Tricky Taps

Tricky Taps

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-11
  • Current Version: 1.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 192.35 MB
  • Developer: Crazy Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 20 514


Think you’re a puzzle master? Prove it. Let’s see how you do in this tricky puzzle game. Tap the levers to roll and bounce the ball along the track, without letting it drop or hit the spikes. Tons of super-cool and tricky obstacles to avoid. Collect stars and gems as you play. Choose from awesome skins - beach ball, spike ball, and more! Get rolling! ABOUT US Crazy Labs is a casual games brand, under which TabTale develops and publishes fun and addictive games. Crazy Labs partners with independent development studios across the globe to create engaging mobile content for audiences of all ages. Like us: Watch us: Visit us: Follow us:@CrazyLabsGames CONTACT US Let us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us 24/7 at PRIVACY: The app is free to play but certain in-game items may require payment. The app includes: - advertising for TabTale and some third parties that redirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites - social networks links to connect with others while playing - the option to accept push notifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. updates) - an age-gate to prevent access to some features to protect children (e.g. restrict behavioral advertising or information sharing). Your privacy matters. The app may enable data collection for limited purposes (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyze and improve the app’s features and services; personalize content including targeted ads and analyse those ads). For more information refer to our Privacy Policy: Note that referred third parties are subject to their own policies. By downloading, updating or using the app you consent to this collection and use of device information and your data for ad display and reporting purposes, and to our Terms of Use:



  • How much I love it

    By tnscotty32
    Text me
  • Easy

    By laalalalalalalla
    I love it
  • Kyzer

    By KyzerLion
    I like this game show much it OK you make are pofadrjdd your way the ones
  • Impossible Star 167

    By nevans0598
    Level 167 is impossible to get all three stars on. Even with the best timing, you can only get about half as high as the star is.
  • Too many ads

    By #Panda1221
    This game is a lot of fun, and is for sure harder then it looks, but every time I finish a section or a level, an ad pops up, and it is pretty annoying
  • Great but ads

    By Golden Doggo :D
    I love how the game works with your brain and how you have to time all your tapping to get the right area of the game! The only problem I've had so far is the amount of ads but I'm sure it will be fixed soon but keep doing your jobs!
  • I broke your endless mode

    By Kghoi
    Somewhere between checkpoint 2-3 the map stopped rendering and the ball was just floating through the background. No map was rendered and had to restart. I have a screenshot if you need it.
  • Tricky Taps

    By The Problem With Tricky Taps
    Tricky Taps has a problem. When I just started the game there was this error. They put the green diamond coins in places where no one can get them I re-played level 3 so many times because I couldn’t get the coin. I did that because I don’t like tasting defeat. This might just be me but, why do they do this to us is. They know we want the coins. They want us to possibly lose the game because they won’t let us get the coins!!! This is unacceptable!!! Who’s with me!! Is anyone else mad, no just me, ok.. But otherwise than that the game is great!
  • I like tricky taps but....

    By laurakatie2233
    I love this game and I’ve gotten my family to play it too. My only problem with the game is that it won’t let me pass level 180
  • Aaaaaaasgddhrxvhfx

    By m_j_j
  • Love this game but....

    By LittleBit!
    This is such a fun game!! I can’t stop playing.. but I got to level 155 and I can’t get past it. It’s impossible because the ball falls on the X’s every time and you can’t get past!! PLEASE FIX THIS!! I play this game when I’m stressed. But I cant now! :(
  • Apologies

    By The1nJOEnly
    Hello, I would just like to apologize for my review saying it’s broken. I figured out that I just didn’t time it right but I made it past level 82. I mean there was one instance where it did that but it just happened once. The game wasn’t really broken and I appreciate the response from the developers so I’m very sorry I made a mistake and this game is still a lot of fun to play. Thank you.
  • Good game

    By shookybuni
    It’s a good game but I already finished all the rounds. Make more rounds because I finished the game.
  • Glitches

    By whh1227
    On more than one occasion, the ball as just fell infinitely. It doesn’t level up, nothing. When I click the screen I can hear the little moving things but I see nothing but the background.

  • It is cool 😎

    By cool guy 22134
  • Way too many ads

    By MikeyVChamp
    I didn’t even play this game for 10 seconds and the ad made me watch something for 30 seconds. What’s the deal. *app deleted*
  • This is so so awesome

    By Ryanc24
    Thanks a lot
  • Star love

    By jstDwnTheBlock
    I love you too soooooooo much
  • Waiting

    By drunknmonkey247
    This game is fun I don’t even care about the ads that pop up my problem is I’ve been waiting for weeks for you to add more levels cause I finished them so quick
  • Too many ads

    By jermarol
    There are to many ads on this game that’s why I deleted it.😡😡😡😡😡
  • The app calls my phone

    By Mike_wayy
    Do not download this app. I do not know what is happening, but when I open the app it calls my phone in the background. The only reason I had noticed this was when I had my phone in my car playing the game. It freaked tf out of me when I first saw this.
  • Five stars ⭐️

    By gabby volderm
    I love it!!!
  • Great game, but LONG ads (really, fix this)

    By Neuromod
    This is a great an addictive game. However, PLEASE reduce the time on these ads. It has gotten to where I will retry a level repeatedly just to avoid the 30-second-long ads. That is a ridiculous amount of time. Just chop down the ad length to 15 seconds and I’m sure people will manage with that.
  • Too much adds

    By jhfvjxhxhs dxnc
    Okay so first of all you have to watch an ad before you can even start playing. When you click on the game it literally starts playing an ad! There are so many ads in this game and you have to watch one almost every time you die. This game annoys me and I do NOT recommend downloading this app.
  • Really well done!

    By poppygirl292
    Really well done! I’ve only been playing for a day but I love it! I hate the adds but they’re after like every other level or something so they’re okay.
  • Tricky Taps

    By nailpolishisawesome
    I think that your game is fun, but a little challenging and I think it is a little too challenging. Maybe you can make the levels a little easier, maybe you can do an update and make it a little bit easier. Thank you! The good part of the game is that it is fun and works out your brain. It is cool that you can play it with hardly any adds. An add is how I found this game, because if the try round. I like how you were so creative with your game.
  • Trike trap

    By hehjogv
    Charlotte curry
  • Will be deleting

    By Yo momma so fat jokes 8
    Too many ads that it makes the game a lot less enjoyable. I will not be keeping this app and i’ll be deleting it
  • shutting down

    By Themostwonderful
    game is shutting off while playing
  • Disappointed

    By aleighgu3
    Gameplay is often interrupted by glitches in the game.
  • Why I rated a three

    By three star rater
    There is too much ads of games that I’ll never get in my entire lifetime
  • Not worth even a freebie

    By Medmusician
    The physics on this game is awful. It is frustratingly impossible to get these purple stars. I can’t even get the stars in level 5. Also, I got “death by ad” while just trying to get through level 5. This game really is awful. Too bad the advertisements are better than the actual game.
  • Review

    By Trevorstrikemaker
    Tricky taps is the best game on the iPhone.
  • Worst game

    By #bay18
    Those is the worst game ever I can’t believe I download it that gAme sucked
  • Good game

    By Madison 080708
    There are some taps that the way you installed them makes it hard to beat the next level.I love how it’s so challenging!!!
  • This game it’s fun

    By lvluski
    It’s actually pretty tricky
  • Review

    By Lil niyah 🥰🥰
    To Much ads
  • Love it

    By hxjdiodjd
    The game is great I love it.But sometimes it’s the games fault for dying and there’s a lot of adds cut them off!
  • Ads

    By jordanayy
    I get ads before i even get to play, then after every game i get a ad, i dont even wanna play bc of all the ads
  • Yaaaaaaaa

    By 🖖💋
    It is very amusing when you start you can not stop
  • Good

    By Bruins17luver
  • More ads than there is game

    By Jb10106
    Too many ads. Do I want to watch ads all day or do I want to play a game? You should change the name of your game to “boring ad central” jeez find another way to make money. Also you don’t need much brain to play this game so if you are looking for something exciting and challenging this is not the game for you.
  • I love it

    By puppppppppppppppppppy
    So much
  • Ike it is great

    By Joesssss7542
    Good game Fun Cool
  • Too many ads it’s worst than cable tv from the ‘80s

    By Laptop Tommaso
    If you like to be constantly distracted and pan handled for updates...that’s your game!
  • Buying no ads = still ads

    By bcvbrett
    The “revive” button that pops up when you die always shows you an ad, even if you’ve bought the “no ads” package from this app. Uninstalled. Buyer beware.
  • Too many ads

    By natalia/toochie
    I love this game but you can’t really play it when ads pop up in your face every two seconds.
  • Crap

    By hotroofer
    To many videos