DoorDash - Driver

DoorDash - Driver

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2019-03-13
  • Current Version: 2.42.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 120.07 MB
  • Developer: DoorDash, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 42 698


Earn extra money as a delivery driver with the DoorDash Driver app. You’ll have the flexibility and freedom to drive when you want, where you want. BE YOUR OWN BOSS Sign up to become a driver and choose your own hours. You can dash near your home or in a city you’re just visiting. Driver jobs are a great alternative to an hourly, seasonal, or full-time gigs. HOW IT WORKS Millions of people order food through DoorDash. When customers place an order, our app offers the deliveries to drivers (aka Dashers), who earn money by picking up and delivering them. To start earning money, all you need is a smartphone and a mode of transportation, such as a car, bike, scooter, or motorcycle. We’ll take care of everything else! BECOME A DELIVERY DRIVER Our signup process takes just a few minutes. After signing up, it’ll take 1-2 weeks to get your account fully activated. DoorDash is available in over 4,000 cities in all 50 U.S. states, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico; over 80 cities in Canada; and Melbourne, Australia, with more coming soon. Find out if we’re in your area or learn more here:




    By Huckman21
    I can’t express how mad I am rn... They allow so many dashers on this app you literally can’t get any orders these days! When I first started I would make $350 easily doing it 4-5 days a week. Now, I make like $150 max working 6 days sometimes every single day! And I’m not about to go get a professional job rn,I’m not 50 years old on this app I’m still in high school! I see other dashers every time I go out and they all look like they’re 50 years old.. my point is that the older generation should have an actual job and not take these jobs from young people. That or doordash just needs to stop letting so many dashers sign up!
  • Dasher - No basher here

    By Dadversity
    I have been doing Door Dasher for three weeks. I like the interface of the app. The black regions of the state and how they turn red when work is available. I like the stats too. Driving time, active time, customer service scores, etc... The app does hiccup and the GPS can be off a little. However, that is any app. I have been paid promptly what I earned. I like letting the timer expiring if I don’t want to do the delivery. DD puts me in a mini time out until you resume it. They ‘shame’ me a bit for missing that opportunity but then I immediately get something better. Suggestions: Customers need to provide every important detail to make the delivery. Especially, when it comes to where to park if there isn’t any parking available.
  • Won’t work

    By ncordier
    Every time I try to log in it just says there’s an error. I definitely have the right password and the apps updated so idk what else to do.

    By DB🥰
    So I have 6 friends that have abandoned accounts under DoorDash. You start off making ok money upon orientation completion. However, after a week or 2.. your account starts to decline in base pay, orders per dash, dash availability. They reel you in and right when you think you can dedicate more of your time.. the experience changes. Postmates is better but the same nonetheless. Dont quit your day job. Well wishes.
  • Lower pay base

    By robinstha21
    I drive over 16 miles and I spend 45-50 minute for the delivery . They pay me only $3. No any tips.
  • Redesign the app

    By Acal1
    THE APP NEEDS AN OVERHAUL TO MAKE IT MORE DRIVER ORIENTED AND SAFE...... Declining an order should not be so many steps. It needs to be one X out and done. Signing in should use larger icons to tap and so should the decline screen. Font should be increased and icons should be used instead. Also make the customer rating more transparent.
  • This app is often LITERALLY unusable

    By SacredGrunty
    Here is the main problem. The app is needlessly opaque with how it provides information to the user. It should be as simple as Log on, accept delivery, deliver order, and repeat. Instead it often fails to notify of deliveries, or worse only alerts you AFTER you failed to accept the delivery- at which point it is taunting you with something you can’t have. When it does let you accept a delivery, it will FAR TOO often not allow you to mark the deliver picked up or delivered. Similarly, the “Heat Map” is supposed to indicate good spots to work (where deliveries are plentiful and Dashers are not). This is an outright lie. All it does is make the promise of the ability to earn, and leave you frustrated and waiting. FINALLY, the days there is not a major server crash, or a minor server access problem out number the days the app works as intended by a wide margin. I’ve been driving for 3 years, and have reported several hundreds (maybe thousands) of errors where the app timed out after I accepted a delivery, and the app decided I didn’t want the delivery, or the delivery was sent to my text inbox but not my app, or that I accepted the delivery, but the GPS would not recognize my movement and the app unassigned my delivery, or many other similar issues. I have reported everything here to DoorDash through Support, email, phone calls, and Twitter but not one of these methods got me more than platitudes and instructions on how to run the “basic troubleshooting steps”. Because of this I await the day a competitor comes along that does everything DoorDash does and actually listens and fixes what they do wrong. Then proceeds to take all DoorDash’s drivers and puts them down like the bloated ineffective mess they are.
  • Ripped me off

    By Kala105
    I was supposed to get $120 and they only gave me $87 and told me they put the money I didn’t get into my first paycheck. How were they supposed to know how much I was going to be making for the following week after? Makes no sense to me honestly. The lady kept hesitating like she didn’t know what she was talking about. Definitely got scammed and very disappointed.
  • 3.5⭐️/horrible support/decent wage

    By HFakter
    In my region pay rate works out to about an average of $12/hr before taxes. Usually consistent business during peak meal times. Convenient way to earn extra money. Largely keeps you in a reasonable geographic area. Flexible times are available but spots can fill quickly leaving you with only the “Dash Now” option. The app itself is good, easy to use & straight forward. I would love to see the ability to “Dash Now” even of you have an upcoming Dash scheduled - currently if you have a scheduled Dash within 30 minutes it will not permit you to Dash Now. The “Fast Pay” option charges $1.99/transfer your money into your bank account. Most rideshare services charge $0.50-$1.00 Support is horrible - in my experience very slow and usually incomplete. Most common challenges are with contacting customers regarding order changes/discontinued items at merchant - support is clumsy & time consuming with these issues.
  • The worst app

    By danielxca
    By far this is the worst app. The app times out by itself, freezes all the time, etc. It’s like first year trade school students programmed this app before they flunked out.
  • Need update

    By HZaragoza
    I have troubles there is never any availability... I monitor like crazy I was getting things until two weeks ago !! Fix app
  • DoorDash crashing on weekends

    By romanoj70
    This review is about all the outrageous that happen on weekends. Friday and Saturday nights. Around 7 pm the company crashes. Not one customer can order food. Drivers can’t close out there tickets. It takes hours for it to be fixed. People use this as a job. If it goes down. Nobody is making money.
  • Dasher

    By Consistency101*
  • Never busy

    By chiggginiggi
    It’s never been Busy in the town that I’m but if u put an order other drivers get it how can I fix this problem and I can never schedule because it never has times to schedule
  • Never busy in my area

    By Fug2h
    Never able to dash now or never get orders in my area . I hate it . I had to drive a whole hour to a Area that said Busy/very busy and as much money I made that was my gas money already smh . Only in certain places like NJ NY YOU CAN MAKE MONEY OTHER THAN THAT ITS A WASTE if you can sign up with UberEats
  • So buggy it’s unbelievable

    By Yomamascat
    I don’t know how the developers don’t realize just how unstable this app is. There are no attempts to fix any of its glaring issues.
  • New comers beware

    By I_Will_End_You
    Door Dash will not back you up when it comes to customer ratings. When completing the order be sure to rate the customer before your slide to complete the order. Also there are a lot of navigation issues.
  • Scheduling idea is most messed up!

    By Utter business
    This app is so annoying and useless! Specially the schedule system. They should learn from Postmate a thing or two
  • Great concept, the app is trash. Constant CRASHING

    By made_in_fresno
    If anybody out there is doing a study of Murphy’s Law, just try using this app. You can potentially make some decent side money through DoorDash, but the app consistently works against you— almost like a sentient being intent on drawing from your lips as many four-lettered expletives it can. You would think that a company valued at $7billion+ could afford to have an app that doesn’t crash on the people generating revenue for the company.
  • Dissatisfy

    By erickds2289
    Think twice if you try to work for who pay 3 dollars for 5 miles that’s the average
  • Bugs glitches and customer service was awful

    By wellcokay
    The app is frequently updated because of bugs and glitches which affects deliveries. Customer service does not help whatsoever with any app problems you will ever experience.
  • American desperation

    By could try harderer
    Just shows the state of the union that people are willing to do this. 🇺🇸
  • Can’t sign in

    By CantSignIntoAppGuy
    I can’t even sign into the app bruh
  • Drive to a populated area and make $

    By GS Cookie Mom
    My town is not populated with orders. I am willing to drive out of my area to make the extra money and believe me it is worth it. When I leave my office I open the app and I deliver for few hrs in the area. On the wknd I drive few extra minutes and do the same. I am happy to do an average of $15-19 hr and take home extra money. I started doing this recently. I was looking for a PT for months and didn’t get lucky, then I thought about given Dashing a try. I just want to make extra money to pay my CC and so far is working.
  • Scam

    By Dijutal assassin
    Poorly designed app. Horrible backend support. Scammy company. Gig app companies should be outlawed.
  • App doesn’t help with starting

    By Trinkle
    Giving these 2 stars based on my experience with the app. As a new dasher, I don’t feel like I was given clear instructions on how to get started. I even called customer service who walked me through the app functionality for 10 minutes but didn’t answer my question of “what do you do after you schedule a delivery time?” I eventually figured it out using YouTube. Right now I’m not very happy with this experience.

    By PrincessMikaella
    ABSOLUTE B.S !!! THEY TAKE HALF YOUR EARNINGS FOR EVERY CALL??? So lately I’ve been givin small $4 or $6 calls which in reality I’m only being paid $2 or $3!!! Absolutely murderous what they do to their drivers. This company wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the drivers! The least they could do is let them keep the money THEY EARN!!! It’s complete trickery. It will say “do you want to accept this $12 call?” & you’re thinking “oh of course!...$12! Sounds great!” But by the end of it you only earn $6... oh & lets not forget that 70% of the Doordash users DONT TIP 😡😡 I’m so done. This is a total scam.
  • South Bay Area

    By doordasher4081986
    I have been trying to do door dash from 8-am - 3pm and I find myself struggling to make any kind of money. Not only that the base pay is so low . 3$-5$ an order. That’s ridiculous. Very unhappy with how Doordash has let this happen over time.
  • Total scam and not worth it!!!!!

    By EddkenKu
    Low pay. I keep getting $3-$5 orders and it’s just not worth it. I spent 30 mins in a parking lot rejecting these 3-5 dollar orders. After using it for a week, it is not worth it. Pay is more like $11-13/hr when it’s busy. When it’s not, you have waiting time or have 3-5 dollar orders. Even with $11-13/ hr it’s not worth it. Wear and tear on car, gas, insurance, risk of accident, time, your phone data, maintenance, and don’t forget that amount is pre-tax. You still have to pay tax on that amount later. Definitely not worth it because thats below min. wage with expensive Bay Area gas. Not sure how people think it’s worth it. Doordash is overall a scam. I use their delivery service app too to order food and I see them charging 4.99 delivery fee and a 11% service fee and I also tip yet they pay their drivers so low? I won’t be ordering through doordash or driving for them as I know now it’s a scam to customers and dashers to help them profit. Another thing I also notice is when I was doing an order with the red card they said price of food was $25 dollar and it came out $21. I’m sure doordash pocket the extra $4 dollar from the customers. It’s sickening. Also if you get into an accident, your insurance won’t cover you either, just a side note. It’s kind of like a psychology thing they are using on the drivers, they see money and think they making money but when in reality, you don’t really make much money. If you are considering doing this for a job, please please reconsider and find a real job. You will regret it. Lucky I was just doing this as a side thing after work trying to make extra cash until I realized the scam.
  • They try harder

    By Dasher LHC
    Well, I’m not sure if I should be giving a positive or negative review. Still have some ambivalence with reviewing them at this juncture, but I’ve said a lot of only negativity in the past, so here goes. I’d moved to a resort town and thought that providing food delivery service was the best way to learn the geography. DoorDash was the 2nd food delivery service I had picked, only due to the 1st one just wasn’t keeping me busy enough and that might have been due to it being off-season. Now having two I was definitely being kept busy, I guess more people are familiar with DoorDash. I’m looking forward now to see if DoorDash will continue providing efficient and effective customer service, especially since it looks like they did make some bug fixes to the app which was always my prior frustration. I’ll let you know!. Oh yes, previously I would have to call driver support staff daily, which they were always awesome, but time consuming, they may be off in India somewhere, but always considerate of my issues and polite, I’d feel sorry for taking the frustration of the App out on them, they where never the problem.
  • $10 per hour or less

    By Meesha369
    I drove in Livermore, Pleasenton and Stockton, it doesn’t pay you more then $9-10/hour
  • One star

    By @Mitchell_gainz
    I switched to Grubhub. The pay from Doordash is unclear, and often not worth it. Although the communication between doordash and the restaurant works well. Not the best experience with Doordash otherwise
  • Hit or miss

    By William 2.9
    You can make good money though. Unfortunately a lot of black people are making this annoying. I will never do 2-3$ orders. I’ll never do it. That’s not what doordash is for, it’s a convenience us dashers are doing for you. So to the non tippers, I hope you never get your food, you don’t deserve it.
  • Drive

    By Blackoutss24
    Company openly mistreats its independent Contractor Drivers
  • Dasher help

    By deadman20
    Since chat support has no clue how to resolve my situation I got my background check cleared but their app seems to be not getting that info won’t let me put my bank info in the agents won’t help how long does it take for doordash to receive this info
  • The issue with my iPhone11

    By qwerrrtr
    I was unable to work as dasher since Saturday, October 2019 due to a change of the phone. I changed to the new iPhone 11. Version 13.2.. Door dash has not updated their system to work with the newest version of the Iphone. All effort to resolve this issue by the support team have been proofing abortive.. Using this medium to escalate to the developer of doordash to intervene and resolve this issue asap. Thanks . Adebayo
  • Wow

    By joer1243
    Said my email received background check request but never received it and no option to talk to anyone. Ridiculous that this is the only way to communicate with most apps
  • Schedule problems

    By chuladr
    I try to schedule my self in Poughkeepsie ny I can never get a timeframe to work you have to wait till it’s really busy to work before it never use to be like that I use to be able to find a timeframe daily to work in my hometown busy or not now I see every other city but Poughkeepsie it’s been like that for months now it’s my second year working here at door dash in the beginning it was going good everyday I checked always found a time to work even for the whole week sometimes I’ll travel to another town to work somewhere we’re i haven’t work just because I get a schedule for the entire day and I’ll be parked up for hours make no money waste of my time mind you I have good customer service 1000 deliveries customer ratings 4.5 acceptance rate 99.9 on time 98.9 completion rate 98.6
  • Absolute worst

    By maltiti14
    It hasn’t allowed me to login for three days now. I filed a complaint two days ago and all I’ve gotten is an email thanking me for filing a complaint.
  • Love it

    Only thing I don’t like is how you have to schedule your times you want to deliver I deliver for both doordash and Postmates and I make good money doing it and I work a regular job both doordash and Postmates deliveries are helping me pay my bills and get money saved now I think doordash should change how you go online and get deliveries they do like Postmates because not everyone can can do the schedule they have Postmates you just go online and start accepting deliveries simple as that but I love the dasher app as well as the Postmates fleet app and I recommend doordash to anyone very simple to get started
  • Terrible Navigation

    By Ms. B0$$ of the B0$$
    Waited for hours to get a single delivery only to see that the hot spots are in ASIA!!!! What a waste of time then you have to wait two weeks to get what little bit of change you make. Customer Support is non existent total waste of time you’re better off making your own side hustle than driving for this company
  • Just crap

    By amandrillo
    The app has many no glitches, it automatically unassing order from my account, its the second time it happens i even bought an iphone to try a different sistem and nothing, i call custumer service and made a report, went directly to there offices, they dont take care of there dasher, dont recomend it at all. Still waiting for an asnwer.
  • Fix The App

    By 🤮🤢👹
    FIX THE APP PLEASE. Use your product and you would know how it works!!!
  • Terrible

    By A mad dasher
    I don’t know what happened with this new update but it’s terrible. The app barely works, freezes in the middle of orders and sometimes just stops working so then you lose the hours. Can someone please tell me why it just stopped working????
  • The seven sign

    By 7 signs
    This company is letting fraudsters using others account and does nothing about it instead they help the fraudsters. They take your rating down in order to get your account deactivated. Than your company should be name scam in that case no one should use this company. This company let the fraudsters install a bug in their system just to scam customer out of money to pay the fraudsters what kind of company their are running a legit company I guest not. They also let the fraudsters run a duplicate account. This company also let fraudsters use air drop to connect to your knowing it but continue to do so
  • No pay.

    By Kaaydunnk
    Easy to understand the app, that’s not hard. Everything is self explanatory besides the fact they haven’t paid me in 3 weeks. I’ve called twice & they’ve said there’s “nothing they can do.” I have a large amount that’s been sitting & GROWING in my account that they won’t let me have. I pay bills with this money, I FILL UP MY GAS TANK to drive for them with that money. They’re LESS than helpful when ever I call to contact them & don’t care what I have going on. I’ve changed my card for fast pay over 7 days ago. It still will not let me cash out, nor will it deposit to the account it’s supposed to be deposited in after the 7 day change.
  • Rating

    By chaandeja
    I don’t see why they give you a rating on accepting order some order be very far for $3 like who wants to waste their gas and do that?? Then they time you on delivering the food but sometimes you have to WAIT for it then they try to deactivate your account.. it’s silly to me I mean it’s ok money for a weekend job but nothing full time burning your car out for $5 orders.. It’s very nerve recking that they rate you on silly stuff like that!
  • No help & more compensation

    By Individualbehavior___
    I don’t like how it’s impossible to contact dasher support if you are not signed on to currently dash. I’ve had issues that I needed to reach out about such as claims that I didn’t complete a delivery when I did, but there would be no way to contact them because you can’t contact dash support though email, phone, or chat. So you’re just stuck. Also ever since the summer my dashes seem not have been worth as much. I used to never have a dash where I made less than $5, now almost all the ones I do are less than that unless the customer tips a lot. DoorDash should make sure we’re paid a minimum of $5 a delivery. If not, we should receive SOME for of compensation such as free delivery if we choose to use DoorDash ourselves
  • Locations Need Work

    By Hrm721
    I’ve been a driver about a month and I love it. However locations grouping (southwestern PA areas...) seems to need work. The connellsville, south connellsville, and Dunbar locations should be one grouped area as they are nearly 10+ miles from mount pleasant and not even worth the drive from the center of that grouping. Same with new Stanton and Youngwood. They are too far from center of mount pleasant and should be their own group or combined with south Greensburg but not ALL of greensburg. Delmont is entirely too far for a Greensburg pairing and Irwin is as well. They both should be stand alone areas as they are huge. Just ideas but would love to see these changes as I drive at night a lot and less confusion by getting into driving further and further from start locations is getting ridiculous.