• Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2019-05-17
  • Current Version: 1.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 64.78 MB
  • Developer: Binji FinTech, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2


Binji the most complete personal finance solution and includes a proprietary digital display debit Mastercard that’s supported by app-based banking. Featuring the ability to sync and fund from up to 24 credit and debit cards, the Binji Card works in tandem with a companion app to essentially create an operating system for your money, providing everyone with more access and control in their financial lives. Product: All aspects of Binji are designed to streamline financial tasks and to be easy for everyone to use. Binji Makes Life Easier with Cutting-Edge Technology. To thrive in today’s digital age, the Binji Digital Display Mastercard and App leverage advanced technology to free users from financial management limitations. The duo’s top benefits include: - Card Consolidation: The Binji Card can store up to 24 third-party debit or credit cards to be used as funding sources to your Binji Account so it can serve as the only physical card you need to have with you to shop in-store and online. - Digital Display Screen: Binji Card’s digital display screen shows the current balance of your Binji Account, the last four digits of the selected funding source, and a four character “nickname” for fast identification. - Easy To Use: Consumers select their funding source by using Binji’s two-button interface to scroll through synced accounts. Once selected, the user simply holds the down arrow button to initiate the transfer of funds from any synced debit or credit card to their Binji Account. - Save Money: The Binji App is free to download. Eliminates monthly and overdraft fees. Binji Accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000 and provide access to over 35,000 fee-free ATMs. - Advanced Security: The Binji Card transmits information through its secure, cloud-based processing engine. Credit and debit card information is immediately encrypted in a secure token vault to protect user information. If lost or stolen, Binji Card transactions can be turned off immediately via the Binji App. Binji Provides Access to Money in the Digital Age Where Others Don’t. Binji’s unique operating system for money offers users the most complete way to take control of their personal finances, when and where it's convenient for them. The platforms key features include: - Direct Deposit: Binji Spending Accounts are direct deposit-ready and each has a unique account and routing number. - Early Access to Paychecks: Users who enroll in Binji direct deposit get access to their money up to two days earlier than what’s offered by traditional banks. - Peer-To-Peer Payments: Instantly pay, receive and request money from friends with Binji’s P2P payments service. Unlike other services, you can use these funds immediately from your Binji Card without having to transfer to a third-party bank. - Accepted Worldwide: Binji Card can be swiped or dipped into any point-of-sale machine that accepts debit Mastercard and can even be used internationally. - Battery Life: On average, Binji Card’s battery lasts up to three years, which will typically cover the lifespan of the card from issue through the expiration date. - Bluetooth Connectivity: The Binji Card and App communicate via smartphone Bluetooth connection so you can add and select funding sources on the go.



  • Broken for almost a year

    By Th30r3m
    Unbelievable. I spent $80 on a card I got to use for not even use it.
  • The only App and Card I need!

    By 七瀬美菜
    Great concept and I can foresee many enhancement coming with their technology!
  • Scam

    By gmpischansky
    This service, bank is a scam. I rarely write any reviews but this company deserves one. Apple should consider removing it from their store. The company has not responded to any of my emails, the card only worked for couple of days. Their product was supposed to offer all this features to fund your account and 6 months later still not working and no response. I’m surprise there has not been a level class action lawsuit and the fact that they are backed by a renounced bank.
  • Not ready for production

    By Alim Williams
    Looks like the app is still in development. App is pointing to local host when you try to upload a photo.
  • Trash

    By JustinAragon
    So, I forgot about this for about 4 months to give then time to work out the bugs. I just tried to load my card and of course this trash still don't work. This product blows. The company who makes it blows
  • Won’t do this again

    By Yunggvett
    So, I attempted to be an early adopter, like the coin card. I love the Idea if the ability to consolidate cards. However the support team is a joke. I’ve sent videos, and images of the errors. I’ve asked for a refund over three times. Only to receive an email asking for name and email. Then a replay on Monday indicating I’d hear back in 24 to 48 hours. It’s Thursday still have not heard back. Stay AWAY! Don’t waist your time or money here.
  • Won’t accept a return

    By Arty9000
    I received a defective Binji card. They’ve told me that items can’t be returned once the box is opened. I’m pursuing a refund with my bank. Insane that people do this in 2019. Be careful with these guys. Update: I finally got a replacement card...right as the payment system went down. The card seemed to “work”, but obviously the payment system’s crash made it impossible to test. My credit card has issued a refund, and I’m now walking away from Binji. Best to save your money.
  • Trash

    By Bitzombie
    Still waiting for my refund they are not answering email they are a scam the ceo no longer works for the company it was just a cash grab for him what a waste of time
  • Stranded Again

    By BluePHX
    Update: Thanks for reaching out, Binji. I appreciate the refund offer and have now sent two emails to request my refund, and have yet to receive a response. I will send a third Monday if I don’t get a response by then. To the people reading this review, I’ll let you know if I get my refund or not. Original: Last week I wasn’t able to transfer any money into the Binji account and wound up lucky the place I went took Apple Pay. Binji said it was down for maintenance but never sent out a notification they were doing that. Today I just got an email that funding transfers have been shut down again. This time because Binji is being attacked by hackers. I’m seriously concerned about what those hackers got. I’d really like my money back. I loved this idea but it’s clear to me that a lot more beta testing should have happened before this was marketed completely. I am disappointed and unfortunately also stranded at work with no money because they shut down funding again today and my card is unloaded. (Well. I have five bucks.) Please issue refunds. The people who trusted you with their information deserve a way out now that it appears they really shouldn’t have. Thanks.
  • Binji Card stopped working

    By Ointments
    Binji is very nonprofessional, They had the Card shut down for 3-4 weeks maybe even more & never notified us what was going on until today! DONT NOT PURCHASE THIS CARD, MOST LIKELY A SCAM BECAUSE ONCE I GOT MY CARD IT WORKED FOR A WEEK THEN THE FUNDING FEATURE STOPPED WORKING.
  • Order #1126

    By Keith Order #1126
    I placing my review back up. I believe I was one of the first customers to purchase the Binji Card for over $100. I’m glad I never actually used it or loaded funds. I paid for overnight shipping and at first never got a confirmation tracking (keep in mind it was like $18 for the shipping). I actually had to reach out to the CEO on LinkedIn to get it resolved. I ultimately got the card. However due to how uncomfortable my interactions were with customer service. I did leave a review earlier. In that review, I pointed out that Ryan Marquis was CEO of Plastc, and buyers should be aware, since Plastc (according to numerous articles if you look online. Did not deliver a product) He promptly demanded I take my previous review down and threatened to essentially sue me. He essentially tried to intimidate me. Especially posting links to legal definitions of liable etc. He also promised in our conversation that he would have a program for past Plastc customers where they could get a free Binji card. Since its been weeks now, its safe to assume thats not happening. If I could post our whole chat conversation I would. The leader of this company’s attitude is a clear indication I believe of how this app will turn out. Instead of threatening customers that you are going to sue them, you should spend your investors money more wisely in improving your product. Maybe the launch would have been more successful and you would not a 1.7 on the app store. So anyone considering purchasing this. Read all the reviews and read about some of the events that has happened according to the app. Also research Plastc. DO YOUR RESEARCH.
  • Money stuck

    By Aegt123
    My funds have now been stuck for 2 weeks. The people on the phone are sitting in Philippines and have no access to your account. All they do is generate a ticket and then no one ever gets back to you. Stay away.
  • Needs a lot of work

    By Imari98
    Purchased the card and had synchronization issues from day one. The firmware seemed to have issues connecting to Bluetooth and staying connected which caused sync problems. I was only able to successfully add 1 out of 5 cards to the Binji card. The next day Binji decided to do updates with no advance notification. When you sign up for the card it request email and phone number so you can receive text for verification but at no point did the engineers utilize the resources that they require for activation. Once maintenance started the card was rendered unusable unless you already had funds on it. I reached out to Binji by text and got no response for 3 day, it wasn’t until I sent a second text explaining my discomfort with customer service at which I received a response. I also had to reach out through social media and that’s when I got a full response that they are trying to correct firmware issue and card will be working on June 18. I gave advice that it would be smart to utilize the app, email and text message as notification when conducting maintenance if a feature or benefit is not available. Binji responded that they would forward this to there team and they also let me know maintenance was complete but it appears it was not successful. Thinking that the issue was fixed I went out to use the card and almost had an embarrassing situation to where I could not gain access to the synced cards because Binji decided to conduct maintenance once again with no notification. Something told me to bring and extra card and that’s what saved me from an embarrassing situation of not being able to pay for what I bought. Binji it would be very appreciative if you listen to customer inputs and your track record shows based on the reviews. I’m rooting for you all but after a whole week of not listen, software issue and not so satisfactory customer service I had to leave a 1 star review.
  • Bad customer service

    By like me and you
    Keep making updates and it does nothing this card is terrible don’t waste your money ,they say they get back to you but don’t

    By chuckfin8
    Wow. I am absolutely shocked. This is so bad. I couldn’t get the app going for 2 weeks on and off with atrocious customer service and here I am now with the app simply not loading after my SSN finally got verified. THIS IS SOOO BAD. AVOID AT ALL COST. I’d love a developer explanation for all my issues. Plz respond.
  • Horrible !!!!!!!

    By rdombros
    Woke up to see the company has taken money out of my original bank 3 times causing a huge overdraft ! Can not get ahold of support ! Will definitely be disputing ! Never gave permission to do that ! The card fails to sync on a daily basis . I have had to reset the card 4 times in the 2 days that I have it . Card reloads fail because there is some limit they don't tell you about ... Yet it comes out of your bank account so who knows when I'll get that back . There is no name on the card so when places ask for id to verify they can't and you get declined because adding your name in the signature box does not good . Anyone can do that and "steal" the card . Very unhappy and they won't allow you to return it once the seal on the box is broken . Should have know better since it's CEO of Plastic which failed miserably and took my money ... Never to get a refund . Support takes excessively long to reply by email and text . Worst experience ever
  • What a waste of money!

    By Johnny Ray K
    Every credit card I have added as a funding source gets declined and a fraud block put on my card. I have been able to only sync one debit card. I was very hopeful after the go with plastc. But it seems that this my not be something able to be done.

    By TheLordDisick
    Awful! You have to load it everyone to even use it which defeats the purpose.
  • I was surprised to love this little card

    By Crzyblndeactrss
    It takes a bit to set up, but man do I love only having to carry one card!! I have a PopWallet on my phone that only holds a few at a time, so my Binji card allows me to make room by consolidating my cards.
  • Consolidate cards!

    By Steveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Works like a charm. Helps me get rid of all my credit and debit cards and just hold onto one. Very secure so no need to worry. Highly recommend!
  • Binji card

    By deano212
    This is not a hoax this is the real thing this to greatest thing since sliced bread!
  • I love this app

    By emilylin
    I can get money immediately from credit through binji.