Drag n Merge

Drag n Merge

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-02
  • Current Version: 2.7.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 151.53 MB
  • Developer: Metajoy
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 84 017


Drag n Merge is a brand new puzzle game! Just drag the block onto another one with the same number! Merge them into a bigger number! FEATURES - Easy to learn, hard to master A new type of brain training puzzle, entertain your brain for minutes or hours. - Minimalism graphics The wooden art design is simple but beautiful. - Playing the game with your FRIENDS We support online rank list! You can challenge your friends by achievement and leader board. - Free to play, WIFI is not a must - Exercise the brain and make people smart If you have some good ideas about Drag n Merge, please send us an email in the game!



  • Freezing

    By counselor44
    Freezes up all the time yet the ads at the bottom of the screen don’t freeze. Very frustrating
  • Not fun

    By ibeans9
    Timer speeds up too much and game becomes too difficult. Instead of it being fun n relaxing it becomes frustrating. Too many ads when you reach 15 and after every single try.
  • Porn plays in the background!!!

    By AshleyElizabeth2020!
    I was at work playing the game and I hear what sounds like solo porn. I pause the game and lock my screen and when I unlock it it says there’s a paused video called “cam girl playing” and the icon was the a thumbnail of the game.
  • I only keep this game because...

    By JellybeanNataliaO'Sullivan
    I keep this game because my 60 year old Papa (Mom’s dad) LOVES it. He does it on my phone because he doesn’t understand how to do it on his. Whenever we see each other, he asks me if he can play it. So for him, this game is perfect. But, me personally, l have a complaint. I don’t like how if your playing it and then you have to do something else. When you get back to the game, there’s an add. Close the app, when you play it, there’s an add. If you press “Continue Game” or “New Game” there’s an add. That really annoys me. If you would fix that, please respond to me.
  • I love the game but there is just one thing...

    By Elsa is queen
    I love this game it’s very addictive but there are way to many ads. Like whenever you press continue it says “ad break” then you have a 30 second ad
  • Too many bugs

    By bookishkris
    Game is freezing all the time. It will not load correctly. Also, if it unfreezes you will need to sit through 30 second ads. Too many ads. If you want to be frustrated then download this game.
  • Y’all are a joke

    By nenfhe
    An ad break before the match? Y’all are trash, 1 star

    By selimmik
  • Too many ads cmon

    By rayfr0mig
    Way too ads i can’t play
  • Ruined by ads

    By Winsjdjchensmdnncnc
    If the frequency of ads was reduced it would be a solid 5, but because of how often the ads interrupt the game becomes unplayable
  • Too many adds

    By Fan_of_life
    I love the game play it every day but adds pop up way too much it gets annoying
  • Ads

    By yiayiachris
    I love your game but the ads make it painful. Some of your ads don’t go away, ever, unless I shut the game down and reopen. Then the next ad of the same. Not worth playing when I can’t get out of the ad. 😟
  • Stressful and not fun

    By LegoHamlet
    The tag line under the title is “The most relaxing puzzle game!” This is a complete lie. Unless you find a game that speeds up as you are running low on space, relaxing. I find it stressful and not fun.
  • Stupidest game on the face of earth

    By SadCat101
    So many ads when I want to play, yet when I go for a drink, NO ADS. When I go back to play the one thing I see in my screen is ads ads and more ads. When I am playing other games I see “Do YoU dArE tO cHaLlAnGe?” It is annoying and I do not recommend it to anyone. P.S made me cry a bit 😭😢😭😢😭😤
  • Use to love

    By kelli4408
    I used to love this game but the new ads about mortgage refinancing have no out and you have to shut down the app 2 or 3 times to get past it
  • Too much noise!

    By Princess Gundyair
    There’s no way to turn off the sounds in this game. I like to relax before bed and the last thing I want hear is bleeps and bloops. I also HATE when ads aren’t automatically silenced. I don’t mind watching ads but for the love of Pete please keep them quiet!!
  • Good game but too many ads

    By Cheerleading_Cali12
    The game is actually pretty fun but there’s an literally every 5 minutes and it ruining the game for me. If there were less ads I would’ve given this game 5 stars.
  • Way way too many Ads... can’t much play

    By validated user
    I would have rated 4 or 5 stars but it there are just way too many ads - you spend more time watching ads than playing the game
  • 😃

    By nerdy wierdo1234
    This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!)
  • Fun but

    By 😪😪😪😪🤮
    Ik my review is short but I want to say WHY IS THERE SO MANY ADDS!!!!!! Right when I went to the game it said 𝐴𝑑 𝑏𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑘 and it’s so annoying and the adds are so long too I hate this
  • Good game, but...

    By Maryann321
    This game is really fun and addicting but I still have issues with it. First off, there are WAY too many ads, in the middle of a game they’ll give you an “ad break” which sort of disrupts the game. Also, the game is a bit glitchy and will freeze every now and then.
  • I❤️this app

    By Jayme Castor
  • Less ads and more numbers!

    By supercalifragilistic...
    I love this game. It’s truly addictive for me. However the amount of ads is a little ridiculous, the game freezing gets really annoying, and why can’t it go higher than 35? I get the faster and slower, makes it more challenging but at some point you’re done playing. You only get to 35 so many times before you lose interest.
  • Frozen on mortgage ad

    By hgghjffhhhh
    Not happy. I love the game, but stuck today in a mortgage ad.
  • Colors

    By Aunt Bonnie's Bootcamp
    It’s very hard to tell the colors apart. They look to much alike. The colors should be different shsdes to make it easier to know what they are.
  • please make it more challenging!!

    By randomgirl99
    love this game but once you get the hang of it and start mastering the higher daily challenges (34 and 35) the regular gameplay is absurdly easy and thus super boring. i would love to be able to set options for the regular game beyond the choice to start at 5, 10, or 15. it would be great if we could pick the maximum/goal number as well (20, 25, 30, 35, beyond?). so for example you could start at 15 and see how many 35s you could make. would also be nice to be able to start at 15 for the daily challenges, as it’s really slow at first once you get used to it.
  • This game is cool but all kinda hard and I don’t think that is. So good like good good but I like it

    By anna_1267solitty
    And I think the time go out fast bc you can’t get to 20 in a little time
  • Loved the game but the bugs and ad frequency was too much.

    By gatorademadeshade
    I was just in the middle of one of my best games of all time, and suddenly the blocks just would not merge. Whatsoever.
  • Not the best

    By none.of.my.concern
    There are way to many flipping adds and it’s really annoying 😡
  • Lending tree ad

    By rhoni423
    I love the game but can no longer get to it because the Lending Tree ad freezes the game and will not time out. Clicking on the ad and letting it run doesn’t help. I like the game and understand the need for ads, but there are too many games out there to be this frustrated. I will simply move on to another game.
  • Too many ads

    By SadGirlObsidian
    I absolutely love playing this, it’s highly addicting but the ads are quite a bit overwhelming. There’s an ad for just about every break you get and it gets really annoying really fast. And really, $4 to remove them? To me that’s a bit much.. I could probably play this for hours on end and I understand the need to make money from the app but I think it’s way too much for the ads to pop up so many times. Otherwise great game.
  • Ads

    By i like iphone now
    There’s way to much ads everytime I press the pause button it goes to ad break and then when I press resume it always said ad break and there’s way to much add it’s getting annoying
  • Good game

    By crocodiles announcing
    Good good good
  • Love the game but.....

    By Me 2 w 2
    Great game but the play on feature often doesn’t work. Sit through the ad and then the game ends. Would love it if the time didn’t continuously speed up. Fix the first problem and it would be 4 stars. Fix the second problem and it would be 5 stars.
  • It’s so annoying

    By screaming fox
    At first it’s easy to get 15 but 20 is so much harder. Plus the time limit isn’t necessary it would be much more fun if it was just the numbers. The time limit just stresses me out. Plus there’s too much ads.
  • Grrrr

    By --shnoby
    Paid for ad-free app and everything was okay. Then, when I reinstalled the app, although it recognized my game center name, it did not recognize my purchase of ad-free. I can't even get to a home screen. Ads continuously pop up. Incessantly. Can't find an FAQ nor support info either. When the app worked, it was addictive fun. Now that it's not working, 1 star (the one star signals that there's potentially a fun game ahead.)
  • New ads make it impossible to play

    By Morrisa614
    The way the new ads I’m seeing today makes it impossible to play. You can’t go back, they have no timer, and anywhere you click brings you to the page it’s advertising. I’d sit through it if it were a minute long even so I could play, but I can’t AT ALL!!!
  • New ads make it impossible to play

    By Morrisa614
    The way the new ads I’m seeing today makes it impossible to play. You can’t go back, they have no timer, and anywhere you click brings you to the page it’s advertising. I’d sit through it if it were a minute long even so I could play, but I can’t AT ALL!!!
  • Ads that I can’t exit out of are taking over my game!!!!

    By jenn122445678
    This last week, ads that I can’t exit out of are taking over the game! It’s annoying to have to close out my game multiple times to get them to go away, and sometimes it doesn’t start me where I was. I love this game- but I’ll delete and find something else to take it place if this isn’t cleared up. I was hoping the update it did last night would help- NOPE!
  • Worst game ever

    By John Korkowski
    Got a badge app icon that won’t go away after deleting the app, and it won’t go away after reseting the phone, I also can’t access the app in notifications so I cannot turn off notifications.
  • Nothing but frustrations

    By Me123456789O
    If you’re looking for a game to delete after experiencing the first level? This is it! Between an impossible tome clock and the dynamic of the blocks linking the developers made this game impossible. No help or anything either! Do not download this game as it’s absolutely not worth your time or phone space. Save yourself the headache
  • Addictive

    By ...umok
    Soooo addicting my family is obsessed
  • Fun, but could be better.

    By Pennylane1988
    I enjoy this game, but the goal to get to 20 gets boring fast. I can easily get to over 100 20 blocks so I’m now lacking motivation to play. The daily challenges are more fun bc you have to reach a higher number. However, when you reach the designated goal, the game ends, which is extremely frustrating if you’re having a good game and want to keep going. Also you don’t win any incentives for hitting the daily challenges, so again, losing motivation to play. I suggest having an option to play continuously growing numbers with no end. I also suggest earning coins during challenges that you can use for some type of board clearing power-up, extra lives, etc.
  • Amount of Ad’s

    By Foreverfashiongirl22
    the amount of ads on this app are insane. you can’t even enjoy the game because there will always be a video you have to watch🤦🏽‍♀️including when you first enter the app too. they’re just unnecessary af
  • Not the best

    By have it scott
    It’s a fun game and all but every time I pause or continue or do anything that’s not playing the main game theirs a ad and this doesn’t stop
  • One of the Best games I’ve ever played

    By Lvid679
    This game is great and challenging. This would’ve been a 4 star review if the ads didn’t destroy the game play and 9 out of 10 times crash the app. Never in my life have I ever seen so many ads in a game. You don’t need that many in there to the point that it makes the game unplayable. Slowing the rate of ads will make this game a 4 star app. To make it 5 you’d have to fix the amount of numbers that lock. At some points there is no matches available and the entire thing locks up and you can’t move anything. You lose before it even reaches the top.
  • If you love ads- this is the game for you

    By ghjvrdstbk
    Every ten moves you make, it forces you to watch an ad. The ad is a 30 second ad- you can click out of, forces you on your web browser. Absolute joke
  • GREAT GAME but Getting deleted

    By BellaBarr
    I can’t anymore with the ads. I’ve played this game for a while.... a long while. I’ve sat through the constant ads... literally an add about every 3-5 minutes there’s a 30 second ad. Today was my breaking point. Woohoo I got a block of 20 then an insurance ad popped up and sat there. NOT frozen but yet not moving. I had ONE option, click it. I clicked it went back to the game. No exit available but I was capable of calculating the cost of a $100,000 life insurance policy, over and over again. I get you want to make/need money. But the ads are excessive. If it’s a $3.99 game why am I seeing 20-30 30 second ads if I have the patience to game play for an hour? It’s beyond justifiable. I sat and contemplated purchasing it today but felt I was being literally PUSHED into buying it. Which, in MY opinion, is wrong on your part. Sorry, but I’m not sorry at the same time.
  • A review

    By skinnnteee
    Lots of ads and just the game wasn’t relaxing it was stressful