Differences - Find & Spot them

Differences - Find & Spot them

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-16
  • Current Version: 1.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 242.26 MB
  • Developer: Easybrain
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 327 884


Spot all the differences between two pictures! Focus on the details and train your brain! Test your detection and concentration skills to see how many differences you can find in two seemingly identical images. · Compare two pictures to uncover all the difference · Find the different object and tap on it · Try to find all differences in time · Enlarge the picture to see it better · Use hints if you need a clue · Enjoy tons of levels! How many differences can you find? Take the challenge now!



  • Great

    By tatertots#2
    So much fun and challenging.
  • Lots of ads

    By gretyl120
    Otherwise ok
  • Okay

    By icecreamisabella
    I like the game, but some of the differences, are little details. For example, one of them was the clouds outside of the window, and who would have guessed that that would even be a difference? Other than that, it’s okay. No ads. Very nice game! Thank you so much for making this a game, but please. Take it easy on the little details. Have a great day!
  • Diana

    By Now hate game
    Hoping this will help keep my mind sharp
  • Turn off timed mode!

    By Joeybn24
    This is a great game! Best “find the difference” game I’ve found. Th only thing that would make this even better would be to have relaxed mode where you are not trying to beat the clock! Otherwise a great game!
  • Fun and entertaining

    By Jude16509
    Love this game. Fun but not too difficult.
  • I like the game

    By cc madison
    Good game
  • Ads

    By Josiebellne
    Too many loooong ads.
  • الرجاء زياده وقت الحل

    By T_..51
    الرجاء زياده وقت الحل
  • The best game ever

    By blackkflame400
    This app has the most amazing features on my iPhone so far I love it
  • Like it , fun now to hard but also not easy.

    By polly-molly
    Polly good
  • Interesting

    By 19102254
    Interesting, but somewhat repetitive.
  • Defective App

    By Great Eyez
    I have installed this App twice. The first time I made it to an extremely high level and then the game froze. I deleted it, reinstalled it, got to another high level and now can not move forward. Major glitches appear when you’re doing well in this game and progress can not be saved. I’ll be uninstalling permanently. Too bad because it was a nice challenge.
  • Finds

    By Lolalue
    Very clear and enjoyable!!
  • A lot of fun.....

    By MacdQQd
    This game wastes a lot of my time, but in a good way....I play the game on four devices, an iPod Touch, 1st generation iPad Pro; 9.7”, iPhone XR, and the latest generation iPad Pro 12.9”.....this game runs slow as hell on the first two devices, loading takes forever, BUT, on the latest IPad Pro, this game flies....loads fast and makes this game more enjoyable....found a few levels that are screwed up....8177 and 8206.. I run the largest software updates on all devices, zooming is an issue on all but the iPad Pro 12.9”, which really isn’t needed, lol...the screen is huge...when I try to zoom in there is no response...I get red X’s...I’ve done a complete shutdown on all devices to no avail...I have a screen protector only on the iPhone XR, 1st Gen, Other apps on my devices run as they should, no problems zooming in and moving around the screen once zoomed in. I broke down and bought the game, I got tired of closing out the game between levels, which made the game fun as hell, except for the issues above, I am on level 13,700 on my iPhone, great to play in the bathroom...lol.
  • Muhammad Ali

    By moosa81
    relaxing, fun and interesting.
  • Differences

    By Latina61
    The game is ok, however to many ads is annoying, and it doesn’t allow to enlarge the pictures to look for the differences. I stated playing and it’s get really boring, I deleted
  • This game

    By caronaviros
    Is so fun to play I can’t stop playing this
  • Matching

    By damdelu2
    Wish you could turn off the timer
  • Help😁

    By jean jelly bean
  • My review

    By iicupcake_foxii / Peyton
    I really like the game and it just so challenging and that’s why I love it because I love challenging stuff 8͟8͟%͟ of my apps are challenging games but, when I don’t know if you guys feel this too but whenever I play this I just can’t find some stuff that I need to find to complete the challenge and I love the game and all like I love everything about it But the one thing I love the game but I don’t play it much because of how difficult it gets for me and my eyesight is kind of bad so hm I was thinking you can probably make like different levels like easy hard and medium? And like pick which type of challenge you want to do? But you please do what you wanna do cause I don’t want to control you guys go for just a game and I love the game but I just saying just for people who have bad eyesight like me can probably make a easy level for them just to help but just saying you don’t have to like I said earlier I don’t want to control you guys just over a really fun game and I want to make sure you guys think it’s fun because I already think it’s fun but my eyesight is actually good just a little bit bad it’s not fully bad but yeah well thank you for making this game🙏🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊😊
  • I love this game!

    By gcafl02
    There are so many levels!! Some are easy, some hard. There are a lot of ads but the game is so fun to me that I can get past that. The only thing is the ad content. Some ads are tailored to what I was just searching for on another app.(wish/AliExpress) That definitely creeps me out. And because of this I was looking to replace this app with another. But none of them have as many levels. Can you purchase this game and get rid of the ads? I’ve only paid for an app a few times,ever!, but I would pay for this one. And! I love the orientation! This makes it easy to play with one hand. On some others, you can only play with your phone sideways. I will keep looking for a different app tho. (because of ad content) **So, I’m not very techy. But the developer reached out and explained the what and why and, now that I understand, I’m completely satisfied 😊
  • coco

    By Doctorsforgames
    I like the game but it does not seem to have any option for being timed or not. Being timed creates anxiety in many people, as a Dr. some people I know have mental and physical disabilities that cause the in ability to be timed or not as a game stopper. I like to relax. Timing does not facilitate that. There are many hidden object games that are not timed or give the player an option. Before I delete I would like to here from you.Thank you.

    Love Playing this GAME!!!
  • Time

    By pupthicks
    Need more time Or slow down good for the mind
  • Finding a challenging experience!

    By ltlando117
    This game is a series of engaging and cleverly disguised puzzles. Try it...you’ll like it!
  • Fun game but too many ads

    By Jjj11334
    I liked the game itself but having to skip ads every 3-4 min was pretty painful. Played for 30min and got to lvl 20, watched 10+ ads (even with the skip button it was pretty irritating) and just had to delete the app. I saw you had ad-free for $5 but found that a bit too expensive for a simple game like this. Will find another simple game with less ads to play.
  • Love playing this game!!

    By trisha5
    Keeps me n my toes!!!
  • Fun game

    By bigmik0224
    Love it
  • Differences

    By jmlbik
    Keeps your brain thinking ...
  • Just started

    By SuzyP182
    But i am really enjoying this game. It is so nice to play a game for myself not against other players. Thank you...so far lol.
  • Lots of puzzles

    By e6emm
    You start with your first day. Then go back down the calendar, and hit the month to go to last month. 3 puzzles per day. Many different styles.
  • Fun game BUT.....

    By 100101011002
    ...I have never played a game with so many ads!! If you’re stuck and need a hint...AD. If you complete a round...AD. If you run out of time...AD. And these are 30 second ads so you end up spending more time watching ads than actually playing the game!! I’m done.
  • Laggy

    By flamingmetalball
    I absolutely love this game but it has recently gotten very laggy. It won’t register when I click on the difference... I used to play this daily but now it’s getting too frustrating.
  • Brain Trainer

    By Purple Fireworks
    Really needs concentration so stick with it.
  • Simple Enough

    By MacinME
    I’d like to see the levels get a little harder as time goes on but as far as these kinds of games go it reminds me of the old in color books as a kid. This is a great throwback. Lots of fun to exercise my brain too!
  • Fun game

    By Kar463
    Luke this game. It’s fun and relaxing.
  • Matching Game

    By lit Man. Maury
    This game keeps you wondering about your ability to match.
  • Differences

    By Paulinaky
    I have not enjoyed a game as much as I have this particular game. Others are emulating this one but they are not as likable as this one. Thank you
  • Pls make colorblind-friendly

    By pykhantsev
    Love the app and challenges, however, I feel it is not colorblind-friendly, whenever I am stuck and need to get a hint, 99% of the time it’s because of the color and even then I can’t see the difference and just have to click. Please use colorblind safe palettes or have a mode for colorblind people, thank you!
  • Very fun and challenging!!!

    By wisegigi
    The best game- extremely fun and challenging!
  • Just ok

    By Kayc501
    It’s an ok game but the ads are irrelevant and too frequent. I don’t play enough to motivate me to pay for ad free. Probably will delete this game.
  • Fun

    By dontkeepit
  • Love the game, ads are excessive

    By GinaZ73
    First let me say I absolutely love playing this! I just downloaded a week ago and haven’t yet decided whether I want to purchase. I like to support developers who bring great content and y’all definitely have a great game! I completely understand the need for ads but between every single puzzle is frustrating. My suggestion would be maybe after every third puzzle. It’s for this reason I usually only play the daily challenge and then stop because the ads are cumbersome.
  • Differences

    By Mary other of God
    I don’t always find all of them, but enjoy honing my observation skills. Thank you.
  • Differences

    By vrumpher
    The whole program does not react to the touches without a lot of unnecessary touching back and forth. It’s very frustrating
  • Fav

    By Mylia 😭
    Haven’t gotten that far just started playing,hence the 4 star but so far so Good.
  • Puzzles.

    By Eng#35
    Very good but a lot of repeats.
  • البحرين

    By ابى ذر
    اللعبة ممتازة