• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-02-28
  • Current Version: 2.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 300.20 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 592 420


Reach to the end of the water slide, try to be the first. Bump other players during the race and have fun playing this colorful and sunny water slide game.




    By TimberDND
    Fun game however extremely too many ads. Makes playing not worth it. In between every play there is an ad. I’ve had about 9 with only about 4-5 minutes of playtime. With that being said I’m uninstalling
  • Noice

    By Mugonia
    First oof I just gonna day it. I love this game! I can play offline which I really like cuz when I’m bored and am shopping or something I can play.second thing this is kinda bad news. There are to many ads and there is this glitch were you can get stuck on the end of the slide which annoyed me a little so uh yeah
  • I love this game but there are some things I would like differently

    By nickname28291947572719
    I love this game and have been playing it forever, but there are some things I get annoyed about. For the new maps, I wish that you could get to chose the level you play on. For example, if I’m on the fifth and want to go back to the first, but can’t. Also, there are a lot of ads. Lastly, I wish that you could play with real players or do another mode where you could play with people on the same level as you are just play against the computer.

    By big math flash cards
    Hi I’m a kid so obviously I know about fun games and trust me I KNOW and I have played lots of games that I don’t like but I LOVE this game is possibly the best game I’ve ever played by by😁✌🏼👍👌😘
  • my (former) favorite game

    By Popcorn1233
    This was my favorite game. I am on level 930. Adding those water spout things ruined it and it takes away the strategy.
  • Not multiplayer

    By CodiElizabethhhhh
    Only downloaded bc I thought I’d be playing agains other people across the world. Nope. Computer players. They teleport to wherever you land if you jump slides. Also WAY WAY too many ads. I’m done after my 3rd round because I’m tired of the ads.
  • Okay but..

    By __cjmh__
    I love this game so much, it’s mind numbing & I’ve loved all .io games I’ve found. But, I want the option to play against actual other players, I feel like the game would be far more challenging
  • Blah

    By craycraydontwannagivenick
    It’s a fun game, but the ads are insane.
  • Yess

    By Yay,level 116 or117?
    l did it. Yeaaahhh
  • Meh....

    By AwesomeSlothBoi
    So wat happen is that it said I needed to watch three rewarded videos to earn the rat skin. So I watched them like ten times and it didn’t give it to me. So ppl plz don’t try and get it because it’s just a big ripoff. And then another thing is that it glitched and I made it in pool and it said retry AND that I finished it. Then all the players names said Eminem. So I wouldn’t suggest to download this
  • Fun

    By jakjdmld
    It’s really fun
  • تتننننن

    By هيله صالح
  • It’s ok

    By josie mcoy
    It could use more levels
  • Disappointed

    By Fistermish
    I spent more time watching a bunch of ads than I did playing the game. Gave it one star for game play, but the ads are way too much. Have deleted the game and won’t be back.
  • Needs fixes

    By xxLaulax57
    I love this app. But needs some fixes. 1.. how do we get the yellow skin but the bots get all the other kinds.2.. if we are done with the water slide and it says the bots got like 4,3 couldn’t I see it. That’s it. It needs a BIG UPDATE
  • great game but....

    By alyb2424
    please fix the ads, it’s not even funny how frustrating it is to have to sit through 2 20 second ads for another game. It’s like it’s more ads then actual gameplay. yeesh
  • Too many ads

    By loopymajor
    Endless ads
  • Epic Strat

    By Az4u
    Jump off the slide when you’re halfway there at the top
  • Ads kill the fun

    By jaiajw djxiisiaiwisnajaj. ss
    The intrusive ads are insanely obnoxious and ruin an otherwise fun game.
  • Peepee

    By fat booty hole
    My pee pee hurts
  • Good things and bad things

    By this is me 5555544
    I love this game I don’t like when they kick u about of the game u need WiFi oh u get a points if u bump someone are move slides fast it’s a good game I hope u guys like it cause I do and it’s freee
  • Gay

    By vgsvdgsvgsgs
    I am gay and I like stuff like this so you can hit each other in the butt so yah period Love this game
  • Why 3 stars

    By C'mon 26 football
    Lets say if you get so far away from every body they still respond right next to you. Stupid Robots! I think they should make it fair. All in my opinion and thank you very much ☹️😕🙃😤🤔🤔
  • It’s the funest game ever!! 100!!! 100!

    By AliW3579
    Happy days
  • I like this game

    By Paolanejia10
    I like this game because I can play it whenever I wanna play
  • I love your games

    By E3ola
  • Awesome game

    By NoahGoobs
    This game is pretty good. Despite the fact of some bugs and glitches. You can go through walls at the start, so you might wanna fix that.
  • Good and amazing 😉

    By jrgdoebdjd
    This is one of my fav game when I first started play with it I was kinda like not in love with it but when you keep getting better and better it all pays off LOVE LOVE LPVE IT❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝👌🏻😍😋😗😂🤣🤣

    By chessepeep
    I really like the game and I like playing it but it would be nice if there were no adds, but other than that the game is GREAT!!!
  • There is not real people in the challenges

    By Sand Sared
    Every time I start, the player on front of me goes the same way as me and they come past you out of nowhere. The people keep following me.
  • Lovely

    By lovely hiiii
    I love this games so much if you have a new phone it won’t glitch I don’t know about older phones but this is so fun and occupy a me when I get bored
  • Bubg4rdgyirxb

    By gvyguhtxuvi
    This game is 1 0f the only games I play!!!
  • I really love the game but it is really fun 💕🍿📸🎬🎥

    By Mr Extrordinary
    I love this game is because the parashoots are very cool and the waterfall
  • Its pooo

    By bunny👸🏼
  • Why🤬😱😡😭🥺

    By Ted Stroman wants to open up TickPick
  • Good game

    By $heiugsuodgizdbhi
    This is is very good but the fact that it has a lie you are vs real people according to the game to ACHUALLY you are vs robots proof is you never added what country you are from but every one else did??? Another thing you would need WiFi to go agents other players online but you don’t need WiFi . But the good thing is it is 100% safe for kids and I would highly recommend
  • Dear game

    By wuisyosbixbsmZndoe
    You make me feel better for when I am sick and keep on with the amazing work
  • Boo

    By 1189739371927
    They are robots and it has sooo much ads I killed 14 and the total was 16 and it had 7 winners so robots fix it pls
  • Just a suggestion

    By Marshmellow_Playz
    I really want to play with real people but it is always bots I just figured that out,because whenever I play a game I see the same players, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME so yea I love this game but I would love if you have two options 1: play offline which is without WiFi and with bots 2: online were you can play with real people. And chat with them,and add your friends in the game. But overall I love the game!
  • Not Fortnite

    By fortnathan
    I downloaded this game thinking that it was the popular battle royals fortnite and I was disturbed when I found out it was a game about baby’s committing suicide at a water park
  • bro i love aquapark...

    By cadlediddy
    this game is frickin lit. should have a real online mode though if it’s gonna act like it does. still five stars though because i love this game.
  • Game lover

    By pineapple ninga girl
    OMG I am loving this app it is so fun like I’m in fourth grade and right when I’m on the bus I Immediately start playing I just can’t stop playing god I love this game

    By rybojul
  • Great game but....

    By msmichaell1
    There are so many ads! Please make it have less ads! Whenever I finish with one round there’s always an freaking Ad!
  • Sorry but

    By Revali39
    Best game ever

    By 4Diaxe
    The new upgrades are great now there are 100 more world water sprouts wings and all that stuff.But one problem the ads I like to enjoy a game to play without ads but the ads are so annoying!!!They pop up every second...I know ads give you money but you can get more money without ads.More people will enjoy the game without ads then you will get more stars wish will give you money so please please please!!!love this game excluding the ads...
  • Fam game

    By TURTLEqueen🐢👑
    Me and my daddy love this game we play it almost every my you and your family will like this game to like we do!!
  • Hi

    By yvnvovivjvjvvikvvivob
    The best game ever
  • Love it

    By issa21345
    Really good game totally recommend and love how it’s easy to win and to play