Clean Road

Clean Road

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-04-07
  • Current Version: 1.5.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 178.71 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 110 741


Touch and drag to control the Snow Plow. Avoid obstacles and help the people to get out of their homes! Upgrade you vehicle to take on even the mightiest Snow storm.



  • Bhgg

    By kdidifj
  • Gets boring and to many ads

    By HiPets101
    I wanted to try this game out and when I down loaded the game it was fun a first but the it got really boring fast and it was to easy. Something that I noticed when playing the game is that after every level there would be an ad. I am not sure if there were a lot of ads for other people but there was an ad after every level for me. You can download the game but it might just be a wast of time
  • To many ads.

    By professional game review guy
    The game is ok. To many ads ... 30 seconds ads nearly every round ... you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Cut the ads by 50% and the ads time to 15 seconds . It would not be so annoying.
  • I just got home from the store

    By hermeownie granger😸
    I just got home and got my car back in a few weeks so I’ll get it tomorrow. I’m gonna need to be clear about how you feel and how you can get me to lick your feet. I’m here for the next few weeks so hit me up.
  • Way to Many Ads

    By Johnny forklift
    I like the game, but at the end of each level they offer to upgrade your vehicle if you watch a video. If you decline and just try to go to next level they put a ad on anyway. Whoever is in charge of this needs to be fired and this needs to be adjusted.
  • Click bait

    By swtooooooo
    This game is nothing but click bait don’t waste your time. Each level is super short and simple not challenging at all. Then you have to watch a ad between each level. Many of the ads are hard to find the x to get out of them. Also inappropriate ads like the bloody me bullet ad come up a bunch not appropriate for kids because of the ads. This game could be better but it’s not. It’s just click bait to make the developers max money by giving you short levels then making you watch ads to put money in their pockets.
  • Controller

    By hi im friend
    It is very hard to control the truck.
  • This app

    By gracegucci490
    Very satisfying like ASMR very nice app good job :-)
  • Best game ever

    By Pro🏆
    I have had the best time playing this game it releases tress and is the most relaxing game I have ever played
  • todo publicidad

    By luchonacho08
    no hagan un juego gratis para obligar a la gente a ver videos
  • Annoying

    By timmy billy
    To many adds man! All the other reviews are fake! F this game and the creators..... I bet they will his this add too
  • This game doo doo

    By naaaaater
    This game is bad because every level is the same and after every level there is a dumb ad and I just want to play the game not watch the same ad over and over again it gets annoying so I deleted the game

    By Stop being annoying
    DON’T WASTE ur time or anything! You think other free games have A LOT of adds? This one BEATS them ALL!! Not kidding! You can’t get past ONE/EACH level, (that’s ALL the exact same, btw), without being forced to watch a 30+ second ad all for only 10-15 seconds of each level! Literally every single time after each and every game/level. So Your literally watching more time (DBL) in ads then you are actually playing and the playing is literally 10 seconds per level! ??? It’s insanely crazy! It’s in my opinion, the best “commercial-ad” “Scam” app/game. Complete waste!!! Don’t even bother, Save ur time AND save ur hard drive! I don’t ever write reviews but I HAD to write this one b/c I’ve NEVER seen an app do this! Smh. Ridiculous! The developer(S) should be ashamed unless he/she was already aware of what they were doing with forcing more ad time down our throats than play time and after each and every 10 second level, it forced to Watch 30+ second ads and again for only 10 seconds of the exact same play level time?! Let that sink in, Play 10 second rounds only to be forced to watch 30+ seconds in ads EACH AND EVERY TIME!! Anyone think this is ok and or right? Why developer(S), why?!? Shame on you Guys. Not right, not fair!! Unbelievable, unreal and should be prohibited. I’ve never wanted to physically smack an app ever, before this one! Possibly smack the dog piss out of the actual developer(S) but I’m not promoting violence. I’m completely irritated, annoyed and Disgusted that you all did this. You all should be banned and prohibited from EVER being able to developer ANY game, EVER!!! Shame on you. Bunch of Con artists!
  • This game has potential

    By MuaKae
    This game is type fun , the only thing is the roads aren’t that long aka the level is short. And most annoyingly, there’s farrrrrr farrrrrr too many adds. There’s so many ads that I can’t even enjoy the game fully . So I just recently deleted the game today. The ads are over the top annoying cause they pop up every second 🙄
  • This is so satisfying ⁉️

    By 💋🐶💩
  • Harder

    By butgood cute butt
    Make it harder
  • Love the game

    By Disappointed user 7527855
    Love the game
  • Boring....

    By nessbecauseiam
    It’s quite boring. I would like more challenges and maybe a timer or something Its really just driving through obstacles Would like for it to have more...😐
  • Clean Road

    By hdukvo
    Best game I played in my life
  • The hurricane like

    By diejsdjjsjsjs
    I think you should do a hurricane because it would be more cool because you got to Dodge flying cars and other flying objects
  • Hard

    By jfjdjzk
    It is kind of hard
  • It’s stupid

    By MD8!!!!
    They made a game that is easy for three-year-olds and they put a 12 and up sign do you think that’s right no and I am an eight-year-old that knows this and it just doesn’t make sense that they would make a game that’s easy for three-year-olds and give it to 12-year-olds and it’s stupid that they would ever do this and if you stupid game maker here this deal with it because I hate you
  • 👍🏻

    By fghcytfcytfc🤖
    I like this game because it’s more of a challenge instead of making it incredibly easy thanks for making the game! 👍🏻🙂
  • very bad

    By Jjjihnson
    The only challange is the ugrade to the vehicle and the vehicle always has the same capabilities. Nothing changes. The game has no aim.

    By JackyV411
    When I would try to press next to go to the next level it would always give me adds but I would never get an upgrade so I would say that is fake advertising
  • first

    By hersheysmb
    I got this game a few days ago and at first it was really fun. But then I realized the obstacle courses pretty much stay the same and you just get truck upgrades. But, since the course stays the same what’s the point of upgrades?!? You get 3 “challenges” a day and if one is “don’t crash and free cars” then if you crash once the games doesn’t have the capability to reset and let you try again. You just missed that challenge. There’s only so many times you can run over stuff before it gets boring. I’ll be deleting the game. I hope you make updates because I think it could be a really cool game.
  • Horrible

    By can you pick me up
    A read comments and then played the game and it has way to many ads what the heck this is probably the worst game in the world # frown-face🙁🤢🤢👎👎👎👎👎
  • Ads Ads Ads

    By Enreckngecgiwencgcnicwfe
    Downloaded, played for a whole 30 seconds, was forced to watch a 30 second ad. Deleted.
  • Half-assed?

    By Corpsmanrick
    It’s a fun game. It’s weird that you can only free 7 cars per level. And there is no upgrade, just unlocking new skins. The worst part is the daily quests asks for you to save 10 vehicles without crashing. (Crashing being when you get stuck and the car rams into you from behind resulting in you starting over). Well, I did that, but it didn’t count. Equally frustrating is the way they will make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to get a car out without getting stuck, and then give you a mission to unstuck multiple cars without missing any! All in all, it looked fun, but the bugs detracted from what would otherwise be a nice, cute game you could play to pass the time.
  • It’s the bessssst game ever😍❤️❤️

    By eli1360
    I’ve played this game for a long time and...we’ll loved this game This game makes us help people it make us smart That’s why i love this game
  • Major Flaw Too Many Ads

    By sgreenlc
    This game looked fun in the ad so I downloaded it but little did I know that was a huge mistake. I didn't save all the cars yet it said level complete, so I decided to do the next level but save no cars at all on purpose and when I did that, it STILL said level complete!!! 😡 😡 Then, you have to watch a 5 second ad after playing a two second round of a poorly made game. I wish these creators actually read their reviews, because their Tamar’s would be A LOT better! So if you haven’t already gotten the game, just don’t.
  • Galaxy kitty

    By queenunikitty
  • Well that is weird.....

    By Maria⭐️⭐️⭐️
    So I did not save all the cars but it said LEVEL COMPLETE it’s just weirdly annoying so please fix this thing also because of that it’s not challenging at all i was expecting challenges BUT THE STUPID EDITED AD SAID IT WAS HARD I swear life is hard but not for me cus I’m smart and stuff so easy things are not my thing
  • Clean car

    By nadibell
    Good game To play out side
  • Ads

    By SpencerFromBanks
    Oh my word... the game is fun but after EVERY SINGLE 10-15 second round you have to watch a 5 second ad. I mean like, every time. I deleted it today because i didn't want to pay the $2.99 to get rid of them. Not worth it if you value your time.
  • Evelyn

    By deesnus
    It is very fun but hard to steer so please make it easier but I still love it
  • Really fun

    By Blobby blob stop my name is🤔
    I like it a lot but it keeps glitching and make me lose and start all over again
  • Wow

    By cohenpace
    Do you like watching ads? Do you like getting lied to? Do you like repetitive games that make you do the same level with the same difficulty in different colors? Do you love “upgrading” things but you’re actually just changing cosmetics? Then this is the game for you! This game is loaded with ads every 20-30 seconds. Purely a sell out game. This game makes you watch videos for “upgrades” but that’s a lie because it just changed the skin of your vehicle and offers no actual improvement. Levels are all the same and you can play this game with your big toe it’s so easy. This game is genuinely garbage and this should be an example of what games shouldn’t be. No more sellout games with ads and pay to wins. We want the good ol’ days like zombieville and jet pack joyride not this sellout trash.
  • Non stop ads and loses its fun quickly.

    By Andrulf138
    The ads in this game are non stop and really ruin any remote fun you might have playing this game. The game also loses its fun very quickly as there aren’t really any challenges or goals; after a few levels I was more bored than when I started playing and I immediately uninstalled. Side note: I’m pretty sure a lot of these 5 star reviews are fake.
  • Too many ads!!

    By Half icon
    The game is really fun. I loved it when I just got it. But the problem is... how many ads there are. It literally says, get a free car if you watch an ad. But still, even if you don’t do that, the game still makes you watch an ad. I honestly think it was amazing and the game was super fun and cool. But the only thing that I have to complain about is the ads apparently. And in my opinion. I think they should only put in a few ads, like if you want a free car, then watch an ad. But not every single time after you finish a level. Anyway, thats all!
  • The best game

    By ffhgug
    The best game ever
  • Eh it’s ok

    By Soul_Sans
    Game crashes often
  • Love it

    By El Diputado
  • I am really interested in this game

    By ms codan
    i just got this game and I am addicted to it already . This is a really nice game all you have to do is go to your App Store of you game store or what ever and look at the different ways you can play and win.
  • Hi

    By FaskSleekBlackcat
  • Cool game love it

    By gordo and jesse
  • Worst Free Game Ever Played. >:(

    By Little Lady in GA
    See 2nd review that you see on the front page
  • Glitches Galore

    By Liv🤞🏻🤪
    I went on level 48 then it did a glitch.I thought hey it’s just a tiny glitch just keep going.I did and it kept happening.I was sooooo mad.I just got off to do this wish me luck on the other levels. BYE BYE
  • 5 stars

    By human 101 202 303
    I would rate this game 5 stars becuase I like that there are only 3 or 4 ads they give you. I like that you don’t have to pay to get a better car or to upgrad it. I like that the levels ACTUALLY get more challenging as you move on. So yeah, I would rate this app a perfect 5 stars