• Category: Weather
  • Release Date: 2019-03-14
  • Current Version: 1.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 96.25 MB
  • Developer: Storm Damage Services, INC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.1 or later.
  • Rating Count: 25


Are you looking for a "free" weather app that provides basic weather data, while collecting and selling your information to third parties? This is NOT that app. We strive to provide our users with one of the most powerful weather applications available with a focus on continuous improvement and feature additions. RadarOmega provides high quality NEXRAD/TDWR radar data to keep you alert to rapidly changing weather conditions faster than most conventional weather applications on the market. -Level 3 NEXRAD Radar --Base Reflectivity + Elevation Tilts --Base Velocity + Elevation Tilts --Storm Relative Velocity + Elevation Tilts --Vertically Integrated Liquid --Echo Tops - --One Hour Precipitation Totals --Total Storm Precipitation Totals --Correlation Co-efficient - Elevation Tilts 2-4 --Differential Reflectivity - Elevation Tilts 2-4 --Spectrum Width High Resolution Radar - Level 2 NEXRAD Radar --High Resolution Reflectivity --High Resolution Reflectivity - Decluttered --Smoothed Reflectivity --High Resolution Velocity --Correlation Co-efficient -Lowest Elevation --Differential Reflectivity -Lowest Elevation METARS Data -Temp, Dewpoint, Wind Speed/Direction Detailed METARS Dashboard Storm Tracks- See storm attribute details along with extrapolated impact times. Radar Data Viewer Tool The radar data viewer tool allows you to view storm intensity, precip rates & velocity intensity values. The radar data viewer tool also allows you retrieve current conditions along with extended forecasts for any selected point. Simply activate the data viewer tool and move around the map to use this feature. Radar Map Display Options --Standard Road Map --Satellite View --Dark Road Map --Custom Black County Overlay Map --Custom Grey County Overlay Map RadarOmega Drive Display --Use RadarOmega drive display while traveling to keep alert to rapidly changing weather conditions along your route. Using your device GPS, you can keep your current location center while you are in motion to always view the latest radar data! Severe Weather Warnings --When the National Weather Service issues a Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado or Flash Flood Warning, RadarOmega displays this information with location and warning details. RadarOmega uses the National Weather Services storm impact statements to color code potential impacts of any storm. Use the severe weather alert dashboard to activate the nearest radar tower in closest proximity to any active severe weather alerts. Storm based Special Weather Statements and Special Marine Warnings are also available. Map Customization --Select between different map styles --Customize color & border thickness of state and county overlay Storm Reports --Hail - Tornado - Wind Damage - Wind Speed Reports --View Storm Reports for last 24 Hours with time period selection options Spotter Network --View active locations of trained spotters via Spotter Network. NEXRAD Hail History --View radar hail history in real-time as hail storms are in progress Lightning Detection --View lightning strike locations and frequency --Select lighting strike intervals between 5 to 30 minutes Winter Weather Radar Display Track winter storms with the RadarOmega Winter Weather Radar display. The RadarOmega Winter Weather Radar display allows you to view precipitation types (Rain, Freezing Rain/Sleet & Snow) for each NEXRAD Radar tower! Severe Weather Outlooks - Day 1 through Day 3 Get the latest severe weather outlooks from the Storm Prediction Center. Detailed day one SPC convective outlook(Tornado-Wind-Hail Probabilities) Storm Mapping Storm Archive Viewer View spotter hail, wind damage, tornado & wind speed reports for a large area for a duration of up to 30 days. In addition, you can also view NEXRAD hail attribute history up to 30 days. Save Radar Screenshots & GIF Animations Save radar gifs & images to your device in portrait or landscape mode. This makes it easy to share radar images to social media. NO ADS!!



  • This is a good app with a big problem

    By Wesley18a
    This is a good app for the reflectivity view, but the doppler coloring and values are both confusing and incorrect. When the doppler velocity gets above +50 knots or so, the doppler value turns negative. I was seeing -116 knots next to +35 knots in areas where there was no rotation, just straight line winds. I tried to see the rotation for a tornado warned storm yesterday, but the confusing color scale and the shifting doppler readings made it impossible to see. The center of rotation was very easy to see with Radarscope, but I had no idea using this app. I sent in a report yesterday but do far haven’t received any response.
  • Love this app

    By mr ryczek
    I love all the feature in this app, would love it if it saved locations though that’s my only concern with this app, looking forward to future updates
  • Great App!

    By Giovanni22!
    Bought this app on Android after PYKL3 went EOL. Now just bought it on iOS . Has everything needed and great support from the devs.
  • Worth the investment!

    By BSM@123
    Just used this app yesterday to track a storm affecting our area. Worked wonderfully to show detail about storm tracks and course of the storm to help us be prepared! A dangerous weather event made more manageable with the knowledge that Omega provided.
  • Radar

    By Rs53
    After last update my radar isn’t working, when I try to start the radar the red circle comes up but won’t load
  • Great Potential, currently good execution!

    This application is the first of its kind to rival Radarscope, But is currently a distance from it. Overall I think this application is pretty well made with lots of features that beat out Radarscope, but this review is mostly a listing of concerns I have. *Most important* The L2 reflectivity, or L2 in general, is very blurry, and it irritates the eyes. I would prefer for it to be more sharp and less blurry Sometimes the warnings lag behind and the radar does NOT UPDATE This is pretty important, as people are relying on updates when they come. A tornado warning was delivered 2-3 MINUTES late, that is a LOT of valuable time for people to take cover! Other than the two issues that I have, this application is very enjoyable, would recommend! 7.5/10
  • Awesome update!

    By Allen Lieberman
    Wow, great start for a beginning app! My only issue is the radar display looks pixelated and slightly skewed on my iPad Pro (without the Touch ID). Couple of thoughts.... It would be nice if there was a way to reduce the contrast fo the ground clutter display around the radar site as it’s almost the same contrast level as precipitation. Love the addition of location on severe alerts on the severe weather warnings on the weather panel. Would be nice to see the same thing on the special weather statements if this is possible? This last update with the smoothing of L2 reflectivity looks real nice.
  • Great start!

    By The Tim Beck
    Great start. Would love to see something where you can use a tool to read a point in the current radar image. I tried the one in the app but it only reads one point that is the main point in the storm. I own a lot of radar apps. If you need a beta tester I volunteer. I use my radar apps all the time!
  • Why is this happening?

    By matt90915
    I compared RadarScope to this radar app and there is a big problem. We got a really heavy rain shower on Saturday and RadarScope showed the shower right over my town. This radar app showed the heavy rain shower in between my town and another town. Why would it display the rain shower a few miles away from us? It’s like it’s not correctly aligned
  • Like/Nice App

    By erhswku
    I wish I would’ve known about this sooner. I use radarscope all the time. The main feature on this app I like is the satellite and google maps overlay. Where you actually see where the storms are going. Not just having to guess on a black background. I do wish there was a precipitation depiction option.
  • RadarOmega- - -Mega Good

    By SAP0570
    Love this App. Very good High Resolution Radar. Lots of customization options. Lightning Strikes. Well worth the price.
  • Force closes

    By SkiandRun
    This is terrible for an $9 app
  • Amazing app

    By StormChaserlm
    Love the app has more features than radar scope the app is almost like Gibson Ridge Radar. Keep up the great work
  • LOVE THE APP!!!!!

    By JGRpage
    As a storm chaser this Radar Omega app is perfect. So far so good app is running okay, no issues as of yet. If your into the weather and want radar on the go or watching storms from home and don’t mind paying $8.99 then this radar app is worth it.
  • Lots of features!

    By Bswartz95
    I’ve used RadarScope for the past few years. I like that this app includes lightning strikes. I have yet to figure out a way to hide the radar icon (example: KILN) and still keep the radar data on the screen. Also wish there was a way to make the screen look “less busy” - maybe a way to reduce the boldness of the colors (county outlines). Sticking with this for the time being!