• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-02-28
  • Current Version: 4.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 352.99 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 375 060


Reach to the end of the water slide, try to be the first. Bump other players during the race and have fun playing this colorful and sunny water slide game.



  • It’s nice

    By EeMmHh Gg
    I like i a lot
  • Best game ever

    By ajobe_21
    I like the game a lot
  • Love it 😍

    By It's ok, but.....
    I love it, it’s so addictive and fun at the same time something I can just hop on and play very well done and great animations and fun colors you should definitely get this game!!! 🥰 #summervibes
  • Iss alright

    By gybytbtv t
    There’s way to many ads and there’s glitches and this one time I was jumping of the slide in and it took me to this slide that makes you die I think somebody’s hacking me and stop asking for my personal information cause I’m not giving to you and if I find out you hacking me imma sew you so you better make a end to it ok

    By callymar
    Please try this game also play roblox tik tok and likee
  • Too many ads not online garbage doo doo trash

    By Life is sad
    Unfunny lame and boring
  • I sooooooooooo love it

    By sunnysideup05
    I sooooooo love it it’s literally my favorite game ever Only one thing I want to played a lot but it turned black oh wow it’s my favorite game I’m not complaining at all
  • The best game on the App Store

    By Bonzigamer
    Best game ever
  • Layla

    By Asmaa egypt
    Best game ever 🤑
  • Bast game ever

    By #winner!!
    Had this game long time ago and played for a WHILE!! Got it again and new levels came out and they are so much fun I really request this game but know that the only “levels” you can play are racing against computer Unless I don’t know about any other and your all keeping secrets from me… Jk lol So yeah just get this game and you’ll really enjoy yourself Bye I’m twenty eight and did sex with my husband We put his penis and my viginia together and had a baby I also like being fingered
  • Great

    By lover😘😘😘😘🐧
    It’s good but it’s glitchy
  • Game

    By Drochefort77
    It. Is a funny game playing with your friends and in quarentine it keep you busy
  • How this is the best game ever

    By player delight
    This game is awesome
  • Aweful app!!!!!!!!

    By Mistress Emerald
    I love the game and all but i refused to let the game look at all my other apps and activities on my phone so it kept pushing and pushing for me to agree so i just deleted it because it was annoying and no longer fun. 😡😡😡😡😡🤬👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • I really like this game

    By kittycutiegirl
    Ok, this game is awesome. I mean, on a WATERSLIDE a few hundred feet in the air is a little crazy, but hey, it’s totally addictive and I love all the graphics. Totally recommend this game. Not too many ads, it’s literally perfect! But one time i threw myself off the water slide and made it in the finishing pool. It like, froze and i was suspended in the pool. Probably a graphics problem. Still good
  • Fun! But some things

    By Ie Monke
    So I really love this game but the update is the WORST I was playing this game since it first launched and loved it. Then I deleted it just because it was taking up lots of my battery. Then I downloaded it again and found this update. Now I just wanna say THESE PEOPLE ARE AI (aka bots) because there is NO WAY that these “people” have been playing the same game everyday for 2 years. Another thing is that because of the update after you win it doesn’t put the crown over your head so you don’t know who wins until you get the results. I would have given this 5 stars if the update wasn’t there.
  • I actually don’t like u guys

    By xxxoreorsxxx
    I hate u guys. Nobody like u guys lol haha👆🏿
  • Good and bad

    By skkksiee
    So I don’t like how the people get to where you are when you jump off the slide and get another piece of it and it’s like super annoying and I’m like what! Can you please change it so people don’t get to you fast😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 also I touch the slide and then I die like that’s not fair and it’s not cool FIX THIS GAME! Also TAKE AWAY THE ADD!
  • To many ads

    By Peppa Pig 🥰
    There is so many ads and its annoying
  • Awesome

    By snowflake yt
    Super fun I love it everyone should play it!
  • Please read!

    By JesseDenisGodJesusILoveYou
    This app is alright, and if I say an app is alright, I mean it’s Alright!! Yes there are many glitches!
  • Hay

    By hayahahayhaha
    They catch up to quickly and that’s not fun
  • Worst game

    By mrpooppataeto
    I’ve been seeing ads over and over each round
  • To much ADDS

    By Life with my bunny
    I love it but to much ads , when I die I press restart and there is a ads and ads are like on every single time I die ,LIKE GIVE ME A BREAK
  • Dumb

    By PuppyLoverForever9
    It’s such a stupid game! It takes so long to load! And then 24 hours past by and it’s still loading!! 😡I didn’t even get to play!
  • Good but

    By Ava. gillespie
    It is my fav game but to easy to win please make it harder but otherwise it’s a awesome app
  • Joe mamma ate my ass

    By myassburnsalot
    This is stupid ASFFF🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
  • Rubberbanding

    By thatfortnight_furryuwu
    Every time I go in first the boss always teleport right behind me not good would not recommend
  • Omg great job

    This was a great game game I loved it so much it’s not even funny whoever made this keep on making more games😁😁I was so happy on what I downloaded :3
  • >:(

    By for da tok
    so many dang ads

    By 74% charged computer
  • I like the game... but their is one problem...

    By Gsgolfer
    The game is awesome but there is 1 problem and it’s that I’m pretty sure that the other players are bots bc they never jump off to another slide part and I just think that if you did real players it would be more challenging and fun
  • Awesome

    By clone 245
    Fun game
  • Awesome game ever

    By super awsome kitkat
    This is a really awesome game I am a person that does not play much games on my phone and this game probably is the funniest game I have ever played in like 5 years.
  • It is ok

    By Sid#21
    I like the game but after a wile the game stoped working. I re-downloaded it but after it just got worse to the point where I can’t even get in the game. By that I mean yes it would let me in but when it goes to open the game the screen where I can only see the add/advertisements and I can’t even start the game nor see anything whatsoever. I also think it is easy to get first place once you have played two rounds. Other than that I like the game a lot.
  • I love this game

    By joereed17
    I love this game
  • Fix the bug of free falling!

    By Jaszy fizzle
    Every time you jump off the water ride , you free fall and then it just freezes free falling and need to restart your phone or get out the app. It’s Annoying for this app because I can’t go to the next game at all.
  • It’s ok

    By Annie Keenan
    It has lots of bugs and glitches not good
  • Fun Game

    By grace 🥺⚡️
    I love this game so much but it hasnt updated in forever lmk when it will update!!!
  • Amazing game! A few problems

    By bean47204llaaaa
    So by the way I love this game! It’s a perfect mixture of easy and hard, and it is hard to find a game like that. There aren’t many ads like other games I’ve played and it’s pretty simple. I love how you can change the name or character your using and pick the places, this really customizes the game. Now for the problems, or problem... it glitches. Sometimes when I’m playing only once or not at all but sometimes so much that I have to stop playing my favorite game, nooooo!!! It glitches especially when I jump, it will glitch so I turn around and then I lose. This gets annoying fast, I can’t even finish! And it’s not my fault! But other than that I looooove this game! I totally recommend downloading it, but I really hope that they fix this problem.
  • ok . . .

    By Ava😋😎🤩🤗
    Glitches and ads why ??? This automatically makes this game 1 star. But I’m giving it 3 stars because I like the idea and the game itself.
  • Pa

    By fdgffgffhfyhu
    Thanks 😊 for your help today thanks
  • Sponsor me

    By Tronic PlaysYT
    Can you sponsor me

    By Galaxy Game
    Okay you NEED more skins I haven’t played this in like a year and there are no new SKINS.
  • Indudablemente

    By maynir acume
  • Okay

    By 694928595732
    This game is fine. Sometimes it glitches though. My character will get stuck floating in the air, or the vibrations will randomly stop (and I think the vibrations make the game more satisfying). There are common, rare, and legendary characters. There’s no difference between them. They’re all just characters. Some just cost more. And once you unlock them all (which took me about three days) you have nothing to do with your coins. It freezes constantly and there are way too many ads. This game is fun when I have a few minutes, but nothing amazing.

    By swensry2
    When I played the game at first it was normal but then when I was sliding randomly my head went flat it made me confused so I tried bumping someone and when I did I went in there body and we glitched together and I freaked out. then it went laggy and it would switch off sliding and stopping it was so glitchy it looked like it was going static I clicked the home button and it went off but the iPad was still laggy I had to reset it . So please fix whatever the heck that was.
  • Cheeter

    By cat🌈🌟
    Bad idea for me 👇👎👎👎😠
  • Good but needs changes

    By T Money5,0000
    It is really fun overall but one thing that really gets me is that it Is super glitchy.