Snow Drift!

Snow Drift!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-02-09
  • Current Version: 1.6.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 206.00 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 022


Snow is everywhere. Unfortunately, you have no shovel. But you do have a car! Now show that snow who is the boss! Will you beat all levels and become the drift master?



  • Ye ye

    By treygray9977
    Need new vehicles plz
  • Needs Improvements (New Company)

    By itsloftisss
    I feel like a lot of people enjoyed this game because of its simplicity. I used to play this game so much to the point where I’m at Level 1030 and I have 83,652 coins yet there is nothing to spend them on. I have every car with every upgrade and I always check in to see if the “Coming Soon” message will finally disappear, but it never does and I don’t think it will with how many low budget, ad-filled games that Estoty produces. There’s a lot of great ideas out there that could make this game better than a lot of other competing drifting games like having different maps and game modes. Sad to see this game die off because of a company that cares about making money instead of making good quality unique games.
  • Best game ever

    By Jama 2
    This is the best game I ever played.It has challenges you should play this game. You will love it.
  • Wild drifting

    By bernie 1957
    Crazy love driveling sideways Bernie
  • Why

    By nene💯😍💖
    The reason I give it 4 is because there’s not much exit,ent that why and you should make the game a little harder😞😡😠
  • Where’s the new car update

    By ashton whittley
    I’ve had this game for a while and I do enjoy it but the update still hasn’t came out yet and I’ve been waiting a year for it
  • I used to love it

    By Gjgjhuuuu
    The game was wonderful for so long, SnowDrift was the only phone game I was playing for a while. Once you finally unlock everything though, the game loses all meaning. An update for the game hasn’t been released in months, sadly I believe it’s because the developers pushed the game into a corner and let it rot. But I sincerely hope they prove me wrong!
  • Fun game but...

    By Coleslawesome
    The game is super fun but there’s a few issues. Nothing performance wise but I’m nearly at level 300. I have all of the normal cars and I just got the Nostalgia today and it’s already fully upgraded along with the rest of my cars. And that’s the problem. There’s only 22 cars total and 4 of them you have to play a week straight for each of them and then their fully decked out in 10 minutes or less. And I was disappointed that my Delorean didn’t have flames shooting out from the tires. In the movie it did and I was so looking forward to that. Anyways my only real suggestion is that you guys add some cars. Maybe the ghost busters 50’s style ambulance or maybe do one of those 3 wheeled motorcycles or something just add more cars!!
  • it WAS fun...

    By Anonymous193627294
    we need more cars in the game!!!!!
  • Snow Drift!

    By Mars Rivera
    This is a great game. But they Nissan Skyline R-34 been on “Coming Soon” for months now.. when is it coming out ?
  • Cars

    By trewinzenburg7
    It needs cars. I swear if there r no cars in 2 days I will uninstall this game.
  • Fun and addictive

    By Mrmooar
    Please add a lot more cars I’ve already unlocked them all but other than that I’ve had so much fun playing it
  • Can't buy cars

    By Robbie IV
    I have more than enough money to buy a lot more new cars but when I got to buy one it says I can't. Anyone know how to fix this? Other than this issue it is a good game.
  • Great game

    By Thegamer01728
    This game I’ve been playing for awhile now got all the cars fully upgraded and stuff but I wish you guys would add a ton more each update Bc I’m tired of waiting like 3 weeks just for new cars I upgrade the new cars literally in like one day and then gotta wait 😩
  • Update game I want new carsss

    By Russian turky
    I’ve gotten everything n I’ve been patiently waiting for you to update to get some new cars been a while :(
  • Snow Drift

    By thiissisisjdnfhf
    Snow Drift is amazing! You get to test your skills and see if you can drift. And sometimes it’s very challenging but very fun!
  • It’s so great games

    By Sumaitt
    It’s so great games
  • Landon

    By 21Savagelk
    The game is great and super addicting but they take way too long to come out with updates they said that they would come out with a new car like 4-5 months ago.
  • It’s hard but fun!

    By fafafa311
  • Great game!!

    By youngdaddypimp
    I need more cars I have all of them already. But great game.
  • Won’t let me turn

    By val 82
    I think it it is good but when I try to turn it won’t let me and when I don’t hit a tree or something it says I do hit a tree
  • Need to add more cars!!!!

    By Carrrsonn
    I love the game!!! Just I’m bored now because I have no more cars to buy and upgrade:(
  • Sucked

    By vowvw
    This game is so bad that I can not even ply because the way it lagged it makes me so made then I get killed
  • Good but ...

    By matt201gamer
    The game is good but my Delorean is at lvl 2 and I can’t lvl it up it’s just tells my to get a new car even though I’m lvl 2 and sometimes the game freezes for a little bit and we should have the option to change the lvl on the cars we have like if I have a lvl 6 car and i want it to be a lvl 4 I should be able to do that
  • Good game

    By jkGive her
    This app is great you should play it
  • Love it

    By mattyou007
    I’m on level 207 and all my cars are maxed but I wish new cars would come out sooner and it was a little harder
  • I like your game And good job

    By ogabek201
    I like your game and good job
  • P.u.

    By vl2778634
    This game stinks pu
  • Well ummm

    By A2 Adams
    This is one of the best games ever!! Had no problems with it till today.... I unlocked the first car for playing 5 days in a row but it didn’t give the car to me? I claimed it but it is just a blank spot in the space now. Not that happy because I have been waiting for 5 days to get the car, but now I don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong otherwise great game!
  • Best Game rn

    By Mr. Command2400
    This game is great. It's easy to play and you don't need to pay too much attenton so it's great to play while changing lessons or during real! Only Complaint is I wish the added more cars. I keep unlocking them fast and then theres not a real reason to play the game. Add more cars please!
  • Cool

    By Sawyer brown 15
    It is pretty cool
  • Love it

    By nhbhubugbuy
    It is hard and challenging so I like it
  • Hi

    By hjgghfghffhgfgggggffgff hack
    Get this game plz
  • Sensational

    By HADLong
    This game is great. But it has a short amount of goals to achieve and needs more cars to unlock. Maybe more exotic cars and maybe a story mode. But overall a great game!
  • Fun game

    By Lil PumpJr.
    I like the game but I don’t like how there are ads and I keep running into one ad that is blank and I can’t exit out of the ad so I have to close the app.
  • سهله

    By نبي ترجمه عربيه
    العبه سهله
  • Fix it

    By BigP1
    It won’t let me switch cars and two cars are the same but it is a good game and to many ads
  • When’s the next update coming?

    By Jawnthan
    The update takes too long hurry up I’m trying to unlock the cop cars
  • Crashing for no reason.

    By mattthew_g
    The game was fun and would be a 4 star but after the new update the game crashes after each video, after every time you upgrade a car, every time u choose a new car, and every time u buy a new car
  • Latest update

    By Ultra Sasquatch
    The latest update freezes and does not allow you to select the car you want to use/upgrade. And when you do it uses the drifter car instead
  • Ads

    By nevcksne
    Too many ads, if there were an option to pay for no ads I probably would but there isn’t therefore I can no longer stand playing this
  • It was fun at first. New update 👎🏾👎🏾

    By BanksNyc
    It was fun at first but after this recent update. The ads are out of control. It’s not worth $2.00 to cancel out ads. You beat a board, ad, before final stage ad, hook up the car, ad.. homescape/Yahtzee/gardenscape (annoying) slot machine (annoying)
  • Fun game BUT!

    By gshjdndjcnjdnkxnjs
    This is a very fun game but there is the stupid COMING SOON thing and it says that but it is not like it is coming soon it is like it is coming in the next 5 years
  • The game is cool

    By salinas 831
    You sure download it
  • Awesome

    By Mr.Boom Bostick
  • Hurry up

    By I want legendary
    At first I thought it was a very addictive but fun game but as I go high in levels nothing was changing. Nothing was challenging there was no objective anymore because it was hard to get coin besides playing the exact same levels over and over again. I’ve had this game for a bit but nothing has change.
  • Snow drift 👎

    By bwheelie
    Nice concept. Fun for a bit. Then it when you get into the game and it starts to get challenging, you’ll have 3 or 4 stages in a level and if you crash on 1,2,3 or 4 it takes you back to 1. Which is the bane of my existence. Definitely deleting game when I’m finished writing.
  • Work on the ads

    By kaliyah rhone
    Games fun and all but the ads after every little baby level that take about 60 seconds to complete that’s a waste of time and can’t even buy em off it’s ridiculous gonna have to delete it soon I’ll go back to helix jump...sorry
  • Initial D

    By mapkulet
    Is there a way to take parts of upgrades off but I do love the AE86 As a true Initial D fan