Dig it!

Dig it!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-16
  • Current Version: 1.0.15
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 211.72 MB
  • Developer: Raketspel AB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 326 081


Just dig with your fingers — and guide the ball to the cup. It's easy, yet challenging. There is often a trick to solve the levels, sometimes you need take advantage of the objects' speed, sometimes you need to make objects collide, but often it is enough to use your intuitive thinking. Features: • Inventive and unique gameplay. • Easy to understand. • Realistic Physics. • 380 levels, designed with love. • Encourages logical thinking and creativity. • Discover new features like bombs and multi-colored balls. • 3D-graphics. • Solutions are available, if you get stuck.



  • Amazingly addictive

    By bjakbc12
    Very fun and mind blowing
  • Game for the mind

    By hjalmar1
    So far even though as the levels get harder one can still figure the next level out.
  • Way too many commercials. Game is great but way way too much advertising.

    By Nagatuk
    Too many commercials
  • I love it!

    By pat Quigley
    I am obsessed! It requires a lot of logic and I like using my brain this way. It’s exciting and very satisfying. I can hardly put it down.
  • Great game.

    By Boca mate
    Very changeling !
  • Some levels are very hard !

    By Topfuelwrench
    Love the challenge of this game , keeps me busy when I have down time .. thank you for creating a excellent game.
  • Starts great, Declines Fast

    By Sleepwalker42
    Really fun game for 60 levels or so, but then they introduce wind machines and spring boards which make levels take ages, and are really luck based more than anything. Its s money grab to force you to buy hints. Game is worth it initially, but be prepared to bail not too far in
  • Skill vs Luck

    By Sailahjake
    Sometimes it’s not about your skill, but your luck...
  • Fun little game.

    By naunga
    If you can put up with the nearly constant ads (or you’re willing to pay $2.99 to get rid of them) this is a fun little game. Drop the price by $1 and I’d pay for it.
  • Dig it

    By 7742343ek
    Game is fun but the ads aren’t worth the hassle.
  • Lose all the adverts

    By yyhuiijgjggfou
    Would be ok if you did not have an advertisement every 15 sec.
  • Love it but too many ads

    By Davidchicagoillinois
    I love that app but I have never seen a game that blasts you with some many ads as punishment for not buying the app.
  • Too many ads

    By MCM0530
    Literally makes you watch an ad after every single level, even when you fail a level and want to try it again. It’s very annoying and most people won’t get far with the predatory advertising this app supports.
  • Fun and addictive !

    By Maxx071
    Fun and addictive !!! Challenging levels , and new levels come out every so many weeks , love it !!!
  • Game is fun but ads are ridiculous

    By sjdhsjsxjjs
    I noticed that there are no hearts or lives in this game, which is nice because you can just keep playing, but whenever I fail a level and restart I know it just means I only have one or two more tries until I have to watch another ad, which is 10x more annoying then having to wait 20 minutes for more lives.

    By clementines & dark chocolate😊
    This is probably the best game I’ve ever downloaded. Some of the levels are easy and some are really hard but they just make you want to finish it. I got really annoyed with all the ads and there are A LOT of ads but I paid the $2.99 for no ads and it is totally worth it. Written by a twelve year old
  • Challenging, absorbing.

    By Mudrock
    This is a game that you will play not because you are addicted, but because you enjoy it.
  • So many adds it’s hard to play

    By rug ghsbsu
    So many adds pop up it’s no fun to play. You spend most of your time watching adds
  • Clickbait

    By Chase Ryan Terrell
    Way too many ads. You only get one attempt before you have to watch something about Tik Tok or a cartoon of a guy whose always in a bind. Don’t bother.
  • The Best

    By trapkingmax
    This is the best game ever i’ve been In this game at 9 a.m. And to 1 p.m the best
  • Dig it

    By 8 Annie 56
    I’m stuck on a level, the balls have gone in bowls but it froze. Will not move at all. Love the game but don’t know what to do to move on. November 3 still will not go to next level . I’m getting frustrated
  • Me divierte mucho

    By elswagel
    Muy bueno
  • Typica Flood of Ads

    By THE Jake Dials
    Fun game but of course, it’s plagued with ads.
  • Not a game, it’s an AD

    By Ozi fulger
    Every 10 sec u gonna see 30 sec ad. Fo
  • Best Game in the App Store!!

    By Martinschaos
    So addicting. Challenging. Worth paying the $3 to get rid of ads. Someone put a lot of brain power into this one!!!
  • To many adds

    By Kizzer Soze
    To many adds. It’s annoying
  • Silent mode is for a reason

    By jaydru
    The puzzles are awesome and really make you think. The adds are as expected except they over ride your phones silent mode and sounds play when the adds kick in. Don’t know if that’s away of trying to make you pay to stop the adds or what but I deleted the game because of that. I have my phone on silent for reasons and it is NOT yours to decide that reason is not good enough to be over ridden so I WILL NOT recommend this game to anyone even though I love it. Correct the issue and then I may even pay for it if I’m feeling like I’m not being forced into it.
  • excellent puzzle

    By Pidloop
    The idea is to dig paths through material to allow balls to fall into plates. There are fixed and movable objects, bombs and other obstacles. The puzzles range from easy to difficult. After paying a few bucks there are no ads forever. Outstanding animation and physics. Very well done. Found one bug: first game of Newtons laws the stone twitch and morph non-physically
  • Fun but frustrating

    By forejbird
    Great game but too long commercials, shortened them up & be 5 start
  • Great game ...too many ads

    By spellnj88
    This is a great game but the amount of ads you need to get through is ridiculous
  • Just a great way to exercise your mechanical brain waves

    By lock hillary up
  • Ads

    By hamedalizada19
    Way too many ads and I don’t wanna pay for a free game it’s not worth it
  • Ads Ads Ads Ads

    By NightMonkey13
    Too many ads!
  • Annoying as hell.

    By fhwoorhasosolakskju
    The game would be bearable and even enjoyable IF there wasn’t a 30+ second advertisement for a crap game after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL, as well as after every other level restart. NOBODY wants another candy crush remake, NOBODY, and the absolute WORST way to gain paying players is to harass them with ads for your game after every single level of the game they’re trying to play. You literally spend 5 times more time waiting for the advertisements you’re not watching to end than you do actually playing the game.
  • Fun!

    By justana merican
    Nothing better than a game that makes you giggle out loud!
  • Edbear

    By Edbear48
  • Love this game!

    By J-n-T 96
    I love playing this game. I really like that each level mixes easy, medium & hard challenges. Nothing worse than a game that progressively gets harder to the point where it is no longer fun. This one is challenging and also a lot of fun. Keeps my brain thinking of how to best win each challenge. Five stars for sure!
  • Could be better

    By G&D616
    Very fun to play but WAY to many ads. I understand why but does there need to be one after ever game? Gets very frustrating.
  • Not recommended

    By Hhhhhhhdrth
    This game has so much ads and in every 20 seconds there is ads
  • Review

    By D-Donkey
    Wayyyyyy too many ads smh!!
  • Ad

    By bfyjndsrknfukngg
    Too much adds
  • Boring and bland.

    By Yagaburrito
    This app is very sensitive. I don’t need to use the clue/hint button, I need the redo button but my finger always hits the clue button. So now I’m out of clues on the easy level. This app is so sensitive that where I tough to break the dirt, it breaks too much off around and the it makes the ball not go in to the hole. Design a better app, you’re making money off of an awful app.
  • Not paying to not see adds I’ll just delete the game when I get tired of seeing them

    By trumptactics
    .bhjijg jkkookjjjj hhooonhbbbo
  • Average game, but ads ruins it.

    By JArt2019
    Slightly interesting game to make time pass, but ads play after 1-3 plays. Really annoying and overdone.
  • FAR too many ads

    By tbliii
    Clever game, but far, far too many ads to allow for an enjoyable playing experience. Was literally watching ads more than playing the game.
  • Democratic political ads- delete

    By smakkmac
    Sorry, otherwise good but I’m not giving money to support that agenda
  • Fun and challenging!

    By nana 2-3
    I keep at this until I conquer each step. Challenging, and fun.
  • Problems? Way too many ads

    By nudeyhider69
    It’s a really fun game. There are a ton of adds
  • Freaking Awesome

    By youlintlicker
    I haven’t played a game so addicting since flappy bird 😂. This game really makes you think about EVERYTHING! Freaking loving it!! Feels like a run for your brain, it really is like a mental exercise. The intensity and concentration you need to have makes you want solve it no matter how frustrated you get but when you hit the next level you feel like a freaking mastermind engineer 😂... until u hit the next impossibly difficult level! You have to think about gravity angles and speed... I digress lol ! You know what, just download it you’ll understand where I’m coming from... Thank me later lol 😏