Clean Road

Clean Road

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-04-07
  • Current Version: 1.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 178.79 MB
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 133 026


Touch and drag to control the Snow Plow. Avoid obstacles and help the people to get out of their homes! Upgrade you vehicle to take on even the mightiest Snow storm.



  • Clean rode

    By Hbjucfmkygxse
    I love clean rode it’s so fun!!!!!!!! I’m done bye
  • Leartaklaiqi

    By leartaklaiqi
  • Clean road

    By jstjdygfcnur
    I just rly don’t get the point in this app it’s not fun at all bc all you do is just clean a road
  • 😕

    By b.rena
    Need less ads that’s mad annoying
  • Same ol same ol

    By astroswilly
    If ur looking for a game that will does the same thing over and over and over and over and on top of that if you choose to not watch the video to upgrade a car you STILL have to watch a video, gotta say this is one of the worst games I have ever played in the phone!!!!!!!
  • Deleted the App - waste of time, repetitive, not even fun

    By Dmcfarland08
    Even when I chose not to do the lame “upgrade car” feature you get *every single time (which cheapens the experience and makes it unimpressive, especially when it’s cosmetic only)* they STILL FORCED ME TO SIT THROUGH ADS TO KEEP PLAYING. Seriously? The ads are those lame stereotypical ads from other games that just want you to view their ads, too, so they don’t put any effort into them to make them other than to try to trick you into interacting with them. The game is glitched, too - you can’t always complete missions. Beyond that, every mission is the same as the last, just with a facelift that still repeats every few games.
  • 👍👍

    By Niles94
    Fun game!
  • A lot of ads

    By thisisnutsed
    I get these game developers need to make money from their work but the amount of ads makes it annoying and you lose the interest of keep playing
  • Ad ya think?

    By Silly birdies
    An absolutely insane amount of ads. Don’t bother wasting your time with this app.

    I’m not getting enough money for helping a car bruh 20 cars for only $54 WOWW!! Wat a rip off😭😤I need to get paid at least $15 for each car I help like don’t they know I’m wasting MY MONEY FOR GASOLINE💀🤣
  • Fulfill your lifelong dream of driving a plow

    By Sneakerhead 2015
    Were you the kind of kid that hated snow days because you wanted to spend even more time at school? If so, this is the game for you. If not, you will find absolutely no satisfaction in plowing streets in “different” (colored) snow plows. Just when you thought that might get repetitive they added, wait for it, sand and grass that you can also plow! Exhilarating? Definitely not. Worth the time? Not even a little bit. There is also an absolute flood of ads, so if that’s your thing, this game is perfect for you.
  • Skip ad button plays Ads.

    By SgtSssyx
    This kinda game would of flourished back in the glory days of mobile gaming with OG Angry birds and Temple Run, but with the blatant disregard for their playerbase with the literal shoving down our throats with ads, it makes the game horrible. For Christ sake the skip ad button PLAYS AN ADD.
  • Wouldn’t recommend

    By MasterLup
    Very unrefined game, 95% of the 5 star reviews are blatantly fake, scummy tactic, if you want high rating reviews make a good game. If you don’t like the ads just turn on airplane mode, beat the first 20 levels in 5 minutes without crashing, not wasting my time further. That being said it’s still a functioning game and can keep a small child busy for a bit.
  • Love it!

    By Ñ,ñ.
    It’s a little hard to control the car other then that I love it, good game
  • Nice game

    By Erika costell lover
    I love it 🥰
  • Bad

    By sprocks1654
    This game is very boring and it is also very laggy. I suggest that you don’t waist your time by getting this game. ☹️
  • Adds

    By Cant use any other name!!!
    Way too many adds!!!!
  • My likes and dislikes for “Clean Road”

    By Steve Carriere
    I recently downloaded Clean Road an I must say, it is pretty good but if I were one of the developers of this game, I would put in less obstacles on the roads. Otherwise, it’s a good game.
  • Only ads, not a game

    By maxlightz
    Literally more time viewing ads than playing the game. Total crap.
  • Clean road

    By samuil_228
    Too much advertising
  • Horrible

    By Yondmaihdnaosbdnsk
    Game makes you watch an ad after every level to “upgrade your car”, and they aren’t short ads either
  • Confusing

    By dddffddf
    Took a long time to figure out how to play because every button leads to an ad
  • Amazing game!

    By fgfvhjlmv
    Love it. It is pretty hard and I like hard.
  • Stupid

    By ranoldbs
    It gives me an add after every 20 second level even if i click the next button that doesn’t retain an add symbol
  • Oh my god

    By orvja
    How many ads are in this freaking game I can be a Billionaire by the time I delete this game like oh my god girl I don’t have anything on this game is really nice like I love it but if there was no more ads like there’s I’ve never seen a game with that many ads like seriously if it would just not have any ads like maybe like two or three ads it would be OK but like 150 16,000 I’d like I don’t even know but if this game just did not have any and I would give it five stars like literally five stars so better get working on this game because I don’t have any other comments to say
  • So many ads

    By golden Henery
    This game is AWSOME but there are so many ads and I don’t want to judge but there is a lot of ads
  • Very nice game.

    By tttttttrrsssshsdf😮😲😧😮😧
    I love this game a lot good for lazy people graphics are good so so fun I think it would be more fun if there was multiplayer it dose not need WiFi good for a family to watch you play it I’m out of good ideas 💡🚕🌨🚛
  • Good game but.....

    By 22?????????
    It is a good game but I believe that you should have to work for your cars and every time you can just upgrade it and keep upgrading it and then you don’t have to work for it and I think you should be a have to work for it it’s really good but after everything after every level even if you don’t upgrade it you still have an ad and that’s a lot of add so maybe You should lower down the ad of it to but after all it is a very fun joyful a good game good fellow kids my little brother loves it to our family has it we love playing it but I think a little fixes would just make it a lot better
  • Demasiado divertido la verdad

    By Telemundo55
    Algo diferente a otros juegos para toda clase de personas que quieren tratar algo diferente este juego es para ellos la verdad lo recomiendo mucho
  • Nice but repetitive

    By Cordata-MI
    The game is easy enough to play with a single finger, but it's too repetitive to keep playing it. As other reviewers have mentioned, it's the same thing over and over again... There is no variation from level to level.
  • I need more five stars

    By devonyssa
    Game is cool but could be better
  • All about the adds

    By NikDarrow
    I feel like that are making it more about the adds then the game itself. Every time you complete a level, they give you a free car and upgrade but the adds are longer than it took me to complete the level. They have it so you do press the button and I don’t like that. It was a fun game to play but it felt more about the adds then anything and I just didn’t like that feeling. If you like more add time then gameplay, then good for you! This is your perfect game!
  • Too many ads

    By FoxtrotTwelve
    They shove ad after ad in your face when all you’re trying to do is play a game. Not worth the waste of time watching ads that will never influence you.
  • Horrible

    By shelby13/05.09.23
    Has an ad after every play and asks for free upgrades but if you don’t upgrade it shows you an ad anyways! Fix this
  • I just wanted to let you know I love the game

    By jaianni
    I...... just wanted you know I love the way you’re doing it for me
  • City

    By yrixilgcyouckgjxgjxo
  • Can anyone say ads?

    By Boycerd
    There is an ad after every play. Each play takes a few seconds.
  • Cool

    By Rabbit1840
    This game is sooo cool but it is also a challenge can’t wait to beat some levels
  • Bad

    By 1snando
    Boring levels don’t change is the same thing and it keeps asking for free upgrades if u watch a video but if U skip the upgrade it still shows the ad! Don’t see getting no where with this game
  • Stay Away!! Ad overload!!

    By Gold_N_Yellow
    You can’t play more than one level without having to watch a 30 second ad. Could be pretty fun but not worth the time.
  • Best game ever!!!!!

    By jahihikolo
    This game is satisfying that I stayed up all night playing this!!!🤩
  • The best app I ever downloaded

    By MarioFan01
    I love this game the controls are so simple!
  • why?

    By DanceSchoolQueen
    I was playing a game and an ad popped up for this game. It looked pleasing so I decided hey! I need lame new games, and this one looks fun. So I downloaded it. My first thoughts were yes, it looked really professional. I played a few rounds and if I’m going to be honest it isn’t really fun. This is all my opinions. This app has lots of ads, and the ads last for about 40 slow seconds. These ads appear every 2 rounds or so. This app is making me think, WHY? I would keep crashing into cars and it would almost make me get stuck. This game I think is pretty frustrating. Please change this game, and maybe more people will like it. Don’t let the haters get to you because I think it’s a great idea, and none of this is supposed to hurt you’re feelings. Thank you.
  • To many adds

    By G girl102
    This is a great game that I enjoy playing. The obstacles that you have to make it through and challenging and fun. I don’t like how there is a add after every round you play even if you don’t get the new car. I like to play a game and then keep wanting to play it but the adds make it frustrating and un fun. Also every level is the same they might add a challenge but mainly the same which makes it boring. But over all this is a great game and I recommend it.
  • Best game ever

    By chewyandgingerlove
    It is challenging but I like it
  • Trash

    By you bub
  • The new best game in the world

    By Ang91411
    I love this game it’s my new favorite game I never what to stop playing it it’s fun whoever made this game is now my friend I’m new to the game and it’s easy I was looking for a game that’s easy I’m bad at a lot of games but this game in easy for me and i like it I can only buy games that are free and some are hard but this is a nice cool game idk if vip is in this game I hope vip is not in this game because you have to pay to be a vip and no one what’s to use there money at all so ya I still love this game From angel To anyone
  • Boring

    By ronnie coleman jr
    Boring levels, janky mechanics, laggy starts, and too many ads. Would give zero stars if I could.
  • Black panther is a killing machine

    By jujutsu king