• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-04-12
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 202.82 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 63 073


Destroy complex block buildings by swallowing them with the hole. Be careful not to catch the bomb! Easy-to-learn controls and addictive gameplay flow.



  • No satisfying sound🤦🏾‍♀️

    By cutegir💖💖💖💖😘
    I literally ably got the game to hear that satisfying sound on the ad🤦🏾‍♀️💯
  • Crashes every time

    By Strep019
    I got the game and was super excited about it and I’m on an IPhone 6+ and it crashes every time I open it! Please fix.
  • Great game

    By color chicken
    I love this game but even when I have wifi on it is glitchy. Other than that it is super fun
  • Has problems

    By kong274
    Whenever I tap on the play button it takes me back to my home screen
  • It’s okay

    By lol_LMHO
    In the ad it makes it seem fun but when you start playing it it’s kind of boring.
  • It’s fun

    By screwtops
    Great game, just don’t know what the diamonds are for, do you advance the game with them, buy stuff with them?
  • Terrible

    By dogo lover ❤️1
    I just downloaded this game I was trying to click play when I loaded in and then it would just bring me back to my home screen. So if I could I would give it 0 STARS
  • Bug issues

    By ms potati
    I’m only giving this 2 stars cause it keeps kicking me out the game and I don’t even get to play it at all so if somebody is reading this and you haveing the same problem them just delete the game and don’t rate it
  • Crashes

    By ribrrin
    When I press play it closes the app and it is really annoying it seems like a great game but I cant even play it!
  • I can't really say...

    By Diamondbacks 500
    I can't write a real review because everytime I open the app it stays on this black screen then crashes. Once or twice it took me the the main screen so I clicked play and it crashed again. I tried deleting other games I didn't want to see if that would help at all...of course it didn't. I even deleted and reinstalled the app but that doesn't work either. So I never got to play the game.
  • Over and over again

    By Justtosave
    I saw the ad and tried the game. I am at level 5056 and wouldn’t you know you do the same levels over and over again. I keep thinking it would add a new puzzle but nope. I am done!
  • Very Glitchy, lots of bugs, needs work

    By Kuna 70
    I was very unsatisfied with my experience. My screen went black whenever I tried reopening game. Please fix. Other than that awesome game but can only give 1 star.
  • Ads

    By hcdjejeueieiebeic
    Full of ads
  • Ads not kid-friendly.

    By LadyMo2000
    My kid (5) would love to play this game, and I would gladly let him. The game is benign, but it has a rating restricting me from adding it to my child’s device. I can only assume it is due to ads like the sniper one I see every other time I find this very unfortunate and am in search of an alternative app for us to play together.
  • Nothing but a black screen

    By Natelf777
    I loved this game when I first got it but now all I get is a black screen.... I’m hoping an app update will fix it. I’m using a iPhone XS Max so I don’t think it’s my phone.

    By AlyssaR2018
    HORRIBLE!!! Wouldn’t work for me and I tried 2 times and it’s keep glitching like it has a virus!
  • Bonus wheel is a joke!

    By Ubel
    It NEVER lands on the super 3D hole or even “?” Rigged!!!
  • Unstable

    By mchl124
    Game kicked me out twice while trying to start the first level...deleting
  • Very Good,Just needs A little More Work!

    By jenny-mona
    This game is a good VooDoo Game I won’t listen to the other reviews. I just Don’t Want as many as and pls fix the Glitches Other than that I alOVE this Game!
  • Won’t load

    By Upset Pandorian
    Every time I try to press play it kicks me back to my home screen, it won’t load at all. Please fix this.
  • Could be worked on a little.

    By Country-guy
    It fun to an extent. I just wish it wouldn’t freeze so much. I can usually only get past 5 levels before it freezes and I have to close out and restart. It sometimes freezes as soon as I open the app.
  • Doesnt work

    By danaya595
    I tried to play level one and it automatically took me back to my home screen this game is trash i had high expectations
  • At least give me one level!!!!!

    By Avary22
    When I got this game I thought it was amazing but when I got on it I went in it and let me go to level 12345678 910 so then I thought oh it must just be a bug so then I deleted it and then I got again from the cloud and then I got to get it done the same thing I cannot go on the other one to 345678 or 910 so then I was like oh my gosh just give me the game I’m a kid games glitched me out rest for 24 hours and it still did it my iPad I’m a kid and I just want some games just give me it
  • Doesn’t work on my iPad

    By Just trying to play the game
    Gray screen. Nothing more.
  • Blocksbuster!

    By jessey24
    Would like to be able to get another hole to collect the blocks would love to win them or something other than buying them speaciley when I’m on leave 1123.thanks
  • Repetitive

    By RayRay0013
    There are only like 10 or 15 levels that you do over and over and over again I have played to level over 1000 and we have seen all the levels at least 100 times each
  • Stars

    I now have over 2 thousand stars, what do I do with them????
  • Make it fun

    By DaraPierre32
    It’s boring
  • My view

    By Meccenzie
    This is a great game, but it’s sad that it doesn’t have noise for the blocks falling in the hole, I was kinda bored looking for a game to play, I found this and I was hyped up, I went into the app, it loaded pretty fast, but there was A LOT of lag. Please fix this.
  • Ads for days

    By Booluxxtaj
    Every three seconds you’re interrupted by an ad. Gets old real quick.
  • Unfortunate

    By Sparklingnarwhal
    I love love love this game, it’s pretty addicting! But as you get farther into levels you will start to notice that a lot of the levels are the same! I’m kinda mad about that. It’s fun overall but it’s kind of annoying to get the same levels.
  • Levels

    By Fvhcbgcc.
    For those who possibly could have made it to the end. How many levels are there!? I’m currently at level 1003. 😂😂😂
  • Boring, hate it, wwwwwhy 😢😭😥

    By ari#party
    First of all it knocks you off the app second you have to watch a add every time you go to a new level. FIX YOUR GAME
  • Shuts down, can't play.

    By ArtisanJewelrybyDawn.Etsy
    I might enjoy the game if I could actually play. It shut down after each of the first three levels. Three strikes, you're out.
  • Ugggg

    By Kamryn144
    Every time I press the triangle to start playing it sends me back to my home page
  • Not fun

    By Mr.Wayne im a teacher
    It’s really boring and not satisfying
  • To many adds

    By Froggie7369
    Adds between every level. I understand this is how you make the money but very frustrating.
  • I love this game but it lags so much

    By Nikirawrrs
    This game lags badly but other than that it’s fun. Please fix the lagging issue
  • It’s good

    By sophiaslime
    Sooo it kinda copied color hole or color hole copied it but I STILL LOVE IT
  • Crappy

    By asgjkfgjbfjkvckljgfuiddgjjffg
    Wont even open on my phone
  • Glitches so much not worth playing

    By Cjcbl
    I am giving this what could be an addictive game only 2 stars because of the constant glitches. It is an extremely easy game of just going around and collecting all the cubes down the mouth without getting any of the bombs. The process is very easy yet relaxing however the glitches freeze you from moving and then you die because a bomb goes in the mouth. The glitches start happening after you get a ways into the game and then become too frustrating to keep playing.
  • Ok

    By Jasce
    Very very glitchy and not like the adds but it is still ok and fun
  • Black screen

    By bama1922
    My daughter loves this game and is really the only phone game she will play. I payed the $2.99 for no ads and now we can’t access the game anymore. We try to start the app and the screen stays black.
  • Won’t Load

    By theawesomepikachu20
    This game is a fake, every time you load it it’s a gray screen. Would give it ☆☆☆☆☆ if I could
  • Boring

    By pickly_r
    At first it was pretty fun and it is sort of satisfying to get all the blocks but I keep getting the same levels and block patterns. There are also too many ads and it’s very annoying.
  • Is it ever going to be updated?

    By DebAlt
    This app has the potential to be a lot of fun. However, it is the same designs over and over. Nothing new. It doesn’t matter if you remove the ads or not. One doesn’t even get the keys anymore and I’m in the 600 level range. Kinda disappointed!🙁
  • Ads

    By Boycerd
    Ads every 10-15 seconds
  • 3D super hole

    By ibg703
    It would be a 5 if it let me get the 3D super hole
  • I hate this game

    By wolfpaxhd
    I put it ten stars so I could get to the positive because I want people to see it you see these guy put so much ads on their games they want money and. Money don’t pay them