DoorDash - Driver

DoorDash - Driver

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2019-03-13
  • Current Version: 2.88.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 108.42 MB
  • Developer: DoorDash, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 428 530


Earn extra money as a delivery driver with the DoorDash Driver app. You’ll have the flexibility and freedom to drive when you want, where you want. BE YOUR OWN BOSS Sign up to become a driver and choose your own hours. You can dash near your home or in a city you’re just visiting. Driver jobs are a great alternative to an hourly, seasonal, or full-time gigs. HOW IT WORKS Millions of people order food through DoorDash. When customers place an order, our app offers the deliveries to drivers (aka Dashers), who earn money by picking up and delivering them. To start earning money, all you need is a smartphone and a mode of transportation, such as a car, bike, scooter, or motorcycle. We’ll take care of everything else! BECOME A DELIVERY DRIVER Our signup process takes just a few minutes. After signing up, it’ll take 1-2 weeks to get your account fully activated. DoorDash is available in over 4,000 cities in all 50 U.S. states, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico; over 80 cities in Canada; and Melbourne, Australia, with more coming soon. Find out if we’re in your area or learn more here:



  • Good for 3 weeks and then delet it 😹

    By Jemsology
    Just use for 3 week and then delet this app or close account cos after 3 weeks I are not making any money by delivering so just good for 3 weeks make around 1000$ and get raid
  • App crashes

    By Cheryl b1
    This app crashes constantly especially after an update! I have to uninstall and reinstall every time there is an update. Don’t even think of doing the update if you have hours scheduled because 99% of the time you won’t be able to get logged in. Then if you are currently dashing and app crashes, they keep sending orders which count against your acceptance rate because you can’t get back online to accept them. 🙄 Get it together DoorDash!
  • It’s okay.

    By jalonawop
    If you want to earn extra money then go for it but there will be problems and doordash won’t fix it lol. I drove 30 miles because they gave me the wrong address and there’s no where to contact them. Sometimes the mileage changes after you pick the order up and there’s really nothing you can do unless you cancel the order and your ratings will go down. I think I put more money in gas because of these issues than I actually make.
  • Can not get past bank account info

    By Soccerkid9
    I downloaded this app 2 weeks ago. I quickly passed the background check and moved on to the bank account step. The information I’m entering is correct, which I’ve verified. I contacted support and they sent me a generic response about how to CHANGE your bank account. So I sent a screenshot to show the issue and support sent me the SAME email about how to change your back account. So I contacted support last week and did all of the trouble shooting steps they told me to do. The rep told me that he sees there are other users having this issue and that he would escalate my ticket and someone would get back to me. As of today, I still cannot get any further than the bank account step and I’ve logged out, reinstalled the app and restarted my phone. Apparently I’m just not meant to be a Dasher 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • First day review of “dashing”

    By dewitt man
    I was successful in completing many deliveries. Fast service brought many smiles upon receiving their orders. Problems during “dash” were resolved. Could use hot bag very soon.
  • Freedom

    By Irish Dasher
    Nice have a job low stress no other lazy workers to feed off your hard work . You get what you make and you make what you get. Just started third week and hope be doing this for years to come . Thank you Dasher. Averaging about 20 bucks an hr .
  • Bossu

    By mi n3
    You do all
  • Suggest

    By NomiMem
    5 hours I make only $54.00 And far deliveries buildings 7 floor 5 floors may b I get better tomorrow deliveries Try to tell Costmr to come at main gate in buildings thanks
  • GPS

    By sasagpilot
    GPS sucked it was like someone was screwing with me taking me 2 miles out of the way taking me round and round in the parking lots how can a person make money?
  • 1st night dashing

    By Bakerrrrr
    Overall it was fun being a Door Dash driver. It would be helpful if the town was listed along with the address in the beginning.

    By iAnthonyy
    @Animeboobies There’s definitely something wrong with the app. I’ve been dashing for a total of 8 months. I dash in the Houston area and for the past 2 months i’ve been making trash money/wasting gas and it has never been like this. 3 months ago and before, I was averaging $150-$200 a day working 6 hours a day (I was actually enjoying it) and now if I dash 6 hours a day I probably make about $70-$90, smh. The map rarely gets RED anymore for dinner time and I find that so odd since Houston is one of the busiest cities. Doordash needs to do something asap. They also need to fix the hotspots.
  • Solo una pequeña observación

    By chofio
    Tiene muchas fallas con la dirección de los lugares me manda a un lado y resulta se otro
  • Work day

    By lauralai0714
    Very long wait for orders between deliveries, and the pay average isn’t too high for the amount of deliveries I did in 10 hours...
  • Response status

    By 1234reviewthis
    I been on this app. It’s good but it’s not letting me login anymore and in the title is what it is telling me
  • Thank you!

    By namaste#1
    I love working for door dash! Great way to make cash!! Thank you!
  • possible app error

    By san503
    I've wanted to log in for a long time but I can't, I don't know why
  • Mejorar

    By val17juan17
    Tienen que exigirle un mínimo de tips a los costumer ya que cualquier deliveri amerita tiempo y gastos de gasolina y tiempo del conductor y también tienen que mejorar del app es muy lenta la aplicación no indica la ruta el tiempo y las millas del delivery antes de uno el driver de aceptarlo como lo hace Uber por eso muchos drivers prefieren la aplicación de Uber es mucho más sencilla y más eficaz muchas gracias espero seguir trabajando con ustedes y seguir aportando ideas para mejorar el servicios a los clientes
  • Nobody tips and they deceive you with how many miles away orders are

    By Andreco.mp3
    Today i had an order in Laguna Niguel, it was $11.00 for 11 miles. I thought yeah ok that’s fair so I accepted i go in get the order all is good until i get back into my car and put in the address into my gps... IT MADE ME GO ALL THE WAY TO NEW PORT CITY. That is 22 miles away a 30+ minute drive plus all the traffic and idiots on the road. Oh but it’s 11 miles for the toll road right? That is true but the thing is, it’s around $7 going there and back so it would be $14 round trip, I would be losing money even if I only went one way and took the freeway back... I would be at a loss either way, but I already had the order and I don’t want them to dock my rating because even if you don’t think it’s fair they make you accept orders that basically make you more poor than when you started, because gas isn’t cheap especially in California and i had to drive 44 miles to go to and from new port for 11 dollars and to top it all off he didn’t tip just like everyone else that orders. This all happened today; can make a grown man ball his eyes out guaranteed.
  • Door Dash is awesome

    By Algarme Sr
    The best part time job not even one can compare!!!!
  • I love working

    By tipwpr1090
    Door dash is totally awesome totally love my job
  • Time mileage gas

    By djbillblast
    App can be miss leading, and worst when you’ve drive out of town and miss the order do to traffic
  • Great!

    By thgirl95
    Love it
  • App not Letting me – during my appointment times

    By Shalom K.
    The app will not let me Dash Dorothy appointed times I had appointments it and he kept telling me that I cannot Dash at this time. Also let me say that you let my friends – but it does not let me – can y’all please fix my app thank you
  • Extraordinaria aplicación

    By doordashina
    Me encanta!!!! Versátil y de mucha productividad e independencia economica
  • Ehhh

    By Animeboobies
    Some of the orders you get are just Stupid. They expect you to drive 7 to 8 miles for 4 dollars. The app is always going down when you’re out dashing, so you’re basically wasting your whole day and gas. On top of that they don’t even tell you if the app is down so you’re just driving around Nd wondering why there’s no orders. The only time you can make money is mostly during dinner time. The dash support are useless and rude. They will give you a lecture and harass you instead of trying to help you.
  • Keeps pushing me out

    By ari. burros
    I’ll be in the middle of a dash and this app logs me out and I’ll be stuck somewhere for almost a hour before I can log back in. Y’all need to fix that like ASAP.
  • delivery's very far from my origin

    By sorandrea
  • Can’t receive order

    By Yuyu237
    Why I can’t receive an order when my phone is block? I hope you solve this ASAP.
  • App

    By Redz1964
    Having a lot of issues with app crashing/confirming/ completing orders
  • Nice side gig

    By dkMay21
    The app is very helpful. Gives guidance until order is complete. The customers I had were very kind too so that’s a plus. I was a bit eerie about checking the bag before leaving but customers requested it and I get it. You want to make sure all is there. Overall I had a good experience for trying this out and I will definitely do it again.
  • Órdenes tardan demasiado

    By Yamil 03
    Hola entre una orden y otra tardan 25 minutos, el valor en millas vs pago es muy bajo, ustedes deben saber que son millas de gasto del carro no solo ida sino vuelta a la zona caliente en varias oportunidades. Ojalá mejore las órdenes en mi próximo bloque, es sábado deberían haber muchas. Gracias
  • Excelente aplicación

    By alexheidy
    Excelente opción de empleo 👏
  • Destinations

    By timacire
    Destinations are too far
  • This is terrible

    By madysun B
    The money is there to be made but when I tried to call the representative had poor listening skills & they barely spoke English... I was on the phone for 10 minutes with the representative it was an absolute waste of time. When I picked the First Watch Order in route I went to the location and it would not pull up the names of the customer or what they had on their order when I kept clicking the route button it routed me back to the gps and the location which I was already at. The Hostess said he has multiple orders from door dash that had not been picked up and they probably weren’t picked up because they weren’t able to be picked up with the locations poor service .
  • Greedy careless company

    By Msbarron172
    This company will send you notifications while you’re driving which is very dangerous in a fast-paced city they don’t care if you live or die trying to deliver food from Albany people who only pay you three dollars per delivery it’s ridiculous and it’s not safe to work for this company and expect to keep your life. This past Friday they sent me to a Burger King they didn’t even have the food ready the employees were outside smoking pot and I waited 15 1/2 minutes so I canceled the tickets the Burger King told me I had to bring the items anyway I calledAnd even confirm the delivery and DoorDash has yet to pay me. They think your slaves because of your skin color but I’m not one. Equality in this country is a must
  • Glitch

    By helen2299
    I’m a trying to become a dasher and I’m on the last step of verification and keeps telling me to download the app but I did already but it won’t let me continue
  • Never got log in problem resolved

    By Kata818
    I followed all the steps, talked to several representatives and yet not one was able to fix the problem. Now I’m stuck getting messages and emails asking when I’m going to start. How can I start if I can’t log on? I can’t use a different email because it says That phone number is already being used.
  • Support for app issues lacking

    By hungry&fruatrats
    Have had the same issue with the app not working. Assigning me the furthest hotspot which will change by the time I get there to not being a hot spot. When I try to switch hotspots it takes me out of the app to my navigation. Support just keeps giving me the same trouble shooting work around that does not fix the issue. Has been a month of weekly updates that have failed to address the issue.
  • Small orders

    By alexram2127
    Too little money and the drive is to far to deliver.
  • Low pay and sketchy neighborhoods

    By gubsyihjo
    The pay isn’t great. People often don’t tip, even if you do nothing wrong. They often have you drive 10ish miles for a few bucks. No matter where I start I end up in the hood. It’s super frustrating and I know it sounds dumb but I’m a young female and I don’t like delivering to sketchy areas. Even if I start in a nice suburb, one order (10 miles) will take me to a creepy intercity neighborhood/trailer park. It is scary to go into a sketchy apartment building. I don’t want to discriminate, but it’s a genuine safety concern. Theft and carjacking have been super high this summer in Minneapolis, and I always end up in the hood. I wish you could see the area you’re delivering to. It’s not worth the pay.
  • Not enough pay

    By leonfit
    Not worth the time
  • Bueno

    By lema_2323
  • Ratings system

    By adamarrrr610
    There are so many issues with this rating system. I’ve been accepting every offer that comes in and completing them but the ratings do not reflect that at all.
  • Driving for door dash

    By jaycutz01
    I have been driving since November of 2018 and it has been such a great pleasure to work for such a prestigious company as DoorDash working for DoorDash has been a journey with a much learning experiences that I tell this I wouldn’t change it they’re professional outgoing and proficient they care for their employee’s and customers it had been and still is a phenomenal experience I recommend people if they want to make excellent money and be their own boss door dash is the place 😀😀😀😀😀
  • GPS

    By Sowaycool
    Have had issues with correct directions
  • not worth it

    By Strawbree__
    Horrible pay and waste of gas. Door dash is never busy. Most of the time you sit in your car for up to an hour doing nothing waiting for a delivery to come up. When you are a beginner it is very overwhelming to get the hang of things. Also, you never get any orders, (which I personally feel like doordash does that on purpose.)
  • After recent update there is an issue

    By Milf2know
    After a delivery is completed, the deliver by time stays at the top and no orders are received until that time expires. If I close then reopen the app, it then says looking for orders. The app has also crashed 3 times today. I am having to close and reopen after each and every delivery for the delivery by to go away and it to search for new orders. Not productive at all!!
  • !$$??

    By Campaign Bennet
    Not enough orders for my time
  • Hotspot

    By drduufenshitz
    App doesn’t update to closest hotspot even when I look at list of hotspots. When I select a new hotspot it just gives me directions to it. If they aren’t really hotspots than don’t list them.