Coco - Live Video Chat coconut

Coco - Live Video Chat coconut

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2018-10-15
  • Current Version: 1.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 109.44 MB
  • Developer: Ying Gu
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 248


Meet, Chat, and Go Nuts! on Coconut - Go Live & Meet! Coconut/ is a premium livestream and video platform for people looking to meet new people and get more followers for live streams. allows users to go live solo or with their friends for small live group chats. Coconut also allows you to create and share interesting and creative short video to share with people everywhere. On Coconut you can: - Video chat with new people all over the world - Send video messages to friends and followers - Livestream and go live with a friend - Discover people who share your interests We know you have a choice when picking a livestream partner, and we would like to extend a mahalo for picking COCONUT.TV as your partner for livestream entertainment and dating. If you have any questions, please reach out through the app or send an email to



  • Not bad

    By ☠️DEADZ☠️
    Love the app, ive met a ton of cool people on here but there is an issue with accounts sticking in the viewer box and also some accounts can not be bounced out by broadcaster or bouncers.. it can become a real issue due to the fact that they are usually trolls that like to harass members.. definitely a vibe killer that should be looked into.. also there’s a bug going around where random people can jump into broadcasts without being invited
  • Fix

    By taatt.
    Whn I’m live there people talking in the background of my live but there not here with me
  • Coins

    By braracon
    I just buy some coins and they take my money from my bank account I already text some bill pics and they didn’t answer my messages the same thing happened when they where cake they just close the app and I didn’t get a refund for my coins I had in my account
  • 🔞🔞🔞⚠️⚠️There are underaged girl

    By вιя∂у
    Admin need to monitor all minor age girls act as adult and demand diamonds. This app is completely selling adulthood and inappropriate to children!
  • Terrible app

    By Apell92
    I got robbed and asked customer service for a refund and never got the refund please help I need to be refunded 20,000 and customer service never answer.. I email 1,000 times and still no answer worst customer service ever
  • scammmmmish

    By brokeb1tchclique
    havent recieved my payout and the only way support ever gets back to me is by me leaving a negative review unfortunately last week i had this same issue and it took an entire extra week for them to actually send it to me despite sending me an email telling me the money would be in my account within 24 hrs..this week i recieved the same email..again without any deposite following and support has been completely unresponsive..very frustrating and very stressful not to mention unprofessional
  • Great app

    By blood bleed555
  • Live Time

    By joy709
    The live just ends on me randomly. I could go live for about 45min-1h only, then it would stop the live. Everything is okay for me.
  • Really bad

    By braboski
    Really bad
  • Needs better programming

    By Playgurlplay
    Horrible CLARITY strange men were jumping in my solo live in my guest box at random super weird and no option to go private on the Iphone XR

    By tiffymonroex
    I absolutely love this app! Great way to meet new people ! I highly would recommend signing up for this you will not be disappointed!!!
  • Love it changed my life.

    By Fancy_wanker
    This app is absolutely my favorite! They’re just amazing and the updates are even better.

    By SnowTheWettest
    I am a broadcaster here and a lurker/tipper . I have made great friends on here and am so greatfull to have most in my life. If it wasn’t for this app I would have never met all these great people. It’s a cute little community . We all care about each other and are there for each other to vent about life etc . Download coco on iPhone or Cake live stream on Android. Buy some tokens and spend them on your favorite broadcasters , I promise you won’t regret it :) also don’t forget to stop by and say hi to me if your reading this ! 💕 - SNOW ❄️
  • App

    By Greg 233
    But up is truly amazing and awesome having to meet other potential special people on here that’s pretty special and really amazing I enjoyed it very much the only thing they have to do more a customer support don’t give me wrong you’re doing very good but will wait till you guys can we do refunds or someone ripped us off we need you guys to get on that because it’s not fair for the people who put so much time and money and the people who have all the diamonds be ripping people off of Other than that you’re doing a fantastic good job please get back to me
  • Terrible

    By selinsubasi
    Scam app
  • BEWARE!!!!

    By Optic832
    You actually pay 5 bucks for the app even though it’s “free” I bought diamonds and I stopped. Someone was still taking money from the bank.. I don’t know sounds fishy and possibly scam. Enter at own Risk! Watch pornhub it’s actually free.
  • App

    By ancdergh
    App is just like cake pretty much just a porn site they said they fixed that problem but I bought some diamonds opened a few videos every one of them thinking it was going to be funny or something but it’s some one being nasty doing Pornography so I just Gave all my diamonds away and deleted the app definitely won’t be back on there hopefully they take it off the App Store because Pornography is a huge problem on there and that’s not what the app is for...
  • Fun!

    By C_esta87
    Coco is a entertaining place to meet people online chat and have fun! 5 stars for CoCo! You guys have worked hard to keep pushing new updates to make this app great! New features on new update! You can actually kick unwanted viewers from watching your broadcast.
  • Get a date!

    By Jacjennrn
    I love this live video call app so much and there are so many amazing and kind people. I recommend getting this app so that you can be yourself and people will love you for who you are no matter what. This app is just so AMAZING.
  • Easy to use

    By Fenjebdi
    asy and no long waiting for a chat. The best one I have used so far! New friends This app is fun and is a great way to make new friends! Jokester Great app to kill time and meet new people and crack jokes App The app runs so smooth. Meet interesting people IMO Hippo is very fun video chat in my opinion, I love this app 10 out of 10 Great app with great chats and new people! 10/10 recommend!!! Meet Me Meet people from all over. Great time
  • Best app for friends

    By Fbakco
    I believe this is one of the best apps to be able to communicate freely with people from all over the world. Here I was able to find some foreign friends. Thank you very much to the developers for this.
  • Meet new people

    By Jjkacjri
    |I love meeting new people from around the world and this app helps a lot I’m thankful for this app! Get you won’t regret it FUN
  • Appy

    By Kites kiddo
    it's very good app i just love it
  • Entertainment

    By Mark l. Burn ham
    Good entertainment for every area of my life and age group
  • Worldwide

    By XingZzzmiz
    I found a friends around the globe, proud to say I have friends in almost every nations in the world.
  • Amazing

    By gokamnaa11
    A new chatting way. It's an amazing live video call app. Love using this app, we have a lot of fun and play games all the time.
  • Good App

    By Roland B.Ander
    this app is to good I like this app I'm so ẽcited
  • Simple and fun

    By Gamanasa1
    is a great app simple to used, i love it!
  • Online video chat

    By Gkamsa1
    Hippo app is a very nice helps me talk to random strangers via online video chat.people on thus app are very nice and not creepy. They dont do bad things
  • Best chat app

    By animieaka123
    probably one of the best app for online video chatting!! It is Such an amazing concept have also so many new friends through. Random strangers that I video call everyday
  • Get a date!

    By clieannerold
    This app is great you meet all kinds of nice people I would recommend downloading this app it’s free and you can meet someone to date too.
  • Been on it for awhile

    By sitenotright
    I the app is ok. What I like to know if I can buy coins with a credit card or just only with a I tune card or a google play card
  • Hola

    By chinito d buen corazon
    Me gusta es bueno
  • What could make it great

    By Mst league
    1. customizable accounts 2. Able to view others friends to help grow app
  • Good app but one problem

    By LBoogie74358
    Everytime the app updates it deletes my messages and videos
  • I love this app

    By LeeLove840
    I’ve been using this app for awhile and it’s super easy to use and fun, I’m a broadcaster and it’s fun talking to people and making diamonds when people are feeling generous. There are still bugs but the app is very good at communicating and is always updating based on our feedback. If you want to socialize and maybe have some extra fun, then invest in coco and the broadcasters and you won’t be disappointed- LeanaXlove420
  • Coconut

    By Aspiring older
    Great app only one thing missing is admins!!! the broadcasters should be able to pick who's there admins so the admins can help with the broadcast beside that great job
  • Private porn App

    By Elkgrov
    private live streaming porn App. Broadcasters send out “premium videos” of their homemade Porn. Bunch of scammers and creepers. Private message to join private broadcasting and becomes a live porn streaming channel.
  • Lousy forced app

    By Saga rash
    I enjoyed the CAKE ap. Purchased videos. I am now unable to access it or any of the videos I purchased. I will be seeking to have all my money refunded through apple. This is complete bs. I don’t want coconut!!! If I could give less stars I would!!!
  • I miss cake :(

    By skydxddymusic
    NO WAY TO CASH OUT... it asks for a password that I don’t know what to use.. emailed them over over and over .. nothing.
  • I miss cake :(

    By skydxddymusic
    NO WAY TO CASH OUT... it asks for a password that I don’t know what to use.. emailed them over over and over .. nothing.
  • Cake returns to itunes

    By Jleas1981
    This app is nothing more than a horrible shell of cake. It’s the same server, same underage broadcasters, same pedophiles, same hos showing their same naked bodies... this app needs to be removed as well. The developers don’t care at all and only concerned with the bottom line. APPLE.... REMOVE THIS APP.
  • I don’t like it

    By Duchess👩🏽‍🦱❤️
    Every time I try to go live my voice and little movements I make echoes in my live and viewers are always telling me that I sound weird and there’s a whole bunch of high pitch sounds like the ones in horror movies and there are scraping noises too. I don’t know where it’s coming from. I even watched my live from my other phone just to confirm what they were saying was true and, it’s quite true. I heard all the weird noises and echoing sounds when I moved, Talked, laughed or breathed and it’s quite embarrassing that it echoes like that. I’m so disappointed ☹️. I even restarted my phone and deleted the app and downloaded it over and over and none of that seems to work. And I don’t want to have to stop using the app for a while because I’m already growing followers & diamonds 💎 on here and it would be unfortunate that I can’t handle this rubbish anymore. What’s the echoing and high pitch sounds?? My speaker is fine. It’s definitely not the phone because when I go live on other apps, it does not do that.
  • The app has potential but...

    By FlimFlam69
    Works well for the most part but ran into a few issues. Checking your diamonds connects you to an exterior website which seems to be down. No way to convert or cash out diamonds. Also, sending videos to ALL followers doesn’t select all followers. You need to scroll through all of them to load them all up before you can select ALL.
  • Could be a lot better

    By mikesuch83
    App lets me know if people are online broadcasting but it does not let me see them, also no live feeds available.
  • Need to start over from scratch

    By Wreck!t
    This app is terrible. Live feed is very glitchy, freezes, not good at all. So, I write a review about it then everything starts messing up. II try buying coins and I get billed without receiving anything. Go for support and they say contact itunes. 1 1/2 hour long process only to say they can’t do anything about it. If I could rate zero stars I would
  • Add private party

    By Whysjamescryin
    Add private party rooms for this to be a 5 star app
  • Missing functions

    By ga18888
    Where is the private party?
  • Great app

    By mileylovepeep
    Best app to make new friends