Tom Clancy's Elite Squad

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-08-25
  • Current Version: 1.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 193.94 MB
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 11 755


The world is facing a new unknown threat and playing by the rules won’t win this war. As commander of an unprecedented elite soldier squad, you have been granted carte blanche to recruit the best and most iconic agents from the Tom Clancy’s video games universe. Assemble all your favorite heroes and villains. For the first time, you will be able to team up heroes and villains from Rainbow Six®, Ghost Recon®, The Division®, Splinter Cell®, H.A.W.X®, EndWar® in pvp battle arena. Lead real-time 5v5 battles in different combat zones. Command your elite squad in dynamic 5v5 action shooting battles and trigger strategic orders with perfect timing to defeat your opponent's team. Battle on iconic battlefields from Tom Clancy’s video games like “Brooklyn Bridge” (The Division 1), “Presidential Plane” (Rainbow Six Siege), “Death Angel Church” (Ghost Recon Wildlands), “Detention Facility” (Splinter cell Blacklist), and more. Team up with the deadliest soldiers and build the best strategy to win the battle in the combat zone. Sam Fisher, Nomad, Caveira, Megan, El Sueno, Walker and more are ready to fight and fulfil their duty under your commandment. Train, equip & upgrade your military team with hundreds of different weapons, from knives to Assault Rifles, and gear to unleash their full potential on the battlefield. Become the best commander! Challenge other teams in the PvP Arena to reach the top of the leaderboard. Rally friends and other players to join forces in epic Guild Wars. This 5v5 Action RPG game is free to download and free to play but some game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. This Ubisoft game requires an online connection - 3G, 4G or Wifi. UBISOFT Any Feedback? Contact: Need support? Contact: FEATURES RECAP: - Recruit iconic military heroes and villains from Tom Clancy's video games like Rainbow Six®, Ghost Recon®, The Division®, Splinter Cell®, H.A.W.X®, EndWar®... - Build the best strategy to strike your opponents in different battlefields - Equip your elite team with shooting and military gears: focus fire, air strikes, Combat Aid... - Enter the arena and strike your enemies' squads in intense 5v5 fights (PvP mode)



  • Crashes

    By Bdog1026
    I love this game I’ve already spent real money on it lol I just wish it didn’t crash as much as it does it gets really annoying when it crashes after every battle
  • Disgusting Dev behavior. P2W skinner box.

    By HdTvYuM
    Go look at the game’s subreddit and see all the anger the devs caused when they unexpectedly changed how upgrading character weapons works. Went from a manageable grind to complete paywall. But what else should we expect from Ubi? All they do is put out the same recycled tower climbing games while their studios are filled with abusive bosses that terrorize their employees.
  • Awesome game

    By Voltimoore
    Great game but crashes all the time if they fix it I’ll rate higher. But right now it just crashes after every other mission :(
  • Fix or Help Please

    By mad customer need help
    My game keeps crashing after every 4 battles I don’t enjoy opening the app every time
  • Fun for what it is

    By TacoNomad1776
    I’m assuming a lot of people were expecting a different type of game. But I think for what we got, it’s pretty good and I enjoy playing it when I have free time and am just bored. If you are a Tom Clancy fan, you’ll enjoy this game:
  • Join clan “Green Berets”

    By wardenk97
    Great game
  • Problem

    By hhgajshjjj
    The game is fun but some times the loading screen keeps freezing
  • Amazing mobile game

    By Craig on da regs
    It’s a great squad based mobile game that does some great things and has even greater potential. Needs to be polished is my one complaint, I have been kicked off the app a lot to the point it hurts my leveling grind I’m the game. It kicks you often and randomly, more particularly when you spend energy. I personally have lost a lot of energy due to this, and would be willing to give 5 star if I get compensated in the future for all the energy and other stuff I have lost due to this bug.
  • Standard reasons

    By Lloyd_LB
    Paywall Auto-win tickets glitch Other glitches
  • What The HELL is this

    By zmoth ge odh sh rus
    This no anything like any Tom Clancy game hell the original Rainbow Six is better than this price of crap I’m gonna go download splinter cell chaos theory for free since I own the game then rather having it almost 200 bucks parents be warned this a cash grab
  • Crashes and glitches

    By Jules70
    Great game until it crashes after 5 minutes. This is the worst game I’ve downloaded when it comes to crashes and glitches. But I guess I’ve come to expect that from Ubisoft... I’ve been a die hard fan of Rainbow Six since Lockdown... just recently switched to COD on my console because this company just refuses to listen to their fan base.
  • Not as I thought.

    By ArcherDev
    Honestly this is a great game but I thought it would be a mini shooter like cod mobile. Game could be buggy at times but it is still pretty good for a mobile game.
  • Fun but has issues

    It’s a fun game that rewards a player that puts effort in, yet the crashing is really bad and annoying, I thought maybe it’s cause I’m on an iPhone 8 but it seems to be everyone. Please fix the crashes and I’ll give it a five star. Other than that I love this style of game and while it still is grindy, it’s not as grindy as others so I give it a pass.
  • Meh

    By Zombify95
    The game crashes at the worst possible time. That's annoying
  • God like

    By fatalbert426
    Its amazing
  • Disappointed

    By K ł M C H ł
    So many problems to count. Constant bugs, game crashing constantly and now to add the icing the top, the new update is terrible. They really defined “Pay 2 Win” with this new update. Don’t download unless you have money to spend cause otherwise it’ll take months and maybe even years to get anywhere decent.
  • It was good and bad

    By Ethan Stack
    I just want to say first that I love rainbow six siege and right now it is my favorite game to play. When I saw the mobile add from YouTube I got really exited. I immediately downloaded the game. I’m a huge fan of first person shooters and especially ones that are realistic and when I found out it was a different style of gameplay, I got a little disappointed. There was a top view and the ops had a lot of health like sponges, and you can’t really control them. All you can do is what for and airstrike and the other ops abilities. It is also kind of boring to watch then shoot at each other like sponges. Also I don’t like that you have to get different stars to unlock each op instead of it being simple and just having it be stars you unlock and you can use them on any op. I can understand why a lot of people would like the game, but this play style is not for me. Some good things I really liked were that you started of with some ops and that they had the ops from rainbow six siege. I also gave it a chance and play a few missions and could understand this style a bit more. So it is a great game if you are in to campaign and more of a game that you don’t have to go crazy in like Fortnite sweats. and slowly get ops and abilities. But if you like shooter game and games that you can control your character this might not be the game for you. Also to be honest I didn’t play to much and I watched a YouTube video and know a little from that. Lol A game I would love to see is rainbow six siege mobile. I would keep the lower graphics so most devices can handle it and maybe have a beginner mode and Advanced mode. Beginner is the basic 2 thumbs and I would probably not include the leaning buttons because it makes it easier for beginner players to know were the buttons are and not be to complicated. For advanced add the tilt buttons and more features. Also make sure to add a button hud layout tool. I’m a mobile gamer and use more than 2 fingers so this feature would be awesome. I’m no game developer so idk how hard this would be and if it is possible so I can under stand why it could not happen. Overall I think it is a good game, the style isn’t for me but I’m glad they finally made a mobile game. Btw I’m no expert this is just my opinion.😀
  • Poor Customer service and buggy launch

    By Jordan1058
    Been a week and a half now with no response from customer support. Don’t spend a dime on this game with bugs currently present and the non existent customer support.
  • crashed every 5-10mins..

    By superman&batman
    I really love this game and play everyday but it crashed every 5-10mins.. you guys should fix this problem..
  • Awesome game

    By bggamer97
    I really like this it’s got great graphics and cool characters. From rainbow six siege, ghost recon, The Division and more. I also like this game because I don’t have to do much moving around. That really helps me because I am legally blind. And for most RPG games there’s lots of people coming from all different directions. But overall I really like this game. Keep it up.
  • Bugs

    By blake taylor jr
    When I’m trying to play it it ether freezes or crashes
  • Very limited

    By FinbarIII
    I thought this was going to be a turn based tactical game similar to xcom but it’s not. There’s very little to actually do during a fight. It’s entertaining though, my biggest gripe is that the amount of micro transactions being pushed in this game is EGREGIOUS. to the point that the free daily chest is out at the far end of the list of buyable loot chests so I have to scroll past all the buyable ones just to get to the daily one. EVERYTHING requires a micro transaction in this game. Yes I know, these free games make their money on these micro transactions but this game takes micro transactions to a whole new level... EDIT: I feel bad criticizing a game that is free to play but the amount of times this game crashes is crazy :/
  • New update

    By CoyoteGaming
    The new update added some really good stuff on the other hand to get upgraded weapons now is so bad u can’t get them from normal missions so u have to wait until events or basically pay money to get the blueprints
  • New update

    By Hfufjehehcucjjre
    Fun game to spend about an hour a day on, but the new update changed the blueprint system entirely. Which would be fine if I didn’t just spend the last 2 weeks using every bit of my energy on allies missions. Now I get to use everything I saved up to upgrade pistols only because I don’t have any rifle blueprints. Massive waste of time. Wish there would’ve been some kinda memo in game that it was about to change. That’s why I’m only giving 3 stars currently. I’ll continue to play and update my review accordingly.
  • Y

    By AidenGotGames
    So I get kicked out of the game at least 15 times within an hour and it always does it right before you go to battle so then I looose all the stamina from that battle. The objectives or missions disappear for days some times and I can’t work towards them in that time period. The game overall is pretty ptw but u can manage I guess
  • Update 9-14-20

    By Vltolli
    Since update won’t let me play keep saying restart game because desynchrozation
  • Ubisoft is ruined

    By whysAll NaMes Taken
    This game when first released was really good but had bugs like any other new installment. Loved the game and characters but wish they had a little more characters. All the characters were tough to get but possible but some you had to pay for. Then you cant even play 5-10 minutes without being kicked from the app and some times every time you try to play the campaigns or even an arena battle you would get kicked from the app. Every single update the game gets worse and worse. And every comment on here people like it and have a few minor things but bugs is a big one. And now they make it even more impossible to upgrade your characters weapons to nearly impossible unless you buy there deals or orb keys. Ubisoft has destroyed what it once was and they are just wanting you to spend your money with no real changes or fixes to the games we have grown to love like EA. They don’t want to make new installments of games we like but put them in little app games like this that are flawed for you to spend all your money for a game that is not going to be fixed and just made more difficult to play with every update unless you buy everything you want. And I really hope Ubisoft sees this but don’t bother responding because you give the same response to every body on theses reviews with still no solutions just empty promises. I recommend this game if you like the characters and never want them or if you want to spend a couple hundred dollars every couple weeks depending on how up to date you stay with this game to just keep up or play.
  • Pay 2 Play (UPDATED)

    By phoolee
    Update: The new 500mb update is messed up and not giving me the rewards I earn. Game still crashes and now has completion bonus bugs... AWFUL ——- Once you hit level 20 all experience from missions ceases and a HORRIBLE grind ensues... There’s not enough content to keep me playing. Unlocking and upgrading characters without buy in game nonsense takes too much time! Was hoping this was turn based strategy BUT sadly it’s horrible real time hope you win gameplay - almost entirely devoid of strategy. Having all the Tom Clancy characters in one game is fun. This game is SO buggy and laggy! Crashed 15 times in 1.5 hours of gameplay.... 1-star max!
  • Account recovery

    By Arkadium315
    Can I please skip the beginners tutorial and allow me to download my previous progress.
  • Okay

    By blackausar
    Great game but has game crashing bugs every 5 mins
  • A bug

    By Silver Saiyan
    I having a issue with after 2-3 rounds of fighting it will kick me off of the app I don’t know if it’s my phone which it shouldn’t because this is the only app this happens on or if I just need to delete and re-download it but other than that the games been great love playing I love strategy aspect with the abilities work with specific type they are it overall a really good game but that one issue is all that I have to complain about
  • Great!

    By Showrine 834
    Great game ever had issue
  • Good idea, but not quite there

    By bosskiller3h
    When I first downloaded this game, I thought this would be a strategy game, unfortunately there’s no strategy. You fight battles and whoever had the better soldiers won. You cannot really change the tide of the battle through skill. You cannot control your soldiers, which I which you could, and all you do is launch air strikes and give health packs. What I like about this game is the style, for example, the Rainbow characters, I love that, but what I would add is the option to control your units and win using skill and not money. Speaking about money, I know Ubisoft needs to make money somehow, but spamming transactions in your face every time you play the game is outrageous. I would get it if you could buy skins for your units or something, but buying soldiers should not allowed to be bought. All this game is for now is a pay to win and boring game. Ubisoft if you could take my advice into consideration I assure that you will have a better game.
  • Super fun but crashes

    By LucasHeck24
    If you even think about trying to play the game for more than 10 minutes it crashes and doesn’t save where you were. Fun game though.
  • I’ll pass

    By Ace Computer
    ridiculous how much you have to buy In other to be good in this game
  • In app game crash while trying to purchase

    By HeavyHaulin
    This game crashes so much. I never played a game that crashes as much as this one and now I have purchased a bundle the game asks for confirmation and says ok then crashes and I don’t have the items and now I have to go check if I been charged with my other purchases. What a headache! My advice is don’t buy anything this is ver stressful.
  • Please fix this.

    By +Luke Oz+
    I have played the game for the first time and I am impressed. For now I am not caring about the gameplay features though they still need improvements too. I am stuck on the name registration point where I input my name and then I get an error message that I cannot do that at the moment and from this point that’s where I stop playing the game because I cannot continue without the name registered. Every time I log in to the game it brings me to the name registration point and that’s where I end. Please fix this.
  • Good game but crashes

    By TheAllusionist
    I like the game and that it is simple to learn but has the ability to go in depth too (for a mobile game) with the interactions between characters’ stats and abilities. However, it still crashes right before or during a game occasionally. Nevertheless I am enjoying my experience and I just wanted to help spread information on what bugs are out there at the moment (being very new, that’s quite alright)
  • Crashes often

    By Andrew Denker
    Neat game, pretty much that Star Wars game but with Ubisoft characters. But it crashes so much which is annoying since the loading screen can take a while
  • Very good game but unplayable due to constant crashes.

    By Reiki125
    So far I love the game, however after chapter one the game crashes for me either during a mission’s load screen or in a match. It is becoming more frequent and unplayable at the moment. If this is fixed, i will likely give it 5 stars.
  • Fun but crashes

    By King kenmore
    It’s an amazing game I enjoy goin back and seeing the character from all the Tom Clancy games it has a lot of memories. The only problem I’m having is the crashes it crashes way to often and that’s why I had to give it four stars but I love it and gonna be playing this a while. I also don’t really wright reviews but this game is amazing and I would like the crashes to be fix. And thank you for making this game
  • Not bad ubi

    By Gibrani88
    I’ve had fun for the last three days. It has crashed a few times, but nothing that would make me frustrated. Plenty to do and tons to unlock!
  • 1 star because it’s broken for me

    By Sphericalloop
    Want to play this game but right when it asks for a name an error stops all progress. -Currently can’t play -Game looks fun -Graphics look alright from the tutorial
  • Can only play the tutorial stage

    By Jak1382
    I haven’t been able to input a name in the time since it was released. I tried uninstalling the game and redownloading it but when I put a name in the game says “this action can’t be performed right now”
  • Has potential but needs some work

    By Tbdsaints
    Don’t get me wrong I like the game and i say get it and check it out but needs a lot of work to get the rating up since with all the issues at launch the had to have people and prob bots spam the 5 star because when it was released it constantly crashed so often it did not deserve 5 or 4. We are talk fallout 76 bad at first. It still crashes but it seems not as bad. However the issue switch out of a the game or answer a call the game has a chance to close out and lose energy.... if you had an option to resume mission in progress like other games do. They also shove the ads in your face to try and make you spend money 85-90% when you go back to the menu which is annoying grantees it’s not like raid with the 1-5 minutes of ad pop ups when you load the game the first time for the day But still and the a mount of energy you get when you level is a joke not to mention the increase of your energy cap compared to other games like this to the point it’s like why the hell did you even do it. it’s also clear that the creator of this game have never played any TC game or book. Why do I say this because if you go through the characters you will see at least two characters in the wrong faction Jessica from Division 1 who was a doctor with JTF not a division agent and Agent Kestrel who was not with neither 3rd nor 4th echelon but with the Russian counterpart Voron and worked with Sam while yes in black list Sam rescue kestrel he was unconscious for the rest of the game and don’t know if he gets recruited we would need another splinter cell game to fill that in. As of right since they fix the crash issue I’d say get the game and atleast check it out
  • Good game but bad thing

    By randyvazquez3387
    I really like the game but when i try to play it closes by its self and it makes me not want to play it again Thank you for reading
  • Great Potential

    By Smash3232
    Great game so far with lots of Potential. Downfalls is there really isn’t any endgame content or purpose. Second the game constantly crashes and you lose what valuable energy you spent on that battle. I paid to play for a bit but after all the crashes and no end game content I’ll just play for fun.
  • I love it

    By nard053
    I’m addicted to the game however it keeps crashing after 20 minutes
  • Crashing

    By ching ching chicken fri rice
    I even play the first mission, while loading it crashes and I don’t even get a chance to experience the game