Sprout: Idle Garden

Sprout: Idle Garden

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-12
  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 197.43 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 151


Design and build your zen garden, where you will cultivate and collect a variety of flowers as you progress through the game. Relax and decorate, or optimize for maximum efficiency - your garden is your own. Features: ● Build your garden however you'd like ● Earn money from your garden, even while offline ● Build houses to bring villagers to your garden ● Design paths for your villagers ● Lots of items to unlock and build ● Upgrade your flowers to make them more profitable ● No internet connection required We hope you enjoy our game!



  • New version is not worth it

    By Kittenfish88
    I worked hard for a few weeks and got everything to really enjoy the full game. Then they redid it and now I started over with nothing and I realized early on the new version puts earnings over fun, and made the game tedious and long winded to even enjoy. Not worth it
  • Missing overnight coins twice now

    By Suziqba
    I wrote 'support' the other day for the same issue and got no reply. Again, the game earned 5m or so while I was away, I clicked to double it, watched the ad and it locked up. Got back to Sprout, but collected zero. By my calculations, about 11m has evaporated, if you don't count the supposed doubling for watching ads. Time to write a review, I guess, since support won't reply.
  • It’s great...

    By B-Skizzle
    It’s really fun, and the creativity to make the garden your own is great, but it’s kind of discouraging as you get farther when everything starts to cost a ton. At the beginning, the pots barely cost anything, but now they cost about 23 million! It’s hard to save up as well, and I feel like I’m doing it wrong. I also noticed some of the gardeners repeat, so there are to of the same, and I’d like to see them more unique, maybe named or something. I hope this wasn’t too long.
  • Loved the old game, not the new one

    By straea
    I loved the old version of this game. I had reached maximum level so hadn’t played in a while when I went to boot up. Like other recent reviewers who are longtime players, I was shocked to discover the countless hours I’d put into building my garden had been completely wiped not just with no option to save them, but without so much as a warning. I loved my old garden. The new version of the game is clunky and I continue to miss my old garden. Sadly I won’t be playing this game any more. (Note also that the best reviews now showing near the top date from early this year, before they completely redid the game and caused all of us to lose our gardens.)
  • A few suggestions

    By Oxi Clean Stain Detergent
    I love the game! I absolutely love games that give you the ability to expand, decorate, and go on and the fact that you can earn money, even if you’re not online. But I have a few problems. 1. Prices The prices of the pots raise as you buy more. It’s understandable but my only concern is that the gaps are way too high. If I have 1M and a pot, ONE POT, costs 975K, that’s a bit... you know, too much. Same situation. 14M and you want to plant 6 pots that cost 975k but increases every one pot you buy by like 2x. And even if I get rid of a pot, the amount of money you have to pay for a pot does not decrease. 2. Why can’t we walk on grass? I mean, it’s understandable that it’s ONLY used for planting... because you need to plant but still. I wanted to have like a grassy village but that’s not possible. I didn’t even know that until I started experimenting. 3. Add a picker or an ability to drag. This is a suggestion. Instead of going one by one, we can just drag it to add more? Also, I need like a picker where you select a button and you choose a certain object or something like grass and it tells you info about it like whether you can walk on it or not. Overall, I like the game but there are problems to it.
  • Great game, change a few things.

    By UniAqua888
    Good: Entirely customizable, lots of space, lots of options, simply calming graphics, neat money-earning mini games and plenty of cool power-ups. Recommendations: The pots and expansions become very expensive over time an begin to become unaffordable. My biggest recommendation would be to lower the rate of change for price on the most highly used items. I also propose that the expansions gain a row every other time the player expands their world. Another nuisances are times when the gardener and pet entities move halfway through each other. I propose that the figures repel each other when they touch.
  • One Problem

    By ItsNoob
    Hey! I really like this game on how you can customize you own garden, expand your land, and other things like that. However, I have one problem that could be on my side but I’m still writing a review about it just to make sure. My problem is that my game freezes about every 30 seconds or so and it won’t stop until about another 20 seconds. Anyways if this is on my side this game is great! I would recommend this game to anyone. But if this is on your side and others are having the same problem I would love it if you fixed it.
  • Restarted all of my data.

    By Wminer13
    What is this new update? I hate it. This was one of my favorite games before this big update. I had been playing for almost a year and you guys restarted ALL OF MY DATA. Not only that, this update looks awful too. I hate to say it but I’m deleting this app.
  • Pretty clicker with some issues

    By Squidbunny
    Beautiful clicker and I enjoy looking in on it from time to time but I’m a bit off put by the fact that it claims to award free gems for watching videos (which I’m happy to do to support developers) but the ads watched only ever award a paltry amount of flowers via roulette vs the gems the game claims.
  • I loved this game, but then it was updated

    By Woodwink
    I adored this game. It was calming, it didn’t put any pressure on me, and there were no in-app purchase. I had reach the final flower a while back but was still just enjoying laying paths and planting more flowers. So when the update came I was excited for more flowers.... Not for my entire garden to be deleted, all my money to be taken away, and in-app purchases to be added. What I spent a month and a half making was gone. And then there was no reason to play, so I deleted it. Maybe they treat this “new” app and it’s user’s better. Let’s hope so
  • Was fun for a while

    By Redrioja
    Building was fun initially, until prices for pots started to skyrocket. I played and collected for a week to unlock the 10 billion region. All it gave me was 5 measly plots of dirt. The next unlock would be 100 BILLION and judging by the preview will give me nothing. No way I am collecting for a couple of months to get a bit of empty space. More content please!
  • Beat the game, deleted save file

    By Shia LaBeef
    Imagine spending hours and hours watching ads and reaching the final level only to get your save deleted. Don’t play this game- they update it and wipe all player content.
  • Rip off

    By Orange105
    The update deleted my data.
  • Want the old version back

    By limtedfeedbackperson
    Loved the older version. Could delete and reinstall and make as many gardens as I wanted. New version cost more faster with less flexibility to make my OWN designs. So neat features but it would be great to use EITHER one. Am going to delete current one and discontinue play.
  • I don’t like change.

    By Casperianian
    It was a great game until you updated it to a story line. It gets boring and tiring. Nice try though.
  • Badly broken game

    By Csasa
    This used to be a fun game. I got to max level on the old game, and then had fun rearranging the layout and plantings. I was looking forward to the “world” that was coming. When it showed up it erased my town. I was not happy to have to start all over again. That showed a lot of disrespect to their gamers. They should have just come out with Sprout 2. Then the new escalating cost of pots made it harder to play. I also could not buy the lights I needed. Right now I will have to pay over a billion per pot, and there is no end in sight. Exploration has also become insanely expensive. The last expansion cost 10 billion. The next one is 100 billion. I have pretty much stopped playing.
  • Change is ok

    By tffjmdrhkjn
    But making us start over. App deleted. Won’t play ur apps again
  • Eh

    By ygaktcsyejs
    I would love to plant more flowers, but the vases and extensions are far too overpriced. Other than that it really is a fun game.
  • Super cute app, hard to advance in.

    By starshine viligante
    I downloaded this app because I was bored. The way you make money in this game is by growing flowers, and either harvesting them yourself or having a gardener harvest them. In order to grow flowers, you not only have to buy the flower, but also dirt and a pot. The pots become astronomically expensive (10m+) while the flowers gain value much more slowly. i’ve given up on this game because I can afford to buy maybe one pot every 24 hours.
  • Old Game???

    By dhdbdbmsnsn
    Please bring back the old game the format was simplistic and nice plus it was more relaxing. It was a nice thing to do in order to calm down... It's still a good game though...just not as good in my opinion. I really hope you at least consider this review when you update next, Thank you! (^▽^)
  • Love, but the increasing cost is terrible

    By S. Kurtz
    The raising cost for items each time you purchase them is a little absurd., i mean, most games like this do the same thing, but not to this extreme. The price for a single pot being 3+m? That’s half of what my garden makes overnight when I sleeping. Please adjust the increase margins to something more reasonable.
  • Buggy if you look close enough

    By Jacx04
    The game is fun at first, but does plateau quickly. Eventually the cost of your maxed out or optimized production doesn’t cover the cost of expansion in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, there is a pretty critical bug. If you delete a pot, the cost of a new pot doesn’t revert back completely. In theory, you could reduce your game down to a single pot where the next one would cost millions of dollars. So just don’t delete pots??
  • Inflation and cost of coins is completely illogical

    By getittogether96264
    Update: obviously the developers don’t care about the many flaws in the game. I’m deleting. I don’t even believe it writing reviews but I like this game’s concept so I’ll make an exception. I can understand switching to the in-app purchasing option, as I’m sure you ultimately create apps to make money. But the outrageous rate of inflation for flower pots and trees makes the option of purchasing coins or gems completely moot. Your most expensive purchasing package is 6000 gems for $99.99. Your coin “best deal” option offers 75k in coins for 150 gems. That means for $99.99, the “best deal” I can purchase is 3M coins. I’m only on level 15 and the price of one pot is 1.57BILLION coins. That means I’d have to purchase over $52,000 worth of coins just to buy one flower pot. Again, an in-app purchase of > FIFTY-TWO THOUSAND USD for ONE FLOWER POT. This is absurd. Please make the rate of inflation and the in-app purchasing options more reasonable.
  • Not the same

    By huskylover39
    I downloaded this game towards the beginning of the year. I fell in love with it. It was a calm and peaceful little garden all of my own invention. It wasn’t tiring like other games, it didn’t constantly pester me with ads or limit me to very slow growth unless I dished out real money to buy in game coins. I had fun with the endless creative ability and little round ladies who would tend my garden when I was gone. I loved giving them coffee stations. I loved setting up the gramophone and playing pretty music in my garden. I seriously loved this game. It was a safe haven in the midst of a lot of changes. Then life got busy. It’s been a few months since I’ve been able to play. Today I remembered my beloved game and I was excited to pick it back up again, only to be overwhelmingly disappointed. This game is not the game I fell in love with. Not anymore. I understand the need for changes and improvements. But this game is not the same game. It is similar in some ways, but it is vastly different. My garden is gone. The garden I crafted with love and care; the garden that brought back memories from the times when I built it. My endless possibilities are gone. I am limited to the space I have to build in. I am being limited to how much I can do in the game. I need coins to buy more space to build in. My little round ladies are gone. Their coffee stations and gramophones and fountains are gone. Sure there are some nice new features. But overall I am extremely disappointed to have lost what, at one time, was probably the best game I had ever played. TLDR: im sure this game is lovely, but I cannot appreciate it because I had fallen in love with the game it used to be, to which this new version is a massive disappointment.
  • Takes so long

    By hdunt duj
    It’s a really fun game and I love how it looks, but it takes so long to upgrade things.
  • New Update

    By King_potatoe13
    It was good until this new update. It restarted all my progress and the new style is a downgrade from the original.
  • Great but Glitches

    By Pnkiwi
    This game is so fun and addictive. It’s like a calm version of minecraft, i love it. However, a day after i played it it glitches and most of my pots disappeared and then all my animals ( turtle and rabbit) turned into dogs and then around 40 people spawned on my island... supper strange.
  • Was good! Emphasis on was...

    By Tydrus
    The game was really fun and cute and relaxing when it first came out. But with the addition of all the obnoxious extra details, as well as restarting islands, it’s not fun anymore.
  • Need fix but can be great

    By uakdbejlsjsh
    This game is lighthearted and has a cute modern visual. It's well made on first impression but once you play through level 10 you'll realize there are some obvious flaws. Here are the pros and cons: Pros 1. Refund you full gold when you change or remove any item in game: so if you want to upgrade you don't have to worry about losing gold 2. Leveling up flowers is well worth it 3. Cute graphic, fun exploration, you unlock items and pets by exploring bringing another depth to the gaming experience Cons: 1: Anthurium (level 10 unlock) is the only flower worth planting, the math doesn't add up for any of the higher level flowers. I learned this the hard way by planting all the latest unlocks and realizing it reduces my earning: Anthurium earns you 1.44k every 4 mins. Aster earns you 1.69k every 8 mins which means it earns you 0.84k every 4 mins making it half the amount as anthurium. Astrantia earns u 1.95k every 40 mins which is even more of a joke. It makes me wonder if the concept was proof read by anyone who passed elementary school math. Even after u move up to the next grade the flower barely earns double anthurium at 8 minutes starting which makes every flower above level 10 pratically worthless. Please hire someone from 3rd grade to fix this issue. 2. You can't mass select, so changing or rearranging has to happen 1 tile/ 1 item at a time.... 3. Theres no way to see how much experience you are earning... 4. Preview level arrow stops at 18 which makes it seem like there are things not released because it's locked in items section but it's just missing the arrow. 5. No contact support so it makes me wonder if the devs made this and threw it in the app store and called it a day. 6. Moving npc is harder than it should be because u can move tiles outside of building mode and the npcs arent as intelligent as they should be so u'll want to move them right to the flower to farm it from time to time and it prevents that from happening by making u select a tile instead.
  • Used to be my favorite game

    By Adig00
    After this update, I have been so disappointed. I don’t mind change, but I am upset that all of my work in my garden is gone. This game is so stress relieving for me and to find that everything has changed - I am not a fan. I loved the simplicity. It’s really upsetting, and I had no effort in even trying to start over everything I had done.
  • Loved the concept but ...

    By SaccharineStardust
    I stuck this game out for about 3 weeks because I found it relaxing before bed. I think the price jumps just aren’t worth the reward. I saved up for about a week to get to 100m to explore again and it gave me one line of land and the price jumped to 1B. One pot is 5m, as much as I liked it, I’m out. If the prices are ever deflated to more reasonable levels for a wait to play app, I would come back
  • Leaves me wanting more

    By LastMann415
    A fantastic little idle gardener but it needs a few quality of life improvements. Moving and deleting objects and land needs to be seriously streamlined, as it is I have to manually drag objects one by one to the trash bin which is fine at first, but EXTREMELY limiting when you want to make major changes. Id also love to see more items to decorate with!
  • Pots are way too expensive!

    By AerialGame
    Original review below, updated after a few weeks of gameplay: man, this got boring fast. There’s nothing to do once you hit the ‘billions to explore’ stage. Sure, it’s still pretty, but I’m just not earning fast enough to do anything. I can buy maybe 5 pots or scenery objects a day. There’s only so many times you can rearrange your whole garden before it gets excruciatingly annoying. I’ve now deleted it. It was fun for maybe 2 weeks but now it’s just a chore. This is a pretty and enjoyable game, but I’ve only been playing for 2-3 days and I already feel like it’s going to be too much of a grind to keep leveling up. The rate of increase for planters and exploration is so high and prohibitive to continuing to design and improve a cool garden! I’m not saying there shouldn’t be an increase in price as you level up, but it shouldn’t be so high! I can afford only a few new pots a day, which is so few for a game about designing a garden with very little else to do.
  • Used to be great

    By julessssssss<3
    Please bring back the pencil and eraser tool as it’s very difficult to remove and place blocks one by one. Add back the ability to purchase lamps, music boxes, fountains, and coffee tables. I used to love this game but I’m disappointed in the new version :(
  • I guess it’s cute

    By TheRealMe56
    I mean yeah the game is nice but I liked it more when it first came out, it looked way more simple and I guess that was the nicest part of it but you can still play it without problem and it’s really smoothing. I really like this game it helps me every day.😊💗
  • Quickly becomes boring

    By dijitul
    There is nothing in this game except planting and picking. There is nothing challenging, nothing aesthetically rewarding, and nothing gained at higher levels except... more flowers. All the pots look different, but are exactly the same. There are different sized houses, but they’re the same. There’s nothing different among the grasses, or the walk paths, or the trees. There are six multiplier items total and nothing else gained by expanding your area because buying more pots becomes ridiculously expensive. It’s not even worth the idle time.
  • bring back the old game

    By 2140359992
    deleting our entire progress with no warning was an inappropriate misstep and disrespectful to the players. the audience did not want this. this corrupt system of micro transactions and corruption which has destroyed my quaint garden- coming back to something like this is saddening. this is not the game i remember and the egregious move on the company’s part is both audacious and counterproductive in building their potential audience. i’m highly sad to see a day where i give this game less than five stars. but then it changed.
  • :(

    By James and the weeds
    Hi please give us our old game back. At least put the pencil tool back. I can’t believe I lost all those months of progress on the old game with no warning. I’ve tried to get comfortable with this new version and I just can’t. Used to be my favorite game now it rots on my home screen
  • So different

    By jab.adam
    This game has really changed. I used too enjoy it so much; relaxing for the mature and those who just need a break, I really miss it and wish for the old version back. 😓
  • Let it grow!

    By The humble gardner
    Like a tulip the game blooms early and dies quickly. Positives first, when I first started playing the app I was immediately drawn in by the colors and atmosphere. There was a calming idle experience here and if it continued I would have reviewed higher. However the achievement curb in this game is exceedingly steep. The games in game prices ramp up like crazy with pots costing millions or billions very quickly. The idle aspect grinds to a halt as the gathers, even when many are ineffective. And even with good placement and planning you’ll be waiting a lot for a new pot or to increase the size of your area. A wiki suggests there are utilities that unlock that would improve productivity but I cannot find any but the few you get for free. Pets are limited. And the ability to add decorations to add to the profits leaves you with masses of the same 10 or so very simple decorations everywhere. Even paying real world money will only do so much, leading me to think this app has a long way to go to be truly amazing. If the game balanced some things and had more ways to optimize profits I would gladly rank higher. As it is, this little plant is withering away.
  • Update made me sad :(

    By Ohay_yaya
    Hey y’all. I don’t usually rate apps, but I wanted to voice something that upset me. I downloaded this game before the recent update, loved it from the get-go, played it constantly, overall very happy. It was a good escape and an entertaining way to pass the time. My grandmother passed away a little over 6 months ago. She always loved flowers and while waiting for her funeral to begin I started a little corner of my garden dedicated to her. I continued adding to it for the following few weeks and it helped me a lot with the weird grief and guilt that I hadn’t ever really dealt with before. It grew to encompass most of the game for me, and that was a great crutch. I left the game for a while, but I’ve been having some trouble missing her lately so I decided to stop by the garden and try to figure things out. I came back to find that in the new update my entire garden had been scrapped to make room for the new innovations. I can’t attest for whether this update helped the game or not because I have chosen not to continue using it. I mostly just wanted to say that I think not taking users more into consideration when making the shift from one setup to another was a little underhanded. I can understand needing to start fresh I guess, but that garden isn’t something I can easily get back without taking the time to unlock her favorite flowers again. The app was there for me when I was lost and I appreciate that more than I can say, but because of this experience I will be deleting it.
  • this is a good game with very good potential to be a great game. need some tweaks.

    By Gush808
    At first the game is simple. Fun. Easy to play and get ahead. But once you really start to get into you’ll notice the price of things (pots) dramatically increases. It would be better if the pots (since their the ones that grow the flowers in the first place) weren’t as expensive. I’m to the point now that the next pot I buy will cost 302 million. Too much! It’s unfortunate that I can’t even fill the island with pots to grow the flowers. I expanded a few times too- where I unlocked a volcano. Cool. I think it would have been better if the bonus from the volcano was spread over the entire island instead of just an area within close proximity to the volcano. It just seems limited to get the maximum benefit from the volcano. It does seem to take a significant amount of time to level up. I would like to unlock more flowers sooner and have a more diverse spread of flowers rather than just trying to plant the flower with the most money back. I’m sitting at level 14 with hopes of going higher; but if the pricing doesn’t change; or game flexibility doesn’t improve for the gamer I may be calling it quits by level 15. But, this is a good game with very good potential to be a great game. We need some tweaks.
  • So bad

    By aaaaassssssfffff
    I miss the old game. This is not bad but Really no music what im supposed to listen while play🤦🏻‍♂️. Also no brush eraser this can really be fix on a update but still waiting
  • So frustrating

    By MelanieM77
    So, I played this game for a long time and had built an awesome garden. I lost all of the progress when the game was “updated”. I continued to play, but it is so frustrating for a few reasons. 1. Why can’t I add a new house?!?! I have enough money, but when I click the check mark, the house disappears. 2. The prices for items are even more ridiculous than before. And, what is the deal with the diamonds? 3. With this new version, there are fewer opportunities to earn coins. There used to be three games that refreshed often. Now there is only one. That is really annoying.
  • So fun! But...

    By loopy_lala
    Someone already mentioned here that while they love the game itself, the constantly increasing prices for pots makes it incredibly difficult to expand at a consistent pace. I just wish there were other ways to earn coins on top of harvesting flowers. Aside from that, I also really love the garment & how relaxing it Is!
  • Sprout Idle Garden Review

    By Reviews made by Wolf Girl
    This game is great! However, earning money is very difficult, and expansions cost A LOT. This game should add... 1. Daily Gift: The daily gift should have money or gems, a 50/50 chance. The higher number for money and gems through this is rarer. 2. Cheaper Stuff: The islands, like I already mentioned, are super expensive. Please make them cheaper. 3. More Money: We don’t get much from plants. Please allow us to make more money, even with pets. That’s about it. There isn’t much for me to write, because believe me; It’s a good game. I try to play it every day, but sometimes I can’t...
  • love the idea, not the app

    By yeah it's prettyyyyt goods
    i loved how at first it felt like a calm relaxing game i could play to escape frustration in my daily life. i had the freedom to create whatever cute little harmed i could design. but then the prices just went up and up and now the game has lost all admiration from me. it’s not relaxing or fun, it’s time consuming and it costs me 100m cousins for one single plant pot. and it takes me days to save up in real life. it’s a shame because the game design is so cute but you lost me with how money oriented it became.
  • Deleted my progress

    By BELLA 246908
    I used to recommend this game to everyone. I did not play for 2 weeks, and the game completely restarted. I lost all of my progress. The game is great, but now I am back at level 1.
  • Was fine, now don’t play it. Broken and frustrating.

    By Graycefayce
    UPDATE: The game has officially broken on me, I can’t buy any more flower pots it keeps saying “not enough coins, you need 0 more coins to buy that” At this point I have almost 300k extra coins. Don’t play this game, it isn’t worth it at all, too many glitches, and too much stupid stuff about it. Original: I really like this game, I recently got it for just a game to check every once and a while, and for that purpose it is great! BUT there are some annoying things that I don’t really understand? First of all: the ‘currency’ of diamonds or gems in the game, is over priced and not worth it. I’ve been playing the game a week and can make more coins than the ‘buy coins!’ Option in the game... in 5 seconds? So it seems completely worthless. Not that I’d want to do in-app purchases anyway. I digress...second: you can’t mass delete things and it is incredibly annoying. Third: my biggest issues are there are boosting items that I’d like to buy.. you can’t buy them with coins or gems? Seems silly. And finally: I wish the items in the store didn’t increase in cost so fast, it is to the point where I can barely buy things, and it just seems silly. But overall, Not amazing, but not awful.