• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-17
  • Current Version: 1.2.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 386.48 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 38 754


Well grab your boots and saddle up, Pardner, because you are in for the ride of your life. COWBOY! lets you live your best lasso life without the annoying dusty chaps. The latest release from Lion Studios puts YOU in the saddle as the ropin’est hand this side of Tombstone. With your trusty lariat and a myriad of steeds (Ever wanted to ride a panda? A gorilla? A pink and black unicorn??), your one job is to collect as many animals as you can in the Wild West. Simple, right? WRONG. What takes seconds to learn will take forever to master. The more animals you bring in, the more upgrades are available to you: rope more creatures each throw, earn more coins, and, most importantly, extend your lasso’s length. You will need every foot you can get as you chase down increasingly more exotic, and sometimes even fictional, animals for your collection. Start by rustling cattle and goats, horses and alpacas. But wait, what’s that down the path? Zebras, kangaroos, squirrels; you’ll need a precise and quick finger to catch those rascally…. dinosaurs??? Game Features: 1. Tons of Secret Beasts Gotta lasso them all! There are so many animals in the game for you to catch and collect. Don't miss out on opportunities to catch these ultra-rare beasts. 2. Show off with your Trophy Room Display your trophies like a true cowboy legend and track your accomplishments. Can you catch enough rare animals to fill a zoo? Only ! 3. Level up your lasso The more you catch, the more money you make. The more you earn, the better your equipment becomes. And thanks to the addition of idle earnings, you can have a ton of cash waiting for you when you return to the game! 4. Free to play with no WIFI needed! Play endlessly, anytime and anywhere, for free! No internet connection is required! 5. New skins, animals, and worlds to unlock! Traverse dozens of levels in our constantly expanding world that is much wilder than the West ever was! Stop living like a city slicker and get up on that high horse (or unicorn) you always dreamed of riding. Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level, or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! Follow us to get news and updates on our other award-winning titles:



  • One thing that irritates me BADLY

    By _OreGamer_
    So overall this game is great and addicting but there is this one problem I have with it....PLEASE FOX THE LASSO. Whenever the lasso is over an animal sometimes it wouldn’t catch that animal. This makes it harder to do challenges. Plz fix
  • very cool/I think update

    By householder2019
    I like it so much because I like the coin boxes and the special animals and I think there has been a update also I even want more and more and even more updates until you stop and more specials and super super more stuff
  • It’s very fun, just one problem

    By Slender_Finder
    The game is extremely fun in my opinion. I put several hours into this game and enjoyed it a lot. My only issue right now is that i cannot access the new Candy world. I had completely completed both the previous worlds and i guess the game isn’t registering that i already reached the void and won’t unlock Candy world. So i currently now can’t continue to really play the game, so if this issue could be fixed, i would likely get back into it.
  • The pig broke my game.

    By TheMaskedChild
    I stupidly bought the pig for 4.99 and now I’m not making any money. Is there anyway to get that money back? I feel rippied off.
  • Disappointed

    This game is good.
  • Fun but to many adds

    By ciber killer
    Yeah title says it all
  • I love it, but

    By Nyaw200311
    I love the app it so so fun to finish the levels but, I finished the Void and it won’t let me go to the new updated Candy World. Help.
  • Way to glitchy!

    By Cam Gunn
    Make a new update, that doesn't take up a lot of storage.
  • Interesting cowboy game

    By plainrock12345
    Interesting cowboy game
  • Fun but the updates don’t seem to be working...

    By Salifer
    So... I really enjoyed this game when I got it - I finished both of the original levels. But now that there’s a new world, it remains locked, even though I’ve met the requirements to open it. If I was able to play the whole game, I’d give it 5 stars!
  • Y

    By 274724
    Oh man I have you and not asking me to buy it I hate it now so where is the real world of you I hate you so you should too.......!
  • Best game

    By Puppygirl2.0
    I bin play for days and am purity good I love this game cuz I can be a cowgirl like I wanted to be so thank you for being a grate game maker
  • Good job

    By princenaz2019
    This game is so cool I hope u add jaguar if I have it I’m so happy
  • keeps glitching

    By Tvlover19801930
    i love this game but every time i complete the tasks , it’ll refresh them & when i try it again it’ll do the same thing or give me completely different tasks. FIX IT
  • I love this game

    By simmer2.0
    I absolutely love the game I am so addicted that I have finished the candy world, the only thing that I don’t enjoy about the game is that I finished the game and have a lot of coins I just don’t know how to get the mythical creatures if you do know how to get them please tell me. Thank you for the great game and I totally recommend it. Thank you!
  • Review

    By unicorn eye
    Love this game it is so fun
  • Goes by too fast 💔

    By Piratearicat
    I finished the new world in a day :( please add more! Maybe an underwater one? :3
  • It’s okay

    By troy is hot
    I only have played for two days and I’m already maxed out on animals which is so stupid because I love to upgrade how many animals I can get I think nothing should be maxed because it just makes it boring other then that it’s a really good game but I think the should have nothing maxed out because it just really ruins the fun of playing it so maybe instead of 48 animals being the max it could be 100 so you can earn more money and it takes longer for you to get more animals to so I really hope that you can do something about that but really is a great game!?
  • Great game also I’m addicted to the game

    By rex3016
    I got the game three days ago and I’m already on world two But it need some updates first one is when you head to another world you keep your storage but you lose your length. Great game
  • Love ❤️

    By niya got fanzz
    I love this game 😘😘😘
  • Worst ever in the world

    By crazy horsegirl567
    You only ride one animal it is so boring and I beg my parents to delet it but they not so ya I hate it so much and u will to trust me WORST Game ever
  • Great but one thing

    By q234fdsa
    I love this game so much but the only thing is that there is 48 animals you can get in the lasso and I’m at 48 already so I just want to have the lasso grow more
  • Great game but stalled advance!

    By TygerwolfeDesigns
    I completed The Void in Outlaw World before the new world (Candy World) was released. Now despite having 8/8 in The Void, Candy World still shows as locked and I can’t select it. I adore the game and it’s addictive, but if I can’t advance despite having met the requirements, I will probably uninstall.
  • Candy world won’t unlock

    By Jaydecay1978
    Was good until you finish the void, candy world remains locked.
  • I like it but...

    By Everett the composer
    I wish that they were in danger and we save them
  • Yep

    By Unitado
    I’ve finished outlaw world but It won’t let me into candy land
  • Sophia Morris August 7

    By 1956jm
    This game is really fun and you got to get it The only thing they need to change is how you can’t really do anything with the money that you earn . Another reason is it took about a month to reach the next level . Thank you for reading!
  • Broken

    By Good race game
    Broken badbradyman10
  • Plz read

    By cooldragonfly
    Too Much adds i like it but beware of adds!
  • Love the game but I think there’s a glitch

    By BigPapaJ
    I played this game nonstop because I got so addicted and I’ve beat the game. I collected all of the animals and upgraded everything till max. I was really looking forward to the new level but now that it has come out it won’t even unlock for me. It tells me that I need to reach 8/8 in the void level when it says I already have 8/8 in the void. Kinda disappointed now.
  • It’s okay?

    By Not that bad but not good
    This game looked fun but realizing what I’m doing to these animals is just sad…
  • 5 stars

    By BlueBoyXD
    The game was good and was fun to play
  • Candy world

    By Gilley67
    I’ve beaten the outlaw world but the still won’t unlock.
  • I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By hoot 123123
    This is an amazing app I love it but for people like me (who are obsessed with the app)it is going to need more animals because my sister and I got to the second place in 2 days
  • It’s not bookworm adventure deluxe

    By Jack Coji
    Hey man How can you live in a world where your game is not Bookworm Adventures deluxe? Are you joking? Disgusting. No bookworms. No adventures. No deluxe. I spit on inferior games like this. Bad game lol
  • Cowboy

    By Teddy Funfetti
    Teddy fun feddy
  • New world not working.

    By MissBartley
    I have completed both the first worlds but it will not let me unlock the newest one.
  • Glitch in the new world

    By Beautybloom
    I finished outlaw world before the new update came out. The new map candy world will not unlock.
  • Outworld not working!

    By MayhemB97
    I need some help! I’ve basically beaten the first world, but it won’t let me unlock the second one. It tells me to reach Ancient Oasis, which I’ve done. But it won’t let me unlock it at all. Anyone else have this problem???
  • Too many ads!

    By debboooo73629
    I enjoy playing this game, and it is very fun, but however there is one flaw. TOO MANY ADS!!! 😤😠 Every time I claim my log in money, there is an ad!
  • This is a fun game but

    By I wriot a reveiw
    This my favorite game on my phone but it has so many ads it gives you the option to claim or triple money for a ad even when I click claim it still gives me a ad
  • Great game

    By Dannella219
    It’ll be a five star as soon as you put on new worlds the two that are there I’m done with and I’m wait for the next worlds so please hurry and update it with new worlds!!!!!
  • Love this game and forever

    By roco2018 pero
    This game is great i love it i am #love game The game is like if you where a cawboy love the game plis do more stations
  • Typhus this game has to manny ads

    By i showboat
    Don’t buy it
  • Short rope

    By jaenbrant
    I do not think cowboy is a good game because you can only catch one or two animals and then it just brings your robe back in you can't catch anymore and there's treasure chest then you can't catch them to the rope it's too short that's why I give this game a one star review thank you😀
  • Too little

    By Greece time
    Love this game but the game is too short. I don’t like you can’t get more animals to ride on. Sincerely,the writer
  • Ygfhviogtnt

    By hfjgdyfhfbfnfnfbfb
    This game is is so fun and satisfying
  • Why I like this game

    By my cousin likes my friend
    It is so fun and entertaining when my mom tells me to get off the iPad.I always say no. Instead she takes iPad and put it on the frigid and grabs me and whoop me.After she tells me you’re grounded for 3 mouths. I just take my iPad off the fridge. Then I say ha ha I get to play this game!!😁
  • :3

    By Emma_Kat