Dig It Your Way - Golf Nest

Dig It Your Way - Golf Nest

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-03-10
  • Current Version: 1.4.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 131.43 MB
  • Developer: MarkApp Co. Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 31 511


Just dig with your finger to guide the ball. It's easy but challenging. Each level is a challenging physics. Dig through sand to guide your ball through impressive scenes! Complete lots of challenging stage to unlock new skins. What is your best score? Just give it a try!



  • Fun

    By Wonder girl❤️
    This is a pretty good game but it could be better.
  • Clunky, boring, huge ad to fun ratio

    By AdamMich
    Game is fairly interesting in concept, definitely has potential. But the level design is not very creative, unsatisfying and easy. The game is clunky and unpolished, crashes a LOT. There is an ad after almost every single 5 to 10 second level. Literally only good for averting your gaze in an awkward or unwanted social interaction.
  • Too Easy, Beat it in 3h

    By catRabbit499
    The game is fun at first but most of the obstacles are a joke that can be avoided by a simple line around them. After about level 150, the levels repeat on shuffle which gets old reeeeealy fast. Needs more challenging obstacles, more levels, and some horizontal scrolling component to make it interesting again.
  • Needs work

    By nonenof your bees wax
    It’s fun and all but....its to easy like I never die and I always do it in one turn I could use some work.☹️
  • Love it

    By april(786)
    Cool for school 😝😛👍🏼
  • Too easy

    By gayu234
    Too easy, too much ads
  • The previews lie.. DO NOT GET

    By Kitty_Playzzz
    Ok, so I’m doing REALLY WELL but then the app crashes and PUTS ME BACK ON LEVEL ONE! DO NOT GET! HUGE FUN SCAM! THE PREVIEWS LIE!!!!
  • Blah

    By sniper710
    It’s k but got bored quickly. Could of been because of extra long and frequent ads that pop up. I understand the need to make money but I can sit through long drawn out ads every other level. Deleted it.
  • Fix it please

    By princessmadii12
    It’s a cool fun game but now when I play it I can do like 1 level and it just craps out and takes me back to my home screen. It’s completely updated so far so it’s not behind at all
  • Bored.

    By texrattlesnake
    Thought this would be semi challenging and fun like Dig It. It’s so easy a 3 year old could probably beat these levels.
  • hefty fine

    By Mommy2ThreeLittleBoys
  • Amazing

    By Dwnforit
    I love it you can make shapes on the way down to the hole and best of all you don’t have to get mad when you die because you don’t 🎉😃it’s so addictive Sincerely B-nito
  • Golf nest

    By Youngarieballer
    To easy
  • 😀

    By Marythebookworm
    I just started and i can’t stop playing!
  • Ads are way too long

    By ElKefe1972
    Fun game, but after each level it wants you to watch a 30 second ad. Sorry, no time for that. Delete.
  • For small children ,ages 3and up.

    By toadc
    Too easy, too many ads.
  • I like the game but........

    By fnaf lover_foxy
    I like this game I just don’t like how the game shows the exact same ad every time a ad comes up maybe do an ad that is something els besides hearthstone because I am just getting tired of that ad. Plus I’ve already got the game so pls do something else besides hearthstone. Thank you! 👍
  • Glitches

    By digglelinghittaman
    The Game Glitches ALOT and needs to be fixed
  • Because of ads

    By getshot33
    I say It’s a 3 rating just because how many ads Pot up
  • Best Game Ever😍😍

    By ushsbxbxuxhxhhxududkdkmdjxhdb
    I LOVE IT... I have words😶
  • Fun, but not good

    By Mistylight
    When I first got this app and got kind of far on it, it glitched and kicked me off the game. When I got back on, it started over and I was back on level one. it did this about 3 times. Don’t buy this app.
  • Good game. But

    By tim13w
    I love this game. However. Sitting through 30 second adds is a bit much really thinking of deleting the game. I really think the adds are too much
  • Awesome!!!

    By JaedanV14
    Amazing little game. So fun. You have to dig a trail and try to get the golf ball in the hole.
  • Awesome

    By nickkk123!!!!!!!!
    This game is so easy and stress relieving I love it this is my favorite game ever
  • It s fine

    By groof 1235
    It’s literally just a rip off and dig it and it’s just like so fake I give it three stars I don’t want to be mean and put the arrow Again just really stupid
  • I haven’t played the game cuz it won’t let me 😔

    By KNic27
    Okay so I’ve seen the game before and I’ve played it for the add but never the real deal my phone won’t let me for some dumb reason but if I could get it I would be so hyped🥳🤩 Now I really can say much about it sense I haven’t played it ! So I’m sorry! But thanks for reading this💕❤️💕
  • Mary

    By Mimi whoopitup
    If you want relaxing fun, this is it.
  • Amazing GAME

    By AC awsome
    This is amazing game is soo Addicting!!
  • ☺️

  • 🥰

    By Regan🤗🥎🥎👌🐶😘
    It is soooo intertwining
  • Trash lol

    By The Mom Bomb of 3
    Pewds is best
  • What I didn’t like was.

    By gamergirl_unicornlover123
    Every time I would watch an add the screen would get smaller. I didn’t like the way that was because I would be able to play right. Or to know if I was going the right way. The levels don’t even get hard. There was also way to many adds every time, I would want to play. That’s all
  • Best game I played

    By cactusjackakatravisscott
    Real nice game
  • Cody

    By kingofmonekys
    It passes time quick but cam also get boring quick
  • Amazing

    By killbuddytime
    Very fun and concentrating to play
  • Fun game

    By mandyfromak
    This game is fun. I’ll give it that. But the levels seem repetitive. I feel like I’ve done the same level 100 times already. The good thing is that my toddler and older kid can easily play this game when they want.
  • Sweet

    By Zzzoie
    Very relaxing game to pass the time....
  • Level 1300 - 3443 Gems... now what?

    By majv62
    As a mindless distraction this is about a 3 star game. It feels like a proof of concept for some greater game you may be developing. I hope so. Give a hint why the game play is so simplistic, please. Tell us when or if achievement and skill levels will be introduced. Otherwise, it will just become another abandoned game on the phone. Alas.
  • Love it! Too easy

    By HawaiiGOAT
    I love this game I play it all the time but... it’s WAY to easy I’m on lvl 130 and it’s a cakewalk just saying love the game just make the levels harder
  • Too laggy and way too many ads

    By jbono65
    I understand that a free game needs ads to sponsor that game so they can make a profit but once you get later in the game, it’s after every single level and it’s annoying. Also sometimes it gets really laggy and messes up your track
  • Why does this exist

    By A mysterious teifling
    I couldn’t figure out how to lose.
  • Oof

    By Ya Girl Mae
    Where’s my water ripoff
  • Golf nest

    By Henripuez
    It is so fun but the level I have is so hard. My level is 100
  • Bad Formula

    By Sora9890
    I wanted to buy the game, but it was fun, at least. At around level 50, ads ruined it, then I put on airplane mode. After level 119, the levels are repetitive. I don’t know why you are liking this. Before levels repeated (at level 120), the game had a fun formula. At around level 180, 60 levels after it repeated, I deleted the game P.S., if you’re reading this, DO NOT PLAY!
  • Good but still too...

    By aackscott
    I think this game is too easy. I will tell you that this game have a lot of stuff and really fun but to the people that want some thing more challenging this is not the game. I think you should add a challenge mode that is really hard but possible. Plz fix the games the rest is wonderful
  • Golf

    By black panter ninja
    Love the game
  • Ehh

    By blob44icecreamlove
    It’s ok I downloaded this game because I kept seeing a bunch of ads saying can you beet this level and if complete his you are a legend but this game is super easy anybody can finish the whole game but congrats to the developer( s ) for making this game they tried so hard
  • It’s so much better

    By sophiaslime
    I thought it would be more uncontrolling but it’s really not I like it
  • This game iz ok

    By hvfgdyhfhgchchyHI
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