Popular Wars

Popular Wars

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-29
  • Current Version: 1.0.25
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 342.94 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 503


Want to know how it feels to be popular? Then this game is for you! Already popular? Then this game is for you! None of the above? This game is definitely for you! How to be popular : * Collect followers from anywhere on the map! * Grab other players' followers to eliminate them! * Lead hundreds of people and show them who's the boss! FEATURES : * Super high tech swarming algorithm * Mega dynamic and "destructible" environment * Extra cute faces that will follow you everywhere you move * And a whole lotta fun!



  • Disappointed

    By jskujsjs
    Good game but then erased all my progress
  • Hmm

    By Meh fun time
    This game is nice and all but........it’s super laggy. Don’t blame it on internet. My internet is fine. Let’s not mention the ads. You see, I know all games care about reviews, but this review makes you know that this specific game needs improvement. A lot of improvement.
  • Good

    By dexterismydog12
    I love the game but it is very hard to get Harley Quinn :(
  • Love it!!

    By Denzay06
    I absolutely love it!
  • Much gamer Molment

    By JocieLuuu
    Tis gam is beter thane fotnright! 1st rank 😍🥵🥺😘💕🤩🦋🤙😁😰😑😂🙃🙂
  • Amazing Game

    By VF8*
    Big fun me very like being cool it is very very very 1st rank.
  • Popular what?

    By girlee187390
    Popular Wars is a very fun, but addictive game. You have to try to get as many classmates to follow you, so you can be the most popular kid. You have to race to find kids so they can follow you before they follow anyone else. But like its name, you have to war against one another. (There is no blood or anything in this game.) I would rate this an E. (for everyone) Sadly however you’ll get many ads throughout the game, stopping and restarting the game. I downloaded it in the past, but got mad because it has so many ads and just saying, it is a waste of your time just sitting watching ads. *If you want NO ads, I recommend you shutting off your Wifi on your phone. I recently just downloaded it again, hoping for a better experience. I would rate this game a 4 star. This game is for all ages, but especially geared for kids. Please give me a thumbs up if this helps! Thank you! As always, Girlie❤️❤️
  • Not working

    By Emi En
    It is a very fun game, but for the past about month, it would not let me open the app, I would try to open it and all it would do is take me back to my home screen.
  • Zahra family

    By Zahra02
    This game is very funny i and my family are same , because this game is very very easy
  • .

    By Prettygirl1163
    I don’t need to give an explanation on why I rated it 1 star. That’s a secret I’ll never tell.... PERIOT!

    By Dragon of games
  • A some

    By elie belly
    I love it but you should give us more time
  • Not the best game I have played

    By RichKid Yureet
    I was looking for new games to play then I saw this ad. I thought it would be fun. After I played it for a while, it got boring. I mean, how does this game get so many likes? It is so hard to level up and other players can steal your fans far away. Speaking of players, they aren’t even real. You can even play offline. What kind of game is this. How does this company even make a profit? I’m deleting it right away🤬!!!
  • Good not great

    By 7yearsold
    Personally I love the game but it could be better doesn’t matter but I’m 8 1# sound effects like a alarm when someone bigger than you is near 2# real players I would love it much more with real people to play against 3# more time maybe 5 minutes maybe more but at least 5 4# being able to pause the game besides clicking off the game cuz really sometimes you need to pause the game last you guys put ads for EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING so less ads please please please fix overall great game love it but please fix this stuff
  • 😐

    By Gggghhhfddcvhjjk
    I like popular wars, but it would be nice if u could see ur scores have more than two minutes to win and actually playing against REAL people not a computer. I thought I’d get a game where i could play against people, after I played three rounds I immediately realized I was playing against a computer. Also, when u first start the game you should 50 free coins. I only have 15 coins now, and I’ve spun the prize wheel over five times. Oh and u should get to view the skins you have. I also think you should make it easier to collect followers before someone eliminates you. I’ve actually never survived ONE minute in this game because of the computer issue. I was king and ran into some computer with a unicorn skin and it eliminated me when I was way bigger than it. That’s why I’m giving Popular Wars a three star rating.
  • Best game ever

    By wild kiwi :D
    This game is really good. I love the vibration sound when you eat people. But I wish that there were more maps. Also more costumes skin things Really good Sincerely a really happy 10 year old
  • Unfair Speeds

    By fjendjsjsn
    I don’t like the fact how whenever my player is huge, I’m not fast enough to attack other players but they are towards me when they’re bigger than me...just a thought. Good game though.
  • Games

    By totti rani
    Ok so I was playing another game and I got this add and I loved it so I downloaded it it’s so cool!
  • Gamer_pro

    By puppy_lover1869
    Love this game keeps my mind distracted never get bored of playing this game rate this a 10-10!!

    By gtfbyhtfhtrvyjtvf
    Love it
  • Trash

    By NikkiRa1979
  • Suggest

    By majed111
    Love this game but I wish to play with real people and it is better to be the profile of the player more excited and has more goals to try to achieve it Thank you
  • Harder than feeding hyenas

    By Do i have to do everything ?
  • Very laggy

    By SavannahLDisney
    I deleted this game right at the start. First it lagged so much and I hate laggy games so much! Three words. DO.NOT.GET!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😤😤😤😤😤😤
  • This game is perfect accept for one thing

    By Jordyngirl101😘
    This game is awesome but l have one request a a speed boost or a power-up because this game is a little slow. Also you you can do little perks so that the game can be a little more enjoyable.
  • Some glitches, but fun game

    By kitdogmom
    Sometimes when you are moving your person in the game, it glitches and it will go slower than the speed it should and sometimes stops and then resumes the game. Also, when you pick up a gift box most of the time you will watch the video to claim your prize and then it never actually gives you your prize and says no internet connection although it worked like 5 min ago! Overall it is a really fun game to play if you can get past these minor glitches! :)
  • Plz read

    By pandalover🐼🐼🐼🐼
    This game is good and bad. Here are some pros and cons Pros - good gameplay no lags or bugs - a good game for passing time ( good for the doctors office or a dentists office ) - kid friendly -when you gain a new follower your phone buzzes ( VERY SATISFYING) -overall fun! Cons - not real pvp , this annoys me because I think if you were against real people it would be more exiting - when you begin the game your character is a boy and I think that you should make the game ask what gender you are so that you could have a girl option - unfair , sometimes when you are in the lead by like 10 ,for some reason seconds later a bot is in the lead by like 40 points! not fair Even with its pros and cons I think it is absolutely your decision to get this game or not.
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    By Kharla Martschik
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  • 24/7

    By That slices master
    I’ve been play this game for like 10 a day. It’s soo addictive and I love it 🤩
  • Really Good!

    By Snowyowl 34
    I know some people are saying negative things, but I don't know why! It's a pretty fun game. Yeah it takes wifi, but it's still fun. It's not laggy for me, and I usually don't have the best of wifi. It's worth a shot.
  • frustrating

    By Nessa.St
    The app froze, I had all costumes except for 150 ads & i didn’t want to buy all the premium ones. my app froze & i lost ALL my progress. i was past the highest ranking & i have to start all over again, so disappointing. 😔
  • Amazing But........

    By pg29oofboi
    This game is very addictive but one problem..... Too many ads. A lot of games have that problem please change this. I will finish a game and a ad pops up. You can X out of it but after a bit. Other than that this an amazing game:)
  • trash game

    By that_chris
    just a bad copy of another game. people can suddenly get 100 followers out of nowhere and new followers spawning isn’t a thing. I even got an advertisement whilst playing a game and i nearly died because of that. control your stupid advertisements. would give it zero stars but can’t write a review without giving it at least one star.
  • Oh wow 🙄🙄

    By avocadoabbygirlbroyeahsup
    This game has sooooo many adds.......I can barely even play the game ever, DO NOT ENJOY at all.
  • Awesome! But...

    By BlackWidow538
    This game is one of the best games I have! I love how fun and exciting it is! There’s just two(2) problems. 1. This game lags. Like, A LOT. I’m in 2nd place, about to get a bunch of followers and about to win... then it lags. I start going really slowly, and by the time I get to the followers the game is over and I’m still in 2nd. 2. This game gets stuck. I go to modes, pick my mode, then hit the arrow button. Nothing happens. I try again. Nada. In order to get out and make it work again, I have to leave the game and go back. I know there’s no score to worry about, but it really gets on my nerves. If you could fix this it would be great. And PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO MY REVIEW! Thank you.
  • Awesome

    By sarcavkatlins
    My favorite game to play drunk #ImTheHumanCatcher
  • Disappointed

    By Jadlin10
    I was playing and their was only to people left me and another person and I was in first place and when I tried to hunt/kill the other player to win it didn’t do so even tho I was right over all of his little things it still didn’t kill him and then when that player was in 1st place he killed me and this is not the first time it has happened it has happened a couple of time already😤😤😤(if I was able to rate it using half’s I will give it a 1 1/2)😤
  • Ruth31😜

    By Abussrium Lover
    I like this game it is super fun it doesn’t have a lot of ads. That’s pretty much all you need to know!
  • Great game

    By cadence legendre
    The game is so fun but so many adds. after every game am add pops up. They are all apropreit.
  • Adverts 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    By Gejdk
    Adverts are soo annoying. After each game an advert pops up for 30seconds.. frustrating
  • Worst Game Ever

    By ghyjfyg
    Makes me man funny
  • Love it

    By Kristi9962
    A quick game that doesn’t require too much thinking. I love it!
  • Best app

    By ty-monty
    Best game to play when you stressed
  • Really fun game and so laggy plz fix it

    By emily-stone finch
    I’m saying that the game is so fun and good way of making the game but really really annoying lags ads very slow 😢😢 please fix it. I’m begging 🥺 you fix it please!!
  • AWSOME!!!

    By jme78
    Popular wars is awsome I love the popping sound u make it is fun to explore the different types of maps but the only thing is WHO WON?every time u don’t win u don’t get to c who did at the end but other than that it’s great👍
  • Really dude!

    By hushsmellysocks1
    Every time I get big and I try to eat another player it glitches!
  • Love it!

    By mehek heyer
    This game is sooo much fun I love it and recommend it to you.
  • Why aren’t they real players?

    By hedghogirl
    So, lately I’ve been testing games to see if they’re actually online games. I was VERY sad to see that A TON of games I love to play are offline. I mean, I already knew that that game called snowball.io was offline (see more in my review for that game :P) but Popular? Really? I was pretty disappointed :( but the thing is, it’s SUPER glitchy. At least on my device. So, if it’s online, why is it glitchy? Is it having trouble creating fake players and seeing if they win or loose? (BTW, I totally am sure about all these games being offline because I drove...let’s see...oh yeah. 200 MILES to (insert place of your choice) and I was still able to play the games like normal (if you call glitchy normal but it’s always glitchy so yeah) So, I gtg but I have to make a quick suggestion. Make this an online game. I mean, it’s a great idea and a fun game to play and you have the right idea and all but you NEED to make this online. Also, please make more skins and faces and characters and whatnot. Thanks for reading my review creators and/or people! Credit to the peeps who made this cause it is awesome despite every thing I just complained about (Lol) so bye 😊
  • Horrible Lag

    By T_rexie06
    This game lagged so much I thought I was having a seizure. At one point my character was stuck in a corner for so long the game ended before I even got to play. It looks like a really fun game and the graphics are cute but what’s the point of the game if you can’t even play it because you’re stuck in a corner \_(•_•)_/