The Real Juggle

The Real Juggle

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-17
  • Current Version: 1.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 215.79 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 44 272


Put your juggling skills to the test! Freestyle and channel your inner pro in The Real Juggle. How long can you keep the ball in the air? Can you stall and hold it? Fun and easy to pick up but don’t drop it... You will be ready for the World Cup in no time! Unlock new modes to test your skills. From hoops, to bricks, to freestyle, this game has it all! Can you achieve the legendary trick the “double around the world” ??? Game Features: 1. Test your skills. How long can you keep the ball in the air? How many times can you juggle? How’s your stall game? Come find out in this easy to learn but tough to master game. What kind of tricks can you pull off? 2. Realistic Soccer Physics The most realistic soccer simulation game there is. Control your feet to keep the ball in the air. Only the most skilled players can hold the ball on their feet 3. Challenge yourself in new modes Whether you want to shoot at hoops, break bricks, or maybe just freestyle to try new tricks, this game has it all. 4. Unlock new skins Play as your favorite stars from all over the world. Change the location of where you start your budding soccer skills. Endless combinations and possibilities. Whether you like soccer, like juggling balls or just want to tap and play, The Real Juggle will take you there. This is the best and most relaxing soccer simulation game there is. Good luck putting The Real Juggle down! Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster and Mr Bullet! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;




    By Dejowe
    I can juggle CRAZY I mean I can kick the ball high in the sky. WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
  • Stupid ad

    By deererunner
    Get rid of the video and change it
  • The best game ever

    By Inloveshopping
    This is the best game I ever played in my life 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Great

    By Braedyn White
    It is an awesome app for people who like soccer
  • Game

    By Akubue
  • It nots not in Good shape

    By Deatg ray
    -waaaaaay to many ads -level18 is rigged -boring
  • Awesome!

    I love this game but it is a bit laggy But other than that great game 🥈⚽️⚽️⚽️
  • Fun but then not

    By JonKicker
    This game was pretty great at start but once I kept playing it got boring. I’m only on lvl 23 but I’m not feeling it. Horrible tbh
  • Please fix

    By loneyBoi
    I give this game a 4 because there is way to many ads every 3 or so try’s boom! There’s an add. So please decrease the ads and then I will rate it a solid 5
  • Not good

    By dieselpwr12
    This product is not very good.
  • A message from the developer

    By Dachowiec6127
    Joe Sig will be added into the game shortly
  • It’s the best game ever

    By Candy Licona
    Make it more cool and keep it up!
  • Not a bad game

    By El Chapo23327
    Y’all need to make something very better just saying. 👍🏽
  • So bad all fake reviews

    By idk 3045
    So many bugs I can’t even believe every time I try to juggle the other foot comes up in the game and it makes you watch and every time you fail so it’s just like an advertisement thing so yeah
  • 2 problems.

    By Wiesenhutter
    There are some problems in the game 1. I lag 2. I can’t hear the volume. Well other then that, THE GAME IS AMAZING! Another title: Fixed! When I just got into the game I could hear the kicks and it wasn’t lagging!
  • Isle

    By latewmnhdr
    It’s very cool and keeps me calme
  • ok

    By axel 🙈
    good game but too much ads
  • Happy

    By fagai
    Nice game
  • Fun

    By 7odd+5
  • Great game

    By cattykid500
    I’ve never seen a gam better
  • Review

    By jaaldjfgffnsmmskdmfn
    It’s a fun game but a little hard when you get to hard levels it makes me go crazy
  • Bad

    By kaito schiffer
    Fun but WWWAAAAAYY To many ads
  • 5 STARS!

    By Amari playz
    Ok so I love this game really much!Awesome 😎 bonus lvls and there all amazing 😉! And it makes me mad 😡 sometimes but still grēåt! They definitely spent some time on this game and put effort into it! These are the reasons why I love this game: 1:because the awesome 👏🏻 bonus lvls 2: they put effort into it 3: creative game And this is really true it’s awesome! And if you disagree then we all have our opinions :) thank you for reading this! Baï ëvërÿøńë!
  • Somthing needs , to be fixed

    By Jer McG
    So when your juggling theirs a two clear bars on booth sides and when ever you hit either one of those two you can’t save it it won’t let you stupid
  • What is this

    By Nicholas Youtuber
    What game is this we’re already done in level 6 bruh you game is the most boringest game I saw it looked like nobody like your game it’s just a short level
  • This game is good

    By eee😹
  • Ok I guess

    By taco dingdong
    When I downloaded this game it looked really fun. Which it is but there are some levels for me that keep making you do it even when you got all the kicks, and the customizing the balls are expensive.this is my opinion on the game so don’t get mad if we don’t share biews☺️
  • Hi

    By SoccerDaddy0307
    This game is so much fun. It is challenging which makes me want to do keep playing the game until I get it. The levels are so fun and are different per level. Some you have to break bricks and in others you have to get 20 juggles.
  • ADSS!!!

    By Spoopy noodle
    Great game. I do recommend as for it is quite challenging and keeps interest. Therefore which that there is the problematic a lot of ads popping up after almost every round. Good game, but the ads are a lot.
  • I love your game it’s so fun

    By papaoxoxixnd dnxsbx xbsqjass
    I love it
  • BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!

    By RoyelPlayer10
    If you love soccer, then you'll love this game!
  • Super Chill

    I love this game it is soooo addictive for me to play this game and good work on the update guys KEEP IT UP
  • Ok

    By zoe the soccer player
    It’s a really fun game but when I was like one juggle away from reaching it the foot wouldn’t come up it’s rigged sometimes😂😐
  • The real juggle

    I can learn how to play soccer now
  • 👎

    By austin9526
    It lags so much no matter what I download it on don’t waste your time on this game
  • Hi

    By Shahbazyar
    It’s a little bit hard but i like it.
  • Awesome game

    By gpthdvf
    This game is awesome keep up the good work
  • Offensive Ad

    By chrisandadriel
    Honestly the ad I got was offenseive saying I couldn’t play this game good or my mom can’t do this or neither my familia that hurts tbh you got some problems fam 😓😿
  • De

    By Zack the savage your boy
  • This game

    By Sean the sheep107
    this game is addicting
  • Best game ever

    By ab marti
    Make more because I’m a soccer champion.
  • Game fan

    By Mmxxx01
    I love the game so much I would play it all day love you guy so much
  • Rigged

    By himsally
    This game is straight up RIGGED like when you are juggling it will just drop the ball
  • 5 stars

    By tiktok_master 523
    I like this game because it’s hard in the higher rounds and easy in the lower game ever!!!
  • no

    By Mads_2222
    the adds take away from the whole game.
  • It’s fun! Too many adds

    By Jonah ❤️
    The game is fun, addicting, definitely would be better without ads tho
  • Rude

    By HABHH72!:
    I saw an ad about them on TIK TOK and it said you cant do this your mom cant do this and your dad😥[RIP] cant do this
  • Why I like it

    By datboinito
    I like this game because I play soccer and I love soccer so I was just playing a game and it said download for free and I saw it and I wanted to get it so I clicked on it and started playing and it was fun✔️.
  • Should be more to it

    By FIX IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dear creators I only gave this app three stars because there is not a lot to it I think there should be more to it like since it is a soccer game there should be different options of what to do like you should be able to choose the same stuff you already have in one option but there should be other things like being able to play an actual game of soccer by moving your character around there should also be character customization and you should be able to choose which one and there should be much more to it but what it has is good but I think it can certainly be better but overall it’s a good game