are amazing because you are replying to every review.    ‍ ‍
  • Kirit Kitit    ‍ 

    By Hnmeando Strven Kadarusea
    This application is a also truth answer And also very fast I love this app This feature is world best app all app is good But conects is a very very good and excellent So bye​‍     
  • Hey It's your own The Dev and Ishi Show‍   ‍  

    By uinMr Hajaji
    It is the best app ever..... It helps me and my brother clear all our doubts..... Just one problem is there........ That there is no problem in the app only 😀..... I love this app...... It is the best app to clear our doubts..... We get our answers with the same method which we use in our school and along with the correct working and answer ....... Best app..... Love it...... Thank you ST Unitas..... love this app....Very helpful.....☺️ ​    
  • Rohit Yadav​ ‌​  ​

    By anySdSong
    This is very good app and providing questions answer to student. It works exilent for both tutor and students. I recommend to all please download.​      
  • Suggestion?

    By hdjdhdbebs
    Hello, maybe you guys could add, watch ads for coupons?
  • Bruh..

    By Dont use this thing
    It used to be good back in April, but now you gotta pay for stuff smh.. I hate it when apps get popular.
  • Fathima Hajira‌  ‍   

    By bihd avnrer
    This app help me in many ways for my studies..very happy to say it..👍​     
  • Sahil Yadav ​     

    This is the best app for students and teachers and for the tutors this app is helpful for students. they can easily find very easy solving approach for the questions . Excellent app recommend to all​      
  • Subhash Yadav       

    By ArminM .lFra unic
    World's best question solving app .      
  • Rithik Kumar‌   ‍ 

    By 震地点像的
    Good app for preparation..  ​   
  • dumb app

    By gyjhigthk
    this app is stupid. its taking them so long to answer my question but i look and other peoples questions are being answered in 3 min
  • Ayush     ​ 

    By sanSoe
    I feel comfortable with this app , because it gives lots of Q&A related to my preparation for JEE . And it's concepts section is just 👍👍👍👍👍. ‍    ‌ 
  • Membership

    By 👀🤦🏾‍♀️
    I use to like this app until the membership was added. Yes this app is very helpful and better than all the other ones but lately some of the tutors have not been helpful. I am paying for the membership and it suppose to get help 10 minutes faster but sometimes it still takes them 3 hours or next day to respond. I mind as well collect the coupons rather than paying for membership.
  • Ranjeet Thakur   ‌  ​

    Helps in my homework as per my expectations It's a very good application Student must use it    ‍  
  • Ramu Boppudy      

    By anatignau
    Quite an awsm app for the help of students in understanding both in school & college level ques in a very lucid manner by the efficient experts of this platform.i really recommend all to use this app and make the most out of it. !!    ‍ 
  • Bhole Nath ​​   

    By rlyoW
    Quite an awsm app for the help of students in understanding both in school & college level ques in a very lucid manner by the efficient experts of this platform.i really recommend all to use this app and make the most out of it.‍ ‌   
  • shailesh sharma ‍​    

    By rakimiabdolmar n
    Very good work . Instantly help in my home work.  ‍  ‍
  • bhawna rani   ‌   

    By Robetr raGry
    I heard about this app from my student, so I tried it, it's really very good app, for solutions of problems in subject, so I just love this app. 👌👌‌    ​​
  • Money

    By .Lit
    I’m already paying 5.99 for the connects q&a premium and I am out of the tickets that give you a response. Now it is promoting me to pay 84$ for a year to get unlimited. If it was gonna charge me just for having the app than why would it not tell you that additional purchases would be needed down the road. Usually premium means PREMIUM. Because that is what your paying for!!!!!
  • bharati Borhade   ‌   

    By RLZAA.J
    It is helping me to understand the concepts ‍‍   
  • Manish Shrivastava‌     

    By Vaostlis Coisulas
    It's nice app for study.‍‌‌   ‌ 
  • Sameep Gogia ​ ‌  

    By aCmerrTont
    It's a very good doubt solving app  ‌ ​  ‍
  • Bhanwarlal Ninama    ‍​ 

    By Manuez Gertduirl
    The fastest homework help for me   ​​​  
  • Amulya Amulya ‌     

    It is awesome app to use it helps in your homework ​