Pack Master

Pack Master

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-04-14
  • Current Version: 1.4.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 132.19 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 21 785


Can you pack it all in? Are you an expert packer? Only the smartest travelers can visit every country. Be the leader of the pack! What is more refreshing than the feeling of a nice, perfectly organized suitcase? Relive that relaxing feeling over and over again as you get ready to travel with Pack Master. Your one simple challenge is to fill your suitcase with the myriad objects provided. All at once easy and increasingly frustrating. We aren’t just dealing with clothes here. Oh no. You’ll have to cram much more than that into a minimal amount of space. We are talking shoes, plants, crowns, snorkels; wait, is that a bowling ball?? So, yes, basically anything your brain could think of. Travel around the world to international cities and solve special puzzles created specifically for each of them. Organization is key since your suitcases are not the boring rectangles you are used to. We will strain the limits of your imagination as you try to fit the pieces into cases of all shapes and sizes. Hundreds of levels of cramming craziness Fill your passport with stamps from around the world 11 exotic locales with unique, fun objects Perfect for the plane. No Wifi required! Travel smarter and pack cleaner. Pack Master will help organize your brain as you organize your suitcase. Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! Follow us to get news and updates on this and our other Award Winning titles:




    By fuhdzne dhzhanshsvf zj
    Level 57 is like super hard! I tried to us the trash but it did not work. Keep it up! 😉
  • So calming!

    By xbrokenbunnyx
    This is such a good game. Its so calming, so whenever I have a headache or something I play this game, and it takes the stress away! Plus, it doesn’t require internet connection! And, its fun too, and plus there’s no time limit, and you can put the objects in basically anywhere if you arrange something right! Overall, it’s a calming game that simply is fun and takes away stress. 5 stars!
  • Good game

    By Free moolah
    I have nothing to say
  • Pack master

    By saphofie
    This is a really fun game, if you are good at puzzles than download it. If u are not than don’t download it, but I would redo one this game, 5/5 stars.
  • This game is so fun 😜

    By Jazzymmarie1992
    I love it 😻
  • I’m addicted!!

    By 👌isla👌
    I downloaded this game yesterday and I’m already on level 209!!! It’s highly addictive and fun, highly recommend!
  • Terrific Game!

    By Puppygogammer
    I recommend this game very much! It’s amazing! I can’t say how much I love this game!😁👍👍👍

    By DylanS272
    The game is great, and very time consuming! The main problem is that the game is difficult to enjoy with all of the adds between levels. It is very aggravating that you have to disconnect for the internet just to play without sitting for a little bit between levels.
  • Glitchy

    By isabelle sparkles
    It’s too glitchy
  • Meh

    By Gacha❤️❤️❤️
    It’s a really fun app,but I hate how when you are in the middle of a level and an ad just pops up on the screen! This is very annoying,but it also happens after you finish a level everytime!! I’m on level 64 and it’s already gotten on my nerves!other than that,I rate it 5 stars.
  • Fun but...

    By xoxokj
    I was really enjoying this game to start. It’s a simple game really but it kept me focused and calmed me down when I got frustrated with more difficult games. Now all of a sudden there’s a stupid advertisement in the CENTER of my screen????? I can’t even see half of the suitcases to know where things are anymore. Ridiculous. Had to get it off my phone.
  • Pretty Graphics!

    By Ethereal Oils
    The graphics are very aesthetically pleasing, and the color palette is fantastic! I wouldn’t really recommend any change, and I think this is a great game. Nice work ☺︎

    By Trishak313
    So it’s kinda easy when you first download it but in my opinion I think it gets harder really fun and BARELY any adds
  • Bad at the end

    By REVEIWER10000000
    So, I beat all the levels and it just keeps putting me on one I already did. This game is so fun and I loved it until I got to the end and they didn’t make anymore levels.
  • Fun but...

    By Maylie.Urick
    It is a great game, but there are a few improvements. I can get very addicted to this game, but there should be more levels. I am sad that I don’t have anymore levels to play, and some of the levels are very easy to figure out which I like. Although the levels are easy, there should be more difficulty to new levels within 1 destination. Thanks for creating this game though!!! 😊
  • Cool game. It’s sort fun so far

    By DonShoes
    I wasn’t sure what to make of this game at first, but it’s grown on me.
  • ADS😒

    By Bobobap
    Every comment I see is about the unnecessary amount of ads. The game is cute. But the ads are what make people delete the game because they don’t want to sit through the excessive ads!
  • The ads are ridiculous! By far the worst ad to playtime ratio I have ever seen!

    By zzddre
    I was interested in this game right away when I came across it in the App Store. Its a little too easy in a lot of levels, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless and I found myself really excited to see what items the next level would bring. Unfortunately, the ads (which start out pretty frequent to begin with) just continue to become more and more often, to the point that after playing every 15 second level, you have another ad!! And then every ten levels or so, you get a message asking if youd like to get rid of the basically if you click no and dont pay them any money, they’re just going to drive you crazy with more and more ads until you either cough up the cash or delete the app. Im going with the second option, which is a real shame. I made it halfway through the japan levels, and really like the game and think its unique and innovative. But the way this is set up to make it ever more insufferable to play until you buy something is just kind of skeevy and gross...
  • Love ❤️ it !

    By islandgalsickoffakes
    It has the perfect mix of cute and not to cute it is easy but not so easy that you get to level 100 in 10min and I also like when it says almost forgot or forgetting something because all human beings forget things name a time you have forgotten something so I like that feacher I love this app and l recommend to download this app or share it with your friends I love this app and I think you should to
  • Good!

    By #biblelove
    Amazing! Hardly any ads, and challenging but fun! I just don’t like it when skulls or bras are there to pack.
  • Too easy

    By markielloyd
    I have gone 40 levels and it’s not challenging. Where’s the fun without a challenge.
  • Addictive

    By cuttiepi06
    This game is sooo awesome and addictive!! I have only had this game for 1 DAY and I am already on level 100!! It is an amazing game!! Totally recommend! Some people where saying that there where too many adds. I disagree. I have barely had any adds and l like that it challenges you. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Level 260 glitch

    By Joslynn15
    I’ve completed level 260 about 23 times already but it won’t let me pass it..?
  • Thank you

    By ReyanaM34
    Thank you for teaching us to be more organized when we pack for a trip
  • yeet

    By Ramrod420
    BEST GAME EVER it’s complicated but fun :3
  • Wow

    By wow ali
    Best packing game ever 🙂🙂🙂
  • Very fun but...

    By good boy 12
    In like a week I hit level 260 then there was no more levels after that and you guys should add levels up to 500 so we can play for a longer period of time also you guys should add more items like money, and flowers
  • WAY too many ads

    By MoodierThanMoody
    I understand the need to support yourself, but every 2 levels is ridiculous. Made it difficult to enjoy the game as I just kept guessing when the next one would pop up.
  • Great but one lil bug

    By ughbruh
    I absolutely love this game. Never knew I needed a game designed to fit items in a space till I got to play it. I noticed after the first 80 levels (when I noticed, have no clue if it’s even relevant) that the divider in some suitcases doesn’t work. I’m able to place an item directly on top of the divider with the item still green, as long as it doesn’t touch other items. It makes those levels easier, but I still thought I should say something.
  • Ok, too many ads

    By SJ2019md
    Game is ok. Doesn’t get much harder than the first levels as you progress though. And there are WAYYY too many ads. Good way to waste your time though.
  • Cutest!

    By The most perfect game!
    This is the cutest game I’ve seen in a while, I love how happy it is and it’s just so freakin cute! Kinda as cute as cat game
  • Geared toward kids but the ads are not

    By Brainyonetwothree
    This game says ages 4 and up but the ads that pop up are adult in nature that I don’t really want my 6 year old watching. It’s too bad bc it’s a fun game, but I’ll be deleting it due to the ads. They were ads for a romance game. Not appropriate for a game for 4 and up.
  • Inappropriate ads

    By Camzcamz
    The game is nice. Seems great for kids. But if that’s the intention, why is every other ad about sex!?
  • Seriously

    By ohcholla
    It has a bug😡😡👎🏼
  • It’s fine

    By Luke deshano
    Fun game but way to many ads.
  • Game Ending

    By Nopugb
    This game for me was the overall goal trying to beat it, once you finally complete all 259 levels the bag goes into a rocket and takes off. There’s not even a sound effect to the rocket ship, there’s no congratulations, there’s no screen that says end, you’re taken back to the home screen in which you can play the final level again that’s it. That’s what you get for playing on hours end. 1 star.
  • Ads! Ads! Ads!

    By LadiiTway
    Levels 1-8 there’s a few ads and that fine but once you past level 8 every level you clear you will get an ad. I understand the game is new but it’s really annoying to see ad after ad.
  • Amazing game

    By StarCuzzo83💙
    I love this game but I finished it all ready so new levels are needed 💙
  • Like the game, but too much ads!😊

    By °Hi°
    This game is so cool! It’s just that there were too much ads. It is pretty annoying, but I rate this a 💯%!! Keep up the good work of updating this!
  • Fun but not fun

    By Krystal❤️✌🏻😌
    Pack master is a fun game but it keeps kicking me out when there’s an ad also the game is fun (I know I said that twice) it’s kinda hard and I like that cause it gives you challenge’s
  • The

    By Nathen Ryan
    The the the the the the the the the
  • I love this game

    By ninja leonidas
    It’s the best
  • Not good.

    By sushialejandroguzman
    WAY! Too many adds ya you can’t even enjoy the game! I would like the at least be able to finish a s suit case before there is some ad popping up.
  • Two ads per suitcase...

    By Pickingthosedaisys
    It showed me two ads for every level, and the. I paid for the ad free version and beat it the next night??? Entirely too easy... huge let down
  • As Always!

    By Taeozi
    As always, there’s a ridiculous amount of ads in this game, oh but you guessed it! yes, there is a pop up option to PAY (real) MONEY to remove these ads. I stopped downloading IOS games for this exact reason and i’m quite upset i started doing so again. This game, and many like it are so much fun, however, getting an advertisement after each suit case is unbearably annoying, and i’ve since uninstalled the game. It would have been worth keeping without the amount of Ads, but i’m not paying not even 99 cent to have ads removed from a game where you literally just put stuff into another thing and you’re done 🤦🏼‍♀️ DO BETTER !
  • Great Game, Ridiculous Ad

    By Critics of Facebook
    This game is a lot of fun but also a easy load on the brain. The art is fantastic and it looks great. But the ads are RIDICULOUS. I didn’t know a game could have so many. The ads are more frustrating than all the puzzles combined. They force you to watch extra ones too by placing the suitcase so low on the screen it forces you to delete an item and watch an ad. I couldn’t take it anymore, modern day torture.
  • Make the game harder.

    By Kkatdat
    I completed the whole game in two days. And probably could have done it in two hours if there were no ads. I understand the need for ads to fund the game, but when the ads are longer than the amount of time it takes to complete multiple levels it can be frustrating. The game doesn’t get harder as you go, some of the easiest levels are in the 100s. I like the use of existing items and forgotten items, but these rarely appear. It’s also frustrating that in some levels the suitcase is over the trash button and makes it super easy to accidentally watch an ad when you don’t want to. But still a fun game if you’re not looking for a challenge.
  • Don’t download/pay for

    By LRG2019
    Why can you delete any and every item and still “complete” the level? This is weird.
  • Advertisement Game

    By Poopugs
    This is one of those games that prioritized advertisements over gameplay. They even advertise getting rid of ads—essentially holding you hostage to advertisements unless you pay. You finish a level and watch an ad.