Norton Device Care

Norton Device Care

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2019-03-14
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 21.77 MB
  • Developer: Symantec
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.4 or later.
  • Rating Count: 37


WHY NORTON SCREEN CARE? • REPAIR WHEN YOU WANT*, WHERE YOU WANT No need to mail in your phone or ask for pre-approval to make a repair. Repair your cracked screen at a shop of your choice, whenever it’s convenient for you.* • SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM HASSLE-FREE Our Norton Device Care app makes submitting a claim easy. Simply upload your cracked screen repair receipt to make your claim. Track your claim status and share where to mail your check, all through the easy-to-use Norton Device Care app. • NO EXTRA COST FOR OUR LOYAL MEMBERS* A Protection Plan for one mobile phone screen included at no extra cost when you auto-renew your qualifying subscription. Norton Screen Care is part of the Norton Device Care app. Download the Norton Device Care app on the phone that you want screen protection for. ------------------------------ * SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS • As long as you are enrolled in a qualifying auto-renewing subscription, the Protection Plan (“The Plan”) is provided at no cost to you for a single device and protects against one covered Failure during the term of your subscription. This loyalty offer may be changed or removed at any time. • You must download the app and register a single device to The Plan within your qualifying subscription term, and at least 60 days prior to the term’s end. Coverage is subject to a 30 day waiting period. • The Plan coverage is provided by Northcoast Warranty Services, Inc. and will reimburse the cost of repair for registered device screen in the event of a covered Failure. This is not an insurance policy. The Plan specifically excludes coverage for loss, theft, vandalism, water damage (please see complete Norton Screen Care Protection Plan for coverage information and exclusions). The Plan is not available or valid in Florida and Wyoming. ** Reimbursement of one covered Failure for up to $100, after $25 deductible has been applied to the original claim amount. ------------------------------ We are continuing to add new features and make improvements to the Norton Device Care app to make protecting your devices easier than ever. If you have any app feedback or suggestions, please send it to



  • App does not work and tech-support is totally absent

    By cperibanez
    I share the frustration of the previous reviewer‘s. I have five case numbers for application failure resolution. I was on hold today for 1 1/2 hours only to be told how sorry they are. No I am not a happy camper! Norton, institute an online claim submission service through your website.
  • Not eligible ?????

    By Sallygr
    I get numerous emails telling me I’m eligible, have 1 device slot unused, and am on auto renew. But as soon as I install it and log into my Norton acct, it tells me that I’m not eligible. So much for rewarding loyal customers! Update: the email address that you provided in your reply bounces. After a month I still haven’t gotten this to work! However, I’ve received at least 3 more emails from norton with the offer!!!
  • Didn’t work at first

    By JSchiebs
    This didn’t work for me at first like a lot of reviewers. But a very persistent tech person got it to work. For my trouble, they added 60 days to my subscription. So I would say to those who are having problems to work with tech support to resolve them.
  • Yep happened to me

    By CharlieHorse99
    Received a bunch of emails from Norton saying I get a loyalty perk of screen protection. I saw all the people saying the app doesn’t work, but thought I would try anyways. App ends up telling me I’m not eligible for this offer. Geez, you’re a tech company that can’t get an app to work correctly. Maybe I should rethink my subscription.
  • What a Scam

    By ZigZag359
    Downloaded only to find after being a loyal Norton customer they do not cover iPhones. This should be in description before downloading. Waist of time
  • Useless

    By PatiRizz
    As with everyone else who tried to load on the phone it says I am not eligible. We are eligible! Also I received serval emails reminding me to install and the link is not for the screen care it is to reinstall norton on device. Very disappointing and frustrating!!!!
  • Doesn’t work and no support provided!!!

    By Judd_G
    I was hoping to get additional protection for my iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6, but the app doesn’t work. I called and then emailed support and provided screen shots of the constant error messages per their instructions, only to hear that they’re working on it. 3 weeks later, no solution and they’ve stopped providing updates. Complete waste of time.... I plan to cancel my Norton subscription altogether because of their incompetence in this matter has left me unconvinced that they could provide adequate protection with anything else as well.
  • What a joke!!!

    By firlas
    Like everyone else the stupid app tells me I’m not eligible after asking me to anger 24 character code that they already know from my subscription! Than I called support and after being transferred to 3 different people since everyone doesn’t know what and how to support!! Hours of wasted time! Will not renew ever again! Update: developer response to review add insult to injury...same canned senseless response telling you to sent support email. Support is unable to fix issue and again sends you around and around. Think they just hope people will give up. Worse experience ever and absolutely not again!! Developer response did not even address my issue and replied to some other issue I did not encounter. Never read my review...this is a joke on me
  • A most worthless app

    By cubssssssssss
    I’m not eligible huh?Thats what it says when I try to activate my invitation sent by Norton for cracked screen repair for being a automatic renewal customer invite. HAHAHA. Guess the jokes on me.
  • Failure

    By desw90
    I received the email from norton saying my subscription now includes a year of screen protection. I followed the instructions and either this is misleading advertising or the app is poorly done. When I get to find my phone there are no phones to find and no instructions. Not impressed.
  • Not eligible

    By apparently not eligible
    I agree with other reviews. Norton auto renew customer and after an email soliciting the app download, I am not eligible! Maybe rethink the subscription.
  • Misleading and useless

    By JSVA72
    Norton sent me emails and several notifications from the Norton app on my computer stating that this service is part of my subscription. I downloaded and installed the app from the Apple Store to check it out. When I log in, I am greeted with a notice that says: “Sorry your device is not eligible for this offer.” This is false advertising.
  • Loyalty offer

    By Fonts to be
    I followed the onscreen instructions, had to download the screen protection app in the app store, signed in with my norton username and password, said yes to the terms, which its only protected up to 100.00 dollars which i have a feeling the damage is always going to be more than 100.00 dollars but any event i hit continue and its said successful screen is now protected. So yes this really does work.
  • Constant emails

    By camtron19
    Renewing sub. Meet all the requirements. I get an email to activate once a month, but if I install this app I’m told I’m not eligible for this offer. Super annoying.
  • Fraud

    By juliannejb
    Got an email saying I qualify for this free protection, so I installed the app and for my surprise they say I’m not qualified for the offer they told me I was qualified. Premium user for years, auto renewal plan, etc. and those are not enough for me to qualify.
  • A fraud?

    By morenliorest
    Why should Norton offer a fraud to its most loyal customers? How possibly getting rich and too big makes them incredibly stupid? A huge fraud? Why, who asked you?
  • Bait and hook 😖

    By Margiemm
    Got two emails about this offer following the instructions signed in only to find out I don’t qualify for the offer- bait and hook😖
  • Omg

    By ghoct
    I have had an active norton subscription for almost 10 years and it won’t let me login just says bad request after I sign in and goes bacc to begging. Complete bull crap
  • Not Eligible

    By trongod
    Like another reviewer, I received an email for free the screen repair offer. After launching the app and providing my key, it says I’m not eligible. Definitely seems like fraud.
  • This product is fraud

    By Aminojaku
    Norton sends you an email stating you have this protection as a part of your sub... when you log in on the app it states your subscription is not eligible for the protection and refuses you. I’m not sure what sub is eligible seeing as I have the top level sub with auto-renewal that just renewed... and has been auto renewing for 5 years. As far as the “loyal customer” part of the email offer for this feature, I’ve been one for 15 years. What’s crock of ****.
  • It gets even worse!!!

    By SSDO76
    So I get an email from Norton offering me Screen Cate for free as a benefit.... I follow the prompts and no where does it lead me to downloading the registration app. So I figured I’d download the app and sign in with my product code.... which I did... the Norton response was “you are not authorized!” If Zero stars were possible, I’d post them!
  • Unable to activate

    By Lisaann1107
    After downloading, there were too many bugs and error messages to activate. It asked for my product key even after secure double authenticated login. Then it seemed unable to connect to the internet (all other apps working fine). Then after finding the right key, it gave another “bad request” error message. This happened on two separate attempts weeks apart. I give up.
  • Doesn’t cover iPhones!

    By jayzee71
    This is a bogus “benefit.”
  • Doesn’t cover iPhone & Samsung

    By roxy&baileemom
    After you download the app, you have to search for your phone for coverage. I couldn’t find one single iPhone that was covered. I even tried Samsung since a lot of people own them. Basically, they are giving you screen coverage for phones that no one owns.
  • Horrible Privacy Policy

    By Houstonhunter
    Read this privacy policy carefully.