OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid

OnMyWay: Drive Safe, Get Paid

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2019-04-30
  • Current Version: 0.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 78.08 MB
  • Developer: omw
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 185


OnMyWay is the free and easy way to get paid to drive without texting or using your phone. The app automatically activates when you start driving and all you have to do is keep your phone locked while driving to earn rewards. Most importantly, help in the mission to stop texting and driving! EASY TO USE • OnMyWay automatically activates when you are driving over 10 MPH. • Simply keep your phone locked while driving to earn! • Passengers get rewarded too… REWARDS • Save your OnMyWay Cash for our Marathon Deals that pay you out in Cash and Gift Cards. • Enjoy FREE Offers and Hugely Discounted Offers Everyday… Just for being a part of OnMyWay and Driving Safely. • Get Paid Directly through Paypal or Venmo. REFER YOUR FRIENDS • Earn OnMyWay Cash for every referral that signs up through your custom link. • You can refer an unlimited number of your friends and family • Earn rewards for EVERY mile they Drive Safely SAVE LIVES AND PREVENT CAR ACCIDENTS • Priceless!



  • Excessive emails

    By raviollimaster420
    Most of the offers are coupon codes or free trials which you can get without using the app. Don’t link your email because I was sent ten identical emails in less than a minute a day after uninstalling the app.
  • Misleading

    By scamwatcher
    App advertises that you can earn cash money. One of the “rewards” I almost activated even says “$50 deal cash paid directly to your bank” right by the ‘get deal’ button. But underneath in the fine print it reads $50 reward is NOT paid directly to your bank. Doesn’t seem like there’s really any way to earn cash other than getting 250 other people to sign up for the scam. Feels like an MLM. over promise and under deliver. I feel bad for the people I got to sign up for this app. I’ll be sure to have them delete it.
  • Can’t cash out.

    By Justine0908
    Not being able to cash out is annoying.
  • 250 referrals!!!

    By bgeorgejr
    Misleading app. ‘Get paid cash for every mile you drive with your phone locked’...Only get paid cash when you have 250+ referrals!!! Shame on you!
  • Scam

    By Gghhafebdsjkakf
    This app is such a scam... I saved up enough money to redeem the “coupon” or whatever you call it and it despaired!!! What a waste of time
  • Doesn’t track miles doesn’t pay out

    By Joe Riley the magnificent
    Well I got duped and have to go apologize to all my friends I invited to this...
  • False advertising

    By joshua 664
    This is probably the one of the most misleading advertisement that I’ve seen for a while. In no way can you get cash paid directly to your PayPal or Venmo account. Unless you meet some crazy requirements. Really ? 5000.00 in on my way cash only to collect 1000.00. Since I finally was able to reach 1000.00 and now am unable to use it in any way what should I do, lol. Oh well what a waste of time. Don’t waste your time.
  • Trying to earn some money safely

    By shaffer3028
    This app is a great Idea, and it makes me drive safer. But I’m also trying to make some money here. In order for me to really recommend this app to my friends, I need this app to allow drivers to cash out to their PayPal or Venmo accounts for a lot less then what is currently out there. An idea is to reach a certain amount( a lot less then $10,000) to cash out the money that drivers earn. Like have drivers cash out $30.00 every time they make 30.00 using the app or something like that so this app can really grow.
  • Not what it seems

    By KelMaya
    If you commute many miles per day and have lots and lots of friends (250+) who do the same, I don’t see this app benefiting anyone. I drove about 300 miles recently and unlocked 2 store credits to places that I didn’t know existed. The $25 shell gas and the $25 cash options that were always sold out when I had earned around that amount, were conveniently “off the table”. it appears that they use you to promote companies/businesses and so far, I have seen NO financial benefit from this app.

    By A798
    If only I knew this sooner! The app is a total scam. Getting money is not this simple. Save you some time and avoid getting this app. And they want you to allow your location always. About to delete this app and tell all my friends to do the same. DON’T fall for it, sooner the better!
  • Poor App Design and Customer Support

    I downloaded this app because it sounded like a great way to earn some money/gift cards/discounts. But, was I sadly mistaken that that was true!!!! Below is the reply that I sent to Customer Support because they just want to refer you to the “Help and Support” page that does nothing at all to help resolve any and all issues with the app. The “Help & Support” page does not help your customers by suggesting that you ensure that these measures are taken. I have followed all of the necessary instructions and the have not helped me at all!!!!! Thus far by the reviews it has not helped any of your other customers who are experiencing issues!!!! So, I am taking it upon myself on how to rectify this issue and DELETING THE APP!!!!! Thank you for not helping to resolve your customer experience issues nor providing great customer service!!!! Sorry.... NOT SORRY!!!!
  • Misleading

    By pbpoche
    Whereas this app has a good plan.. people staying off phones while they drive and in turn offered “cash incentive” that is so far from the truth. I’ve had it for a little while. Idk the exact date and I have “$72.something” you can’t cash out until $250!!!! And even then I’ve seen reviews where that isn’t true and is also misleading. So frustrating. Once again good idea for offering incentives for safe drivers but don’t mislead people for no good reason. All the have is gift cards to most places I’ve never even heard of. This makes me want to delete the app and do what I do regardless... I’m already staying off my phone for free strictly safety whether I have the app or not. And how do they know how many wrecks and lives were saved? How does this app have that type data collected, with what proof but can’t offer the users what is stated. Lol with the way this is going I don’t see it being a hot topic much longer since no one is getting what they’re supposed to. Everyone is going to end up deleting as someone else will probably create a similar app that actually pays / gifts. Too bad on my way!
  • Stupid Cash Out Options

    By GMC9797
    Of course it’s great to see money add up in this app but the only way to cash out is for gift cards to places across the country that no one knows of or referring 250+ people to get cash. Not worth it .
  • Needs update re: GPS

    By - ane -
    I’m giving this a 2 star review. I’ve just learned about this 3 days ago. I’ve driven 60 miles round trip and I’ve only earned a few cents because I’ve used my phone for GPS. Common most of the cars now are equipped with hands free command. Not all of us know most of the directions.
  • Waste of Time!

    By lordemason
    Yeah, it’s great to earn money just by driving. But what’s the point if the only way to access it is by accumulating exorbitant amounts to redeem deals? You can’t cash out your earnings to PayPal or anything like that. You’ll need to wait until you’ve got a minimum of $250 and even then, it’s just deals and savings on items. I’m honestly irritated by this app but even more irritated by the person who had the audacity to recommend this to me.
  • Not a very honest app

    By Amwcwl
    Basically impossible to earn enough to cash out. you will essentially allow this app to have constant access to your driving tendencies along with location and who knows what else while never earning enough money to cash out. So you are giving them unlimited information for free with the company knowing very few people will ever be able to cash out with a marathon deal. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. I’m willing to see if things improve over the next couple of months, but from months of prior reviews being the same, I doubt they will. Be cautious and know you will likely never see a dime.

    By TC60000
    I deleted it and now my phone is going berserk. If I close out all the apps and click on my safari, it automatically populates and it has been deleted. Not only does it populate it redirects and goes to the App Store for me to download.
  • This app is cool

    By laceylogic365
    It says me and my friends and have helped save 70+ lives so far from not being on our phones. The app is still working out how to pay us the money we earn. They give us deals, and are making it to we can send out money to our pay pals and such. It’s going ok! I’ve made almost $400 just by downloading the app. Sooo.... might as well do it 😂
  • Bout to delete it

    By AintNu2This
    The deals are all sold out. Always. I thought this would be a great way to earn extra gas money for a good cause. The deals are literally always sold out and new ones are rarely added. A couple new ones were added recently but they are tor random stores mo one has ever heard of. Sorely disappointed in this app
  • Great idea- not worth the space and notifications

    By mel clev johnson
    Not worth the space it takes up on your phone . I finally qualified fo a 10 store credit which I won’t use but I clicked it because any time I’ve tried to claim anything it states I have not met the qualifications. Good luck. Great idea, just not for me. I’ll check back in 6 month. Maybe something will change
  • Not what it seems. Must read! Good advice for y’all!

    By LegitOrNot?
    This app makes it seem like you can get rewards simply thru just driving. There are requirements that have to be met and they are hard or impossible. Not worth it at all. Example if you get the $10 deal. You have to have $10 on onmyway thru driving and referrals. Now the catch is the 10 dollars is just a coupon for an expensive website for fashion. The next one is $250 which is not thru earnings it’s thru 250 referrals only and they have to completely sign up and start driving. The other one is $500. This is where it starts to get funny. Now for the 500 dollars you need to earn $5,000 in driving earning and at least 50 referrals. & finally the $1,000. This one is my favorite! (NOT) it’s earning $10,000 in earning without referrals and if you have some referrals whatever money you make off of they doesn’t count. Only yours. So read the fine print. Look at the requirements and as yourself if it’s even possible. If it is good for you and do it, but honestly this is one of those apps that will track you for years before you make anything. Also to contact support is impossible. They talk about refunds and all that but there is no article or anything that tells you how too. Not even in the FAQ. So many things wrong with this. I just hate it. Never again. Join at your own risk.
  • Idea

    By WrenUNA1
    I love this app I drive a lot, but I would like to be able to just get the money I earned in cash without having to earn a certain amount or refer friends. No one knows that many people. If you would just make it possible for users to transfer the cash we earned into our bank accounts, people would probably be a lot happier.
  • don’t download this app

    By mkap317
    can’t tell if i hated the app or just the concept in general. in theory, getting paid to not text and drive sounds great but the “money” you earn is virtually useless and you need to provide so much information about yourself to earn it. your location has to be on 24/7 if you want to earn anything while you drive. you also have to scan the back of your license to register for the app. seems like in exchange for all this useful data, all i’m getting is fake money that has very limited ways of being used. each “deal” has fine print that further limits how you can spend the “money” you earn and the deals are meaningless to me because they’re for companies i’ve never heard of and would never buy from, even if it was “free”. overall, interesting concept but not nearly enough in it for me to share all my personal data. i deleted the app a few days after downloading.
  • Almost not even worth downloading

    By edkjjbc
    The app can earn you extra cash but I mean trying to redeem it is almost impossible. Hardly ever have redeeming options that are realistic. Super disappointed overall.

    By Garth--Vader
    Total scam they are just collecting everyone’s license information. The only way to get paid is if you meet the ridiculous qualifications of scamming 250 of your closest friends and family. STAY AWAY!
  • You get paid like you would a pyramid scheme

    By Jbelcross
    You really don’t get paid for this app at all. Unless you have multiple friends to refer to use this app with you and get the “Mega” deal, it’s just fake money. Don’t waste your time on this app. Just delete it like I did.
  • Terrible

    By mono$?!
    You can’t Get cash and it Doesn’t log miles False advertising
  • Unsatisfied and scammed

    By unsatisfiedand scammed
    Title states it all ... have sent multiple emails but no response except an automotive response to a few highly asked questions. This is quit obviously just a pyramid scheme. They want you to sign on people in order to get close to claim anything which still doesn’t pay out anything. Some people dont have 250 people to refer. Have over $300 claimed to have earned yet doesn’t mean anything at all. Completely got scammed and totally unsatisfied
  • Misleading Concept

    By alex darnell
    This app could have amazing potential. Paid to drive safely. I get it. I drive safely and rarely use my phone. I have over 300 bucks earned in just a month. The downside is the webpage speaks of sponsorships but I do not believe the sponsors money is being legitimately paid out to the users. I shouldn’t hAve to refer 250 people to use on my way for a pay out. Here’s another example of some red flags. A few weeks ago they had gift cards/cash options in small increments. Guess what? Those 10 gift cards/ cash deposits were claimed by the time I woke up at 4:30 am EST. So is this app for users to earn money for driving safely? Or is this an app for the developers to learn how people use their phone while driving? Food for thought.
  • Terrible

    By TP Roberts
    Concept is great. However, very misleading. To be able to get my money direct to my account, I have to refer at a minimum 250 people. I don’t even have that many people on my Facebook. On top of that, none of the offers are appealing, nor do I shop at any of the stores/websites.
  • Customer service is basically nonexistant

    By ChobieWan
    I downloaded this and was able to use it for a day. The next time I tried to sign in a pop-up showed up saying my account is inactive (since I used it a couple hours before that?) and contact support. I emailed support three times and haven't gotten any responses. So this is kind of a waste of time.
  • Total Waste of Time

    By Steph_cortz19
    So, this app from first glance sounds amazing. Earn money just by not being on your phone?! Sounds awesome! Except that’s not at all how it is. They used to have gift cards that you could use your “On My Way” cash on but they were always sold out and now they are completely gone. This app is pretty much a scam and I wouldn’t waste any time on it!
  • Joke Rewards

    By Trolling_X_Koala
    For what you get in rewards you might as well just pass on this app. $10 card for a place that charges $75-$200 per item 😴 and a $50 for some fake jewelry. There is no direct payout. Pretty sure it sells your location info also cause while they say they make money off advertising there’s no ads on the app.
  • Garbage and Lies

    By Jimwilliamsnc
    The app says you will earn money for driving without texting. The fact is the only way you will get paid is to have some obscene number of people also sign up. The developer’s idea of being paid is providing you with 10% off coupons from stores most people won’t shop online with anyway. Oh, and by the way, you can use the coupons without having used the app for anything else. No minimum number of miles or anything like that. You should not have to be rewarded for driving and not texting but you also should not be misleading people into downloading your marketing app so you can collect from your advertisers. Scam! Run away now!
  • Why can’t I get my money?

    By mom42718
    There should be a way to request your money when you want it not when they decide to send it if the do ,but there’s no way I’ve looked and tried and I do have paypal so be simple to get !!!help onmyway app!!!!
  • 1 star review

    By thechefharpist
    They do not pay through PayPal or Venmo. They ask for a place to put your information in but they don’t give you a way to transfer it. They only want you to use the money you earn on their discounts. And you have to get referrals in order to get any of the gift cards. Scam.
  • Very Misleading

    By Memphis1231
    This app has great potential if you could ever get your money. They make it impossible to every get a payout. Remember when something is too good to be true it probably is. There is a catch to all the payout deals like having to spend your own money or get a crazy number of people (250) to sign up. Good luck with that. This really could have been a great app if the developers were thinking about the users and not themselves.
  • Silly app

    By Real deal101
    If it actually gave you money or gift cards I think people would take it seriously but I gave up at $160, probably will never see it lol. Now I’m back to texting n tindering while I drive along with checkin my Facebook notifications
  • Try it !

    By The "mom"
    Rather than people complaining, I choose to give this an honest go of it, how bout you? Lets do this!
  • You sit on a throne of lies

    By Britttreeknee
    Why you always lying???
  • Needs PayPal option

    By Franciś
    I would love this app even more if it had a way to PayPal you your money cash to your PayPal. Then it would actually make sense and be worth having the app. Gonna give this rating a 3 star just because it doesn’t have PayPal.
  • No actual money

    By ashlyliz
    The app works really well in terms of tracking texting and distance driven, but the part about users getting paid is a total scam. They say you’re earning money, but they won’t actually give you that money unless you have thousands of earned dollars that you then use to purchase less money. They set the amounts astronomically high so that no one would ever earn enough money to cash in on these deals. I’m guessing they’ve never paid one cent to any user. Too bad. Would be good motivation for teens to avoid texting if it was all a lie.
  • Waste of time

    By roxyy94
    They claim you earn money for not texting and driving, but the only way to get cash is to refer at least 250 people. You get about five cents per mile driven, but you can only use that to get a store credit at a store where it is $800 for a small clutch. Additionally, it doesn’t scan your license and it’s asked me to rescan my license twice in two days. Not worth the hassle, I was considering keeping it to maybe save up for something from the store, but I don’t want to enter my license daily.
  • Probably a hoax

    By Jaredadasilva
    These people probably want your bank information to steal it later on. Seems like a scam because I’ve had it for a month. Earned $50 and can’t claim anything 🤷🏻‍♂️ deleted. Not today scammers! Not today!
  • Where’s my money?

    By acadia m
    I’ve had this app for months and I’ve made $48. It’s hooked up to my paypal but I haven’t received any yet. How do I get it???
  • Transfer

    By MeLoMaNaCe1
    First off, there is no way to contact somebody, if we had questions. Second, funds do not transfer over. I have been waiting nearly a month, with no results. Save your time, don’t download the app.
  • Potential

    By Maykayxo
    The idea of this app is awesome, I noticed they said they’re adding more “deal” options. They should add a $50 cash option. If there’s more updates, I’ll stick around!
  • Good idea but false advertising

    By Carter Mitchell
    Good idea but false advertisement can’t do anything with money earned maybe would succeed if you could get discounts on gas or in stores
  • Great app, but

    By 10snickell01
    I have been are you seen this app for almost a month now. The “rewards“ are pretty good, it could just be very misleading. Also I have issues with people who use my referral links not showing up in my referrals, so I hope they can fix this soon. Otherwise you do gain rewards pretty quickly, and it promote safe driving