Quibi: All New Original Shows

Quibi: All New Original Shows

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2020-04-06
  • Current Version: 1.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 65.77 MB
  • Developer: Quibi Holdings, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 38 421


Quibi delivers quick-bite entertainment that fits into any moment of your day. Watch shows featuring the world's biggest stars. Episodes in 10 minutes or less. All designed for your phone. Watch original comedies, movie-quality action & drama, inspiring documentaries, and daily shows to stay informed on news, sports, finance and culture. Fresh new shows premiere every week, with new episodes available every day. Check your personalized feed to see what’s new, discover trending episodes, or search for shows based on your mood. Download episodes to enjoy from the comfort of anywhere. You’re in full control of what you watch and how you watch it. Vertical, horizontal; no matter how you hold your phone, everything is framed to fit your screen. Want to watch Quibi on your TV? Use AirPlay or Chromecast to stream shows on the big screen directly from your phone. More info on Quibi subscriptions: • If you choose to subscribe after your free trial ends, your subscription will auto renew every month. • Have a change of heart? You can switch plans in your in-app settings. Or cancel your subscription anytime via the App Store. • Payment will be charged to your App Store account each month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the renewal date. • You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal by going to your App Store account settings and selecting Subscriptions. • If your subscription is canceled, the cancellation will be effective at the end of the current subscription period. • No refunds will be offered, and any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited when you change your existing subscription to Quibi (Ad-Free). https://quibi.com/privacy-policy/ https://quibi.com/terms-of-service/



  • Nice but needs more work on the software !

    By us0ach
    The two series I saw were great but somehow every episode at 5min into the episode there was a glitch, it started buffering, very annoying,... mind that I have 500mb internet speed and a NetGear mesh with with over 450mb download at the device! Also it won’t continue to the next episode automatically, they have to work on it!
  • waste of time

    By Gforce757575
    I tried this app , because it seemed that it had good ahows , But when i tried playing it on my TV it wouldn't play on my TV at all , this app is built on purpose so that it Wont play on your TV ,, what a waste of time 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ PEOPLE DO NOT GET THIS APP IS NOT WORTH IT , SAVE YOUR MONEY ..
  • Learn from here

    By srs1975
    Great if it didnt violate my privacy and change virus definitions on my device
  • Really wanted to dislike Quibi

    By ARnate
    But the shows are terrific & the short 5-10 minute segments are great for short breaks throughout the day. Video quality is outstanding.
  • Bad idea to get this app

    By Marcelino24ever
    If you get this up read all by laws otherwise you will be paying for something that is now what is advertised I rated one star but in the actuality is minus one or worse
  • For Quibi Developers!

    By infinitty35
    Guys, Quibi is a great idea. I love the shows, however, the fact that it is missing the iPad app and the Apple TV app is dissatisfying. I am a customer and I am paying for this service and I expect and want to watch it on all my Apple ecosystem devices. You are prohibiting me from accessing content that I am paying for (using iPhone app on the iPad or Airplaying iPhone to Apple TV is ridiculous, doesn’t connect or disconnects etc. ) The debate that this app is for ‘mobile’ or ‘iPhone only’ is ridiculous because it is for me to decide which devices I will be watching the content I am paying for!! Doesn’t matter how you slice it, Quibi is in the streaming wars with others and this only alleviates customers like me. So I am ending my subscription until the business people in your office will see the light of the day and let me watch this content on the devices I want, since I am paying for it. You can continue using the ill logic of justifying iPhone app only but this will only diminish you in the eyes of customers like myself. Respectfully, Eugene
  • Whack

    By Checkthemessage
    Why are the movies broken up? Just show me the movie ding dong. Duh.
  • Cliff Notes in Video

    By Ottercat2019
    Love this.. Just right on the time slots.. Very enjoyable snippets of shows.. Sometimes we can’t wait for the next... One is just perfect. I find the concept growing on me.
  • It’s a no for me

    By khfdhiogfsfgcsghkkl
    I hate how it doesn’t show the entire movie at one time
  • I love this app

    By Earll_Sunclair
    When I kept getting ads about this I thought it was going to make me have a subscription. I was wrong. You instantly get a free 14 day trial which is amazing. I love this app so much and I only had it for a day. I suggest to watch the Most Dangerous Game. I think I might upgrade to a actually subscription.
  • A.F 1514. 5150

    By josue feliz
    You Can Get Jiggy With It😎
  • We need this app on tv

    By jonjay69
    I love the shows on Quibi but we need to be able to watch them on a full screen television set if we want to.
  • Just misses

    By Mowgli2015
    I like the content very much but this service just misses by not allowing search in landscape mode. I watch all my tv on my iPad Pro and it’s just irritating always having to turn it portrait when searching.
  • Don’t understand this app

    By iYager
    Every time I wanna watch a episodes I don’t understand the episodes but it only goes from 1 to 4 and that’s it just like the one the dummy show.
  • Only available on a IPhone and Android

    By 513Mike
    I thought at least it could work on a Fire tablet. Nope. How about casting to my TV. Nope. This is so worthless if you need to text or call or do ANYTHING on your phone while watching! They have spent a lot of money on programs but unlike any of the other national brands in this space your so limited on how to watch it.
  • 👎 Very Time consuming 👎

    By 1stBabyDall
    Not only the movies are set up as episodes, they are only 6 to 9 mins long and you can’t even binge them all at once. You can only watch 9 out of the 12 episodes on the first day but then the remaining 2-3 episodes you can only watch 1 episode a day. They have great original movies and very entertaining but their viewing setup is very frustrating to watch from start to finish.
  • DONT join the free trial

    By Mandyy8_
    So disappointed in this app series they’re all idiotic and to top it off after you “free trial” you have to pay to cancel!! Money hungry!
  • Nice Idea - Bad Messages

    By Keep It Neutral
    Very awesome idea but the episodes I have watched have been horribly political. I come to movies/sports to be completely away from politics but have found it here yet again..Great platform, bad product. Ugh.
  • Junk

    By feminine69
    Junk have to pay for useless when I got a bunch of apps where I can watch stuff for free
  • Ahhhh-mazing!!!

    By LilyAxxoo
    This app is absolutely amazing!! I can’t stop watching! Each show is brilliantly written & directed, my favorite is When The Street Lights Go On😍, Survive (the love story is just😩) & Dummy is hilarious! Can’t wait to see what else I will love! Also, the first 2 weeks are really FREE with no card entry until trial is over which is frickin awesome! Definitely worth the 5$ / month!!
  • Fun app

    By Cthulhugiggles
    Short exciting stories. Aii different types. Quality made. Keep it up😎
  • Shiggy528

    By shiggy528
    My favorite show from this app is don’t look deep
  • Aghhh

    By buggy592
    I thought this app was free but no, so I went to try to cancel my subscription but it won’t let me until the 9th and I’m really stressed that I will get charged :( please let me cancel my subscription please
  • On point

    By C M Deezy
    This is a very great app I love the originality of Quibi. Keep up the good work 👍🏾🤜🏾👉🏾
  • It’s good but

    By ytevjevjebghd
    I love it except for one thing I am 13 and I can’t have an account and if I couldn’t have one then why have all the years on there if some aren’t even elegable
  • Die hart

    By meat or cheese
    You cannot go back if you miss a show.
  • Ok

    By Xman_73
    Short skits gets annoying forcing you to wait for it to reload and watch another commercial. Does freeze up quite often gets frustrating.
  • Just for Adam

    By Curioscupcake
    I never thought I’d use Quibi but I want to watch Adam Devine’s new show “Bad Ideas.” So here I am.
  • Short short episodes

    By AbraCadaver28
    So... the content is enjoyable. My issue is... the episodes aren’t very long. It’s 4.99 a month and offers episodes as long as most YouTube adds nowadays. Hulu is essentially the same price & you get actual episodes of popular shows. Like I said, the content is enjoyable but this app just doesn’t make any sense. Made for your phone? You can get ANY streaming service on your phone... idk. Shows like “dummy” have potential and are extremely entertaining, but I think they’d have more success being actual episodes on a mainstream platform. Dummy currently has 1 hour of airtime with 10 episodes. That’s a normal episode of greys anatomy. It’s kinda annoying
  • Let’s be Real

    By app reviewer 305
    When you can’t use Xbox, PS4 or Any Smart Tv to stream. Only use phone the app is going to fail
  • Not a fan

    By thisisstuiped
    Movie are to short. Just let them play out. Are they movies or are the tv shows? I I’ll not purchase the app. Thank you for allowing me to review it first.
  • Looks good but can’t mirror

    By bdbrhdid
    Is easy to use. Looks good. Wish I was able to watch on my bigger screen. I use an Apple hdmi to lightening cable to watch all my tv.
  • Help

    By LammyGrl2003
    I got this app cause I thought it was free but it isn't :D it makes you get a trial and makes it really difficult to cancel it for some reason. I got the app today and I have to wait till August 9th just to cancel it so ty for making it very difficult to cancel a trial for no reasonnnnn :)))
  • I love Quibi!

    By iGettinThatFoSho
    This is actually an excellent app! You get the convenience of YouTube with the entertainment of Netflix or hulu! The exclusives are exactly what the platform needs and if the producers and directors have this type of media in mind, the quality doesn’t suffer a bit! Great idea and hope this app stays around for a long time!
  • Worth your time!

    By MiamiChica
    Excellent! Entertaining! Well written! Funny, engaging, informative! I was hesitant for weeks but caught an ad on YouTube about DUMMY, and the preview was hilarious! Now I’m HOOKED! Can’t wait to see some more of the content! GET IT!
  • Problems

    By modesty2001
    My only problem with this app is when I connect my phone to watch on tv it will always pause on tv after the ad but still be playing on the phone really irritating so i cant watch it on my tv.
  • very good yes yes yes ma’am get now😸🧚🤞😻

    By Yes ma'am a sis is a barb
    when you make your account you can put emojis in your password 😸! and it automatically gives you a 14 day (2 week) trial, without needing your card info! i haven’t really watched anything other than the stranger on it but, it’s very good😋💅✨
  • Dummy is hilarious

    By Lne2015
    Must watch
  • Can’t cancel subscription

    By lyn_valdez1999
    I cannot cancel the subscription and I don’t want to keep paying for an app I’m not using. The cancel button isn’t there 😔
  • Great things in small packages

    By moovee lover
    Just watched The Most Dangerous Game high energy just enough action in the small timeframe without sacrificing the excellence of the movie. Kudos with whoever came up with this. I can enjoy a episode during breaks. Wow!!!
  • Ads play fine but shows don’t

    By Big Hass61
    Ads play first and without a hitch, but problems begin with show. Improvements and bug fixes failed to solve problems. Why should consumers pay to subscribe and watch mandatory ads for a less than 10 minute show?
  • Die Hart

    By Dboi365
    Although short being the point of Quibi it’s very captivating in such a short time frame. An has a lot of shows of interest.
  • Quibi won’t let me cancel free subscription

    By HELP Me Cxl
    Won’t let me cancel free subscription- I’ve contacted the sites via text/email- I hope to not get charged!
  • Won’t let you cancel

    By cam261489
    They won’t let you cancel until your free trail is over and they charge you if you just want to test it out without being charged don’t
  • Won’t let me cancel

    By litzy546
    I tried to cancel it but it won’t let me I need help sos!!!!
  • i better not be charged.

    By NoliaGranolia
    i was immediately told that i would be charged upon opening the app. i did NOT agree to even upgrade to a subscription. falsely advertised. if i get charged once the trial is over, someone’s gonna be in big trouble.
  • B ez

    By citywideaxis
    Some major channels need to be changed. Or it all gets lost in the sauce.
  • Subscription

    By joymercy
    How do you cancel it?
  • Too short of clips

    By Texas Trish7
    Too short of movie clips and ads at least ads don’t last a min. Great movies tho.