Rocket Sky!

Rocket Sky!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-12-21
  • Current Version: 1.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 142.38 MB
  • Developer: Kwalee
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 48 216


Tap and hold the screen to launch your rocket as far as you can, but make sure not to overheat, otherwise it's game over! Upgrade your rocket to reach new heights, break records and explore new planets. Space is waiting for you! Rocket Sky! features: Simple and addictive gameplay Numerous upgrades to keep you exploring Variety of planets and rockets to unlock Colourful 2D design



  • Good game, insane amount of ads

    By null_dev
    Game is tons of fun but the amount of ads you watch are absolutely insane.
  • I love it

    By Max8798
    It’s good
  • Ads vs Gameplay

    By FkTwitter
    I understand there is an option to pay to remove the ads, but 10 seconds of gameplay then 30 seconds of ads is absolutely ridiculous! Tap the wrong spot to close the ad and two pop-ups appear. Deleting game.
  • Trash lol

    By Jamsskults
    I’d love to give this a 5 star but really soooo many ads literally after every 10 second try you get hit with a 30 second add after EVERY attempt I’m a simple man you give me many ads I delete you and give bad review really y’all needa hop off on the ads
  • 30seconds of ads for every 15seconds of gameplay.

    By Manumana10
    Game could be fun, if you could play for more than 15 seconds before arching another ad. I don’t have a problem with ads inside apps, but this game is more ads than game.
  • Not even an offline game?

    By Ortrue
    This type of game should let you play no matter what connection you have, but demands that you have internet connection so it can spam 20 second ads every minute. This is by far the worst online game I have ever played
  • No chance to really play

    By apacrytgon
    Add literally every takeoff practically unplayable
  • Too many ads

    By mafgg
    I wouldn’t mind giving this game a higher rating but I spend more time watching ads than playing. I know the developers need to make money somehow but it is just ridiculous.
  • Ads with a mini game

    By d4v3r0y
    After the first launch i was asked to review my experience with the game... seemed a bit early to prompt that in the code. You get two launch’s then about 10-15 seconds of ad’s. Cannot play in airplane mode, it requires an internet connection. 2.99 USD to remove the ads, no thanks. Make the ads less frequent and I’d play again, but until then, no thanks.
  • Ads, ads and ads

    By Pg16472
    You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. Hard pass.
  • Horrible

    By Hdndjdnxn
    Way too many ads
  • Adds

    By LudaSmooth
    I usually pay for the no add option and on this game it still makes you watch adds to upgrade your rocket. I wish there was a way for a refund.
  • Too many adds

    By mojidel
    Played for only 10 minutes and I had about 10 ads
  • Good game, but it’s stopped working

    By Elda Freya
    The little guy loves this game but the game will crash 15 seconds after it opens once this is fixed it would be a five star rating.
  • Terrible

    By evan berube
    This game is TERRIBLE add after every single play
  • Game keeps crashing

    By solidjae567
    Love the game it’s simple and fun but I got to a certain point to where I’m making millions and on other worlds and everytime I open my game it crashes immediately please fix
  • The ads though...

    By myctenor
    They shove ads down your throat. I understand offering a free upgrade when you watch an ad but then they don’t offer a way to not watch it and just use your money. And if you only upgrade things that don’t have a “free upgrade ad” you end up with everything having a free upgrade ad. Not worth the time. Deleting this game.
  • Way too many ads

    By P3PP3R R4Y
    Just started playing and it’s ridiculous to have to watch a 30 second ad after every 5 to 10 second flight. Deleting.
  • Fun game but too easy

    By Pblo242
    Too easy i played it from two days ago and i have unlocked all the ships and level Nd the last stage just seems to be intergalactic travel because it dosent seem to have a destination game but eeh i finished it in two days sooo update please
  • Crashing

    By orangechild58
    Good but since the new update my game is constantly crashing developer pls fix
  • You can’t play it without ads

    By Listen to my opinion
    this game is ridiculous, you can’t even play on airplane mode to avoid ads. then they spam you with like 2-3 ads every time you finish.
  • Seize up

    By sia_bong
    The game seize up a lot please fix it thank you
  • Why I hate shy rocket

    By Marina164920
    The game has to much adds.
  • I want to die

    By ahahssjxh
    I was playing for a min and I want to die
  • I Maxed Out Everything, What’s Next?

    By TerminatoJ
    I guess you can say I beat the game. There is nothing left to do for any planet as I have the last spaceship, maxed out all upgrades and no other options or bonus planets. I figured out how to upgrade extremely fast: At the beginning quick tap once to take off and parachute will open. Because of the short flight time it will normally allow you to collect money and start a new flight without ads. Knee doing this and increase Earnings each time will get you fast money. Then start increasing other perks and eventually you will begin to max out. I highly recommend increasing Offline Bonus so that each time you come back to the game you have a huge amount waiting. I now have $100 Million that I can’t use because everything is maxed out. Smh!!!
  • It succccccccccccccccccc p piece of garbage

    By Joe 3000 mr joe whho?
    So many ads it’s so stupid at least put an ad every 10 times your lunch and it’s very glitchy come on fix the game I know this company is better than this

    By JustANormalGamerDude
    SOOOOO MANY ADS!! As soon as I launch the game I get a 30 second UNSKIPPABLE ad. You then get to have <2 seconds of actual gameplay just to have another ad play for 5 seconds before you can skip it.
  • To many ads

    By Elijah Northcross
    Game is ok but the ads just take away from it
  • Rocketting into a sky of bad reviews

    By Domi gamer26
    First, when I started playing this game, I thought it was great. It had some smooth type of gameplay that I seemed to enjoy. Then, when I started to play more and more, it got more boring. More and more ads, and it seemed now that I was just endlessly flying for no reason. I got to the 1st planet, been playing for like 2 hours, and I was insanely bored. Also, you can’t play offline (without wi-fi). They do this on purpose. They don’t let you play offline because they just want to show you ads. Also, what’s the point of the game? You just get to new distances just to unlock a new “skin,” or “planet background.” And there’s only 4 upgrade paths, which makes it even more boring. I know this game just came out like a month ago, but you don’t just make money from ads. Add some in-app purchases. I don’t just want to sit there through a whole bunch of ads. On top of this, I see this game advertising on a whole bunch of games. And I already tried it, and it’s boring. I thought that this will be one of those games that you like in the first couple seconds of playing it. And it’s not. So don’t get it, unless you wanna be really bored. It’s NOT a time killer. For now, it’s rocketting into a sky of bad reviews.
  • Rocket Ads

    By Metallian83
    Would you like a side of games with your ads? Otherwise fun for what it is
  • To many ads

    By Mad consummer
    In my first 5 mins of the game i got 4 30 second ads thats a little much
  • Garbage

    By Zayboy2006
    Your game is bad no good too many ads u should stop trying to get so much money also try making it have less ads
  • I might as well watch ads all day

    By hogwarts489
    This game is ridiculously loaded with ads as you progress, they’ll play an ad after every single launch, it’s crazy it’s like the app should basically be called “Rocket Ads” with a little bit of actual rocket shooting in between, crazy man. I’m going to delete it because these guys want 3 dollars for the removal of ads not even worth it, I’d maybe pay 1.99 but I’d happily pay 99 cents now that’s a more reasonable price. Anyways if you’d like to launch a rocket every now and then while watching ads this game is for you !! If not don’t download a complete waste of space on your device!!
  • Way to many ads

    By JadenRW
    Game is fun, but the ads completely ruin it. I tried putting my phone on airplane mode to block them, so I could actually enjoy the game, but the game won’t let me play without internet. The game is completely on device and would be able to run without internet, but they choose to make it stop working so they can get more ad money.
  • This game is cool

    By CheeseBoiIsGood
    I like this game
  • Update releases, but the caps weren’t raised

    By capncoupon
    I’ve been maxed out over a month and o got excited when saw an update that said “improvements to keep you flying”. When I updated it I saw that I am still maxed out still. Glad I didn’t pay for this and I think it’s time to delete it since I’ve apparently beaten the game.
  • Why?

    By Lucivar Sadiablo
    I liked the game when I could disable my internet connection to limit ads “ every 10 seconds” nor there’s an internet connection not detected error and I’m stuck with all these ads no thank you uninstalling and zero stars!!!
  • Excellent

    By Bullish bull market
    Excellent Time flies
  • Every single upgrade is locked behind an ad Walsall

    By ConcernedHoopUser
    Every upgrade only lets me watch an ad to upgrade, what the hell is the point of money if I can’t use it?
  • Might as well be a paid for game

    By ShyDusky
    More than half of this game is spent watching ads and when you’re not watching them, there’s at least one at on the screen. Besides that, would be a fun game and concept. Simple.
  • Awesome

    By turtle568
    I always wanted to be a rocket or bird one day and now I can.
  • Beat this game in a day.

    By HopefulSkink
    I saw my friend play this at school and I’m like alright I’m going to get farther than you. I beat the game in a few hours. There needs to be more to do.
  • Requires internet connection

    By Bigmacintosh0418
    Most ad filled free to plays can be put in airplane mode to avoid ads, however THIS game Literally requires Internet connection so that you can be bombarded with advertisement after advertisement. And normally games like this it’s one ad every two or three plays but this game gives you an ad after EVERY FLIGHT
  • Too many ads

    By human251
    I just downloaded this app and it instantly showed me three ads. It is fun but is lagging and crashing. How about removing some ads? I uninstalled it because it is boring and has too many ads, bugs, and crashes.
  • Waste of time

    By lukethe great
    Wouldn’t recommend this game in order to upgrade your items you have to watch an ads and in order that you watch the ads you can’t play it offline
  • AD hack

    By TEK5c
    ADS ADS ADS ADS $2.99 for no ads....ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS. Can’t upgrade because the Ads so why did I pay $2.99?!?
  • WAY too many ads

    By Mike annnnnco
    theres an ad after every attempt
  • Good game but never updates

    By OneJackD
    I got this game and was completely addicted but I quickly beat it. Within a week I had maxed out every upgrade and had every rocket.
  • Unplayable because of ads

    By Soup223YT
    I thought this game looked interesting but as I started playing it I became very frustrated by the amount of ads that would play and it came to the point where one turn would take 2 ads