Tricky Taps

Tricky Taps

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-11
  • Current Version: 1.3.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 204.09 MB
  • Developer: Crazy Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 30 499


Think you’re a puzzle master? Prove it. Let’s see how you do in this tricky puzzle game. Tap the levers to roll and bounce the ball along the track, without letting it drop or hit the spikes. Tons of super-cool and tricky obstacles to avoid. Collect stars and gems as you play. Choose from awesome skins - beach ball, spike ball, and more! Get rolling!



  • Fun game

    By CherryAug
    It helps to entertain when you’re bored. It’s a pretty great game.
  • My opinion

    By Jeunnaa
    Me personally love this game but nothing or no one is perfect
  • More levels

    By Joebryant
    Love the game. When are more levels coming?
  • Too much adds

    By pejdbhrjfbf
    Not worth the time. It’s not that fun to keep to deal with an add every time you play. Play-add-play-add-play-add etc etc DELETED
  • Nasty

    By Ilovenuttella
    I love the game but it’s nasty and hard so yeah hehe😜
  • more levels please

    By queeenbeaaa
    i love this game. it gets challenging & make you work your brain. i finished all the levels & would like to keep playing. are you adding more?
  • It’s a good game

    By Cmac527
    Ok... it’s a good game but the only bad thing is it’s ridiculously hard I wish it was a bit more easy but for the sake of it I’d give it five stars if I could.
  • Paid for no ads still getting ads, rip off

    By Pythoncurtus
    Game is obnoxious with the ads, if someone pays for AD FREE there should be ZERO ads!
  • Tricky Taps

    By Wazuup99
    This game has a ton of stuff there!
  • Good, but add more levels!

    By Kitkat0608
    I’ve finished it and i’m tired of playing the same level and endless mode...
  • It’s so good that I have to delete it

    By KCease89
    I’m on level 161. I can’t get any work done. It’s addictive and distracting. Everything a game should be lol. But my life needs work.
  • Best game ever

    By odhshxhdyzggxhshsgsbs
    I rant 5 because it is not bad it is something to do wen u are bored 😑 so that is y I rate this game 5 stars 🌟
  • And the ad was good

    By minty loves manga
    I usually don’t enjoy ads but the mini game ad kept me intrigued and involved I felt it was a good game and now I play it from time to time. It’s a really fun game, I’m not good at it but it’s still fun! Thank you developers for taking the time to create this game.
  • More levels pleaseee

    By Pcardona1611
    I actually really like this game, it’s challenging and very addictive. I just finished all of the levels and I’m surprised that in only has 180 levels😱 I thought there were way more, so pls add more levels!👌🏼
  • Read

    By Jakakwjkakzmakdc
    I opened the app and it wanted me to buy skins. No thanks. It at least offered to allow me to buy skins. Didn’t even play the app. No f i ng thanks dude. Have fun with your app
  • True to its Name

    By CodaBear48
    I really like this game! Yeah it has its patterns, but the levels don’t feel exactly the same like some mobile games I’ve played. You actually need to time things or the ball will arch up and right into a buzz saw. Highly recommend uwu
  • Great game but....

    By ShannonBark1996
    Great game but it needs more levels and it glitches out too much!!
  • Good

    By Puppy go network
    This game is very good. I’m upset that during endless, you can get as far as possible but if you leave you don’t start back at the checkpoint you were just on, you start over. Also I finished all 180 levels, there should be a lot more levels, considering they were mostly really easy. There’s way too many ads and I always hit the add banner Other than that I enjoy this game.
  • Great game!

    By thbggstwnnr
    Love the game but I’m hoping there are plans for more levels soon? I’ve completed them all with 3 stars.. the endless option just isn’t much fun

    By PLZ READ for ur own sake
    Lots of glitches and 1minute adds after every game that u couldn’t ex out of !!! Also when u first get it it says u have a new ball BUT DO NOT TAP IT charges u A Dollar . And last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST at the bottom there is a banner of different adds that they want u to tap and it’s impossible not to tap bc it’s so big I gave this game one star but I wish I could give 1/254577 . I would only give it that HIGH bc ITS AN ACTUAL GAME. Do not waste ur time and by this app trust me u will hate it.
  • Posed to be ad free.

    By yousuck1001
    Bought the no ads still have them
  • Horrible ad placement

    By ☆Anayëët☆
    I keep getting an annoying pop up ad that shows up in the middle of the game. Used to not happen but it's incredibly annoying.
  • it’s lit

    By Kenzie Bear Reviews
  • Tricky traps

    By H205036
    It is hard and sometimes you have to time it just right and sometimes when you tap it doesn’t make anything or do anything
  • You need to try this game

    By reese-8907/7098
    This game is awesome and amazing
  • Add “Skip Level”, pretty please??

    By 7SlotFever
    I’m stuck on level 58 and for my life cannot get past it. It’s been about three days of trying and total failure. I just can NOT get past the gears. I love the game and really enjoy the challenge but in a case like this I’ll have to quit because I cannot advance any further. Would you, could you, pretty please? I purchased the ad free version. It would be good if that included the revive function. Ad free, should be exactly that.
  • The stars on level 97, 119 & 120

    By Ela Savariego
    I’ve finished the game and am now going back to get all the stars for each level, and i’ve been trying to get the last star for level 97, 119 & 120 and have been unable to for multiple days now. I think there is no way to get it unless you glitch it or something along those lines. Please find a way to fix it. Thanks!
  • وبداپ

    By hsxjhhd
  • Needs more levels

    By fhgghhv
    I really love this game so much. All that I can say that I would like to be, would for there to be more levels. There are only 180 levels. I know there is endless but I just think that some more levels would be nice. Love this though!!
  • Rip-off paid for no ads but still got ads!

    By dlmckay
    I saw the in-app purchase for no ads version and after I paid only the bottom banner ads went away. It’s completely dishonest of this developer to place ads for their other games in place of the other ads after each level! Very disappointed and I am reporting this to Apple as it must be a violation of terms for developers.
  • Almost Perfect

    By Awesomeness9870365174
    This is a great game overall and it is very challenging, which I like. However, while I was playing endless mode, on checkpoint 7, it was impossible for me to beat it. It isn’t because of a really tough obstacle, but it is because the map created for it had a part sticking down which blocked you from getting further, which caused me to lose. Other than that flaw, it is great.
  • this games is so fun it cured my aids and my osteoporosis

    By kelsey todd
    it was so fun
  • Rigged

    By smartgirlkayla
  • Ya wow

    By gehwmqoekdjosiuh
    Best game ever
  • Pretty epic and creative

    By epic-ish i guess
    I say this game is a really cool and creative game you can play for free! The only flaw o would give it is the amount of ads :/ but I’m going into school soon so this helps with the science part of school while I’m away for the summer. I’d recommend this game to my friends for sure!
  • Not a bad game

    By The_turtle_12
    It’s a good game, really addictive. I really enjoy the concept of the game and the levels are just hard enough but, it’s got a lot of ads and is really glitchy.
  • Get this game!

    By hdhsjshshdjshhdhd
    I love this game if you are hesitating get it. You are wasting hesitation. It is awesome, fun, and really addictive.
  • this is my favorite game ever

    By justinsmermaids
    i never play games on my phone but this game made me so happy and i played it every day. i beat all of the levels though and i’m really sad about it!😭 i miss it lol
  • Problems we’ll not really problems I just have too make a title😉

    By MastorPatt
    If you didn’t have enough speed on jumps you would die the spike things that open and close don’t really give you any time to get through the middle so yeah. Sorry if I was kind of rude🤷🏼‍♂️ but yeah good game!👍🏻I know it’s meant too be tricky it has tricky in the name you don’t have too change those challenging things it’s ok as it is. I give this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and a half. I can’t do a half so yeah🤷🏼‍♂️
  • Ok app

    By Thekittykid
    I just downloaded this app today and it’s pretty bad. The app glitches a lot and causes me to lose.
  • No ads

    By ames332019
    I paid the 1.99 for no ads for this game. And i still have ads. I tried to hit the restore purchase but it won’t do anything. Very disappointed
  • Fun and Challenging

    By n.i.ckname
    Love this game. It’s full of challenges and fun levels, I definitely wish there was more. The only problem is during the endless levels there’s a bunch of glitches that make it almost impossible to pass.
  • Already addicted

    By klep2catlover1234
    This game is actually amazing, I would complain about the ads but I think my hand just hits the little bar. I downloaded this morning and it’s such a well made game. I don’t usually write reviews, but this game completely deserves it. Thanks for making an awesome game!!!!
  • not

    By isabelly_19
  • Ehh

    By JacobDerwin
    It’s kind of hard but you might get the hang of it soon
  • Kinda mad

    By Harper Colgan
    I hate that I accidentally hit the add at the bottom and I am on level 137 and I can’t get past most of the challenges some levels took days to finish and adds pop up in the middle of the game and the decorations that you can put on to play with they don’t look like they do when you play with them
  • 🤪🤪

    By z dks d s
    Such a fun game I play it every day
  • Annoying

    By massauro03
    This game PISSES ME OFF. There are instances where death are inevitable and there is nothing I can do to avoid losing
  • Pretty good game

    By mack 2427
    Every time you hit something there is an add then when you get to the harder levels it moves your ball so it falls into something but overall a good game