• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-17
  • Current Version: 1.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 306.04 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 23 403


Yeehaw! Giddy up and Ride 'em Cowboy! How epic are your lasso skills? Ride your horse and saddle through various worlds and catch as many animals and rare beasts as you can. This easy to play, but tough to master matching based game will test your precision, focus and catching skills. Don't miss your chance to catch ultra rare animals to add to your trophy collection . Can you become a Western Hero? Why would you want to go fishing and catch fish when you can wrangle stampeding animals, dinosaurs and mythical beasts like unicorns. The more you catch the more you earn. The more you earn the better your skills can become! Travel through different locations and time as you level up. The smaller the pieces the more challenging the game becomes! Each level brings a new picture for you to slice and dice. Start your adventure now! The one thing you have to ask yourself is: can you get a perfect score and catch them all?? Game Features: 1. One lasso to rule them all This easy to learn but tough to master game will put your lasso skills to the ultimate test. How accurate are you? This game can be played by everyone but only the true will become great! 2. Tons of Secret Beasts Gotta lasso them all! There are so many animals in the game for you tao catch and collect. Don't miss out on opportunities to catch ultra rare beasts. 3. Show off your Trophy Room Like any big game hunter you can show off your conquests in the trophy room. Track your progress and accomplishments with each unique creature to lasso. Only true cowboys can capture them all! 4. Level up your items The more you catch the more money you make. The more you earn the better your equipment becomes. Only then will you become the best gun slinging cowboy in town. 5. Free to play with no WIFI needed! Catch and play anytime, anywhere for free! No internet connection is needed! 6. New Skins and Animals to Unlock! Hop on your horse... or COW and start throwing your rope! So many fun hats and skins for you to try out and collect. It's time to get up in that saddle and start riding. This is the best incremental western simulation there is. Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn and easy to play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master. Use your lasso to catch that stampede! Become a cowboy legend. Start your mission and never stop catching! Yeehaw! Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster and Love Balls! Follow us to get news and updates on Hooked Inc. and our other Award Winning titles;



  • Glitchy, needs more game play.

    By Courttttttnay
    I have already caught all of the animals in both current worlds. It became very easy at the second world, because your money transfers over, so I was getting a billion per minute offline, and the prices all started over in the second world. I collected all animals in outlaw world in one day. I could buy all the way to the abyss. Also the game used to show you progress on each animal, but now when you click it, it does nothing. The first few times I threw my lasso I had to dodge animals on the throw, in order to extend my rope all the way to drag back animals. Without update it just changed to going all the way to the end of your rope without getting caught on animals; which makes the game MUCH easier. I’m excited for new worlds and animals, as I’ve already beaten the game (I’ve had for a week) so there isn’t much point in playing anymore. Also, often times the “double” or “triple” buttons do not find adds to load, along with the free token for watching an ad. I did purchase no ads, as the ads were overwhelming and annoying, but I ended up just watching adds to double my coins. New puzzles, worlds, and challenges would help this game last longer; as it is very easy to beat. But was an entertaining game while it lasted! Lastly fixing the bugs and glitching would be so beneficial. I enjoyed the game as is! I recommend it 100% if you are willing to pay to opt out of ads, or don’t mind watching a 10-30 second ad every throw.
  • Crashes

    By Sachdaosofna
    As soon as I'm about to get an animal the game crashes.
  • Amazing game but

    By Second grader kid
    I'm in love with this game it's good and for somebody like me who has good wifi there's no lag at all but the thing that annoys me is the ads Yup you may be thinking well they could boost your cash and get something for free, I know but just it appears at random times I finish a ad for a boost and 2 seconds later I get a ad so maybe fix the HUGE amount of ads to only optional ads.
  • This is the best game

    By ITS-kawaiichan
    This is the best game ever because if I’m bored in the car I just go on my phone and play this game it’s the best I love pets and this is a good game for playing
  • Needs a new world!

    By Clypsedra
    I love this game and I was so obsessed I beat it in three days. I especially liked Cowboy world...I did not enjoy Outlaw world even half as much and I really hope that the next world is more interesting. Cowboy world was full of big colorful interesting animals, while Outlaw world was mostly full of mediocre small rodent like animals and it didn’t even make sense, why are there warthogs on a purple street? The lands are so uninspired compared to Cowboy world. No flying birds to catch whatsoever. And the reward for getting to the end of Outlaw world is catching wildebeests and llamas. Meanwhile in Cowboy world you get huge amazing dinosaurs to lasso at the end. We got alpacas and bulls in the first section of Cowboy world. PLEASE make a new world that is super interesting full of big cool creatures. You could even make Cowboy lasso whales and octopi underwater and it would be more interesting than catching possums. But still, awesome fun game that captivated me for hours and got my $$$.
  • Good game

    By funny 4 years ago
    I’ve been reading all the reviews saying “good game but too many adds” I gust turn of my WiFi and their you go problem solved. Overall it’s a great game👍
  • Thanks to all you

    By beooke70707080
    I love this game I think it’s really good and I live in the country so I love it.
  • Downloaded this game!!

    By SaintsRule24
    This game is so addictive I’m playing it all day!
  • Ads

    By Madi9109
    This game is so fun I could play it all day especially because school is out but this game just has way to many is super fun though I just think if the creators look at this I think that they should change the game to where there aren't as many ads.Thank You
  • Why??????

    By Snorlax1995YT
    I love this game, I’m on sweet water swamp, I have a lot of mounts, I’m bummed because I got two mounts, lady bug wolf, rainbow elephant. I cannot use the wolf, I am stuck with the rainbow elephant which I love but I would like to get more variety of mounts. Please add that mount prize back. Sorry for the punctuation, I’m kind of in a hurry.
  • Hi please read

    By killer_startent5
    Will you please make some more places I have completed it all and I need a new map
  • It’s ok.......

    By Dlf1982
    I just got this game and every time I get an add an x never apears.i also wanna know why it takes so long just to get to the level with the unicorn 🦄.the prices also go up really fast.overall,this game is really fun.
  • Money hungry

    By Dagr81s
    Ads are out of control. Every minute or two, you will receive another ad. If you click claim instead of double, you still get an ad to receive less currency.
  • Hi

    By Pandathecrazyxxx
    This game is dumb add old town road music
  • My review

    By cat_lover76
  • I hate it

    By rorour
  • Best game EVER

    By kitty mewo
    I like this game because I get to have lots of money and I am enjoying my new game so I rated the game 5 stars.
  • I hate this game!

    By amariaaa
    I liked this game at first, but when I realized that you can only get three animals and a certain animal you have to get it became boring and I deleted it it’s boring like no one just want to get three animals I want more than three my whole house hold deleted this game for this same reason and it’s 15 people in my house so I hope you read this and change the game around........
  • Good game... too many ads and can’t change the animals anymore

    By BigNica
    I have had this game for a little while and in the beginning I loved it and the idea that when you catch an animal a certain amount of times you can ride it and when I got to the cowboy world with better animals to ride it won’t let me change animals anymore , why!?? Fix it change it back
  • Cool

    By kylel3493
    I do not like it but I love it
  • Worst game ever

    By horselover🥳
    I thought this game was going to be good. But I was really wrong. First of all when I got my first steed it was the Rainbow Elephant and every time I draw a star token to get a new steed it’s all rainbow elephants. I was full of rage 😡😡. Next,why is it so pricey to upgrade how far you go?! It doesn’t have to be that high I mean 10,000,000 coins I mean COME ON. I was really hoping for this to be a good game but this is so bad this needs to be taken off of the AppStore. You guys could have done way better. This game does not deserve to be on the AppStore!
  • The best

    By lola beauty queen
    I love this game and it’s so much fun to play with friends because you can see who has the highest score 🤩🤗
  • Dumb game don’t download

    By bodaddy13
    Hey devs how are you going to let ad get the better of artist ability??????
  • How Much I Like Cowboy The App...

    By AFD.orkin
    I give the app cowboy 5 stars because it is really fun. You just keep getting more money and then spending it to make more money. I like the app 10/10. I think the game is never ending, and that is cool. I LOVE the trophies a lot.
  • Ads are glitched

    By JakebreakZ
    Simple enough game, one glitch: you want to triple your score? Here, watch an ad... “ad not available” it tells me as click it a few more times.. so i settle with my score and hit “claim” only to be taken to an ad cut scene. Im the type to buy an app to avoid ads and support the developer, but this just feels cheap.
  • Best game ever

    By Lyndleigh and mimi
    I love this game I love that you can just stay home and heard the animals at the same time
  • Developers

    By sas910
    I had this game for a little while my husband just downloaded the same game and he has more options what’s going on my game don’t have the ability to Change stead and the other options???
  • Wow

    By Cat__________________
    Whenever you search up ‘idle’ in the App Store, I’ve gone through all of the 421 idle games. This is one of my favorites. Beautiful graphics, Addictive gameplay, and is very smooth. Unlike other idle games, it doesn’t get boring after the first few hours. I’ve had this game for a few days now, and still find myself excited whenever I encounter a new animal. If you are reading this comment because you are unsure about getting this game, here’s my advice: 1. Get the game 2. Turn on airplane mode 3. Have Fun

    By cowboyhater>:^(
    So many ads it’s obnoxious
  • Stop

    By ijshshsja
    I hate how it says if u wanna get something for watching a ad but it stills shows a ad it’s annoying remove jeez
  • Too many adds

    By Hkkb2003cj
    Too many adds
  • Why I like this game

    By santana☠️🦈🌎🌪🔥 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
    I don’t know if it’s good because it’s my first time playing but I kind a like it it’s kind of weird in a good way in it like kills time it’s easy it’s fine it’s child friendly I don’t know if it’s good because it’s my first time playing but I kind a like it it’s kind of weird in a good way in it like kills time it’s easy it’s child friendly and it’s like why not download it I found in the Add’s it’s fun to do since my basements flooded going to cost a lot of money to fix it so I just play this game in the creators I would say to keep on making games like this anyway I live in Fulton Illinois and I really like living here i’ve also done a review on blitz world of battleships I’d recommend checking that game out two well I love this game it’s OK

    By scottwinchester
  • ❤️ the game

    By Lofton Todd Roberts Edge
    I Love this game and I just got this game
  • Look guys, if you want to have fun collecting animals without forced ads every nanosecond

    By Antonio51006
    Then try out “Rodeo stampede” it is better than this money grab, now being me I only spent like less than 30 seconds on this game (cowboy!) and got like more than 5 ads, the ads on Rodeo stampede however are optional, they don’t just shove it in your face like “ok watch this ad even though you just opened this game we want money” I recommend playing Rodeo stampede before you spend precious time (and money) on this ad infested cow dung
  • Too many adds

    By blanketboot
    A lot of adds.
  • I like but......

    By piamiah
    I like it but you have a short time to get animals I can always get like three
  • It’s ok

    It’s ok it’s not the best and it can get vary annoying because at the beginning when you start to play you can only bring in only 3 animals but on the ad you can bring in like 15.
  • Great game

    By Jjjfdd
    It is a great game it just takes a while to get to its full fun portential
  • Update is terrible

    By indigoskittles
    Was my favorite game until the update. How are we supposed to know how many animals to collect until gold?? Feels like it got downgraded.
  • Cowboy

    By laya4242171
    What I like about this game is that you can see a lot of animals.what I do not like about this game is that you can not get that many animals.😭😢
  • ولاسيئ

    By مااعرف وش معنا كنيه
    اللعبه ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Addictive

    By dhdhxhejrjf
    This game is hella addictive and fun
  • No more steeds?

    By Ashley10101528394
    It was fun to change my steeds whenever I unlocked a new one or won an awesome one. Since updating I can’t change them, and I’m stuck on a stupid vulture.
  • Cowboy

    By Marianna Pacheco
    This game is so relaxing an a entertaining game. Sincerely, Marianna Pacheco Thank you
  • Amazing game it’s so easy I love it 🥰 thx for having it

    By everythings cool snd nice
    5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟 stars
  • Super addictive

    By Michaela Prib
    This game is an awesome time waster and stress reliever!
  • Great but.......

    By dragon gir
    I am so obsessed with this I've had it for two hours and I have collected like 35 different types of animals 🐵🐔🐶🐷. I am kind annoyed that double it or triple it before you can Except your money which I kinda annoying? And it gets so pricey for half and hour I have been trying to get 10,927,736 Wich I only have 4,758,846 so I have a long time to go....... I was once about to get a new animal once I got it with the last it totally glitched and now I don't have the giraffe! Also it's very baggy once it comes to money you accidently tap something that you can't afford and all of them sudden you are at the store looking at the deals. Once you get really far and you want to get a certain animal and there at the back all of a sudden your dodging all the animals to get to this one kind (︶^︶) I just got this game but I hear the before version was much better so I am kind un happy (ಥ_ಥ) I also hear that there are to many adds and I agree so much and it's like voodoo games there are totally to Many I never compare adds to voodoo but now I am!. I still love this game though I think it's annoying because you watch videos and get to keep saying but cause it just give you the same thing over and over again it's pretty annoying and I think that adds are a problem and I do that want to pay anything and also people are complaining about updates so I would really like one it gets pretty boring after a while but it's still fun.!!!!!!
  • I hate it

    By that boy kendarrius