Sprout: Idle Garden

Sprout: Idle Garden

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-12
  • Current Version: 1.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 263.26 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 307


Discover your archipelago! Cultivate and harvest a variety of flowers. Relax and decorate, or optimize for maximum efficiency - your garden is your own. Features: ● Build your garden any way you want ● Plant an array of flowers ● Harvest flowers and collect useful materials ● Craft flower arrangements, perfumes and more! ● Deliver goods and earn rewards ● Place soil, grass, path and decorations ● Find helpers and pets to tend to your garden ● Lots to discover, unlock and build!



  • Love it but

    By Melonmess
    I downloaded after watching the cute ads on Instagram but it’s not the same game... also reading the previous review it was an actual idle game but honestly this is not an an ideal game... you pick the flowers by yourself and nothing is “done” like do picking of flowers or no filling orders unless you do them- it’s just a game- not an idle game which it seemed like it was! The houses keep telling me to hire a gardeners to pick my flowers but I can’t hire anyone and the characters that are on the game literally just walk around and don’t do anything... I wanted to older version back from the ads- it sounds so much better.... please re-release the older version
  • Why

    By Dubious1640
    They completely changed a great game into a miner harvesting app. I’m so disappointed.
  • Its good game but

    By why does it natter
    I loved the game before the new upgrade so much harder to play
  • Spastic game

    By Guinaverre
    I love flower/gardening games, but I can not get this game to do what it is supposed to do. Hung in to level 22 and even wrote to customer help, who did not even respond. I can not move anything, use the gardeners to help, every time I plant flowers they spastically splay out in the space where I do not want them. Instead of fun gardening like they show in the pictures, I have a mess I ca not fix. Where is the help?
  • Be prepared

    By Justino.M
    Take a not before you download this game that it may be wiped from time to time without warning and that all your progress may be lost, this was an amazing idle game in my mind and I would rate it and a possible 4.5 stars had its devs not been so disconnected from its community and the lack of thought for players now, the game is in a bad state and if you do decide to download do not buy anything in game as in app purchases as they are absolutely terrible value. The game mostly feels like a grind and is not idle at all.
  • I liked the older versions

    By Spirited Pheonix
    Alright I used to be on my g r i n d in this game now I don’t even touch it. All my progress is gone because of these updates it was much more calming in the old versions ruined a perfectly good game :(
  • WTH. Ruined.

    By FaberryBerry
    Updates ruined a perfectly fun game. The OLD version was better and more relaxing. At least that version was unique, there was no stress just pure zen and fun. Now the characters are not of any used anymore. This new one is now just like any other farming game. Deleting.
  • What Happened

    By brockstar1977
    I had the original game. Built a huge island. It was updated, and lost everything. Tried it again. Terrible. The one thing I liked about the original was no crafting. It was relaxing to play. This one, to many things to do.
  • Lovely game especially for sandbox and simulation fans!

    By Cherriixo
    I’ve been playing this since it was in beta, probably around a couple of weeks after it was on the AppStore. And honestly, it’s one of my favorite mobile games. I got tired of the classic idle games that are still being advertised all over the AppStore and have been frequently checking for a simulation game with no luck. Until I found this. This game is unique to me considering I play a ton of games. It’s an idle game combined with simulation, and just recently had hay day type requests with a request board added to it. I love that it doesn’t necessarily end, and the amount of freedom. The developers take care of it, update it, and add new things every once in a while. It’s an amazing game, and I can’t wait to play more games by this developer in the future. As for the developers, I would love to see more things added. I think it would give more flexibility if you added flower pots back but keep the ability to have your flowers without a container. It would also be nice to have more styles, outfits, hair, etc for your farmers. As well as maybe even the ability to decorate your houses, possibly the interiors as well. I would love more paths and trees, especially a willow tree. More decorations like ponds, bridges, grass and weeds, signs, garden statues, more plants and types of plants, etc. Also, the things I would love to see the most are the ability to add friends and have a friends list to where you can visit their garden and the ability to landscape terrain to go up or down and if the pieces or blocks would stick to each other so if you felt like building a giant tree in the middle of your garden you could. I feel like it would drastically expand the limit of your imagination and at that point I don’t think I’d be able to ever stop playing. I hope you’ll read my review and take my recommendations into consideration. I’d be content with anything being added because I’ve nearly ran out of unlockable items to look forward to, but all in all I absolutely love the game.
  • Ok

    Would be awesome if it didn’t crash every 3 seconds.
  • It won’t let me craft anymore

    By DragonQu33n
    I really love this game it’s so much fun, but I can no longer craft anything. It’s so sad and disappointing. Can someone please fix this??
  • Stop Resetting the game!!!

    By Ally Louise13
    It feels like every couple of weeks the game updates to a new version and deletes ALL of your progress. Such a waste of time. It’s a cool game but this is getting way too annoying. It’s changed like 5 times now!!!!
  • Drains Battery

    By kimber194
    It’s a good game. Once you reach 1k in coins it doesn’t show you the exact amount. Just rounded by thousands. Also, there’s no way to play with friends. And last but definitely not least, it drains my battery within an hour! Definitely not gonna continue playing.
  • Horrible

    By leecied
    I have had the app for a very long time and each time I finally get my garden growing good and large it clears everything and makes me start over. I am really getting tired of having to restart my garden especially with the newest version they have going. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP
  • Awesome game, few suggestions

    By Sawyer Fränk
    So it's an awesome game, here are my suggestions: *Make it so when you place something if it is over another thing, delete that thing and place what you are placing *Small issue, but the scrolling feels a bit squishy, maybe make it accelerate more and stop slowly *Make a pc version, honestly this would be a perfect pc game *Make the flower growing rate randomized like 1-3 instead of just 2 (example numbers), it just feels a bit boring when they all grow at once
  • Old version

    By ririeillen
    personally i liked the older version better were you had complete freedom and didn’t have quests and storage but that’s just my opinion i wish there was a option where you could choose which one you want like a quest version or like a free play version
  • Fun, but the updates are annoying

    By gceann
    I loved this game! It’s addicting and calming, and I love my little garden! Unfortunately all the new updates cause me to have to start over with my garden, every single time; and every time there is an update they change the way it works! I used to get coins for all the land squares and decorations I deleted, now they just add them to a sort of inventory, and now instead of expanding for coins you get treasure maps from orders. I do NOT like this new update. Yet I don’t want to give up on my garden. Oh well.
  • Good game but ruined by farming

    By Gamer From Gallifrey
    Used to love this game, but then they updated it into a farming game. It was supposed to be a nice idle relaxing game but now it doesn’t feel zen. Definitely prefer the old game.
  • Changes

    By goaliegurl14
    I played the original version of this game and loved it. It was very open to build you own garden with very cute features like a bunch of different animals and pots for the plants. With the new update the entire vibe of the game has been changed. It’s very crowded on the map, all the crafting stuff is completely new, and the characters serve absolutely no purpose anymore where they used to be beneficial and give you bonuses and the people would harvest for you. Also, the barn storage is a real pain to deal with now trying to deal with having resources to craft things to make progress. I find myself just throwing a bunch of stuff away to make room for the things I need because my storage expansions are maxed as far as my current level will allow at the time. The biggest upset for me is the characters having no propose. I really wish that could be fixed, otherwise what’s the point of buying houses and unlocking the new characters in expanding.
  • Okay...

    By c22154
    ...so this game was fun. I liked the original more zen game in the beginning. I still like the game but I wish that when you are deleting some plants form raw storage that you can press a ”delete all” bouton and them select the plant that you want to delete. Thanks.
  • This used to be great

    By Monosoons
    I enjoyed the way the game was before. It was supposed to be relaxing and zen. But that was before you turned it into a farming game. Sorry not sorry.
  • Oh so you got rid of my review

    By ⭐️nyancookies⭐️
    Alright, now that’s just rude. Do you not want people to know what this game originally was? Before you turned it into a stupid farming game? That’s just wrong. This game is supposed to be about planing plants and making a garden. That’s it. It was simple, clam, and charming. What happened to that? Y’all are pathetic Don’t let me catch you deleting my review again or I will email you.
  • Updates ruined the game

    By paigeerfa
    This game used to be so fun and calming to okay and then all the updates ruined it. It deleted all my saved progress and made me start from scratch. On top of that, the updates require you to purchase more land which was not the case when I first downloaded the app.
  • Bad updates

    By an_na84337
    I liked it a lot before it started doing updates. Now it’s basically a completely different game, and every time it updates you lose all your previous progress. They should’ve left it how it was before.
  • issues saving

    By Snowflake3243
    The game is very fun and easy to play, so much that i got to level 17 ish in a matter of 3 days. but today i opened the game and all my saves were completely gone and i was at square one all over again, this had happened before but not to that extent. i dont know if this is an issue with the game or on my part but its not worth it to try to redo everything so i guess my time playing is over :|
  • bad update

    By 😋😈👿😆
    sorry guys but this new update kinda ruined the app for me. i loved how much freedom you had before!! and it was more about relaxing than trading. maybe it’s just me but it was better for me before now it’s just not what i’m looking for. still cool game though!!
  • It Keeps Deleting Progress

    By Unhappy Sproutling
    I absolutely love this game and I love the new update but it’s deleted my progress twice already and I have been very far in the game. Also, the friend I learned about this game from had stopped playing it because it has deleted all her progress as well. Take my advice, don’t get sprout you’ll just be disappointed.
  • Can’t progress

    By Pud_art
    Every update completely wipes out your progress, this has happened to me twice now. It’s a completely different game each time, the title still says idle but it doesn’t even play that way anymore. I can’t figure out why they keep overhauling this game instead of making a new one but I can’t keep doing this it’s not worth the time.
  • So much fun... until it updates and resets

    By Cupkaykes
    Such a cute and charming game. I’m so upset that my progress completely reset after the app updated, and it appears to be a feature, not a bug. Not interested in starting over.
  • Love it but...

    By Meepitymeepmeepmeepers
    I love this game but I’m so sick of them changing it and resetting my progress. I didn’t spend days tending to a garden 3 times over for my progress to keep getting wiped because they change the whole game around. I’m getting too frustrated with this to even continue playing it’s not worth it. I’m tired of being Sisyphus with the rock except it’s this garden game.
  • I’m Angry

    By Shibunny
    When this game updates it erases all my progress and makes me start from zero! I’m angry because I had spent a lot of time into making my garden and they just erased it! Worst part is that the updates even tho they bring new dynamics, they make my garden look uglier every time because of the way the gameplay is structured :( I loved the old original game
  • My garden is gone!!!

    By Blackreignbeauty
    I spent a lot of time building up my garden only to find it completely gone after not playing for a few days and discovering a new update. Seriously! This game was a fun, cute, little time waster even with all the bugs and the extremely high prices if you wanted to expand your garden. I had finally figured out a good gameplay but now I don’t know if I want to start over. So not cool!
  • Good game - bad updates

    By velasquez94
    Every time the developers update the game it deletes all the progress you have made. I love the game. I love how creative you can be. But I make tons of progress and get to level 28 only to start from scratch again because an update comes out. For that I give this game 1 star.
  • all progress erased and app is completely different

    By Snackmaster67
    i opened this app for the first time in a while to start up playing again and it is completely different and all of my progress got erased!! it doesn’t feel the same as it did before. i loved the simple, pastel colors and art of the game and now it’s the complete opposite. very disappointed :(
  • Changes

    By jayydee
    The early version of this app helped so much with my anxiety. But the updates make it more of a game and less of an idle simulation. I hate it because I adored designing my gardens and redesigning them.
  • Game started over

    By courtneyfoss
    I’ve put hours and hours into this game and when I opened it today to play, the entire game started back from the beginning with no option to get my progress back. With the huge amount of time I spent, it’s not worth playing again.
  • I’m sure you spent a lot of time but...

    By lana mae mollica
    ....Your game used to be soo simple and fun.but now you made the game so more complicated and changed everything I’m sorry but I used to love your game. You had soo much freedom and soo much room and less detail and don’t get me wrong as the title says you probleem spent slot of time and effort making this game better but before all this when you had no land maps and stuff it was soo much better and WAY funner please change it back or at least make a new game from when before the updates and stuff there’s just too much going on please change it back and if you respond I will make my review higher and re download the game but I have soo much more to say just please put it back a little more simple please. I really really don’t want to hurt your feelings but I used to love this game and so did my 19 year old cuz but please put it back or make it so the different versions of the games are playable in the game
  • Awful!!

    By Arykkyra
    I’ve been playing this game for months and really liked it at first. the game went to around level 30 then completely fell off.. it took almost no time to max out of levels you could achieve. you could still play but there was no advancing it went up to level 36 with no differences from level 30 then stopped advancing at all. You could still sell flowers and stuff even though there’s nothing to achieve, I would play just out of boredom. It updated today and completely deleted my whole profile and started back at level one, there’s no way to get it back and just seems like a waste of time to play something that completely deletes when it updates.
  • Game reset

    By mitch9812
    I got pretty far into the game, then today when I logged back in after only away for a day my hole game was gone and like I restarted from new!! Super frustrating and made me lose interest in the game....
  • Complete change and erase

    By Beoof
    Edit: May 2020, Updated again and once again all progress was completely reset. Deleted the game and I just give up. Horrible experience and very sad because it was once a good game. I got this game pretty recently and was really enjoying it. I progressed through all of the achievements except for the final one to unlock the volcano! I was really enjoying it. And then the April 2020 update happened. I updated and opened my game to find it COMPLETELY RESTARTED! Back to step ONE! The little villagers don’t help collect the flowers anymore. It takes 10x as much work to progress. The added storage system makes it stupidly difficult. I do like the crafting element but it’s badly executed. Tying back to the storage you can’t collect enough materials to craft things until you get up a good few levels. I just reached level 10 after 24hours and I’m at the same progress I’d be of level 2 before the update. Give me back the old version how do I undo an update this is garbage.
  • Horrified

    By Takashi_Senpai
    I have really bad Anixety, and many more mental health issues. I find it extremely hard to relax. When I first found this game, I was in complete awe, by how stunning, and beautiful it was. It took my breath away. I played it all the time, and I always walked away feeling better than when I started. But after a while I forgot about it until I finally came back to play it again. I was excited to play it. But when I loaded it instead I wasn’t greeted with what I remembered before. It wasn’t dedicated to anyone and it wasn’t serene or calming. Right off the bat, that peaceful feeling was gone. I, like another review said, tried to play it still, but I was just horrified by how they took such an amazing game that was beyond anything I’ve seen on the AppStore, and destroyed. For what? More money? It’s horrible to see what they did to a game with so much potential, and so much lovely energy. I hate to say it but I recommend that you not play this. And to the people who made it, your dedication to the person you loved went down the drain the moment you took away the one thing that made it so unique and beautiful, serenity. I hope you are happy with what you did and how many people you’ve let down.
  • Terrible Game Play

    By ..!., ,.!..
    It’s very pretty but the game play is just terrible. Apparently it erases all your game progress every time it updates. It’s such a shame, because it could have been a fun game.
  • Not worth downloading right now

    By KatGodess
    I liked the game originally when it actually was an idle game, but then they updated it and changed all the mechanics so that it is now a collect and craft game (a bad version of one too). During that update it reset my game, which I understood because the game was so different that my progress would not have fitted with the new game format. But after the most recent update where the game did not change much and was like a normal game update, it deleted all my data again(there is no way to back up either). I don’t recommend it at all because of how much the game has shifted and the repeating loss of game data. It’s also no longer able to be considered an idle game.
  • I used to love this game

    By Kbaby920
    I used to love this game but every time it updates it erases all my work and money and purchases. I love it but to keep starting over is frustrating I’ve been trying to reach past the 10k land mark but now it’s back to square one I am so frustrated!!
  • Fun but it restarted me

    By CAMMI double whammy
    I have been playing for about a week and I got pretty far and had a pretty good garden but I got on there and it had restarted all of my progress and it made me go through the tutorial and everything again
  • Moving

    By Fall048
    Please put this on the google play store. I love my Samsung but I really do miss this game!
  • 😡

    By SummerTymeFlyy
    I was up to like level 25 and just went to play my game clicked on it updated and now its making me start all over. I was loving this game, but now that i have to start all over im good...be careful playing you’ll lose everything!!!!
  • My favorite game EVER.

    By RissaRooPoo
    I never get into games. This is easily my favorite game I ever downloaded. I hope once I unlock all of the flowers, it won’t get boring. We will see! Update. One day later after writing this. The game restarted. I’m upset that everything is now gone.
  • It erased all my progress

    By Jadedrose13
    I was level 24 and when I logged in this morning I was back to the tutorial 😭😭