Blockudoku: Block Puzzle Games

Blockudoku: Block Puzzle Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-23
  • Current Version: 1.7.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 283.88 MB
  • Developer: Easybrain
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 267 758


Blockudoku® is a fabulous combination of sudoku and block puzzle games. It’s a simple yet challenging puzzle you won’t be able to put aside. Match blocks to complete lines and squares to get them removed. Keep the board clean, and beat your high score. HOW TO PLAY: - Drop the blocks on the 9x9 grid. - Fill up lines and squares to keep the board clean. - Complete Daily Challenges and get unique trophies. - Destroy several elements at once to make a Combo. - Make several successful moves in a row to get a Streak. - Beat your high score, and compete with other players in Game Center. - Customize the game with a theme of your choice. HOW TO BECOME A BLOCKUDOKU MASTER? • There is no time limit, so no rush. Think one step ahead if you have to face a difficult move. It might be your last one. • Try to place blocks on the board to destroy lines or 3x3 squares with every move in order not to fill up the board. • Find your zen by balancing between destroying figures as quickly as possible and getting as many combos and streaks as you can to score higher. • Score more points by making streaks. The emptier the board is – the better for you! • It's always risky to wait for a good block – you may quickly run out of moves. When you see a chance to destroy any figure, do it. Relieve stress, or train your brain with a relaxing, yet challenging, game of Blockudoku® anywhere, anytime!



  • Crashing

    By DisgustedKeyUser
    Keeps crashing after upgrade to IOS 14
  • Too Many Ads

    By DianaLMB
    This is a fun game but there are way too many ads. Come on, we know and play games with ads, but this is ridiculous. Lighten up the ads and maybe I will come back. meanwhile there are other similar games.
  • Lame keeps crashing

    By fcknlamegame
    Just installed constantly closing for no reason
  • Ridiculous Achievement Awards

    By RhiannonLei
    Have been playing this for over a year. Stopped for some months as it got boring. Only logged in once a day for the daily game. Then they added the tournaments and achievement awards. Yay! Made it interesting and I started spending way too many hours on it again (despite the ads). But...the 25 squares streak and the 60 lines streak are impossible to get. Especially as if you get the square in combination with a line (or vice versa), it doesn't count towards the streak and you have to start again from scratch. Also, I have no idea what a 'x4 combo' or a 'x5 streak' is. There's no explanation of what you're supposed to do to get these. I only got the 'x3 combo', 'x3 streak' and 'x4 streak' by accident. And I have no idea what I did as I only knew I'd achieved the award after the games were over and I had no idea what I did to earn the award :-(. Will be stopping this game except for tournaments. And even those are if I haven't found another game to play in the meantime. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
  • Greatest

    By puar fun
    Great game fun all day long
  • Interesting

    By BootsNettaplus2
  • Please STOP the ads with sound!!!

    By emmm youuuu
    I love the game, but HATE how the ad just starts blasting during a game (my phone is on silent mode) and there’s no way to stop it unless I close the app. Very annoying
  • Beware of noisy ads

    By mrmarple
    My phone is muted. Sound of the game is off. Still ads suddenly appear at the bottom of the screen WITH sound. And there is no way to stop that. The game play is completely ruined for me.
  • Awesome Game!

    By DKCbatch
    This is like Tetris without the gravity!
  • Suggestion

    By Punkin girl
    It would be helpful if we could rotate the blocks. Perhaps add it as an option, to turn on or off. This would be especially helpful when you are first learning the game. As you complete levels, and game gets harder, it would be automatically turned off. Thank you for your time.
  • Turn off the audio ads

    By Stupid audio ads
    Like it says turn off the flipping audio ads. We like to play in peace. Sincerely TURN THEM OFF
  • 😍

    By nanaamabaah
    Love this
  • The Best

    By Bigg.daddyD
    Greatest game ever
  • Works well without the ads

    By Really?191838
    Paid to have ads removed and it has made the experience a lot better
  • Fun game, but...

    By Sunnylyn
    I honestly can’t tell you how long I’ve had this game, or what changes have been made with updates, but at some point the ads have gotten out of control. Maybe it is a ploy, to get me to buy the game, but when I have the sound set to silent and my phone on Do Not Disturb, there is nothing more annoying than an ad, with sound, popping up when you’re in a nice quiet setting. I own my home, so I don’t enjoy being force to listen to an ad about apartments and I hate pharmaceutical ads. I will be deleting this app and looking for another. I’m sure there are about 20 more games, just like this.
  • Engaging

    By ms landry
    I love this it is so engaging
  • Ok

    By BubblesCobbs69$$
  • Great game but....

    By K3WP
    ....can we get a dark mode? This is eye melting as all el.
  • Waaaaay too many Ads - so annoying!

    By Fayerty
    There are way too many Ads in this app. It’s horribly annoying.
  • BlockuDoku

    By Sizing1
    This game Challenge you’re mine I love it.
  • Relaxing and Fun

    By Doglover79
    As a 76 year old who’s not trying to compete with anyone than herself this is a relaxing and fun game that gives the brain a workout and keeps my eyes focused. The ads are not that intrusive and do not take away from the fun. This is my first time playing so I have no way to compare with older versions. Thanks for developing this game.
  • Confusing

    By bege123456789
    I don’t really understand what the object of this is,
  • Totally non-random configuration set

    By Bogart94
    Like most block games, a wide range of block configurations and orientations is available: 28+. A random number generator is normally employed to select them. Whatever selection method is used in this game, it is not random. A similar set of configurations with the same orientations can be offered up again and again and again. If this selection is deliberate, please advertise it as such. Otherwise, fix it.
  • Hi

    By landen pratt
    This game is so good
  • Stop complaining

    By beraab
    I just read so many comments complaining about missing features and such. Blah blah blah. I’ve played other versions and seen many advertised, and this simple one is much harder. I don’t want to be able to refresh my choices or spin them or lessen the difficulty of the shapes. This game is fine just like it is. Well one guy was right that the highlighting of filled rows and blocks does occasionally make me aware of something I missed, but whatever. My current high score is 11,988. Most games barely break a 1,000. I rarely score as high as 5,000 or 6,000. This game is hard, frustrating, and I like it.
  • Game play

    By shawn.me1
    Good game to play. Only problem, keep crashing on me or lagging on it
  • The game is buggy

    By Not Phyto
    The game is very buggy and is kicking me out everyone I start a game but overall the game is pretty good
  • Stop by the review

    By jillsee4
    I payed 2 games and a request to write a review came up. That’s to soon. I don’t know yet.
  • Almost a 5/5

    By Lord Wiskers
    It’s nice chill game to play when your bored, and The Ads are very bearable. The only thing that it’s missing is a restart button for the daily challenge, because you already can tell when you’re going to lose a daily challenge miles before when you actually lose the daily challenge.
  • Not right!!!

    By Nyymikep
    The game is good but even with my sound turned off ads come blaring over the phone. Do not download this game. I am deleting it.
  • One of my favorites, but...

    By Kassiemariec
    Please, PLEASE stop with the ads with audio. I get the same ad over and over and there’s no way to make it shut up. I used to play this game to relax and unwind, but the audio ads have ruined it. Either make it so you have to watch the ad between bouts, or just have the picture banner ads. Please!
  • Unmutable sounds in ads? Outrageous

    By Uhclem55
    I’ve been playing this game enjoyably for years, but I’m done. They’ve started inserting ads with sounds in the middle of games. These sounds cannot be turned off by turning off sounds in Settings, and they play (very loudly) even when I’ve turned off the physical switch on my iPhone. You can imagine how embarrassing that could be. The only apparent recourse is to pay $5.00. I’d rather find a quiet free game.
  • Awesome calming game

    By Na5ty2529!
    I love this game
  • Super buggy

    By Belenskie belen i.e.
    Fun when it works! Super buggy always freezing and then logs out
  • Glitchy

    By Jefaud
    I understand the purpose of ads. They offset the cost of the free version of the game. I always listen to podcasts while playing the game, The ad stops the podcast and shuts it off. I have the sound on the game turned off, but Jeff Goldblum’s voice always breaks through and shuts off the podcast. I’m sure the makers of this game do this so we will pay $4.99 for the ad free version. Nope. We’re just gonna play another game so their advertisers get less views.
  • Ads don’t respect audio settings

    By whatisart
    Fun to play. No problem with that. Ad-supported version plays ads with the sound on, regardless of the in- app volume settings and regardless of whether the phone is in silent mode. (Specifically, apartments dot com ads). That’s unacceptable.
  • Ads override volume settings

    By Zyxwv utsr
    This app is relentless with constant ads. The biggest problem is the amount of ads playing sound even when the phone volume is switched off. Not a problem you want to have in a quiet office or classroom, so steer clear if this might be an issue for you! I reported this problem to the game’s support but it only ended up getting worse. Finally deleting because it’s just not worth the disturbance. Changing my device settings to accommodate one app’s flaw is not really an acceptable workaround, especially when the problem persists over a month.
  • SensitiveScreen AgrvatingAds

    By ChikinNuggetGamer
    The screen is so sensitive! When I get a good block- one that I need- it puts it some where else. Also, if you want people to like the game, don’t put so many ads in it. Of course you can just turn on airplane mode.. but when you do you can’t do a lot of other stuff and when u want to take a break by playing a game with WiFi, you have to remember to turn it off, then once your break is done you have to turn it on again!! I understand why you put the ads in the game but why that many?
  • Close to perfection in addictive gameplay

    By axel_nelson
    Oh how I hate the ads, but the business model of subjecting you to torture until you relent did work on me, so I guess it’s my own fault. I’d rather pay the few bucks up front, but we’ll never know if I would have, will we. Hoping that my purchase extends to both mobile devices, or I might have to demote my rating, but assuming it does, I adore the game for its testing of your logical acuity while keeping an overall sense that you’re subject to the random forces that could run you over in the street like a dog if you ever drop your guard — and even if you never do. I guess my mixed feelings about the inevitability of doom and despair in life are enough to hedge the one star. Sometimes in life and gaming, it’s good to indulge in the illusory fantasy that you can survive longer and succeed with more certainty if only you can hone your abilities and apply more diligence to the matters at hand, and it’s such a seductive notion that it’s easy to lose sight of the shadow of death that awaits around the next corner, or maybe the one after that. The best one can do is to become acquainted with principles of logic and probability, and to learn to be comfortable with the fact that anything that involves the fickle cruelty inherent in matters of chance will, by those very rules that govern such things, occasionally open up a steaming can of unhappy circumstance that, in life, at least, is as inevitable as the rising sun. Well done, developers.
  • Ads

    By Lynnelynn
    I can’t stand that the ad pops up and even though my volume is off it still comes on full blast. I delete the app!
  • Banner ad with audio during gameplay

    By xxx148
    The game is rather fun and relaxing. The ads are very easy going, nothing too in your face; that is until the apartments(dot)com ad came up. This banner ad at the bottom of the screen started playing un-mutable audio during gameplay. Before this atrocity happened I was playing many games in a row, slowly convincing myself to buy ad-free. Yes, I know buying ad-free would remove such ads. But if something like an audio banner ad is allowed to play in this app, I refuse to purchase anything from the developer.
  • Sound

    By Grace Rossetti
    Love the game but I hate how sometimes you can’t play music at the same time. Pleaaaase fix
  • Poor Choice of Ads

    By Midget79
    I used to really like this program and adding the tournaments made it better. They also changed the scoring and now it’s more enjoyable with higher scores. HOWEVER, I am ready to drop this app if they do not get rid of that NOISY “apartments dot com” app. I’m playing along quietly and it jolts into the air disturbing others around. Ringers off also means no sound wanted!! Drop the ads!!
  • Commercials

    By emericks
    Way to many adds!
  • RNG

    By hatecrappypeoplewhocantsing
    the percentage of times all three pieces fit NOWHERE is almost 80-90% at times. instantly deleting.
  • Ruined it

    By Dmgaddy
    This game was fun before the added shapes made it so difficult to build any kind of score. Not fun to lose to the grid within minutes every time now. 😒
  • Ads are beyond annoying

    By Awesome guy 15
    I get that free games will have ads and that is fine. The ads in the game are out of control!!! They jump in in the middle of a game and I can’t put the pieces where I want them. The one is impossible!! Super loud when I have sounds off for a reason. I am done with the game because of ads.
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    By Mom5672
    Great game
  • Great game!

    By Lea Verou
    I love this game! I used to find the ads annoying but I discovered there’s an option to pay to remove them and now it’s perfect!