Drag n Merge

Drag n Merge

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-02
  • Current Version: 2.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 111.64 MB
  • Developer: Metajoy
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 34 034


Drag n Merge is a brand new puzzle game! Just drag the block onto another one with the same number! Merge them into a bigger number! Enjoy this relaxing puzzle game!



  • Love it

    By Yeselinnn
    Love these game
  • Glitching

    By Reyn09
    I was really enjoying the game but it was glitching and freezing so much I almost threw my phone. The blocks freeze up constantly but OF COURSE the time doesn’t glitch and runs smoothly onward as I wait for it to unfreeze. (Adding blocks all the while) the absurd amount of ads also run perfectly smoothly. Seriously disappointed in the game.
  • Hi I love the game 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    By hchchfhx
    I love the game it’s so fun
  • Too many ads

    By elements456
    It’s pretty infuriating how many ads there are. One after every lost life and there’s even an “ad break” in the middle of a game. It’s awful. I wish I could vote it one star ten times
  • Freezes a lot

    By Khammy19300
    Fun game but it is always freezing up. Can get very annoying.
  • FIX IT

    By MaryWats😘😜
    When I first got this game I could not stop playing it and shortly I git 20 but why stop there?It destroys the game!And also I can never play the freaking game any more because it freakin glitched all the time and I get even get a 4 to a 4.Please PLEASE FIX IT.Its driving me nuts!It makes me FURIOUS!Fix it quick pls so I can actually play the game.
  • Fun game, but insane amount of adds

    By Duckyisbetterthanyou
    I think the game is really fun, but the second you finish a game, pause it, or open the app you have to sit through an “Add Break.” These are at least 40 seconds long and then immediately after you have to sit through a 10 second “demo” of the game that you just watched the add for. I get the need to adds and but it’s excessive. I actually deleted the game because of all of the adds.
  • Add

    By Diskskna
    Too many ads
  • Fun but overheats

    By Golfchamp3
    It’s a great game, but it overheats my phone and the game starts to lag.
  • Inappropriate

    By Nera-Aljon
    The advertising for this game includes disturbing artwork that has nothing to do with the game (Belle from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” with bloody eyes and sharp teeth, possibly turning into a beast.) This image is also stolen and is being used without permission. I cannot contact the developer because their site is only in Japanese.

    By Br1ttxny
    Addictive game but too many ads OMG please change
  • Shame

    It is relaxing, and then your chill is immediately blown because of another ad. Ad ad ad ad ad. I hate even trying to find something new and cool to play now. Everything is an ad trap. Don’t bother with this one.
  • Great game

    By Solstama
    Very addictive but has issues. Keeps closing on its own. Update didn’t fix this issue.
  • My phone got too hot playing the game!!!

    By 7meow
    I like this game a lot, so I don’t mind that there are a lot of ads comparing to other games. However my phone always gets really hot like it has to work so hard to run the game. I’m disappointed that the developers haven’t fixed whatever problem that causing the phone from getting overheated

    By diamond20193856
    Love this game. Hate all the ads. When certain ads come up it will show like 4 or 5 different ads before going to finish the original ad to here I can continue my game. And now I will playing the game for about 5 or 10 minutes and it will cut off and go back to my home screen. This is a brand new phone so I know the screen is not going out and the software is up to date plus the app is up to date.
  • Why should I be punished for reaching higher levels and wanting to pause the game???

    By DanaJayy
    I am talking about the unnecessary “ad breaks”. Like seriously, I only downloaded this game on my phone to give this game a horrible rating since I stumbled upon playing it on my bf’s phone. The amount of ads are horrible and makes it painful to play. Honestly, the game would be tolerable if you guys eased up on the ads. Do it like the other mobile games and show an ad after I lose a game, punish me with an ad break when I lose, not when I succeed. Do you want more to people to play your game or not?
  • What happened

    By Tuesdays Mama
    This game WAS my favorite pass time game. However I just updated it 30 minutes ago and it has crashed or at least closed in the middle of me playing a total of 4x in 30 minutes fix this PLEASE!! I’m not going to play it until there’s another update to fix it, it’s very very frustrating!!
  • Kept crashing

    By linco2jm
    Game kept crashing then I couldn’t even get it to load
  • The buggiest game ever! And OMG, the ads!

    By RoryYoung
    I just can’t believe somebody has the nerve to release a game like this in such a state of unreadiness! It hardly works at all, and when it does, it does so in an infuriatingly halting and erratic fashion. I thought it was my phone, so I rebooted, reloaded the app— but no dice. Same crap.
  • Addictive

    By Hangiibby
    Very good puzzle, time killing game. Hate that there’s no “help” option for when you’re stuck or even different level of difficulty. There’s only one level of difficulty and if you can’t keep up... you’re screwed. Please add other in-game support like slow time down, or erase one row/column or even a bomb where when you match it, it will rid of some tiles.
  • Keeps me thinking!

    By kel27
    I enjoy it! But with the most recent updates my phone overheats and the app crashes after a minute or two of play.
  • Bad Goods

    By gamergirl 2000
    There are simply too many ads And the time god by really quickly so you have no chance of going on in the the game for at least 3 minutes. After that there's and ad and when START the game there's an ads TOO.
  • Love it

    By Hubsterrrrrrr
    Thanks I really feel my brain working overtime, wouldn’t mind if it went higher than 20!
  • Good but could be better

    By Eden#3
    This game is actually one of the better ones but there is way to many ads. When you start it there’s an ad, if you pause it, there’s an ad, if you get to 15 or 20 it’s an ad, when you die it’s an ad. It’s wayyyyy to much. Also what’s the point of the gems. They are pointless and just collecting at this point there should be other features such as bombs, or an option to destroy blocks or pause the clock, buy a life or something. I think it would be great if this game could evolve into something more. It has the potential.
  • Ehh

    By natttytdontlikeyouuuu
    This game is entertaining but the amount of ads is ridiculous!!!! Also, the app freezes a lot. I find myself having to swipe away the app and close it and attempt to open again and play. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • I want to love this game but

    By Achatgirl
    I really want to love this game. It’s fun, even the ads don’t aggravate me enough to not like it...but every time I get going the game crashes on me. When the game starts up again and it’s back at the beginning, I’ve lost all of my momentum. I can’t love a game that crashes every single time you play it. Take out some of the ads, fix the crashing and it’ll get five stars from me.
  • Lags too much

    By wendyjo98
    Would be a fun game without all the lagging. I play lots of games that do not lag so I am not sure why this one does.
  • Fun but HARD!!!!!

    By Khloe Jade Kally
    I enjoy this game... kinda. Not great not bad. But very hard. 3 stars only
  • Near impossible to play

    By BobNotBobAgain
    The ads are absolutely nonstop. Before a round, after a round, in the middle of a round, if you pause, if you don’t pause, if you unpause. And then you have to watch an another ad to continue each round. I get that this is a money making venture, but good God.
  • So. Many. Ads.

    By MsPeggyTheFrenchie
    I don’t mind watching ads because I know that’s how we can enjoy it for free. But seriously, when it’s an ad almost every 30 seconds, it’s really frustrating. There’s got to be a better way for the developers to make money without being too greedy.
  • Amazing

    By Neil Ubiatch
    Sooo fun can’t stop playing!!
  • good game but...

    By Generally Disinterested
    does it not go past 200? i got to 200 and now it's completely frozen.
  • Great game, some bugs

    By rs80riso
    I love the mechanics of this game, it’s fun and challenging and I really enjoy playing it. I do have a few qualms though: first, sometimes blocks will clip through each other and end up in the wrong place; second, occasionally the game force quits for seemingly no reason, which can be really frustrating and ruin the flow of the game; lastly—and this is the one which bothers me the most—many ads which appear during the game interrupt other audio. I am the type of person who likes to listen to other things while playing games, like podcasts or music. When I have been playing this game the last couple of days, my podcasts or music will stop playing every minute or so and it’s been driving me crazy. I don't mind the built-in ad breaks, but this is really frustrating.
  • How good this game is by Jessica earl

    By Jessica Earl
    This game is awesome and fun I like this game and I am only a kid! It involves numbers and is really cool you get to drag one number to the same number to make a new number! It’s really cool I wish I could play this game in real life!
  • Bad game

    By Indiapide
    I would probably give it more but I just opened it up and it wouldn’t load even after an hour
  • frustrating

    By castle in the clouds
    Game was great in beginning but now it seems to "stick" so I can't move any blocks and crashes.
  • Terrible amount of ads u have to watch

    By Nholagi
    Fun game? Yes! But it not worth the time with the amount of ad they make u watch. It’s understandable that these games run on ads but it’s not constantly and nonstop ads like this. Please reduce it
  • Addicting but slow

    By Mila7021719
    It’s fun to play but their is too many ads and it skips sometimes when I play and I end up losing bc if it
  • Toooo glitchy

    By KathHill48
    This is a game that I really enjoy, but lately it has become glitchy to the point of distraction! If the developer is not planning to fix the problem soon this game will become history.
  • Too many ads to be enjoyable!

    By PAG 089
    There’s literally an ad every 30 seconds. They pop up WHILE YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A MOVE! This has the potential to be an enjoyable game, but there’s just too many dang ads!
  • Has some bugs

    By dutchgirldtd
    I really like this game and would add at least one star if it weren’t for the way the game often slows down the drag speed so much that you can only move a few numbers before running out of time. At times, you can’t even ‘grab’ onto a number until the fourth or fifth try. Very frustrating. When it’s working well, though , it’s a great game.
  • Needs another play mode

    By Ldtjkbv
    Super fun but I’d like to play without racing against the clock. Just clear the rows until there’s no matches left.🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Ads

    By Mariah_K
    The game itself is fun, though the connections are annoying. There’s too many ads though, so I’m going to try to find a similar game with less ads
  • Love it!

    By 4Aann
    I love this game so much! But it is way too addicting! It has kept me from getting sleep and other important things done! Also, I have reached 20 several times now and I would definitely love to see an update where you can add up to 25 and 30! I do also agree with other people saying that there are way too many ads. But other than that, please just add the numbers up to 25 and 30.
  • Music turn off and TONS of ads

    By Juju.sher
    This game is really fun and addicting, and I was putting up with the constant ads because of it, but there’s something with this app that for some reason turns off my music (??? For What! purpose!!! There isn’t even any in game music!!!!!! I’m filled with rage for no reason) do they expect me to just sit in complete silence listening to my dog lick the same spot on his foot for 10 minutes? I think the f not. It gets two stars because the game is fun but the gameplay is short and they still stop you mid game to play ads. They also play ads at the end of every game and every time you hit pause. (Oh also you win gems but there’s seemingly no real use for them?? 🙄 what is the point)
  • Lags are awful

    By Atdula
    I really enjoy this game. The commercials are bad enough but the lags within the game are getting to the point that I may stop playing all together. I had tougher about purchasing the no ads version but I WILL NOT pay for a game that glitches and lags.
  • Okay

    By murslaeen
    Its an okay game really but there are a few issues. Like it says Ad break as if its fun and the time goes by really fast
  • Lots of bugs

    By ALongtimeUserofSteam
    The ads are way too buggy for me to continue playing this game.
  • No point

    By Rarajean
    This game needs challenges and levels, it’s mindlessly repetitive.