Rocket Sky!

Rocket Sky!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-12-21
  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 132.21 MB
  • Developer: Kwalee
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 21 680


Tap and hold the screen to launch your rocket as far as you can, but make sure not to overheat, otherwise it's game over! Upgrade your rocket to reach new heights, break records and explore new planets. Space is waiting for you! Rocket Sky! features: Simple and addictive gameplay Numerous upgrades to keep you exploring Variety of planets and rockets to unlock Colourful 2D design




    By KidSquid09
    I dont understand how this is getting such good reviews. After every rocket I have to watch a 15 second ad? Lasted about 2 min then deleted.
  • ads and more ads

    By Bel lip
    game has great potential, but the non stop ads, total muck up the gameplay. I cannot play a game, where every minute of gameplay plays a 30 second ad.
  • To many ads

    By kem922
    Way to many ads it is fun just if their were less ads I would’ve gave this game five stars but just way to many ads.
  • An Interactive Adventure Capitalist

    By OttOzonian
    You get coins by flying your rocket as high into space as you can. This game has an offline mode where you obtain coins after turning off the app for up to 24 hours. I easily cheesed the entire game in ~25 minutes by using the time exploit (it’s much easier with Rocket Sky than Ad Cap). This is possible because you can increase your offline earnings per minute with coins. $ -> $$$. It’s one of many addictive tapping games with just enough milestones and upgrades to feel rewarding. Minecraft > This game Stardew Valley > This game The cheesing is REAL my niglets 👅💦🍆 👉🏿👌🏻
  • Forced ads

    By Mudkip2517
    Game forces you to watch an ad to upgrade stuff.
  • Rjidhdjkshdjkd looooool

    By hidnsjixhiqjsjsododbfi
    You are going to help me get home and get back to you and the rest I will be able thank him for your help and let her have a safe talk and let her have it for her thank him for your help and I know she will let him go thank goodness for her and her family thank him for your help and let me know if I can get him to help me pay for him and I will let you know that I will let you know when I get home thank him for letting me know thank him for your help and let me know if I can get him to call him and Ninja turtles is the way 7777777777 Moooooooo
  • Ads ads ads ads ads

    By DtrainNMMI
    I watch more ads than I play the game. Such a fun game but all I feel like I do is watch ads. I can watch a ad to double my cash but have to watch an ad if I don’t. If I do watch an ad to double my money I still have to watch an ad after that.
  • Fun game but...

    Great game but too many ads!
  • Ads

    By dalequad
    Fun game but way to many ads every single time you get done with the rocket you get another 30 second ad
  • Too many ads

    By Yeetusdelluetus
    Too many ads
  • The best game ever

    By dshdhdgd
    I love this app and it is very addicting
  • The ads continue, even after the $

    By JC63
    If I like a game, I usually will pay the couple of bucks to support the devs, but after doing it this game, they still sneak the ads in. Perpetual in the upper corner. The auto upgrade to your equipment, just watch an ad. I regret the donation.
  • Fun! BUT....

    By nickgiesecke!
    Way to many advertisements makes hard to enjoy the game!
  • Freezes every 3 seconds

    By CollinnwH
    Playing on an iPhone XS and the game freezes every 3-5 seconds and must be force closed and restarted
  • .

    By jommyjimy
    Game would be better if there wasnt so many ads.
  • Too many ads

    By Au716
    Playing this game in w tries I got 4 ads to collect the money way to many ads
  • Play without ads

    By ::;;((
    Turn off WiFi and disable LTE to the app. Works with other games that have to many ads.
  • Ads

    By scottishmilkman
    The ads are a bit excessive to be honest
  • Nice game with too many Ads

    By noor_hatem
    An addictive game, but with way too many Ads. I understand you need to get paid, but the frequency of Ads is just too much
  • For gods sake with the ads

    By #LessAdsYouGreedyBastards
    A single flight in gets you a 30 second ad every time doesn’t matter if you chose to watch it to collect extra or not it’s annoying despite how fun the game might be
  • Ads

    By long_dick_rick
    Way too many ads
  • Enough With The Ads Already!

    By ++BeatlesRock++
    Ads are EVERYWHERE.
  • ...

    By jsksjsksn
    I beat it in 5 days what now
  • Was better before last update

    By furryspitz
    The game is fun but the last update has placed way to many ads into the game. Really wish it go back to how it was last month.

    By OllieBlvd
    Okay game but after every 30 second round there’s an ad! So you think ill solve it with airplane mode right? NO! Because after a couple rounds it offers you a free upgrade in exchange for watching a ad so you can’t upgrade it until you watch the ad. 😡
  • Ads during game and after every launch now

    By Mimo on the wall
    This was a fun game. That is, right up until I have to restart the game after every launch now to avoid the after launch ad. I get it, the game is free to play, but an ad that often is making is not worth playing anymore. Maybe it was glitches for a week, during that week, only the first couple launches had an ad right after. Now it’s launch app, buy upgrades, launch, ad. Launch, ad, repeat... will stick around a bit more, but will most likely delete this game due to the excessive ads
  • Great for watching ads

    By ehaleyjr
    This could be a great game however for every 30 seconds of gameplay you have 45 seconds of adds. I would not recommend this game to anyone.
  • Chill downers

    By Mr.Bullet but
    Chill downers All you all do is leave slat u reres
  • Override Disabled Cellular on Tap

    By EhTThE
    I disabled the setting for cellular data for the app. Meaning I should not get advertisements yet I still am. Don’t like that, shows this app have a back door to get around that.
  • Its trash

    By mymomiscool😎
    It’s pretty bad it doesn’t make much sense
  • An ok app

    By kdejidguebdd
    It’s an ok app...the ships you get when you level up don’t even do anything they are just for looks-don’t believe me? If you have this app, get the second ship use it then use the first one. They are the exact same or close
  • Could be interesting, no way to find out

    By Tweedlebanger
    Constant harassment to get a different game. Can’t play this one for more than a minute before the harassment begins. Garbage!!!
  • Not enough content

    By space asf
    There are not enough planets as someone so can fly up to 600,000 feet there are no new planets after 200,00 please add more planets,rocket ships and a cap on upgradable afk money as you can just upgrade that first leave it for a couple hours and you’re on 200k planet
  • Fun, but so many ads

    By Just commercials
    Having not one but two ads after almost every single launch, keep in mind the launch is only last a couple to a few seconds max, will leave you watching ads 90% of the time Many of which you can’t skip or have to wait till halfway through etc. can’t really get into the game And see how much I’m gonna like it and tell if it’s worth three dollars to remove ads when all I do is watch ads
  • To many ads

    By Moonshadow666666666
    There’s an ad EVERY SECOND and it’s VERY annoying. I like the game but the ads are every second and it feels like I’m not even playing just watching ads 😒😒😒
  • Don’t connect to the internet

    By RecklezCrane
    Literally playing this game when I have no internet is the best. I usually have a phone without internet and it’s really annoying because most of the time I’m bored but after a while when I installed this game I didn’t mind at all because this was my go to game for that. But after beating the game within 2 days by maxing the offline and fuel. I exploited the game at the 2nd map by just making my space ship go 1 second in air and landing and that gave me insane amount OF COINS!. I just repeated that for a good 30 minutes and i was at end game. GG
  • Paid $2.99 for ad free

    By ditch121370
    Guess what?. Still ads!
  • Too many ads!

    By qwderf52463
    So many ads!
  • Ads are ridiculous

    By Jinju ^.^
    I think I would really like this game, IF I could actually play it a few rounds in a row without seeing an ad. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or not, but right now, I fly my rocket as high as I can, then I have to sit through 4-5 full-length (30 sec) ads before I can play again. I understand needing to make money through ads, but this is pure ridiculousness.
  • Unplayable due to adds

    By YLdPanther
    Adds spam about every other launch. I get it you want money. Calm down!
  • It’s ok but

    By MikeyF1977
    Once you get the fourth planet, that’s it. I’ve gone over 1.5 million whatever units they use and nothing new. Get on it guys.
  • Out of control Ad revenue

    By SCFN Seahorse
    The complaints about out of control Ads are all accurate. Initially you will have one ad generate and you will be able to close it after 5 seconds. The ads will increase as your climbing height does. After reaching 500ft, you will be required to watch 2 ads every other launch, the 1st is 5 second minimum and the 2nd is the p second minimum. Advertisement revenue is ridiculous. Don’t waste your time or download this to support companies who make games like this.
  • Too many ads

    By U fear meh!
    Title says it all, annoying amount of ads. Greedy developers
  • Read this

    By nickyp3131
    Way to much ads it’s ridiculous u can’t even play the game. You play the game for 4 seconds and then a 30 second ad
  • Get rid of the ads

    By gforce14
    Would have been a fun game but there is way too many ads
  • Good game, too many ads

    By jfanz91
    I literally get an add after every launch, frustrating. So here’s a little inside tip I figured out, put your phone on airplane mode and you get virtually no ads. Hope this helps some players.
  • Ads on ads

    By Leonarnd
    To many ads it’s ridiculous
  • Insane amount of ads

    By TheAncientLynx
    I’ve been playing about 5 minutes and I can definitely say I’ve never seen a game with this amount of ads.
  • Ok but too many ads

    By 1stupidcat
    Would give it more stars but it is horrible to have ads every time I launch.