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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-08
  • Current Version: 2.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 236.06 MB
  • Developer: Easybrain
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 76 075


Discover the mystery of Nonogram! Solve the logic number puzzles with simple rules and challenging solutions to uncover the picture! Reveal hidden images on the board based on the numbers lined up in both directions! Take the challenge and train your brain NOW! Start with the basic rules and logic behind the Picture cross puzzle. • Color the squares and reveal the hidden picture • Use clues and numbers to uncover the hidden picture • Numbers above the column are read from top-to-bottom • Numbers to the left of the rows are read from left-to-right • If you have figured out that the square should not be darkened, mark it with an X • Get extra lives if you’ve made a mistake • Easy to learn and quite addictive once you start playing Challenge yourself and enjoy hours of fun with logic number puzzles!



  • This USED to be my favorite game

    By Sue806
    This is a great game- a challenging combination of logic and artistic fun. I purchased the ad- free option, which allowed me to get extra lives without paying or watching a commercial. All of a sudden, I’ve noticed that I have to pay to get extra lives. This is really aggravating and I‘ll probably delete the game if it’s changed. I can’t “restore my purchase” either. Please fix this!
  • Underhanded

    By Theynutz
    I don’t know why you had the option to pay for no ads and after taking those from people you change up the way you avoid ads...I don’t think it’s fair and if you wanted to institute this it should only affect those accounts who didn’t previously pay for no ads. Guess that’s the end of this game for me.
  • App freezing

    By JDiz5
    The latest version of the app is freezing in the middle of play. I’ll touch a square and nothing happens. After 5 seconds or so the app comes back. Might be because of the ads. Enjoyed the game up until now. Might uninstall as I’m not that forgiving.
  • Just updated to in app purchases

    By backinak
    I loved this game as it didn’t have in app purchases. I was able to buy the premium version and not have advertisements. Well all that changed with their new update. It’s now coin based and if you want to move faster you have to use coins or listen to adds. I’m so disappointed that they chose to go this direction.
  • Good but but needs a dark mode

    By BlackAngel53
    I love these kinds of puzzles and this app provides them in a fun and user friendly way. But for the love of God add a dark mode my eyes need it
  • Recent update broke IAP

    By kybldmstr
    I purchased the no ads IAP months ago. Now the developer has updated the app and made ads even more prevalent. I want my money back!
  • Please add dark mode

    By SmellyCta
    This is my favorite game! I just wish there was a dark mode or different colors other than a white background.
  • One concern

    By Jocelynne bong
    I do not like adds. Not to be rude but it’s true.
  • Great game with recent problems

    By devlogic
    I really love this game, and have finished so many puzzles that my gallery takes quite a few seconds to load. The range and quality of puzzles is excellent, bar none. The recent addition of pay-to-win doesn’t bother me; I only ever use hints by accident because I missed the “mark” button. But the “present redemption” every 20 puzzles is SO ANNOYING. I have to slow down and wait for the turtle-speed animation to play. If there were an option to disable the coins and presents, even if it were another in-app purchase, I’d use it in a heartbeat.
  • Microtransactions ruined the app

    By kylez14
    F the developers for adding microtransactions to the game. I happily paid $5 for an ad free version of the game but will now be deleting it for the recent update with “coins”. It’s absolutely a cash grab and just the worst
  • Turned Pay to Play

    By Drdanger
    Like a bunch of other people I purchased ad removal under a pretense that I would never see an ad, well without telling anybody in version notes or a pop up in game explaining the changes the developers implemented at coin system that makes my purchase mostly worthless
  • Needs a dark mode and a Separate delete button

    By lynugen
    While I do like pictures I get from completing the game, I’m not into staring at a blindingly white screen all day. Turn everything dark except the pictures. Also in classic mode, there should be a separate button to only delete marks and blocks, so when people with big fingers or big nails can play without accidentally deleting marks in the bigger boards.
  • Why are there ads now??

    By IrritatedAtWWF
    I had paid to upgrade to no ads. Now it’s updated and suddenly I have to watch ads again? That’s actually ridiculous. I’ve restored purchases repeatedly and nothings fixed. If this isn’t corrected soon I’m deleting the app. This has been my number one game for like a year and this is honestly so upsetting.
  • Ola

    By le tocoz
    Get for le tacos.ola
  • App is good but advertisement is awful

    By Eugene_Wr
    Poker advertisement is awful (WSP). I can't close it because of very small cross button and it works only if you can press one pixel area )). Every time have to reboot application to close this advertisement.
  • Nanogram

    By As the route
    It is a fun game to play if you love math.or else it is pretty hard you pick the correct level you will do fine. When a row or column starter is grayish I x everything in the row or column.this is a game of skill not strategy you have to get better start on easy than work your up. So if you like what I just said download the app and play Nomogram . If you liked this person I am Baller girl 06 Hope to write a good review soon.😃
  • Game Constantly crashes

    By eagles4133
    I enjoy nonograms, but this app constantly crashes and frustrates me. would not recommend
  • Terrible “Update”

    By lilystipe
    I, too, happily paid to have ads removed. The newest update, however, incorporates coins that require sitting through ads or paying additional money for coins. This ruins the game and makes me regret paying $5 for a game I once enjoyed. Save your time, and save your money; skip this app.
  • Coins are infuriating

    By I believe in magic do you???
    Like a lot of others I purchased ad removal months ago and it came with unlimited lives (nice because fingers slip from time to time). Now apparently coins are needed as well.
  • Update made this game unplayable

    By Arginator
    I used to love this game. I paid for the ads-free version so that I would basically get unlimited lives without having to watch ads. It was awesome and worked out well, and I didn’t feel like I had to play the game with surgical precision to enjoy it. However, they have just recently updated the game and added a ridiculous pay-to-play coin system. I now have to spend money on coins or watch an ad to get more lives. How is this okay? I will be deleting this app (once I figure out how to get a refund).
  • Ok

    By iambatman075
    I loved the game and I love the pictures,but ITS SO HARD. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense.😐😐😐😑😥😓😰😳. I am making this a short review. I sound get so irritated that I want to delete it. It’s 👌 ok Love, Heardme354😸😻🙀👌
  • Almost perfect

    By jazz12123
    I love this game, I play it often when winding down for the night or just when bored. I wish the game had a setting option to play in “dark mode” with a black background screen. And if I’m being super knit picky... I paid to have no ads. I just wish that once you are out of lives that the game refreshed more quickly. There is always a second to wait for the page to load before resuming. I love the events, I also wish they wouldn’t disappear after it’s done. It would be fun to be able to select past events to complete
  • Addicted

    By Kg12879
    I am completely addicted to this game! Absolutely LOVE IT!! The only reason I’m giving 4 instead of 5 stars is because I wish once the right number of squares have been filled it would make the numbers at the end more obvious! I have hit a square thinking I hadn’t finishedf a line when I actually had because the number just dims. After staring at the board for so long you start going cross-eyed, so if the numbers at the end of the columns and rows were brighter it would make a huge difference!! Hoping for an update!!! Just wanted to add to my original post : the other thing that irritates me is the toggle between “fill in” and “X”..... I go to “fill in”but the toggle is on “X” and i don’t realize it until I have to go watch an ad because I’m out of lives..... I could probably win a whole game without lives if it wearing for this one issue.
  • Help

    By Susgarcat23
    Once I can get through the ads which will not close and restart several times I finally get to enjoy the game. Quality of ads is very poor.
  • Coins = Bait & Switch = Disgusting Cash Grab

    By BeforeMrF
    The recent update added coins that you now earn to pay for hearts or continues. Coins can be earned by watching videos (a.k.a. advertisements) or by spending real money. This is such a slap in the face to people who paid to have ads removed from their game. I supported Easybrain by paying for ad removal because I enjoyed the game. Coins are essentially a slap in the face. They provide no benefit to the game outside of an artificial way to monetize it. This does not change the challenge of the game or increase the fun factor in any way. I feel like I have bought a product and then it was updated to get even more money out of me. Bait and switch for sure. This is a disgusting decision, Easybrain.
  • Creepy Occurences

    By AT_6
    Sometimes, I’ll be playing the game and random music will start playing, and once, a screen of a random woman on her computer showed up. It was really creepy. Is there a reason as to this, cause I feel unsafe playing this game now...
  • Dark mode?

    By Mishal for
    Hi, i have downloaded this game back in march and since then i have been addicted. Did not miss any event and its the only thing i play on my phone. But recently i have been having some troubles opening the app and playing in a dark area because its too bright, soo i have been wondering if we could get a dark mode?. Also i now its know but whats the point with the coins, i am collecting a lot and want to spend them on things. :) Cheers
  • Best Nonogram app

    By zyyxxxwwwwvvvvv0
    This is the best Nonogram app I’ve found. Super addicting. And nicely there is a new puzzle every day. Also you can go back to puzzles from previous days. Personally I prefer/would recommend the “classic mode” (settings). I use the undo button all the time because I am clumsy lol Requests: -ability to zoom in -fewer symmetrical puzzles (I don’t care if it makes a picture; I just like solving the puzzle) -“redo” button
  • Paid to remove ads...

    By cs1819
    I paid a while ago to have ads removed. Now they’ve made an update and lives were added. I’ve already paid to remove ads. I want a refund as it’s completely useless to pay to remove ads if I still have to watch them to get lives!
  • Good game

    By qasxdcrtbyhnyunhyn
    This is a really great app
  • Latest Version Adds Paywall. No Thanks.

    By aramaic500
    This was a fun little puzzler. With an October 2020 update, the developers now charge customers who ALREADY PAID FOR THE APP to get additional attempts to solve the puzzle. I bought the app, and now the developers and punishing me with a cheap money grab. I paid to remove ads, please don’t add them again.
  • Coin system

    By dancingfrk
    I paid to remove ads from the game long ago which also gave unlimited revives. With this new coin system that purchase had been rendered useless. Either needs to be fixed or will probably delete the game and request refund.
  • Great app just a few ideas!

    By HDgchxxsfhfxbjc
    More events!!!!!! And also some challenge puzzles would be cool too so we could compete with others with how many puzzles you have completed! Maybe you could get coins or points after the challenges and level up? Great app just could be better! Keep up the great work! Also can we please get a dark mode option.
  • Prior In-App Purchase no longer works?

    By Phandemoniun
    Hi! This was a great app and all, but as of the most recent update my purchase to get rid of ads no longer applies? Since then, every time I run out of hearts the game requires me to watch an ad to continue. I paid $5 to get rid of that...I’ve tried “restore purchases” and that didn’t do the trick either. If you could fix this, that’d be great. Thanks!
  • Love it but,

    By jaiya thompson
    I love this game, I’ve been playing for a while now and have completed tons of games. With the recent update, now you can acquire coins for completing a game. My worry is that will I get coins from the photos that I completed before the update? Great game anyway!

    By tyler 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
    This game helps you with smarts and pixels! I love playing this game and it helping me with the smarts if you don’t this game your crazy! DOWNLOAD IT NOW
  • Great

    By mysideofthetruth
    I really liked this app and it was great at killing time in between my virtual classes, but whenever I leave it open my screen just keeps randomly flashing black sometimes and when I deleted it it finally stopped. It was really a shame cause I liked the app but I valued being able to use my phone more.
  • This app is frustrating

    By J_1998
    This app is way too frustrating and confusing I can’t pass a single level without using profanity please make it so it’s not so confusing thank you.
  • Why lives?

    By not friendly game
    This game is pretty good, but. It there are lives, it is pretty annoying cause sometimes you get confused and accidentally lose a heart. Me pretty much getting confused a lot I lose a heart. At least remove the lives feature, it is not like your earn “real money” out of this game.
  • Today’s update

    By Theedge883
    Today’s update is disgusting. Implementing a coin system for extra lives. Of course you can skip the coin system if you watch a video. What pisses me off is that I already paid to remove videos. This needs to be fixed!!!
  • Coins ruin the game

    By ScubaSteve1219
    I paid to have ads removed months ago and now that’s essentially been rendered useless with this awful update. Removing the app is the only thing left to do. What a complete waste.
  • wayyyy too many ads :/

    By kate._.87
    it’s a really addictive and fun game, but the app is constantly playing ads. i get that you need to make money and stuff but seriously? i watch enough ads to get more lives for each puzzle, i don’t need ads between each game. it’s really annoying
  • Adds

    By Hawkgan
    There are a tolerable amount of adds, the problem is that some of the exit buttons and skip buttons on your adds are broken. Please fix them.
  • Nonogram changes master volume!

    By tang29
    I’m been missing important phone calls and notifications for nearly two weeks because nonogram’s ad volume is erroneously tied to the master ringer/alert volume of my phone. When nonogram plays an ad, the volume is exceptionally loud. I was using the physical phone buttons to turn down the volume, but it turns out that doing this also turns down the master ringer and alert volume for my phone! IOS 14.0.1 Love the game otherwise, I’m obsessed.
  • Broken

    By Boche101
    I really liked this game and would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that it freezes constantly and crashes, sometimes not saving my progress on the puzzle I’m working on when I boot it back up. I tried to be patient but it got to the point where it was freezing and crashing after each move I made so I had to delete the app. It’s too frustrating to deal with and made the game not fun anymore.
  • Sooo much loading 😔😒☹️😠🙄

    By JDL224
    Okay so the game is a little hard at first but it will get easier anyway..... I played once it was fine then I get off the app I come back to get back on the game and it was loading for 2 hours I closed every app tried agin would not work so ya. And one more thing cut off on the ads.
  • Constantly Freezes

    By PelicanPig
    The app constantly freezes. It’s fun to play, but often impossible to use. Would give it zero stars if I could.
  • Fun but crashes a LOT

    By An experienced home buyer
    I really like this game and I play it almost every day. It’s fun, simple and relaxing. The reason for 3 stars however is because of how unstable the app is. It crashes and I lose my level progress frequently. It crashes whole returning from watching ads, leaving it idle too long also can wipe your progress. I will rate it higher when the developers get a better saving system implemented and/or reduce the bugs.
  • Don’t pay to remove ads!!

    By SueBe.
    I used to really like playing like this game but the number of ads was overwhelming. First, you have to watch to get enough credits to pay, then you have to watch between games. I decided to pay to have the ads removed even though their “no ads” fees are much higher than most other games. It was a complete RIP OFF!! I still have to watch ads to get credits to pay. I won’t likely play any of their games again and certainly won’t pay for one single thing because they probably won’t honor it. Don’t give your money to them, you might not get what you expect!