Crowd City

Crowd City

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-22
  • Current Version: 1.2.14
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 239.23 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 501 550


Become the biggest crowd in town! Gather people accross the city and crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership!



  • Really Good game

    By n1gh3R
    I like this game
  • More time

    By 246789987
    I wish there was more time in the game, I always like seeing if I can take over all the other crowds but I always run out of time.
  • AD AD AD

    By doubleRRon77
    Great concept, but for a game that you’re obviously playing computers, the amount of ADs is ridiculous! Non-stop ADs after every single game! Would rate it a 5 star without the ADs
  • Easy Start, Boring Later

    By iphonecrazy
    Easy to play. Feels like real players but they aren’t. Gets boring. Ads are oppressive having to watch pant between plays.
  • This game is awsome Joshua

    By michael 🤫🤫🤫
  • Cool

    By red person.jpeg
    Red lives matter
  • So much fun

    By 110011220033004400
    I’m having so much fun <3
  • Crowd city

    By Maya Chlanda🦋
    Crowd city is amazing I can spend hours playing that game. It’s the best game ever you should downloaded.But sometimes it glitches but that’s ok it only happened 2 times.I think that that game is amazing and great 👍🏻🍭🍬
  • This Game Rocks!!!

    By MineralGamer
    This game is pretty easy, if you are smart enough!!! This is entertaining and fun!!!! Also, subscribe to ExplodingTNT and MrFudgeMonkeyz if u haven’t already!!! Ps. U need a YouTube account if u need to subscribe on a channel!!!
  • My thougth

    By sarab singh anand
    It is too easy but also fun.
  • More time in game

    By Lord Bubby
    Wish the time limit was higher
  • Needs real multiplayer

    By Dank_American
    Playing against A.I and not other players
  • Crowd city

    By uincorn's rule
    10 out of 5
  • Could use some work

    By Cookeemonsters
    The game is fairly easy as I unlocked all the characters within a week, although different maps would be nice or actual players would be nice and good competition. It could use some work because many times I would have time still and it would just end the game but overall it’s alright
  • Amazing!!!💕👍🏼💩

    By Celestial Shadow
    This is an amazing 😉 game! Crown City is better than most of the other games that I have. I have a suggestion though. ~I think that there should be levels. You could have different levels with different obstacles. Other than that I love 💕 everything about this app!
  • Your game is awesome

    By payton the penguin
    I love this game so much,the thing I like most is that you can kill other crowds,they give you so many people!!!
  • Not playing with others.

    By lexmo11111111
    You’re not actually playing against other people. Kinda lame.
  • Crowd city

    By dig big shig
    It is just really fun
  • Bad

    By Seniór Goodman
    This game is terrible, the logic is terrible in it.
  • العراق البصره

    By كاظم الخصيباوي البصره
    العبه جميله جدا جدا لاكن مدته قصيره وبدون صوت لماذا
  • Crowd city

    By great tap tap dash
    This game is very fun if you try!
  • I don’t care.... I LOVE IT

    By yejejvsyeueb
    This game is awesome! That’s why I gave it five stars! I LOVEEE how you can run around and “kill” people! Just by infesting them! But, not EVERYONES perfect.... there’s still a teeeeny bit of glitches in there... 😕 but, if you fix this, then EVERYBODY will ( probably, I can’t give promises) give this game five stars too! Thanks!
  • Why I love this game:

    By mary popmina
    I have a good amount of games on my iPad but this is my favorite. And it’s also a satisfying game
  • I love your game it is the best

    By Hahahshshd
    I give you a five star already got first place three times I’m so happy
  • The best game ever

    By niyahonfire
    This game is amazing and cool
  • Crowd city

    By cat2002atas
    Really funny game. My friends geek out over it
  • Please make longer

    By MatthewHarrrilal
    Great game make games longer
  • This game is awesome

    By CrustytheSnail
    This game is awesome I purchased the no adds and it is totally worth it. Everybody should play this game. Have fun!!!
  • So hard and fun

    By emma07a
    I think this game is so fun but it is hard to get people so I think the game should not be this hard

    By LuckyQueenHails
    Best game ever My user TEAMFOSTERYEET
  • Why does it say buy skins when you could get them for free

    By akbdisbcndid
    When I saw the penguin skin I was in love it was so cute but I saw that it was $1 and I was mad because why should you by things in a game like this so I look at the bottom and it said that could get it for free by doing a challenge so I did the challenge and I got the skin next time you make another game make it free for skins instead of you paying $1 for a skin or something pls
  • Playing with computers

    By Sagademon
    This is a sorry excuse for a multiplayer game. It is pretty obvious that your just playing with a bunch of AI. Their movements are that of what you’d expect from an AI. They make dumb movements and just run straight into dead ends and walls. What really gave it away was the generic names they gave these characters trying to pass it off as real people. They’d have names like “Pixie cat” and “Frosty Elephant” and they’d all follow that same format. The first name would be something ending in “-ie” or “-y” then the second would be some animal or something. It was fun for like the first two games then I realized that you were just playing against a bunch of AI trying to pass themselves off as people. The people in the game don’t even start moving until you click the screen why would real players wait for you to start before you start playing. This game had so much potential but was wasted on lies.
  • Fix

    By KPN77
    It seems like for a game that is about getting the most mass there shouldn’t be a glitch that randomly subtracts your total. I was playing a match in first for example and all of the sudden boom 100-200 of my mass subtracted at once. No one was eating me either because I was in first place isolated. This has happened multiple times and is lazy. Please fix.
  • PePaw

    By Touchandgo1957
    Love this game. Fast action and surprises at every turn. Hey!!! How about 60 seconds longer. What do ya think? 😁
  • Pure fun

    By O!Noooooooooooooo
    Just pure fun. Totally addictive. Love it
  • Trash game save yourself

    By hrhehbdisksbdb
    The game is trash and boring nothing fun or interesting about it
  • Best game ever

    By Faith2093
    Great fun road trip game
  • It’s good

    By everything is taken so
    It’s fun, and controls are easy to use. Basically what was advertised. Not like the other apps where the app is different than what was advertised.
  • Crowd city

    By hannartay
    This game is not as fun as most I’ve played it makes no sence that your colletimg peolpe I don’t advice you download tjismgame
  • Glitch

    By djcndbxhdnsjzudbdjvm
    I hate this game very much because when I’m at about 900 the game glitches and I drop down to 450. Game very very annoying.
  • Stupidly Addictive

    By 12tree
    Hate myself for loving this game. But Is there anyway to move faster?
  • 👍🏼👌🏻

    By Lethalotto
  • FUN

    By crowdcitychamp
    GAME IS AMAZING!!!!! Really fun and really simple.
  • absurd amount of ads

    By Luckstosoose
    Too much advertising, you spend more time watching ads than playing
  • They

    By lubehsj
    Can you put more skins
  • Super Fun game

    By game zoom
    Really fun to play with the whole family Just needs a longer time clock
  • Too many ads + Fake multiplayer + Longer Time

    By Kailyn Cat
    Okay, it really annoys me every time the round ends. This is because there’s always an ad! It’s very annoying and makes me quit the game sometimes. Also, the time for the round, in my opinion, is super short! I would at least set it to five-ish minutes. Another thing that really surprised me is that it’s not multiplayer, it’s AI! This made the game a bit more boring, since it has me knowing that I am not playing against real people. Above all, the game itself is interesting and fun, I’m just saying that I seriously want some things gone and some things added..
  • Best game ever

    By allie--___--
    I love the game but dont pile the ads after every game
  • Crowd City

    By akt823
    Keeps glitching out on me. Terrible game.