Purple Diver

Purple Diver

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-02
  • Current Version: 1.4.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 173.73 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 117 559


Dive into water from platforms of different height. Aim for: - a perfect entry into the water - backflips - depth and more...



  • Poses Won’t Change

    By Sweeetsauce
    I used coins to unlock diving poses and it always defaults back to the first pose. The poses will not change. Please fix.
  • Used to love-but then...

    By ConfuzzledPlayer🤔
    Update ruined performance of flips and memory of buying colors and diving styles. 🙁
  • In love this game but it kills you phone

    By B5150$
    I really like this game but it kills my phone in about 10 minutes. Also there are no stages they all just repeat so if you would fix that then I would live it
  • use to like it :/

    By paigefowler
    i used to love this app, but now i don’t, after the previous version came out because the beginning tons and tons of ads and i hate it! in the game keeps glitching because of it and now i’m getting really upset please contact me immediately
  • Way to many ads

    By Jm72987
    Way to many ads. After every third attempt there is yet another ad. This makes gameplay very frustrating.
  • Fun game but...

    By Its yeee boi
    I love the game it’s very fun but the director to dive in the pool disappeared for me and I don’t know how to fix that, if it’s a glitch please fix it
  • Mixed feelings

    By Dylpickleddd
    I like this game a lot, I think it’s generally interesting but whenever I’m not on WiFi, it doesn’t really seem to register how deep I go and I’ll faint challenges because even though I went 16 ft deep or whatever, it seems to think I only went 4ft. It’s such a weird thing, but I can’t play it on the go, which is kind of the whole point really...it’s disappointing
  • Best game

    By cassveekay
    Lol so funny when
  • Title butt face

    By today I am text tank stars
    It’s kind a hard make it easier because what if little kids care and they think it’s cool like I get games that are like 12 it up on my dads phone so I think you should probably get it more kitty lake maybe a little easier no like dying because little kid gets that then I’ll tell their mom and then I’ll review it and then I’ll make you guys put it down
  • So good

    By drift- borna
    Very very very good
  • Ads

    By hbvfhv
    There are so many ads in the game and it is hard to enjoy when ads keep popping up.
  • Good game, needs some fine tuning

    By "Sleepy B"
    I’m a decent ways in and have purchased all of the different poses. Only issue I’m finding is that it’s stuck on the original pose. I’ll pick the new pose I want, click back, click back into the area with the poses, and it’s back on the original pose...:(. I hope this gets fixed. Tried refreshing app, didn’t work. Tried shutting down my phone and checked to make sure I had the latest Apple update for both phone and game. Don’t think it’s me, but I’m no expert
  • Purple diver

    By harpieshells
    I love this game I just wish that if it said good dive it would move me up
  • Junk!

    By gbcdynbcfhjloo
    What the hell!? I unlock all the different positions and different dives, you guys do an update and now I can only use one dive, the 1st default dive!
  • Love It!

    By A_Weird_Queen
    I love this app but it get laggy sometimes
  • vertical entry

    By malen_
    i love this game but i absolutely hate the vertical entry ratings because it’s too hard and makes me not want to play
  • Too many ads

    By Ray's Wifey
    Way too many ads every 3 attempts there’s an ad
  • Dose not work

    By ZielieNationals
    The small pool and the circle don’t work at all!
  • شكراً

    By shelbyq9
    ارجو تقليل الاعلنات
  • Bad game

    By La2eru
    Cheap when you dive in it pushes you inside the target. Also waste of space on your iPhone.
  • Amazing!

    By SugarCubeIsCute
    Dear,VOODOO This game you made was awesome.But there is one problem when you try to go through the hops the game stops then plays again and the hoop moves and you dive into the hoop in makes you hit the floor and loose so I would like you to fix that before I rate this game a 3 star
  • Thanks for the fun game

    By Jace Franks
    Games are fun
  • Good game

    By Baller Demery
    Love this sorry don’t want to waste my time
  • Too much ads...

    By q+aro
    Too much ads...
  • Good but...

    By it kinda sucked
    Overall this is a good game. I like playing it and it is pretty good. But, there is one problem. My challenge was duck depth 5. I got a touch down, but it said I went one meter and I lost the challenge! This has happened to me multiple times and has made me almost delete the app. I am also experiencing the same glitch as others when I change my avatars clothes they disappear when I leave. These glitches are really bothering me and could cause me to delete the app.
  • Great app highly recommend 😉

    By doggygrl
    Love love love love and love I absolutely recommend it 😘😘😘
  • Mallori Craig Paige having fun

    By djjjkslakekmd
    I do not understand this is not letting me go down I’m holding it and then I’m letting it go and then I’m loading it again then I’m letting it go and I was not getting me anywhere
  • Horable

    By blobertcat
    I would wrather die than play this I can’t dive past the diving board and when I do I get launched past the other side of the pool
  • Purple diver

    By jorden1jorden
    This is a good game beacuse it is fun and fantastic to me 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
  • Keep getting billed

    By jmmcgr02
    My daughter paid to remove the ads. We canceled that and removed the app, but it continued to bill my card. The only way we were able to stop the charges, was to remove all payment methods from her account. We did this, but 2 months later, when we added a payment method back to her account, the charges started up again. Emails to the app developer have gone unanswered.
  • Would give 5 stars if not for the ads

    By CayLin0728
    It’s such a fun and addicting game, the ads are just so irritating. I know there is an ad free version but I feel that $2.99 is too expensive
  • Great, but the target disappeared

    By Alexis💋💗
    I really like this game but for some reason the purple target isn’t appearing now, making it harder to aim. Can this problem be fixed? I have the most updated version and would like to keep playing. Thanks
  • Bad.

    By offbrandtacobell
    This game is absolutely terrible
  • Ugh

    By nickname 12340987
    This game is cool but there is a lot of reputation and no increase in challenges. Also this game kills your phone battery super fast.
  • Grate ,but....

    By laya200810
    To Start off I love this game but, it’s just that it says I have to go 14 m down and then I do it and then I go touchdown and then it says zero and then I can’t pass the level which is really annoying, then I have to do it over and over again I just I guess it kind of glitches ,then it gets kind of boring it’s nothing new the only thing that changes is the pools I think that they should do more challenges and maybe not glitch as much. But over all it a grate game !
  • Impossible after level 20

    By booooooooiiiiiii
  • Free mode

    By Killer509
    It’s a great game but I have an idea that what if you could play on free mode?

    By amazinggirl428
    Normally I don’t write reviews, but I am VERY annoyed with the amount of ads that appear on my screen. I am fed up and DONE. Anyway, please fix that. The game is super fun, great job!
  • Poopy game

    By This is great5555555
    This game is💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
  • Whata game

    By Iightningfire-ch
    I love this game
  • Fun but lots of ads

    By Jeffro22m
    The game is REALLY FUN! It gives me challenges that are just tricky enough and just easy enough. However, the ads just keep coming at me. Every other turn I take is an extra ad that I have to sit through. It annoys me but otherwise I enjoy this game very much.
  • love it but one problem :(

    By dont have a nickname123123
    it’s a really good game just WAY TOO MANY ADS like lower how many you put!!I am getting so frustrated on the ads and i don’t wanna waste money for a game. :/
  • Boring!!!

    By *+*Starry Eyed*+*
    Okay. I absolutely hate this game. I’ve legit wrote 6 other reviews suggesting how to fix all the problems and stuff I don’t like. Were they fixed? No, absolutely not. I’m soooo freaking bored of this crap game. Absolutely do not download this. It will ruin your gaming experience. Why? It’s sooo boring. The depths never change and it never saves my progress! Never again will I play a game made by these developers. Never again.
  • Poop

    By nbcvx
    Bad game
  • Great game but....

    By Troublez4u
    This game is enjoyable and fun, but way too much ads! I understand you can pay for the adds to be gone but why should I do that? A great fun game should be enjoyed not interrupted every 2 lvls/or tries...now I can see every 5 but every 2 is a bit too much and frustrating. This frustration causes me to just turn off the game...
  • Addicting

    By tacopizzas27
    This game is so much fun. I honestly have no complaints. It's crazy addicting and satisfying. I recommend this game
  • Purple Diver

    By Choclate_Baby
    I love this game but I keep on dieting
  • Love this game!

    By DoughnutLuver_55
    This game is a great one, very fun and nice. You can play it at anytime, especially if you are bored! Overall, I love the game! I love how you can now change the colors of the person! Great add-in! 😁 To The App Developers: Also I would like if they could add some competition. You guys could do a thing where the player can compete against AI it another player for the best flips, dives, duck hits and all that stuff. I think it would make the game more interesting!
  • Awesome but one thing

    By matty cath
    Awesome but one thing,the one thing is that the adds are ridiculous I do not get eny time to play this game only like 40 seconds to play then adds I know ridiculous I still have it it’s good but the adds again.... but get it if you want to it’s still a good game.....bye