• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-13
  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 143.70 MB
  • Developer: HABBY
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 60 883


Archer Heroes! Enter a world where existence itself is out to eliminate you! You are the Lone Archer, the only force able to resist and defeat the oncoming waves of evil. Step up, stack up awesome skills and fight like your life depends on it, for the never-ending waves of enemies will never give up. And remember, once you die... the only way is to start all again! So be careful! Enjoy creating countless combinations of unique skills all designed to help you survive. Crawl your way through different worlds facing relentless monsters and obstacles. Key Features: • Random and unique skills to help you crawl these dungeons. • Explore beautiful worlds and hundreds of maps in this new universe. • Thousands of never-seen-before monsters and mind-boggling obstacles to defeat • Level-up and equip yourself with powerful equipment to increase your stats. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime at:



  • its a great game but

    By Hussainae
    its so hard, levels become harder and harder and unplayable. need an update for some balance. leveling up shouldnt be linked to upgrades
  • Bugs and disadvantages

    By Rakattak
    Can be a fun and addicting game. However noticing over the several months that I’ve been playing some disadvantages that are almost too subtle notice that prevent you from progressing through the game. At times bosses can survive even after their HP have been fully depleted. Special ability that reduces projectile speed also reduces characters movement speed nullifying any perk from the ability. Boss/mob attacks can fluctuate between random and honing depending on your character or boss HP level.
  • Strictly pay to play

    By Flyingstar007
    I don’t normally leave game reviews but I felt this one deserved one. For a “free” game I have to admit this is a good one. However, it gets too repetitive playing daily trying to power up, all while not advancing. By the time you power up and make it to the next chapter it’s basically as if you are starting the game over. They offer “discount packages” for each chapter for $10 each. Obviously the game is programmed to keep you from advancing without purchasing the game packs. I am not saying it is impossible by any means, just extremely hard. The damage you take from a hit is outrageous and only being asked once to use gems to continue playing is annoying. I should be able to keep going if I choose to use my gems to do so or there should at least be checkpoints. It’s an addicting game for sure, and I definitely had fun starting out. It just became too repetitive being stuck on the same levels for so long that it took the fun out of playing.
  • Good at first

    By abcdefg_Wale_abcdefg
    Phones updated, apps updated! I don’t like doing these cause it’s time consuming, but now the game has been pretty much cheating me out of my wins, when I kill the monsters they’re supposed to die but they don’t especially the bosses, and on top of that I get stuck in a place when I’m trying to move the games joystick around especially during the boss levels on higher levels with only 10 or 20 levels! I should have wrote this months ago but like I said time consuming!
  • Intriguing adventure

    By gummy boom =P
    Interesting legislation of going through the adventure
  • Ok game.

    By JTK13
    Good waste of time. Needs some work on using gems or watching a video to continue. There is no standard for which one will be available. Becomes a bit of a grind after awhile.
  • Hi

    By chriscautious
    Good game
  • Best game

    By fatrunningman
    This game is the best time killer there is no ads unless you want.
  • Good Game but....

    By tdubs1997
    I really really enjoy this game but recently I’ve lost my progress not once but twice. I’ve tried to contact app support but no one will even respond to me so I might just delete the game because I’m tired of having my progress taken away from me.
  • Fine except for Pay-wall

    By Knightof13
    The games design is adequate, but after a week of play you reach a poorly disguised pay-wall. I don't dislike MTX inherently, but a "free" game should be playable in its entirety without shelling out hard earned dollars for loot boxes. This is a game that wants you to think it's free, then asks you to pay when you've already invested time. Unless you're willing to spend $20+ to progress past level 3, don't bother starting
  • Reaaaally fun and enjoyable game with a huge but

    By Francisco the gamer
    The game is extremely fun and easy to understand while reaaaally hard to master but there is a huge problem, when you get to a certain spot, if you arr f2p you most likely wont be able to pass, i made it to stage 7 normal mode and 5 heroic, but the stage 7 on normal has 1 boss thats basically imposible to kill, the golem boss He summons golems quite commonly which at that point (floor 6-7/10) have alot of health, and after summoning 2-5 which normally happens to me he always uses the spin attack and rarely uses the throwing rocks attacks, this makes u always have to be moving to avoid all the golems attacking you plus his spin attacks making you never attack back, and whenever he stops its either to summon more golems or throw rocks in which case you have 3-6 different enemies attacking you so gg. I have all my gear at lvl 30+ 2 blues which cap at lvl 30 and 4 purple which are lvl 30-32 and i always die at that boss. Having 3.3k hp and 860 dmg with the little daggers which hits fast i don’t think im weak, so idk what else to do.
  • 1% fun, 1% ads 98% pay to win

    By ggssgh
    Here are some things you need to change: no energy, make all heroes accessible to all players, ability to watch unlimited amounts of ads for special rewards, and most importantly listen to players, don’t be afraid to meet players standards
  • Refund needed

    By Theresa Leaverton
    I have followed the steps to get a refund for something I accidentally purchased however the email they provide to send the request to is not valid. I love the game so once I get assistance with this I will raise the rating score
  • We Need Better Season Pass Rewards

    By 🤣A+😂
    Season Pass 1 rewards are very poor compared to most of other games that have season passes. I hope devs can consider and give us better rewards like new character, skin, or give us 8 obsidian chest keys instead of 8 golden chest keys
  • Needs more checkpoints

    By jjhero66
    I hate starting over every time
  • Me cano

    By Canito91
    Game is amazing
  • Don’t get your hopes up.

    By ruinedthegamewithadds
    First of all if I could give this game 0 stars I would. Not because it isn’t fun. It’s highly entertaining and really enjoyable. What pisses me off is they don’t know how to UPDATE THE DANG GAME! Constantly it’ll say sorry no network detected so I can’t select a new character, purchase a skill point, revive or upgrade anything. However you better bet your butt that the dang ads ALWAYS work.
  • I wish gear loadout were different

    By Plzletthisnicknameworkgsd
    I really like this game. It’s fun and challenging. It’s unique and interesting. The but: I wish it were easier to level up gear. If you get a really good piece of gear, or even a really ok piece of gear in a chest then you have no reason to ever build a piece in the lackluster gear “fusing” area. Like there is no way in hell I am going to pay even more to potentially get another green to build up a blue piece. You leave the gamification completely out of the gear loadout by making that a part too challenging/ making the pursuit of new pieces irrelevant. Let me know when this changes.
  • Suggestion for Coins

    By *Jayman32*
    The Game is phenomenal, it’s fun and enjoyable. However, the only suggestion I have is that we should have the a Uluru to use coins on other materials. So far we can only use coins to update the talent stats but that is it. I would like to see a shop added where we can use our coins to purchase some items or anything else similar in nature
  • Pretty good but

    By jacklakdkjfjg
    It’s a fun game but I just wish I didn’t have to start over and there’s no checkpoints and that you don’t get to keep the ability
  • Good but...

    By LoverOfSoccerPhysics
    I think this is an great game. It’s quite addicting and I enjoy the skill system although more skills would be nice. But the ads for this game outwardly falsely advertise. Also please add pvp or a wave mode where you gotta survive.
  • Why?

    By Why is the nick taken
    Why’d do u copy so much from supercell despite being a good independent game? It would remove a lot of potential bad rep if u changed that
  • Model robbers

    By Snhrsfjydayk
    This is a pretty good game although they stole the dragon model from a game you find on chrome called keep out check it out it’s good but the dragon model was stolen I’m not far yet, so there may be more model steals so keep it in mind when rating it’s a five star other then that so, yeah alright bye happy gamin!
  • Too much ads

    By AppleSuxMyBalls
    Way too much ads, can't play the game, removing
  • Great but....

    By RyQeus
    This game is one of the best games I have ever had. The only thing that could make it better: if it were offline. I don’t see why it’s an only online app anyway. Best game, just needs offline playability (for lack of a better term).
  • I feel cheated

    By DDayWalker
    First off I wanna say I have really enjoyed this game and have supported it by paying for it time to time. I was happy to see the update for new characters but was hesitant to buy them. When I saw this ad for the game on Facebook I was excited and had to get them. I bought the ice goddess Bc I thought she would cover the field in ice. The ad I saw showed the thunder god guy literally covering the field with thunder. When I bought her I was disappointed that she barely did any additional ice dmg for 16$. I thought to myself maybe only the thunder guy does that splash dmg, so I spent another 16 and got a chapter 5 pack with gems in it to buy him only to find out he does not do anything the ad showed just a little lightning dmg. I’m very upset and disappointed in this and feel like I’ve been conned out of my money and really am debating deleting this game now
  • A great game but could use a little tweaks.

    By Insta: Nlmb.Ziyahh
    This game is amazing all around from the monsters to the gear factor and characters. I definitely spend a lot more time playing then I should lol. My only issues with the game is the hit box for the character. Projectiles that should have clearly missed somehow always connect. My last issue is the wheel you spin every 10 rounds or so. It always has a healing option even if you have max hp. Maybe that should only be incorporated when you actually NEED health cause it just feels like I’m getting cheated out of a perk or gold. That is all. Keep up the good work ~@Nlmb.Ziyahh
  • Archero

    By kingofpizza5551
    The game play is amazing it was a very good app but I feel the game was very hard it took me 10 days to beat world 1
  • Great game, gets hard fast though

    By Steve1014
    Very easy to play. Lots of enemies and different boards. The game gets hard quick so you will need to spend $$. Enemies do too much damage. You will be crushing through levels and then have one bad level and get hit three times and be dead. Needs more lives available to beat levels. 3 would be great instead of just one or having to use gems to buy a 2nd
  • 1942 as an archer

    By originalmikejones
    Reminds me of all the great scrolling bomber games like 1942, aerofighter and all the rest, set in a cool archery world with simple mechanics on a mobile device, what’s not to love?
  • Amazing Game, but Could Definitely be Better

    By Birch21
    This is one of the top games I look forward to playing in the morning, afternoon and evening. I’m free-to-play, so I will use up my energy in the morning, go about my day then come back when my energy is filled up. I don’t mind the energy system since I can just come back later in the day to play, but I can definitely see that the time could be reduced a couple minutes to let people play more often and not just a couple times per day. This definitely comes into play the higher levels you get, both experience-wise and game-wise because of how extremely long it takes to level up or pass game levels. I have been stuck on Level 7 for almost two weeks at this point, mainly due to not wanting to buy Obsidian chests for real money so I only have one Purple item and the rest maxed Blue. I have almost 300,000 unused credits and counting because I can’t spend them on anything. I don’t mind having to grind in games because it definitely adds a feeling of accomplishment when you either get an item you’ve been waiting for or beat a level you’ve been stuck on; however, the grind in the game is unreal sometimes especially when playing for free. Some potential fixes: 1. Start selling items (all tiers or most tiers) for credits. You earn plenty of credits over time, and I would love to have things in game that I could use my credits on and not just sit on a huge pile. Obviously, the higher tier items would have to be expensive credits-wise, but it would give free-to-play players something to do without paying real money for better items. 2. Since RNG plays a HUUUUGE role in this game (and can very well be the tipping point in advancing in the harder levels), I would love to see an option to re-roll when leveling up in a game if you don’t like the options given to you. This could be another way for people to spend unused credits and would allow people to potentially advance further. I agree with other peoples’ reviews stating how RNG can make or break runs since there are obviously really good boosts, and when you go almost the entire game without having a chance to get those is very frustrating. On the same lines, you could implement a way to allow players to buy a second upgrade for a certain amount of credits also, that way players get a wider variety of upgrade combinations. 3. Have gems drop at a small rate in-game just like items do while playing using the same RNG mechanics. Since it takes so long to level up or beat levels at higher stages, obtaining gems without paying is next to impossible. Again, all these changes are definitely geared toward helping free-to-play players, and I know every free app needs money to thrive; however, the point I’m at in the game makes it hard not to think that this game wasn’t made to force people to pay real money to advance further once you reach a certain point in the game. This is not to say that I will stop playing the game. I’ll continue to play for free and hope that some changes come eventually that bring some changes to the same repetitive level and gear that I will most likely continue to play and use for the foreseeable future. Always end on a good note, though! This definitely is an amazing game with an amazing concept! It’s challenging and very fun to play, and I would recommend it to anyone. Anyone who has taken the time to read this and wants to add onto or change any of my recommendations, please feel free! A good game requires a good following and a good community willing to make the game better. Update: Another potential fix would be to refund players their energy if they successfully beat a level. That way people can continue playing for more than 15-20 minutes at a time and not have to wait for their energy to replenish.
  • Your game is unfair

    By Oneka_Ashley
    You don’t offer enough power ups the enemies are too hard to kill enemies are able to shoot through walls why don’t we have abilities like that please give a better drops and you’re charging people too much for crystals and And and the chest that cost 300 gems it’s unfair that you guys have common drops in it when I have to drop 300 crystals it’s a lot of money and a lot of time and effort to get these crystals so I feel like I’m being cheated
  • Extremely Hard

    By پیمان
    I gave 4⭐️ because it’s extremely hard Game had 8 island but how we can get reach them with this situation. Please make it easier, i love this game but it’s too much hard to playing. Even spend real money for it
  • Orbwalking Practicer 2019

    By The_Giraffe_Boy
    Pleasantly surprised by this game. It’s pretty much conceptually a game where you orbwalk, similar to any MOBA. It forces you to practice attack-moving like most MOBA and focus on your position relative to enemies, also test your reaction times and pathing. Your character automatically attacks the closest thing, leaving you to focus on positioning relative to the enemy and attack-stepping. Also let’s you focus on upgrades and determining how you want to build your character for that round with a little RNG influence. Overall pretty fun and good Orbwalking practice.
  • Simple, addictive

    By JanathonWillace
    Something of a bite size roguelike. Hope they’ll add a career stats tab for kills, runs, highest floor, etc.
  • Super fun and keeps things fresh 👍👍👍

    By juko james
    I like it. I LIKE IT ALOT!!
  • Battle pass?

    By cant do ****
    Hello. So I was grinding out battle pass levels. Aiming for that purple key for level 16. And then when I made it to level 12 it just disappeared. So where did it go? I feel kinda slighted.
  • Need a way to come up with better powers

    By Metik213
    Overall the game is great the only thing that is kinda of annoying is once you get further into the game it seems to be impossible to kill the monster and it takes forever to kill them and also it takes forever to level up and earn other perks to upgrade power so I’ve been stuck on this one level for almost 2 months because I can’t strengthen my weapon anymore until I can fuse it again and it’s impossible to get the perk
  • “Buy Energy”

    By William Dorsey
    Fun game that constantly tries taking money from you every chance it gets. There is no way to remove ads or the energy system. So no matter how much you spend, you will still end up watching ads for upgrades, and asked to pay up when you are out of energy. There is no ceiling to how much you are able spend on this game, and the game will never be satisfied with any amount you give it. If you’re still interested in playing the game, prepare to watch many ads and be forced to take breaks from the game. Don’t give them your money.
  • Season pass issue

    By krewdog56
    Overall I enjoy the game but I recently bought the season pass. This was great until it disappeared a day or two later. Is that money lost or will the developer make everything right and give us the rewards we should have won during the event? I will gladly change my rating if the issue is rectified but until then I have to rate it 1 star since they did not deliver something that was paid for.
  • Update

    By Braydon Hackett
    Just took down my good review to leave a bad review. Your tactics to try and make money off of people is so disgusting. Why not try and make a game for people to enjoy instead of making them pay to win. Seriously the dumbest thing ever. I have been stuck on chapter 7 for three months now. Random power ups MIGHT give you good stuff or it may F*** you over. Game is seriously overrated. I have so many complaints about this game it’s ridiculous. And the crazy thing is that the developers WONT LISTEN TO THEIR CONSUMER BASE!!!! I’ll probably get some generic response below this if I get one at all. Something along the lines of - “I’m sorry for your bad gaming experience... blah blah blah”. FIX THE GAME - NERF THE MONSTERS - CHANGE THE DROP RATE - STOP ASKING FOR MONEY.
  • Almost No ads just don’t lose

    By Rollinstrong216 is my psn
    No ads while your trying to play the freakin game is the best part & great fun to pass up some time
  • Love the game

    By Chanakyaraj
    Great game, kind of addictive but still really fun. The new update made it even better which I did not think it could do
  • Game problems

    By Mszok
    The targeting system is sometimes very weird. And I hate how when there are a lot of mobs the coins on the floor sometimes make projectiles impossible to see. Also don’t play the game in airplane mode. I play when I fly and it constantly is resetting my progress on a world. I beat hero mode world 2 yesterday, and I log in today and see that it says I haven’t passed level 30. Decreasing the rank a star...
  • Great game please add more perks

    By Jncrouser
    I’ve played this game for a while and it’s really good I haven’t really found a game I was looking for as good as this, although my only problem is I can’t get enough of the perk combos. They’re so fun to use! Hopefully you guys add a perk where you can throw your weapons while moving! That would be so cool!!!
  • Great game. Everyone should try it!

    By Hc165100
    This game is wonderful. It has a simple premise, but it has one of the best difficulty curves I have ever experienced; just hard enough to stay interesting, not so difficult that I want to give up. Plus, the option to pause and resume the game later is perfect for those who are looking to fill short breaks.
  • Difficult

    By CDL4498
    Get game, but almost impossible to win without paying. Levels are to difficult which takes the fun out of the game - I’ve been playing for over a month and I can’t get past the 5th level and I’ve played it over 20 times - there are 12 levels.
  • Fun, if a little grindy, power ups need some work

    By Myra-n-Moki
    I came across Archero via an ad in a different app, and so far I've found it a reasonably pleasing casual game. Unlike many casual games, it doesn't bombard you with ads, although it certainly has its fair share. It's not too hard, not too easy, and I don't have to invest a lot of time into it. But after playing for several weeks, I'm finding some things really are a bit frustrating. 1. The 'fuse' weapon option. This really needs cleaned up. First off, you have to have three items to fuse, two source and one destination. That's just ridiculous. If I have two, I should be able to fuse them together and create a new item. Needing three just makes it very hard. Which leads to: Second, you can only fuse items that are of the same type and same class. If I have 3 bows, two common and one great, I can't fuse the common ones into the great. Since I don't get these as rewards frequently enough, and having three of the same class, makes it very hard to use this. If I could fuse just two items, it'd be possible to make common items into great, and then be able to fuse greats together. Third, why can't I fuse different items together? Why can't I fuse different armors together and get something that is a mixture of both? Armor + weapon, not looking for that, but weapon + weapon, or different rings, why not? 2. HP & damage is screwy. I have about 1800hp on my guy right now. But when I get it, I'll take 300-400 in damage. At that rate, I can get killed in 4-6 hits. Might as well just give the hero 5-6 hearts. And also, when the hero levels up, he doesn't get a HP boost, like most games. He gets a choice between healing, and another option, sometimes which is a HP boost, but most often not. Level ups should add some HP. 3. I find progress is extremely dependent on the luck of what I get to choose when I level up. Sometimes I get great choices, other times not so much. I would love to see the choices have some better rewards. Maybe as I move to new maps, that I get additional choice, so instead of three, maybe four? Or spin for another reward after an addd? 4. Finally, perphaps be a little less stingy with coins. As you upgrade things, it gets very expensive to continue. Make upgrades cheaper, or coin rewards better so upgrades are a little more maintainable. Fun game, just needs a few tweaks. At least fix the fuse option please!
  • Rip off

    By keifer61
    I payed $5 for a season pass that only lasted me 1 day and then they just took my season pass. Smh fix this