CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access

CLEAR - Fast, Touchless Access

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2019-09-05
  • Current Version: 1.30.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 204.67 MB
  • Developer: Alclear, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 96 402


With CLEAR, all you need is you to open up a world of frictionless experiences. Move more quickly, safely and easily through airports, stadiums, offices, and beyond. Enroll in minutes, use across CLEAR’s nationwide network! Health Pass — A safer way to get back to what you love Health Pass is a safe and easy way to enter offices, stadiums, concerts, and more. Your digital vaccine card — Never be without it! CLEAR makes it safe and easy to create a digital vaccine card that you can carry and use wherever you choose. It's secure, voluntary, and takes just minutes. CLEAR is now partnered with Walmart so if you’ve received your vaccination from any Walmart location nationwide you’ll be able to easily create a digital vaccine card using the CLEAR app. Once you create your digital vaccine card, it automatically syncs with CLEAR’s Health Pass feature so you can enter venues nationwide. CLEAR Plus — Travel made easier Use CLEAR Plus to move seamlessly through 38 airports nationwide. Our secure identity platform enables you to use just your eyes to breeze through airport security so you can spend less time at the airport and more time where it matters. Plus, use exciting app features like Home to Gate to know exactly when to leave for the airport. Sports, Music, Offices, and beyond — Touchless, faster access Ready to see your favorite teams compete again? Or see your favorite bands perform live? Use the CLEAR app for touchless entry to venues across the country. The CLEAR app makes you unstoppable. Download today and enroll in CLEAR with a government-issued ID. Follow @CLEAR on Twitter and Instagram for exciting updates, news, and more. Please note that the CLEAR service is currently available only in the United States



  • Useless health app

    By Vinny McTaken Nickname
    As much as I would actually like to use this app, I tried to register over a dozen times across multiple days with updated versions and repeated downloads. Never worked. Customer support was slow to respond and were never able to resolve issues
  • Everything is dumb

    By qwertyadfghjlogc
    Including this app. Including the San Jose hockey rink. I need to find a better place to play hockey
  • Facial Recognition included

    By All4sunni
    Didn’t realize I’d be submitting my ohoto for lofe. Oh well.
  • Anthony Rigole

    By Rutgers73
  • Don’t use this

    By ddg NB but I oh ffg
    I tried it. Entered photos of my driver’s license and myself. App said it was busy analyzing my data and seemed to be in a loop with no indication of progress or an end. After several minutes I deleted the app. But now they have information that I don’t want them to have.
  • Very helpful

    By WIHI1
    Really helped with our Hawaii trip.
  • Most intrusive big brother thing I have ever dealt with

    By MJX12345678946248
    Facial scan. Pic of Id. This is way, way more than necessary to prove vaccine status. I didn’t read the fine print because it was purposely written to not be read. But no idea who this will be shared with.
  • Very helpful

    By WIHI2
    Very helpful in setting up our Hawaii trip.
  • Invasive and time consuming.

    By MHG39
    I suspect applying to the CIA would be less arduous.
  • Unsatisfied Cudtomer

    By Annoyed in Hawaii
    Waste of time! Don’t recommend.
  • Annoying

    By Scruffybear
    Not a fan of the app spamming my email asking me about feedback. But if you must know, I only downloaded this to have proof of vaccination and Im sure most people fall into that category. The UI is cluttered and confusing and has a bunch of irrelevant junk. It took several erroneous taps to find my vaccination proof. Saying “Youre unstoppable” to the user just seems like the usual Silicon Valley tripe and it’s kinda cringe.
  • Missed my concert because of clear

    By 1enter22a333nickname
    The help text is useless. Information hard to find. I’m never going back to the venue that uses this app. It shows they don’t care about the customer. A huge waste of time, energy and the cost of my ticket. And requirements are politically biased.
  • Bad family policy

    By Nathanski120
    I’m order to have a minor on your account the policy is that you have to be 26. For safety and legal reasons I understand but there is no way to override it and it actually made my concert experience worse. The app is set up nicely however setting up the health pass had some slightly confusing parts.
  • iPhone XR

    By soulracer1
    I would give it more star except all I was able to do is getting a my device (iPhone XR with latest update)is not compatible with clear service. I know my phone is not the latest and greatest. But it couldn’t be that obsolete!!!
  • Worthless

    By thecondormack
    Not recommended
  • Clear blows

    By Tom UWS NYC
    The health pass is a total joke. Half the places they say are part of it are not actually part of it. Then there are a zillion other places, all of which have online results, that do not yet participate. It is exhausting. Clears customer chat is worthless, if they answer at all. Forget it. #fail
  • Why my vaccination certificate is still pending

    By adam2907
    Why my certification is still pending? I want to confirm for Wsop poker tournament
  • Challenging

    By fobrown
    Unfortunately, I could not complete this for the designated event. The app would not confirm my identity and provided not options for resolution. It was frustrating. After several tries and days later, it worked.
  • Doesn’t work, cant make an account

    By AConcernedChild
    The photo ID section doesn’t work, it wont recognize my face when compared to my ID so I can’t make an account. I’ve tried several times to make an account but it never works.
  • Most difficult app to use

    By bebe-23
    Took me 3 tries to signup. Can’t take photos on an iPad. If you wear glasses makes you take them off- so then you can’t see to read Let see if I can figure out how to get a photo not worthy of a clown
  • Ugh

    By trumpssaggytitties
    No opportunity to retake picture
  • Vaccine passport

    By react101
    This is nothing but a vaccine passport
  • It stinks

    By Nickdshhehsiw
    The worst, what a hassle
  • Rating

    By RosieP7
    Very user friendly!
  • What the heck?

    By Nae Ella
    I went through all of the steps for a concert in one week and now it says the health pass expires in 24 hours??? When I called for help they said I have to do the whole thing again next week before the concert!! Probably just easier to bring your vaccine card to the show.
  • Inaccurate Map

    By jules4fools
    good luck finding your COVID testing location, the map that’s built into the app is inaccurate and lacks any sort of details. supposedly it marked CityMD as a tester in NYC, but my results didn’t register on the app at all. waste of time
  • Terrible

    By Schmactor
    Not a single supposedly “affiliated” provider knows anything about this app. “Affiliated partner” locations appear all over their map but no one at these locations know anything about it. It is a complicated process to then try to connect the provider to the app, taking you to a completely different website. It’s then extremely difficult if not impossible to locate the provider. This app is supposed to make things easier but it makes things 1000 times more difficult. I just want to get my Covid test and show it to get into an event. But the hoops this app is making me jump through is making this process impossible.
  • Won’t scan

    By alrightnow5555
    This app will not scan my vaccine card. It was difficult to find a way to contact them as their”text me” function kept coming back undeliverable. Then when I located an email, I was told sorry and get the test instead to upload, as well as a reminder of the “tips” for scanning. So, this app won’t scan the physical card, in my case, and the other apps say they won’t. Anyone else having this problem? The app scans my face, so why not the card? Funny the nickname I chose of “worthless” for this review is already taken, and so is “not good,” “crummy,” “awful,” “bad,” “horrible, or maybe they don’t want these titles to explain their product. Hawaii, are you listening? Take clear out of the equation.
  • Vaccine passport

    By Mark out in California
    About time
  • Password policy is stupid

    I use a special character in my password but it’s not one in their required list. I understand the need for quality passwords, but if they’re going to require a special character it should include more of them. It’s a regular, standard special character that works for every other company with this requirement. Poor user experience, won’t pay for this product on principle. Only got it because it’s required for an activity I want to participate in that requires proof of vaccination through this app.
  • Poor customer support!

    By tonyecklund
    I don’t normally review but my experience with this app was just so bad. Like others after purchasing for 179 and then adding my wife for an additional 60 I couldn’t get the app to go beyond login. That I could deal with, things happen but it was the support that followed which caused me to cancel and request a refund. I have never experienced anything like it. There is no phone support ( that I know of) you have to submit a text with your problem which I did and did not get a response until three hours later with lame suggestions that I had already read in there help section. Then I was told to delete the app and wait five minutes to reinstall which while I was doing as told was then given the response my lack of imvolvement to the text is resulting in closing have a nice day. Are you kidding me! Save yourself the aggravation and skip it there are alternatives.
  • Awful App

    By Dreamer99876
    First, I LOVE Clear. My family and I all have Clear and breeze through airports. But, this app. I was never able to upload my vax pass, take a photo of my eyes to verify my identify or even navigate the darn thing. I not a tech newbie. I manage a website and maintain several large databases. I’ll try again next year.
  • App is garbage

    By clear is garbgae
    I have had Clear for years. The app will not let me sign-in or retrieve password. No ability to to contact support. Complete garbage.
  • Health Pass Doesn’t Work

    By 1426346
    We’re asked to complete the Health Pass for event in two days. The Clear app isn’t retrieving my COVID test even though it has acknowledged that it has access to my test results.
  • Easy!

    By Pats Account
    Thoughtful and easy to use.
  • Doesn’t work well

    By dub3ra
    good way to waste time.
  • The Worst!!!

    By MikeyA61
    Super unintuitive and unconfigurable
  • Buggy, integrations fail, customer support poor

    By Kashan4122
    I’ve now spent nearly 2 hours trying to properly set up a health pass to clear Covid screening for an event. The integration to my healthcare providers patient portal doesn’t pull in the relevant information. I’ve been hit my more than 5 internal server errors on multiple views. When I disconnect the sync with my healthcare provider I get an error saying my my health pass has expired. On top of the poor UX/performance, CLEAR customer support took 15 hours to reply when I reached out. When I failed to respond to their text message after a short period they quickly closed the support ticket with no resolution.
  • Loving Clear

    Amazing product. Love how it makes my life much easier. I fly through the airport when Clear is available. Disappointed when an airport doesn’t have it.
  • NY Philharmonic

    By Nel Lousso
    Quick and easy
  • Health Pass Expires Quickly

    By Super*Mum
    What they don’t tell you is that after you do ALLLL the photos, uploading, face scans, questions, etc. is that your Health Pass expires in 277 hours. So guess what I get to do again RIGHT before me trip? Grrrr. And then I have to re-check Safe Travels Hawaii to make sure I don’t have to redo that whole process again because Clear expires. I am extremely upset as we did Clear and Safe Travels two weeks before our trip and it took us about an hour…. and we have to do that whole process over again. There should be a warning upfront telling you to do it a week before your trip or… you know, make the Health Passport valid for 30 days. 😡 This, in addition to their customer service taking 16 hours to text back after you text them is absurd. I won’t be using *any* of their products in the future and I was looking at signing up for their yearly Touchless service. Forget it.
  • Compliment

    By nnyl2527
    It was way easy and great app!
  • What a joke

    By Ipads22
    Worst app ever . We have been trying to upload for an 1 -1/2. Horrible .
  • Cumbersome setup and use

    By LetItBe5
    Took me half an hour to get a photo that worked. Now I need to jump through the same hoops every time I use the app, which makes it a total waste of time for venue access. I’m going back to just showing my vaccination card. Useless!
  • Terrible app

    By SenseiCastillo
    The app simply does not work. Went through the process 5 times with a valid ID, and keep getting the same error message “Sometimes it’s hard to confirm you are you but we’re here to help. Contact support or try again later.” I contacted support, and the person trying to help me simply made me repeat myself and do the same steps multiple times ... to no avail. Useless app. Waste of time and money for any business partnered with this company. Just have people bring a picture of their vaccine card. Way easier and cheaper.
  • Clear

    By erahkasoN
    Love getting ahead in the line.
  • Dissatisfied

    By ahjfdukvaeukfwrivqqrjvfibdfhh
    The verification only lasts 12 hours. That is ridiculous!
  • No way to upload second card

    By 🐬🐳dolphins
    Better se design needed
  • So slow

    By NaThAn Gilmmmmmmmmorety
    So slow. I had to restart and renter info so many times. Even as I’m writing this review right now I swear I can’t see the words I am typing I only see an invisible words and the cursor moving to the right. Whack.