Drag n Merge

Drag n Merge

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-02
  • Current Version: 2.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 128.54 MB
  • Developer: Metajoy
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 54 862


Drag n Merge is a brand new puzzle game! Just drag the block onto another one with the same number! Merge them into a bigger number! Enjoy this relaxing puzzle game!



  • Love the game-but keeps closing out

    By kiddo2229
    I love this game but it keeps randomly closing out on me. I only get to make about 5 moves before it closes. Happens continuously. Would like to be able to play the game and not have to constantly restart it.
  • Way too many ads!!!

    By CoolKid2458
    Love this game. It has way too many ads. I spend more time waiting for ads to end than actual playing. I wish it didn't get progressively harder as quick as it does.
  • Glitches make it so I can’t play

    By featherbright
    This app glitches so badly that my phone shuts off. The app will repeatedly crash and the eventually (after 15 minutes) the phone shuts down. This does not happen on any other game and does not happen when I take the app off of my phone. The game is fun but I can’t use it.
  • App keeps shutting down

    By bbgirl8085
    I really like the game, there’s A LOT of ads. The game shuts you out every 3 minutes if you haven’t reached a certain level. And it’ll add ads in whenever it can which is one reason my bf won’t download the game .. other wise it’s fun for 2-3 minutes before the constant ads
  • Love

    By Amy2575
    Love this game, but the last couple of days it has started closing while in the middle of playing.
  • This game is way too hard

    By SlowpezMIA
    I’m smart but this thing is rigged for failure
  • The game could be much, much better

    By Piowacket
    The premise of the game is great. Match 2 of the same number to get the next number in order (when you merge two 3’s, you end up with one 4). This is fun. The issues are that there are ads every minute and a half or so. Every time that I am doing well, an add will pop up. I don’t mind ads between games, but during the game? Also, the game glitches and kicks me out very often. I have my iPhone updated and am using the newest version of the game, but it happens extremely often. The odd thing is, the game saves my progress and I just have to watch an ad or two and can return to my game. If you fix these issues, I’d be hooked!
  • Fun

    By Livisnana
    Definitely gets you mind going. Much fun.
  • Love and hate

    By It's Brianna Tho
    This app has way too many ads to begin with, but what is more irritating is the amount of times it crashes. Please fix.
  • Lots and lots of Ads!

    By samidaze
    I almost never review games because it’s always a 5 star and a favorite for a reason. But I have to rate this game 1 star. I freaking loveeeeee the concept of the game. But some things I reallyyy hate are LOTS of ADS. Sure.... there’s 2/10 that you can skip after 5 seconds but most of them are 30 seconds and it plays an ad, before your game, during your game (if you pause for any reason) and afterwards. Annoying asf. Also, I don’t exactly understand how to play (I just downloaded it today) because the tutorial was kind of sh-tty. Overall, if they could just have the game be played without interruptions I bet more people would upgrade. When the free version is terrible? It’s harder to shell out money for the better thing. Pleaseeeee consider less ads DURING the game.
  • Good game...Hella ads

    By Fefsgeycwyegfd
    This is a good game but there are way too many ads it’s ridiculous..*IN ORDER TO SKIP ADS PUT YOUR PHONE/TABLET ON AIRPLANE MODE*
  • Absolutely TERRIBLE and IMPOSSIBLE! 😒

    By HithereIlikecats
    This game has an overall fun idea, but the timer is WAY too fast. You only get about five seconds before a new layer of numbers come. On top of that literally 80% of the blocks are attached to each other so you have to remove an entire pile and then reorganize it in order to get one match. Another thing, when you make a match it should add the two numbers together, not just make it one more than the number you started with. For instance, if you made a match of two four blocks it would turn into eight not five. Like I said, the idea of the game is fun, but with all of these obstacles it’s genuinely impossible to beat even one round. You say this game is for 4-year-olds and older but I’m THIRTEEN and can’t even beat one round. I am a very smart person, I have all As and I have never gotten below a 90 on a test in my entire life. If I’m not able to beat ONE ROUND, then how on EARTH do you expect some 4-year-old to?! I cannot BELIEVE this game has so many good reviews it is absolutely terrible and impossible! I hope it gets deleted, and I’d like to say thanks for the TERRIBLE experience!
  • Too many crashes and ads

    By jddavis1234
    The concept of the game is great, but the design is terrible. It crashes all of the time and I’ve never played a game with this many ads. Not to mention the way it burns a battery. If these things were fixed, I might download it again, but until then, bye bye.
  • Crashing

    By Chdxhnh
    Like the game but it keeps force closing and crashing in the middle of me playing. If not fixed soon, I will delete. Thank goodness I didn’t spend money on this because it wouldn’t be worth it.

    By Donald Broerman
    There’s an ad before you start a game an add when you continue a game and an ad when you end a game. Like come on man. Worst is an ad before you even start
  • Ads

    By angie 1017
    Sorry to say this about someones time but there is to many adds and glitches I don’t know if it is my phone but I got my phone 1 month ago
  • Great game, crashes constantly

    By MamaWalrus
    LOVE this game but almost impossible to play because it’s either constantly crashing or it’s interrupted to play an ad and then it crashes again. Frustrating!
  • Good game but so many ads

    By Emmy ☺️
    Literally every time you press any button or reach any milestone, there’s an ad. You can’t push pause even without an ad.
  • Not so much

    By Missy.......
    Too many ads. Unable to turn off volume. Ads are very loud. iPad doesn’t work at all. Very slow to respond causing missed moves & irritation. Cool game idea but I am deleting it.
  • I like this game but...

    By Caryn N
    I like this game but it freezes and force closes every time I attempt to play it. That’s super frustrating and because the game is really good, I keep trying to play it. Will delete and try again after another bug fix. Good luck.
  • Great game with ton of bugs

    By gamer playing on apps
    Love the game, but has a ton of bugs. It freezes, stops, and exit out all on its own. There are also a ton of ads.
  • Continuously crashes

    By Nita730
    The app continuously crashes and it’s way too many ads.
  • It took me less than a day

    By Dalequinn
    I have beaten the game it only gets up to a count of 20, I have seen up to four tiles connected making it harder to Drag n merge but I have conquered the game, I am now bored and moving on to other games I’m deleting this game
  • Stupid game

    By 💕💕💕💕👀👀gamer
    This game cheats. Soon as I get to 18 the game starts to freeze and move slow. Then I get out because the numbers won’t slide and merge. Then there are so many ads. I uninstalled, don’t waste ur time installing. I got to 19 ten times but the game cheats.
  • Too many ads

    By tnosu
    There are way too many ads!! I saw a comment from the developer that says they can be closed after 5 seconds - I can’t get most of them to close. They take me to the App Store then back to where I was in the stupid ad - I spend more time in ads than I do the game. Also would it be possible to stop the timer - I would like to just play until I can’t move anymore not be pushed by a timer so I can relax before going to sleep.
  • Decent game, horrible app

    By Hattielaurel
    The game is a decent game, but it keeps bombing out (closing) and playing constant ads. Could be far better.
  • Spent $3.99 to get No Ads! Still have ALL the ads!

    By BCKology
    This game is so much fun, so I paid to get rid of the ads... except I still have all of the ads I had before
  • Crashed and burned

    By Rylyn33
    The app kept crashing on me.
  • Fix the bugs!

    By zannaleebitz
    Love the game, but it crashes about every 5 minutes and drains my battery super fast!! Very disappointing. Hopefully a fix will come soon.
  • Very little time.

    By Decent😘
    This game is fun, but i wish there was an option for no time and to see what number you can get up to. it’s very stressful lol and so i uninstalled it. i hope there are more modes next time.
  • 👌🏼☺️

    By makalogy
    Chill / fun
  • WAY too many ads, but fun game

    By grannyyaya
    Have fun but keep the phone attached to the charger. Can take phone battery down 50% in about an hour. It’s insane. And full 30 second ads are so unnecessary.
  • HELP!!!

    By ~mse~
    Great game but, it keeps closing out several times whilst in the game. Luckily, no progress was lost. Too many ads!!!
  • Crashes ALOT

    By Karlz-1
    Overall the game concept is fun BUT. You cant enjoy it li g due to it crashing while midgame Lets not mention the ads that spontaneously pop up and at achievements intervals. I have to watch an ad every time i reach 15 and 20 benchmark. So annoying
  • Super addictive and SUPER fun, but buggy!

    By PuzzleAllTheTime
    This game is so fun. I love it. But the ad brakes are ridiculously long and frequent. And, more troubling, it keeps glitching closed over the past couple of days. And every time it does, I get another ad break. I want this game to work so badly. Please fix!
  • Bugs

    By Momma Bear Hatfield
    Since the update I have trouble with it freezing up! This is a great game but please fix the BUGS 🐛!
  • Fun but too many glitches

    By tahbdnfictebtkff
    I love this game and it’s very addictive but the game keeps lagging and it won’t let me move any blocks but the timer still goes and I end up dying. And this happens quite often. But other than that this game is really fun but it just needs to stop glitching
  • Ads make you want to delete the app

    By Slywren
    Game is fun but all the ads and gambling ads are a pain!
  • Love the game, but...

    By Sk8_mama
    Recently the game started crashing when I’m choosing to continue the game to my next life. Hope it gets fixed soon or I’ll have to stop playing. There’s nothing like having a great game and not being able to proceed.
  • Only reason it’s not 5 is it freezes

    By elyse4
    I love this game but a lot of the time it’ll be super delayed when I try to move the blocks but the timer keeps going. Sometimes the blocks just freeze but the timer keeps going.
  • SO...MANY...ADS!!!! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

    By no-ads!!!!!!
    Seriously. The most ads I’ve seen on a game ever.
  • Game stalls out

    By 411games
    The game slows down your moves but the clock never slows with it. I don’t know if it’s the interactive ads at the bottom of the page or being connected to the internet but it’s a real pain and it causes you to lose. Get rid of the interactive ads at the bottom of the game please. It ruins the games. The number of ads are ridiculous too.
  • Update necessary

    By Dee16274859070473
    This game would be great except it crashes ALL THE TIME!!!! It interferes with the game play and there are ads every 3 seconds. Between all the ads and crashes the game is almost impossible to play. Please fix it!
  • Slow

    By ArtemisLevina
    Addicting but lags too much so I can’t merge fast enough.
  • Fun but freezes

    By VickieG0422
    I like it but it starts freezing and i can finish so I’m deleting
  • Fun but...

    By sadly disappointed again 2
    It can be a fun and addictive game but there are way too many ads and too many glitches. I could be playing and all of a sudden it kicks me out of the game. Then when I go back I have to watch an ad to continue. You pause the game and try to continue, guess what, you have another ad.
  • Remove the ads

    By Nesileka
    Tired of beginning a new game and there’s an ad, too many ads it just makes me frustrated
  • Major glitch = deleted game

    By A dog named scoot doo
    I down loaded this game and deleted it about an hour later. The app is constantly closing. I can continue my game if I go back it but I have to watch an add first to be kick out again a few seconds later.
  • Not worth the hassle of all the glitches and bugs

    By Kelsey1095
    This game is actually really fun and addictive....HOWEVER the glitches and bugs that occur are not worth continuing to play. The game shuts down randomly, I loose to invisible blocks, the game freezes, the timer continues and block levels continue to get bigger even though it won’t let me move any of the blocks....so many more glitches that make it impossible to enjoy.....