• Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2019-06-14
  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 38.75 MB
  • Developer: BENX CO., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 393


This is where artists and worldwide fans come together and create together. Follow the latest from your favorite artists, and share and talk with your worldwide fans easier than ever before! ▷ United with the fans around the world Create fan posts and share beautiful photos about your favorite artists on Weverse. Show your support for fan creations with cheers and comments. ▷ Video contents about your favorite artists From official releases to Weverse-exclusive videos that you won't find anywhere else! Watch the exciting selection of videos, handpicked for the fans on Weverse. ▷ Artists' moments of the day See the moments–funny, touching, or inspirational–shared by your favorite artists. Express your love for your favorite artists by cheering or commenting on their moments. ▷ One tap of a button to talk with fans in every corner of the world! Curious about what the fans wrote in their own languages? Try the easy translation feature! Of course, the translation feature brings your favorite artists' posts in your language. ▷Exclusive menu and contents just for ARMY MEMBERSHIP holders Join the Membership Only menu and enjoy special contents for Membershop holders. [Follow Weverse on Social Media!] - Twitter: @weverseofficial - Facebook: @weverseofficial - Instagram: @weverseofficial



  • App not working

    By LightCooking
    The series keeps breaking and every time I pause and screen lock I have to restart again and opening it again from beginning 🤦🏻‍♀️

    By Roxy0224
    Customer is horrible!!! I have emailed then THREE TIMES and still haven’t gotten a single response. For someone that has a ARMY membership this is unacceptable!
  • Not working at all !!!

    By cbarrera1986
    The application stopped working and my phone froze!!! Is happening since yesterday that I downloaded the app.
  • I can’t login or sign in

    By Kpop_55
    It’s not sending me the email and each time I try it doesn’t work
  • No notifications

    By Andrea Kroeger
    Although I have notifications marked on for both the app and my phone I do not receive any of them.
  • great idea, needs better execution

    By chlcemarie
    it’s a great idea for an app, gives the chance for artists to communicate with fans. although it crashes kind of easy, and needs better translations tho if possible, they’re kinda hard to understand. you should also be able to reply to comment or visit other people’s profiles. you should also be able to search for profiles. it’s fun to use tho, i get to see what bts posts so it’s fine lol
  • notifications error

    By CH3N77
    Notification list were deleted after update. I can’t find comments from bts members.😡
  • Wish I could see

    By XinChung
    I wish I were able to properly see translations but it sadly doesn’t show up. I also get delayed loading time while I’m on WiFi. Hopefully they get it fixed because I would love to see what the band members are commenting on. In addition, it tends to black screen me or not let me see anything yet I still get notifications? I’m lost.
  • Hard to sign in

    By L I L Y eliza
    I downloaded the app and I used 3 emails to sign in and it won’t let me sign in and it gives me a hard time.
  • Recommendation

    By Angel34251
    Here something recommendation I would like to share 1. Fans who want to follow their idols should answer some general questions about their groups, if they get it right, they could enter, if they can’t they can’t to prevent antis to join a group and harass them. 2. If they’re artists, they could provide evidences to verify them (as an artist) like link to their art block or some progress art, so others couldn’t repost their arts without their consent/ their permission. The real artists can post their arts since they already been verified
  • Good but......

    By that_trash
    I love this app and all of its features, but when I went to log in to see what someone posted I was signed out and couldn’t get back in. I tried to make a new account but that didn’t work either. Everything was going fine until this happened.
  • Please fix and improve

    By ClaudineE
    Why? 1.Because I’m unable to log in and when I finally do, it keeps logging me out. 2. Translate doesn’t work or too slow to work. It’s harder to communicate with BTS 😔 3. The app crashes pretty regularly.
  • Can’t login

    By Craftastic101🎨🎨
    I went back on the app after not using it in a while, and it said that my session ran out. Understandable since I was inactive, so I tried entering my email to log back in. It said “unknown error” so I tried my google account, same thing. Then I decided to try my Twitter, “unknown error”. I tried a second time with my Twitter, and it’s been loading for what seems like forever. I don’t know if this is just me, but all I wanna do is log back into my account.
  • Review

    By linda the jungkook stan
    I would want to give this a higher rating but the app is very glitched on my end. So logged out and did not remember my password. when i tried resetting it the email would take 5 minutes to get but then the link will say unknown error? so i’m still trying to see if i can log in
  • bugs

    By ayeOrange
    obviously, i like the app, but i think there are too many bugs: -every time there's an update, i can't login. i have to wait a day to login idk y. -every time a member is on the app and they comment, share a moment, or post, the app crashes. -when i want to translate a fan comment, weverse freezes, i have to reset it -takes a long time for translation feature to work on idols -freezes & crashes randomly
  • “Unknown error”

    By SmollFairy
    I got logged out and can’t log back in due to an “unknown error”. I can’t reset my password due to the same “unknown error”. Please fix this!
  • Fun way to interact with other fans and artist

    By Pure Jenius
    So much easier than sifting through twitter. The only problem is the app freezes up when I click the translation button.
  • App is always freezing

    By MacGeekSummer
    I like the idea of having this app which allows fans to correspond better with their idols; however, the app is ALWAYS freezing up. You click on your notifications and click on one in the list, only to find the app has solidly frozen on your screen. Then you have to force quit the app and try opening it up again. This process is repeated several times until it finally decides to work. Also, the translation is as far off as Siri is on translating my voice mail messages to text. Equally pitiful. This app could be so much better if it was just tweaked. I really hope some changes are coming to the app.
  • Thank you BigHit 💜

    By Aliciaaliciaaaaa
    I mean being able to have a semi “twitter” account but in which it only consists of your favorite idols and their fandom is incredibly insane. This is a wish come true I mean I know I’m not the only one who’s even through if being able to have a social media app where it’s only you and your favorite artists right? This is great and BTS just keep comming up with ideas to make their fandom even stronger, thank you BigHit love u 💜
  • Software problems and Chinese!

    By @QCH
    The software is slow, the picture content takes a long time to load, and why is the text of the membership not in Chinese?
  • G

    By Analikepies
    It tells me to login but I never signed up and I don’t know where to sign up
  • Can’t login with twitter

    By nextlevelchurro
    No matter how many times I try the app will not let me log in with twitter.
  • BTS💜

    By Sydney Armyyy
    I love the experience to have especially when I’m too broke to have a ticket or any merch for a concert. I love to see videos and pictures of BTS being happy! Thank you BigHit and Borahe!💜💜
  • Good app

    By _taniyaw
    i love itttttt🥰😘💋 is very nice And it's safe💕
  • Lagging often

    By Tram9292
    The App is cool as an Army I gotta say but its functions are not working properly. The translation tool is lagging very often that I have to out, refresh the app before coming back in. When members comments to on Army’s post that The app always starts to lag. Please fix it.
  • Can’t create account

    By gooser1090
    I have downloaded this multiple times, and every time I try to create an account it will never let me get thru the process. So I have yet to get an account.
  • new sign up?

    By 12jaak12
    hello, i really want to use my number instead of my email. if this is possible please make it possible! thank you!
  • Bad

    By C a l e i g h.
    Lies about age so is four and older supposed to play when I tried to make a account I had to be 16+.You should really just put it 16+
  • N/A

    By jofulness
    Weverse is amazing and I overall really enjoy it. Here Are A Few Suggestions That I Think Would Be Cool: 1. Write Below Photos 2. Have A Profile Picture Of Our Own Choosing (That The App Could Give Us) Thats All So Far, Thank You For This App, I really enjoy it💜 Hwaiting!
  • Keeps lagging

    By skjdjseid
    Seems like a great app but every time I try to go through the notifications of the artists and then translate the comments it lags or freezes. Idk if the developers can help fix that? I don’t believe it’s the WiFi because I’ve tried in multiple places using Weverse.
  • Bug

    By Puppyface102
    So whenever I tap on the post the artist comments on it doesn’t show and today I looked back at other posts and there was a word that said something in Korean I didn’t understand and i pressed the translation button and said a inappropriate word that doesn’t even match up to the text and speaking of the translation button , it takes to long to translate I waited for 30 min
  • Translation problems

    By nia brown 21
    Anytime someone has a long paragraph written in A different language I tried to transfer it to English and it just sits there in loads in the never turns back on in the app freezes and have to reset it. Is there anyway you guys can fix that because I can’t see peoples comments.
  • The app is okay, but still needs work

    By It needs a Major Fix
    While I do like the concept of this app, this still needs some work. Like for example, every group’s weverse needs monitoring. There are a lot of comments that can be inappropriate sometimes and BTS, TXT, and/or GFRIEND can see that. What I like to suggest is to place some rules and regulations on what’s allowed to comment and what’s not. Because if these groups continue seeing this, what will they think of us? Second, for every comment report made, also needs monitoring. There’s been an incident in the BTS Weverse where a fan blocked another fan’s (her name is Christina) comment out of jealousy. Just because she was noticed by Jin and got a happy birthday greeting from him. Who knows, there may be a lot of incidents like this in either TXT or GFRIEND’s Weverse. In order to stop this from happening, you need monitor everything because you never know when a fan can go overboard. If these things will be added in the next update, then I’ll certainly give this app 5 stars.
  • Great App but could be even better

    By Mbieber
    When I first found out about this app I thought it was a great thing, but some things I think they could change after using it is 1) being able to add profile pictures, 2) I know that the translations aren’t always correct which is fine but sometimes when I hit the translate button on anyone’s post the entire app freezes and I have to completely exit out of the app and there’s no way for me to be able to easily search up a post, 3) Number 2 brings me to 3, we should be able to easily search other people’s usernames and look at their profiles as well and search for posts, it’s a pain when you’ve commented on someone’s post and have no way of going back to it to see if they’ve replied and even if they do reply to you, you don’t get a notification.
  • Great Idea, needs a lot of fixing

    By Cdriley29
    Going along with everything else being said; -there is widespread abuse of report button -The app lags and crashes a lot so may be a server or software issue -translation service still needs a bit of tweaking; a lot of posts that are in Korean aren’t being translated at all, it just would be a blank space where the words would be. -there’s not a way to categorise posts, and would be an easy fix if implemented; goes a long way to limit oversaturation of one word posts -moderators are a need and a must. There’s a bunch of crazy stuff on the app and some of the group members have pointed it out already. T&C are already set, why are saesangs being encouraged to violate boundaries?
  • No Translations

    By DaughteroftheDemon
    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do much with this app, because every time I try to use the translation button, it makes everything freeze. For some reason it’ll translate comments with zero issue, but for a post it’ll just show the loading symbol, so then I can’t even go back to a different screen and have to shut down the app and reopen it (which still doesn’t fix it). I’m gonna see if the next update remedies this, or if anything changes, but if not then I just can’t use it.
  • Translation

    By Bowtiessindcool
    The Translation from Korean To Other Languages Needs Improvement This Needs To Be Fixed Please and Thank You
  • Translation problem

    By Nick013610
    It takes so much time to translate at this point might as well learn the language.
  • Delays

    By TinKookie
    I wish I can give this app a 5 star just bc we get to communicate with BTS. However, I experience a lot of issues with the translation option never working when I’m trying to read the members comments that is written in Korean. Translating that to English never works. Loading a post with a picture sometimes will not load properly. It will post without the picture...I understand the app is fairly new...but it’s pretty hard to use when nothing really works. If anything, it would be nice to be able to view the actually comment that someone life’s of yours instead of going to the post you commented on or even being able to tag a user when they comment or ask questions to you so you can respond back. Maybe it’s working for other wevers but it’s not quite there for me yet.
  • Not working

    By Kerrigandick
    Can’t even sign up. It says there is no website to activate my account.
  • Translator issues and uploading videos

    By jean0126
    as of late the translator has not been functioning very well and it loads rather very slow to the point of you have to exit the app and open again, and it ends up freezes the page. I wojld like to suggest also to pls make an option to upload videos that are saved on the users phone, it is very difficult to find a way to generate it into a url just so you can post the said video. Looking forward to more adjustments and hoping for your consideration.
  • Needs Improvement

    By louis abreu
    Love it! Its a very smart idea and helpful for the artists to communicate with us fans easily. It needs improvement though. 1. When an artist comments on a post and i try to translate it, it wont and just becomes blank. Then i have to wait at least an hour to see the translation. 2. It would be cool if we can change our profile pictures and follow fellow users. It would create friendships and im tired of seeing the same profile pic on every user. Otherwise its very good and smart and i have high hopes for future updates! Thank you.
  • You cant install app in smart tv

    By Sub Xero
    Unlike VLive you can install in your smart tv and enjoy the viewing. How can you watch docu-series in your phone for hours and not enjoy the experience of giant screen at home? Very hard to find what you posted too. Very frustrated.
  • Please fix the server.

    By Jerseylish
    Please fix the server. I can’t even log on it’s so slow!
  • Won’t work

    By shiningstar1992
    Verified email... still won’t work :(
  • July 15,2019 Where is my “Weverse Let’s Army Interact” Post?

    By Take These Movies Off My Acn
    I have left 2 comments and as I look back, neither of them have posted. The same was happening when I had a Samsung phone. How can this be an effective system if I cannot leave feedback about the fact that I cannot leave feedback? There are a couple of issues that need to be looked into here!
  • Comments

    By AmyLouWho85
    For the love of god please make it possible to delete comments under your own posts.
  • Comments and Translations

    By scarletxzhao
    I never write reviews on any app, I just rate them... but in this case, a review was needed to be written. The translations on Weverse is terrible, and the app only translates languages from a post, not comments. So whenever I try to read a comment in a different language, (including artist comments) the area just turns blank and says that it’s been “translated.”
  • Happy but please improve!!

    By KookieMon9
    Thank you for making a platform for all fans of BTS to interact with one another, but definitely needs A LOT of improvement. Why did you separate the Korean, English and Japanese feeds?? It’s unfair to international army that their posts are in a completely different feed than Korean army. Obviously BTS is using the app in Korean, so they are completely missing posts from English and Japanese feed. Please just combine all posts into one feed Limit each person to 1-2 posts per day so that the feed is not overwhelming. Most posts are barely noticed because there’s too many posts. Create chatrooms!! Army wants to have conversations with BTS and each other, not just comment on random posts. Allow army to create chatrooms but with a maximum number of people. Might need a moderator. Fix translation in comments. Almost never works. Allow us to reply to a specific comment Let army follow other members so we can see specific people’s posts or be “friends”