Roller Splat!

Roller Splat!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-01-26
  • Current Version: 2.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 318.10 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 107 159


Grab this unique new exciting painting puzzle game for FREE! Swipe up, down and all around to send your vibrant paintball rolling through the maze as you splash, splat and sploosh color all over the clean white maze. Complete the levels of each puzzle by covering every corridor and corner with beautifully bright paint. It feels so satisfying, who doesn't love a clean coat of fresh paint? Roller Splat! is the exciting free game you'll want to tell your friends about. Which level can they get to?! FEATURES - Unique and fun puzzles levels - Smooth and satisfying ball-rolling action. - Fun and relaxing to play - Free to play - Bright and colourful - Loads of vibrant paint colors - Simple and satisfying - Beautifully clean and fluid paint physics



  • Really boring game

    By ÆçÊ
    So ive been playing now im kinna getting board so Yea i give this a 2 i read the review but i didnt Believe it was boring but when I downloaded it and it was boring so i deleted it because the Game i was watching tv and started playing it and suddenly i got really bored
  • Too many ads, even for a free game

    By lynnashford
    I literally don’t write reviews, but this game has so many positive that I really felt it needed an honest, critical review from a young adult who values their time. If you have this game for your young I’d to play, it’s probably really great. There are WAY too many ads while trying to play this, even for a free game there seems to be more than the usual amount. The start menu even has an ad playing all the time as soon as you open the app. I’m sure it’s for a game by the same developer, but it makes the minimal start menu seem even less credible. Speaking of minimal, there’s an icon with 3 gears that can only be assumed to be the “settings” button, but it doesn’t even seem functional. Overall, the game was a decent time-filler but it’s hard to fill time with actual gameplay when there are 5 second ads between every level. I didn’t even get far enough to see the repetitiveness other reviews mentioned. I’ve had the app on my phone for 2 days and it’s getting deleted today because I can’t stand the constant interruptions.

    By Xxbeast masterxX
    good game but way to many ads and I get kick after ever game passed level 26! So get it if u r ok with being kicked and being like bombed with ads I would sort of recommend it. From:a 10 year old gamer
  • Download for ads for other games

    By Chris Sparx
    Unless you buy the premium version you will spend more time watching ads than playing, and even after you watch the minute and a half ads there will be an add that takes up half of the screen blocking you from seeing the entire board. Uninstalled
  • This is a really fun app

    By Not alot writer
    I love this app it is easy and fun! But it repeats levels. So you want a review here is a review.
  • Too many adds!

    By APersonsoshutit
    No..too many adds
  • Terrible

    By erickas phone
    The levels are crazy repetitive and when I reached level 200 is kept saying. U made it to level 200 only 23% make it to this level.
  • I love this game but has this happened to anybody else?

    By peanutheguineapig
    I love this game way to much but I stopped playing it for a month and when I went to play it again the screen should be black and kick me out even when I went to the App Store and opened it from there. I am just a little confused can somebody help.
  • Ads on the game

    By n-rod-777
    Well it looks like a fun game but the ads are the size of the game. Not so entertaining
  • Uh

    By extra_vibes
    I got the game thinking it was gonna be a mind puzzle but I made it to level 106 and it was still way to easy.
  • Great but one thing

    By Me the Allen R
    Everybody in the reviews are saying they repeat the levels but I don’t find an issue with that but the on thing is WAY TO MANY ADS.But overall a fantastic game good job
  • This game is good

    By kims kaars
    I have played this game for a year and never looked at the reviews until now it is a ok game it really is just a game made to pass the time it has a little too many adds but just turn of adds and it is a pretty solid game would recommend for long boring road trips
  • Really boring

    By raymondG11
    And the ads remind me that I hate society. This game just feels like someone found something stupid for you to do while the ads melt your brain...
  • Fun, but repetitive and horrible ads

    By Steelerdude11
    This game is pretty fun and is something to do when you’re bored. But they were more focused on quantity instead of quality. There are thousands of levels in this game which sounds cool. But there are only like ~50 original levels. They just repeat the same level over and over again. Also the ads. Every two levels they shove an ad down your throat, and I am not going to pay $2.99 to get rid of ads when I’m going to delete this game in the future anyway. And not only that, but when I am typing this review in May 2020, the only ads I get are Tik Tok ads. Now I have to cringe every time I play this game. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun, but reduce the levels so there are only original ones and no repeats. Also reduce the ads and make them have variety instead of only Tik Tok ads. It just reminds me how cringy and annoying Millenials and Gen-Zs can be.
  • Amazing

    By fhfvukc
    Digshdudgdvdhdvdvsgdvgdhfhfhhjwkqlrughtrbrgdheoehxydgfdhfufoeuefydiviegtdhdodhwrdbdyqvflqprtrvffakfiwbchdie It was amazing
  • Repetitive, No Challenge

    By Ambaryerno
    The game is WAY too easy. There’s only about a dozen or so boards in cycles through, so after a while you’re going to be familiar enough that it makes clearing them trivial. It’s a decent way to kill time, but for a puzzle game there’s little here to actually challenge the player. The game desperately need more variety in the number and difficulty of boards. Additionally, a timer or requirement to clear a board in a given number of moves could greatly improve the challenge.
  • Pretty fun, but way to many ads!!

    By a rondom ten year old
    All in all, this game is very fun. I love playing it, and it is so entertaining and a bit addictive. One of My only complaints is that there are a lot of ads. You have to watch an ad after almost every game that you play, and for me you frequently need to watch an ad to Chang the ball that you are using. I also wish that as the level get higher, they also get harder. Level one was actually much harder than level fifteen! Other than those few things, the game is lots of fun, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes fun games or needs something to pass the time.
  • Good game way too many adds

    By cool fricking app
    Ok so I love this game but every voodoo game has soooo many adds please fix the game up not that much adds and make levels harder as you go!!!
  • Amazing

    By samanatha18
    It’s an amazing app! But when you get level 200 you can’t get past it because the thing keeps popping up.
  • To many ads, it also gets kinda boring.

    By 😒😕🙁☹️😐
    So I play this game sometimes there are lots of ads that annoy me there are way too many some other examples with too many ads is paper io. 3 there are lots of ads that bother me.Another problem I have with it is it gets boring with nothing else to do except move around when I got this app I thought it was going to be harder from the ads it looked like it was going to be hard but all of the levels are honestly really easy, and honestly I’m going to delete this app from my device soon...
  • Way to many ads and not worth the price to stop them

    By GarDog7800
    The ads are constant, loud and stop your music so you have to exit and restart audio. The levels are so short you do this constantly. Repetitive levels and only a few with any challenge. I’d probably pay $1 to end the ad barrage but not $4
  • Me gusta pero tiene mucha anuncios!!!!!!

    By techyoro
    Me gusta pero tiene muchos anuncios!!!!
  • Ad literally every 2 seconds not kidding

    By Bigg273637282$4)3828
    I got to level 8 in about 2 minutes. 15 seconds of that was actually playing the other 1min 45sec were ads. Absolutely pathetic avoid this trash.
  • No no no

    By Alison Westerfeld
    Its so laggy and so slow
  • Pretty good

    By ownrdantheman234
    It’s pretty good it’s just a nice simple mobile game you can get on to and have fun for like 10 to 20 mins and then you can just come back later if you get bored personally I have played over 1500 levels and I have had a blast but I think they should add in more rewards for getting to higher levels and keep saying what percent of people your in
  • Perfect 👌 in every way

    By Raphier
    Hi 👋 I’m hear to tell you this game is awesome 😎. First it’s good for all ages. Two It’s addicting in the way that you want to play but you don’t need to play it. Three it’s relaxing 😌 whenever I’m angry 😤 or annoyed 😒 I play this game I’m chill in under five minutes. Four it’s a good bored game because you can speed through levels but unlike say Wobble Man the levels are all different I’m on level four hundred fifty something like that I’ve almost never seen a level twice. Five it’s a very challenging game but the levels are easy to play and most of all...FUN it is so fun I can’t I can’t. Finally and almost most important there are very few adds. Thanks for reading I hope you download this game and most of all have fun and stay strong.🏋️‍♂️🚵‍♀️🧗🏻‍♂️😷
  • So awesome! But please read

    By Bookworm-magical
    This game is SUPER addictive. I could play it for hours. Ut there are three things that are annoying. 1. The worst thing about this game is the adds! Oh my gosh, every ten seconds there’s an add! I get that the game needs to make money, but if you lowered the amount of adds, more people would get the game! 2. The next thing is that the game isn’t super hard. I’m on level 123 and it’s just the same as level 6. Some are big, as if that makes them better, but are just as easy. When do the levels get hard? Or do they never? 3. The last thing is that the levels are pretty repetitive. This is said in almost every review! Some levels are actually the SAME!! But a lot are very similar. This is a really fun game, and I love it so much!💕 It’s a logic puzzle game that is super addictive. I like that there are skins, to add something to work towards. I also enjoy that when you get to a certain level it tells you you’re in the something percent. I like that because it makes me feel accomplished, and I like to challenge myself so that’s cool. If you like any sort of logic games, I would recommend this to you. If these three things were fixed, this would be a perfect, 5 star review game.
  • Shame

    By budew 75
    Why is this even allowed to be on appstore Terrible design filled with ads
  • Fun but

    By JLB_616
    It’s fun but way too easy
  • Worst game ever!

    By YAY 🥳
    I hate this game! This game is oa easy to win and I hate that! And when im on a long level and im close to wining it kickes me out of the game i hqte this game so much ☹︎
  • OK game, but...

    By elephant girl26
    The game is ok, and its a great idea, but the levels are too easy, and they repeat. Usually, when there are levels, it means GETS HARDER! But i oneself think they get easier. There is only like, one hard level, and you barely ever get it! They don’t proportion out the amount of times you get a level, so i have already done 4 of the same level, and i only got it 3 days ago. I REALLY would’ you recommend this app WHATSOEVER.
  • Odler versions better

    By Popcorn_Olivia
    Tbh I like the old version better, I mean the fact that you can change skins is ok, but I liked it better when there was no level "map" and it didnt have those kinda 3D backgrounds. So I think there should maybe be an option to play the games older version better. Overall I like the, its easy and endless so you can play with friends to see who can finish the most levels, once in a while they put challenge levels too, so yeah thats all 😊
  • Read this

    By Tanrq
    So I pressed skip and watched a Ad and guess what didn’t work this game has a lot of downloads for how this game works.also why I pressed skip is because the boss level was to hard and I have been grinding nonstop then that happens would not get it if I were you the game probably has so many downloads because I am think the downloads is botted and only few people on the game are real
  • Too many ads.

    By sl did dudke find
    Literally after each level there’s a 30 second ad. It ruins the whole game. Deleting it rn.
  • i like the game, but...

    By HaileyF
    i enjoy this game. even with the repeating levels, this game is fun to pass time. however, i haven’t been able to access it in a couple months. every time i go to open the app, it immediately crashes. my phone and app are updated, i play on and off wifi, and i’ve redownloaded it several time. kind of disappointed 😕
  • Adds

    After a round a game pops up on my screen i just wanna play this game not another gam
  • Por eso

    By fj kkdndu
    Mucho anuncio y no deja jugar
  • Why repeat????

    By Sandi169
    I’m on level 1831 why do you have the same 10-15 puzzles??? Love the game (obviously from the level I’m on) but it is too repetitive. Time to find another game. Put some creativity to it and you’d have 5 stars
  • Couple things

    By Chris ramirez 17
    This game is fun but the levels are repetitive. Also made it to the 500’s and the little pop up that says “wow only 7% of players make it” keeps popping up to where i can even play at this point. Fun game but definitely has some bugs to be fixed. 4 stars easy since its a great time killer
  • Actual Garbage

    By Chief Wigwam
    This game is hot garbage maybe 1 out of every 30 levels require thought
  • Just ads

    By bspencer1
    If all you want to do is see ad after ad this app is for you!
  • Levels

    By Angel2130
    This is a fun and addicting game however my only issues is that the levels repeat. I’m on level 1,182 and the levels still repeat. What good are the updates if we can’t get at least 15-20 new mazes with an update. Hopefully something changes soon cause I really like this game but if not I’ll be look for the next best thing.
  • Boring

    By Kuz142
    Game never gets difficult!!!! Stays super easy and boring. Nothing about it ever gets interesting.
  • Repetitive and ADS

    By Darin bearfan
    All of the levels are some variation of 3 different patterns. Made it to level 200, and now a banner pops up in the middle of the game, “congratulations you made it to level 200. Only 28% make it to this level”. Which is fine but the banner pops up continuously so I can’t even complete the level. ”So for that reason, I’m out”
  • So repetitive.

    By aussie girl 01
    Add more levels. It boring. At first, it was fun now, I think it’s boring. There is so many repeated levels. There’s not much to say about this game. Overall, it’s boring. I know I’ve said it so many times, but it’s true. Please fix.
  • It’s okay but wouldn’t recommend

    By Kara.BE
    I am on about level 550 and it’s about the same 10 levels, but occasionally they tilt them in another direction. At first it is fun and challenging but after level 15 I would just delete it. I kept playing it to see if maybe as I advanced in the levels they would improve the variety, but unfortunately that is not the case and I will be deleting it. I think that two stars is a generous rating for this app.
  • Annoying ads

    By Slice
    This game is basically forcing you to buy an add free version. The add covers the playable area and can’t be closed. I’ll be uninstalling the all.
  • Addictive app!!!!

    By 🍭jade💎
    I love the app just sometimes it repeats levels but really addicting! Even tho it keeps me up at night still really good app
  • So BAD!!!!!!!

    By doodbob
    There is no point in getting this game.I playing for an Hour and the ads took up 45 minutes of that HOUR! But don’t get me wrong this is a good idea for a game but the people who mad did a bad job.